How is your experience of Srilanka’s Long Distance Bus Travel?

Chairman of the National Transport Commission (NTC) Renuka Perera states that the passengers will enjoy improved long distance bus travel in Srilanka. Most of the bus travel services has been hassle due to lack of proper toilet facilities and the availability of clean food.

From recent inspections carried out by the Ministry of Health it was found that Iong distance buses stopped at rest houses that were of ‘C Grade’ quality. Perera said that around 35 C-Grade rest houses identified along long distance bus corridors. “We have given these rest houses three months to improve their facilities and quality of service. If they agree to upgrade to B-Grade, we will improve facilities available to bus travellers in such rest houses,” he said.

He added that inspections will be carried out by the Ministry of Health in three months’ time and action will be taken against rest houses that operate in unhygienic conditions. “Bus drivers decide at which rest houses they stop. We do not want to stop that practice, but if they fail to upgrade to B-Grade within three months, the NTC will select other rest points.

Therefore we hope the long distance bus services will have a proper restroom and hygienic foods in near future.


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