Rubber Development Department of Ministry of Plantation Industries Convenient way to obtain the certified Price of Rs. 350 paid to you for a Kilogram of Raw Rubber from 1st of July 2015.

You have to fulfill the following requirement for that

  • Possessing rubber cultivation with latex crop of less than 50 acres registered with Rubber Development Department, But,
    • The person who enjoys the rights of the land though he is not the registered owner but a dependent of his or a person to whom the rights have been entrusted.
    • The person who harvests latex in such a manner the harvest is divided.

Can receive the relevant certified price upon obtaining the ownership certificate given by the Rubber Development Department.

  • Steps should be taken to obtain an ownership certificate after registering with the Rubber Development Officer of the area where your land is situated for obtaining the certified price.
  • Should sell the sheet rubber, raw rubber or latex directly to a licensed rubber dealer or to an institution that produces rubber finished products registered with the Rubber Development Department.
  • Should produce the ownership certificate issued to you to the rubber dealer when selling rubber as stated above.


You can receive the following certified prices at the time of selling rubber for a kilogram of smoked sheet rubber or latex.

Kind of RubberCertified Price
RSS 1 and 2Rs. 350
RSS 3Rs. 325
RSS 4 and 5Rs. 300
LatexRs. 300


Please call the Rubber Development Officer or the relevant Regional Office of your area for further details.

This certified price can be obtained only for rubber sold after 01.07.2015 and for the rubber sold prior to that date Regional Office of the Rubber Development Department will pay as per the earlier method. Bills for payment for the rubber supplied earlier will be received by the Regional Offices of the Rubber Development Department only up to 10.07.2015 and the bills submitted thereafter will not be paid.

For more detail see below image

Ministry of Plantation Industries – Certified Price for Raw Rubber

Ministry of Plantation Industries – Certified Price for Raw Rubber

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