A Brand New Car Prices for the Maruti Suzuki has to reduced after the tax reduction of 15% for the any vehicles with less than 1000cc engine capacity in February 2015.  AMW has reduced the prices for below 5 models after the tax reduction enforced by interim budget passed in February 2015. such as Maruti Suzuki Alto (800cc), Maruti Suzuki Omni (800cc), Maruti Suzuki Celerio (1000cc), Maruti Suzuki Stingray (1000cc), and Maruti Suzuki K-10 (1000cc).

thoe the price had been reduced in February; due to heavy exchange fluctuation if the USD to Sri Lanka Rupee; Prices are slightly increase again in September 2015, the below priced are updated by AMW on 11th September 2015.

The Current Prices of Brand New Maruti Suzuki Car as follows


Suzuki – INDIA
Suzuki Celerio VXI Hatchback Car – 1.0 L AMTRs.2,495,000
Suzuki Celerio LXI Hatchback Car – 1.0 L ManualRs.1,988,000Rs.2,150,000
Suzuki Celerio ZXI Hatchback Car – 1.0 L ManualRs.2,355,000Rs.2,495,000
Suzuki Celerio ZXI (O) Hatchback Car – 1.0 L ManualRs.2,800,000
Suzuki SWIFT VXI Hatchback car – 1.2 L VVT ManualRs.3,060,000
Suzuki SWIFT ZXI Hatchback car – 1.2 L VVT ManualRs.3,490,000
Suzuki Dzire VXI Sedan car – 1.2 L VVT ManualRs.3,030,000
Suzuki Dzire VXI Sedan car – 1.2 L, VVT AutomaticRs.3,285,000
Suzuki Dzire ZXI Sedan car – 1.2 L VVT ManualRs.3,185,000
Suzuki Ciaz Zxi AT Sedan car – 1.4 L AutomaticRs.4,250,000
Suzuki Ertiga ZXI 1.4 L VVT Manual, Full OptionRs.3,975,000
Suzuki Alto LXI (NEW)Rs.1,530,000
Suzuki AltO LXI (NEW) with Central LockingRs.1,544,000
Suzuki Alto SPORTRs.1,680,000
Suzuki Alto SPORT PLUSRs.1,692,000
Suzuki Alto VXI (NEW) – With Air bagRs.1,625,000Rs.1,750,000
Suzuki Alto K10 VXIRs.1,895,000
Suzuki Alto K10 VXI AMTRs.2,100,000Rs.2,185,000
Suzuki  Wagon RRs.2,320,000
Suzuki Wagon R Stingray VXIRs.2,515,000Rs.2,615,000
Suzuki OmniRs.1,450,000
Vehicle Registration cost – Rs. 23,000


Warranty: 02 Years or 50,000 Km’s, whichever occurs first.

Services: 03 Labor Free Services @ 1,000 Kms, 5,000 Kms & 10,000 Kms

Delivery: Ex Stock or From Incoming

Extras: AMW Loyalty card free


Additional Options

Roadside Assistance membership – (with 6 free RSA services in first year) Rs.3,000

Extended Warranty – (04 Years or 80,000 Km’s, whichever occurs first) Rs.25,000

Diamondbrite Paint protection – (with 3 years Warranty) Rs.23,000 (For new vehicle buyers)


see below update prices for the Maruti Suzuki vehicle prices which were given after budget proposed in February 2015 and after prices are reduced.

ModelEngine Capacity Price
Suzuki Alto800cc     1,525,000.00
Suzuki Omni800cc     1,705,000.00
Suzuki Celerio1000cc – Manual     2,490,000.00
1000cc – Auto     2,490,000.00
Suzuki Stingray1000cc – Manual     2,660,000.00
Suzuki K-101000cc – Manual     1,795,000.00
Suzuki Dzire1,200cc -Manual     3,400,000.00
Suzuki Swift1,200cc – Indian     2,940,000.00
Suzuki Swift1400cc – Japan     4,375,000.00


for more details see below image

Maruti Suzuki Brand New Car Prices in Sri Lanka - Updated 17th September 2015

Maruti Suzuki Brand New Car Prices in Sri Lanka – Updated 17th September 2015

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