Back to the future, the idea of having an elevator with two cabs operating independently in the same shaft is not a new one – the original idea dates back to 1931. But it took our 21st century technology to make the idea viable and turn it into reality

Extraordinary Engineering, a highly developed control system and an exemplary safety concept are united in the revolutionary TWIN elevator system. An intelligent control system coordinate’s elevator movement within the shaft. The latest safety technology constantly monitors the movements of both cars to keep them a safe distance apart.

This technology exclusively supplied by ThyssenKrupp Elevator, was made possible by world class research and development facilities around the world.

If you’re interested to have these twin elevator in your business premises, please do contact to scan engineerings on +94 1 1 5747 535 / 6  or or see below image

Twin Elevator in Srilanka for the first time

Twin Elevator in Srilanka for the first time

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