Maruti Suzuki Brand New Car Prices in Sri Lanka – Updated April 2017

After the recent budget the Maruti Suzuki (Commonly known as Suzuki) car prices are increase due to the government tax implement on vehicles to new regulations to reduce number of vehicle registration and increase government revenue.


Model New Price
Suzuki Alto with Airbag Rs. 2,292,000/-
Suzuki Alto Smart Plus Rs. 2,378,000/-
Suzuki Alto Extreme Rs. 2,356,000/-
Suzuki Alto Chilli Rs. 2,492,000/-
Suzuki Alto Gold Rs. 2,492,000/-
Suzuki Alto Platinum Rs. 2,492,000/-
Suzuki Alto Titanium Rs. 2,492,000/-
Suzuki Alto K10 VXI Manual Rs. 2,840,000/-
Suzuki Alto K10 VXI Automatic Rs. 2,969,000/-
Suzuki Alto K10 VXI Manual Limited Edition Rs. 3,050,000/-
Suzuki Alto K10 VXI Automatic Limited Edition Rs. 3,179,000/-
Suzuki Alto K10 VXI Manual Platinum Rs. 3,070,000/-
Suzuki Alto K10 VXI Automatic Platinum Rs. 3,199,000/-
Suzuki Stingray VXI (O) Manual Rs. 3,150,000/-
Suzuki Stingray VXI (O) Automatic Rs. 3,300,000/-
Suzuki Stingray VXI (O) Manual Splash Rs. 3,250,000/-
Suzuki Stingray VXI (O) Automatic Splash Rs. 3,400,000/-
Suzuki Omni (5 Seater) Rs. 2,260,000/-
Suzuki Omni (5 Seater) Commuter Rs. 2,490,000/-
Suzuki Celerio ZXI 1.0L Manual Rs. 3,100,000/-
Suzuki Celerio VXI 1.0L AMT (Auto) Rs. 3,038,000/-
Suzuki Celerio ZXI 1.0L AMT (Auto) Rs. 3,190,000/-
Suzuki Celerio Gold & Elegance ZXI 1.0L Manual Rs. 3,300,000/-
Suzuki Celerio Gold & Elegance VXI 1.0L AMT (Auto) Rs. 3,238,000/-
Suzuki Celerio Gold & Elegance ZXI 1.0L AMT (Auto) Rs. 3,390,000/-
Suzuki Celerio Cozy 1 ZXI 1.0L Manual Rs. 3,150,000/-
Suzuki Celerio Cozy 1 VXI 1.0L AMT (Auto) Rs. 3,088,000/-
Suzuki Celerio Cozy 1 ZXI 1.0L AMT (Auto) Rs. 3,240,000/-
Suzuki Celerio Cozy 2 ZXI 1.0L Manual Rs. 3,160,000/-
Suzuki Celerio Cozy 2 VXI 1.0L AMT (Auto) Rs. 3,098,000/-
Suzuki Celerio Cozy 2 ZXI 1.0L AMT (Auto) Rs. 3,250,000/-
Suzuki Baleno Zeta CVT Automatic Rs. 5,475,000/-
Suzuki Ciaz ZXI AT Sedan Car 1.4l Automatic Rs. 6,050,000/-
Suzuki Ciaz VDI+ 1.3L Diesel Smart Hybrid Manual Rs. 6,140,000/-
Suzuki Vitara 1.6L Automatic Rs. 10,000,000/-


Total Registration Charges

For Cash Registration     Rs. 18,580/-

For Lease Registration   Rs 20,580/-


Warranty: 02 Years or 50,000 Km’s, whichever occurs first.

Services: 03 Labor Free Services @ 1,000 Kms, 5,000 Kms & 10,000 Kms

Delivery: Ex Stock or From Incoming

Extras: AMW Loyalty card free


Additional Options

Roadside Assistance membership – (with 6 free RSA services in first year) Rs.3,000

Extended Warranty – (04 Years or 80,000 Km’s, whichever occurs first) Rs.25,000

Diamondbrite Paint protection – (with 3 years Warranty) Rs.23,000 (For new vehicle buyers)


for more details see below image

Maruti Suzuki Brand New Car Prices in Sri Lanka - Updated 17th September 2015
Maruti Suzuki Brand New Car Prices in Sri Lanka – Updated 17th September 2015

70 thoughts on “Maruti Suzuki Brand New Car Prices in Sri Lanka – Updated April 2017”

    1. there is not official price reduction yet from AMW, but with sources there would be a reduction from Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 100,000/-.
      once AMW released their new Price only we know what was the real reduction is

  1. Hi,

    Do you know any seller who import Alto cars? coz i need to get a Alto K10 and AMW don’t import it now. they said, they will start it again in April. but i just need to get that car this month. Are there anyway to get it?

  2. Mr. Prasanna,

    I just want to know one thing that the price of Alto Lxi 800 was Rs. 1,498,000 soon after the budget was submitted by former president MR but in your list, it is Rs. 1,525,000. when did they increase the price from Rs. 1,498,000- Rs. 1,525,000? and why did they increase the price?

    1. Dear Mr. Ishar,
      The Price of Rs. 1,525,000.00 as confirmed by a sales representative of Maruti Suzuki, i requested this price soon after the New Proposal is submitted.

      when i request the price the Post Budget Prices was not decided by them. these new prices has publish on this week only.

  3. Hi Mr. Prasanna. I’ve already booked a Suzuki Alto 800 from AMW in December 2014. My Car is to be delivered to me in the Beginning of March. I ordered the Car at the price of Rs. 1,498,000/=. What will be the Price of the Car which il be getting after the new tax reduction of 15%? Will they reduce the price from 1498000/= or from January 2015 price which is 1525000/=.

  4. I would like to know what are the Indian alto cars available now for booking? and the prices. if i booked within this month (march) when i’ll be able to get that car?

  5. i would like to know what is the best car comparing celerio zxi(manual gear system) & celerio vxi(automatic gear system), please tell me.

    1. Dear Nelaka,

      it is depend on how you personal interest is,
      because some like manual gear and some do like auto gear.

      there is no difference in performance on both model.


  6. Hi um Nazneen here myself and my husband r hoping to buy a suzuki celerio. . Wht is the exact price and how long it will take to get it.. if v order.. and is ther any way to buy available ones. . Pls waiting for your answer

    Thank u

  7. what will happen to alto car prices with the dollar hike will they also increase accordingly from 1.425 to above

  8. I have ordered a new alto 800 car in second week of April and they said me it will be arrived end of October. But as I heard most of time car has arrived to SL one month before the delivery date. Is that true?

  9. I have ordered Alto 800 car in second week of April and they (AMW)said car will be delivered by end of October 2015. But I heard normally ordered car will be delivered before one month of given delivery date. Is that true?

  10. Dear Sir..
    Would you mind. Can you please explain me the difference and also will be appreciate if you can share me the details of current price. You can sent mail to looking forward your reply ASAP.
    Maruti Suzuki K10 VXI
    Maruti Suzuki K10 VXI Auto
    Maruti Suzuki K10 VXI (O)

  11. i have orderd alto car 2015 may then he will tolled me vehical deleverd in end of november can it will take before the date

    1. Hi Janaka,

      I have ordered Alto 800 car in second week of April and they (AMW)said car will be delivered by end of October 2015. But it has been delivered to SL 5th August and I will collect it in this week. Normally car is received before delivery date which is given by AMW.

  12. Dear Mr.Prasanna,
    Please let me know;

    I hope to buy an Alto from AMW, which model is sell for Rs.1425000/ ? standard or Lxi? because standard model has no power steering+power shutters etc !

    Brgds – Palitha

  13. Hi,
    I want to know , if I pay a advance of 200000 to AMW how long I want to stay to get the suzuki alto.

  14. I want to know if i book an alto 800 car if prices raised by govrnment in next few months will the booked people will also be it a good idea to buy a alto before next budget

  15. I have Booked alto 800 few months before. it will arrive on mid October,2015. May i know when I booked it was 1410000.00. Even price gone up can I get the my one for booked price…..

    1. i don’t think so they will charge extra, pls keep in touch with them, unless you may face some unwanted reasons from AMW to get some extras.

      i hope if they agreed a price, they won’t change it.


  16. hi, my friend wants to buy a Alto 800 very soon. with direct cash payment. how much will be the price??? will he be able to buy it without price change and get vehicle as soon as possible as he is paying full amount cash???

    1. Hello Jeevan

      Prices will not change for cash payment, but you can request some discounts from them, even they may give discounts upto 50,000 to 75,000 sometimes… but not guaranteed.
      if the vehicle available at that time you can have it, unless you have to wait till the time of delivery as their request.


  17. I paid 2,355,000 for my suzuki celario on 09th oct.2015 having chesis no.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and Engine No. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from Batticaloa .When will thi car reach me or rather delivered to me.

    1. Dear Sanjieth,
      We are 3rd party providing more detail about automobiles and promotions, the best place for you to check your delivery with the sales manager of the branch.

      Sorry i have hide your Chesis no and engine number for safety.

  18. Hi I wish to buy SUSUKI CELERIO. so that whats the price of car now and how can approach you to buy it. if there is any offers available please let me know as early as possible.

    Subash K

  19. Can I pay down payment by credit card . Rest by leasing . Wants to buy this celerio for my wife . She is in srilanka . I m in USA .

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