Galle Wildlife Conservation Society that conducted a research for more than seven year’s has found four new species of freshwater fish still unknown to the world.

President of the Society Madhura de Silva said that the total of 93 species of fresh water fish had been reported from Sri Lanka, and that 54 of them were endemic to Sri Lanka. However he said several species of fish which the zoologists believed to be living in rivers and canals in Sri Lanka were now extinct due to environmental pollution.

The Wildlife Conservation Society that launched the research project in 2007 in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment completed it in 2014.

The New fresh water Fish species named as Wilpita Dandiya (Rasbora wilpita). Ahirawa or Halmaldandiya (Rasboraides mgromaginata), Ley Thittaya (Puntius titteya), Kola Gadava (Clamator coromandus).

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