Whatever your export/import requirement, whoever your counterparty in the UK or the Euro Zone, we, the only Sri Lankan Bank in UK/Eurozone are ready to facilitate you; Talk to us directly or encourage your supplier/buyer in the UK or the Euro Zone to talk to us. We are ready to be your international contact with a Sri Lankan touch


Benefits to you to deal with Bank of Ceylon UK

  • Get first-hand information on import/export procedures in UK.
  • Negotiate better prices from your buyers/suppliers as our charges are very reasonable.
  • We are experts in term bills and discount them at a lower rate, allowing you or your counterparty to get the best price advantage.
  • Your counterparty will be comfortable to deal with you as we are available at their door step.
  • Ability to handle discrepant documents easily, with both ends being only a call away.
  • Flexibility to conduct transactions through any Sri Lankan bank of your choice
  • Possible incentives for you for introducing your supplier with a term LC at this end. (Based on volumes)


Benefits to your counter party in UK/Euro Zone-

  • Efficient one-to-one service.
  • Negotiations with Sri Lankan banks through us is easier and quicker for any problem solving.
  • They need not have a banking relationship with us and may obtain only trade services.
  • Easy handling of discrepant documents.
  • Ability to handle both ends at the same time.
  • Can obtain the services of confirmation of LC s at lower rates.
  • Favourable conversion rates.


Call us during business hours (UK time) 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (2.30 p.m. onwards SL time)

Poynter: 0044203 195 5188

Susantha : 0044203 195 5191

Hemamalee: 0044203 195 5189

For more detail see below image

Bank of Ceylon UK Branch services for Exporters/ Importers from the UK and the Euro Zone

Bank of Ceylon UK Branch services for Exporters/ Importers from the UK and the Euro Zone

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