Extra trains will ho deployed for the convenience of Poson pilgrims expected in Anuradhapura from June 10 to 14, Railway Transport Superintendent said.

The trains leaving Colombo Fort will ply via Maho to reach Anuradhapura.

The first train will operate on June 10 from Colombo at midnight, Maho 4.57 a.m. to reach Anuradhapura at 6.25 a.m.

Seven trains will operate from Colombo to Anuradhapura on June 11.

The first of these trains will leave Colombo at 3.45 a.m. arrive at Maho at 7.25 a.m. to reach Anuradhapura at 9.03 a.m.

The second train will leave Colombo at 9 a.m.. Maho 12.25 a.m. to reach Anuradhapura at 2 p.m. The next train to leave Colombo will be at 11 a.m., Maho 2.15 p.m. to reach Anuradhapura at 4.03 p.m.

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