Abans have introduced the LG G Watch R which is one of the first smartwatches, to run on Google’s new Android Wear operating system and comes with the most hybrid and flexible integrated features of Google. This wearable platform helps you to access sensor aware readouts and interact with the smartphone via taps.

The LG G Watch R is LG’s second wear powered by Android. It’s a timeless timepiece that comes in a classic watch design. The world’s first full circle display with satin black finish that fits your fashion and lifestyle. The dial is shiny which is combined with cutting-edge P-OLED display, and R’s back is flat that feels like comfortable and stylish wrist watch to wear.

As with Android Smartphones, the LG G Watch R lets you comfortably interact and send an instant voice reply. It features a never-sleeps screen by which you can operate Smartwatch with just a tap. When the Smartwatch is awake, you can command it by simply saying “OK. Google” aloud, and the watch instantly responds to your instructions. Not just with voice instructions, you can also interact with this Smartwatch’s screen via touch.

With your Smartphone connected to this wearable device and its data intelligence, you can do many more amazing things. You can browse, search results, read emails, access navigation directions, jot down notes, get accurate weather information, see Gmail notifications and much more.

Yes, the amazing LG G Watch R has many possibilities. You can navigate and get accurate travel information anywhere in the world while tracking your location with ease. There are also a wide range of apps that can be installed such as exercise, games, music and more while the watch also helps you to stay fit and keep control of your body by counting your footsteps and heartbeats.

It has a 1.65-inch, 280 x 280 resolution touch screen with 240 ppi and Gorilla Glass 3 on top to add a layer of durability and in theory improve viewing angles. What’s striking about the G Watch R is its circular glass touch screen display, with a stainless steel case that works as the Bluetooth antenna, as the focal point, plus a matte black leather watch strap. It only weighs 63g. and comes with the bonus of IP67 water and dust resistance.

It doesn’t take long to notice that there’s no main buttons. Everything is done via interacting with the touchscreen, plus there’s a microphone on the bottom edge of the watch for voice recognition. If you want to reset the device, it can be done through the settings on the watch.

This cutting edge technology wear is available at all Abans Elite Showrooms in two trendy colours – champagne gold and stealth black with a stylish strap band made from an attractive supple material.

For more details contact to Abans Head Office in Colombo 3


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