Second private medical college in Kandy

Sri Lanka’s second private medical college will be opened in Kandy. Plans have been finalized and construction work will begin soon, said Higher Education Minister S.B. Dissanayake.

The minister said there is a heavy drain on foreign exchange due to a large number of Sri Lankan students seeking higher education abroad. Since the duty of a government is to ensure a supply of education facilities to fit the demand, it had decided to fulfil this need by starting private medical colleges and technological institutions.

He said he had introduced six degree awarding institutions using powers vested in him as this was the latest trend in neighbouring countries such as India and China.

He said new facilities were also being introduced in state universities under this new program.

He said a new Engineering Faculty has been launched at the South Eastern University and a Faculty of Management has been started at the Peradeniya University.

Two new engineering faculties would be started at the Sri Jayewardenepura and Kelaniya Universities and another two medical faculties would be started at the Jaffna and Sabaragamuwa Universities.



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