Trainer aircraft lands safely at Ratmalana airport minus a wheel

A Cessna 152 private training aircraft which lost one wheel in midair landed safely at the Ratmalana Airport last morning. The pilot was flying over the southern expressway when the aircraft encountered the snag. the pilot informed flight control at Ratmalana that he was coming in to land minus a wheel.

Emergency teams were on hand on the runway as the plane came in to land and even though it overshot the runway tlie plane came to a stop safety Air force spokesman Wing Commander Glhan Seneviratne said the pilot was unharmed but in a state of shock.

The aircraft belongs to a pilot training school in Ratmalana run by Millennium Airlines. The wheel was later found near the Gelanlgama Interchange on the Expressway. It was collected by the police and handed over to air force authorities.

Police said the wheel had fallen outside the expressway and no one was hurt nor any vehicles damaged.

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