Business is about people, so we make every effort to put you first and make you meet/ discuss/succeed. Our all new and exclusive conference centre comes with the unmatched Galle Face Hotel standard of service, elegant, facilities, comprehensive administrative support and complete organizational plans courtesy of the hotel, making the planning of the event impressive to you and your clients.


The Business Suite comes complete with an array of unique services, including…

  • Energy Booster on arrival
  • Coffee breaks at ‘The Cafe”, a contemporary private coffee shop serving quick treats and gourmet coffee, teas and drinks in an informal lounge setting – ideal for networking and recharging
  • Gourmet lunch at one of our legendary restaurants
  • Ergonomic high back conference chairs and uniquely designed working desks
  • State-of-the-art equipment, including multimedia projection, built-in sound system, wireless clip-on mics and free wifi
  • In-room refreshments, with an espresso machine throughout the meeting
  • A dedicated ‘Conference Concierge’ assigned to each meeting

If you would like a tour or a visit to the new center please contact us on or  see below image for more details

Galle Face Hotel Conference suits available for service now

Galle Face Hotel Conference suits available for service now

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