Three-wheeler fares, Bus Fares and School Van fees reduce from today

Three Wheeler (Auto) fare reduction by 10%

School Van Fate Reduction by 5%

The Internal Transport minister  has released a statement that In line with the government’s programme of providing relief to the public, three-wheeler fares and school van fees will be reduced by 10 percent and five percent from today (1st February 2015). He stated that ministry has negotiated with the All Island Three Wheeler Drivers and Owners Association and the Sri Lanka and AD Ceylon School Van Drivers’ Association to bring down school van fees and three wheeler fares.

Measures will be taken to sort problems in the three wheeler and school van transportation as requested by their owners and operators. Measures will be taken to regulate the two transport modes by introducing rules and regulations.

He stated action will also be taken to reduce bus fares of both SLTB and private super luxury buses plying on expressways.

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