Singer Srilanka offers special Mid Year Bonanza trade in discounts for your old TV, Refrigerator, Air Conditioned and washing Machine. This offer is valid still stocks last and the promotions and discounts are valid on trade in sale or special prices as it indicated.

Television (TV) Trade in Discounts

Samsung UA5SF9000 – 55”Smart TV UHD TV for Rs. 899,999/- (Rs. 50,000/- Trade in Discount)

HITACHI H-LE24TH77A LED – 24” LED TV for Rs. 32,499/- (Rs. 7,000/- Trade in Discount)

Singer SIE32D3270TC/ SLE32E5300TC – 32” LED TV for Rs. 42,749/- (Rs. 10,250/- Trade in Discount)

HITACHI H-IE39TF88A LED – 39” LED TV for Rs. 66,999/- (Rs. 21,900/- Trade in Discount)

Grundig G46VLE630BR – 46” LED TV for Rs. 163,899/- (Rs. 25,000/- Trade in Discount)


Refrigerator Trade in Discounts

Samsung SMGRS21HZLMR – 585 l capacity refrigerator for Rs. 322,799/- (Rs. 55,000/- Trade in Discount)


Air-conditioned Trade in Discounts

HITACHI All DC Inverter H-RAS-18CX for Rs. 159,999/- (Rs. 20,000/- Trade in Discount)

Whirlpool SAR18S23M0 Split Type Air Conditioner – for Rs. 98,909/- (Rs. 20,000/- Trade in Discount)


Washing Machine Trade in Discount

Singer SWMA612EG 2 – for Rs. 63,999/- (Rs. 6,000/- Trade in Discount)

Samsung SMGWF8558 – for Rs. 81,999/- (Rs. 18,000/- Trade in Discount)


For more details see below image or contact to Singer Pls, Singer mega or Sisil World on 0115 400 400

Singer Mid Year Bonanza Trade in discounts (Exchange offers) – June 2014

Singer Mid Year Bonanza Trade in discounts (Exchange offers) – June 2014

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