Abans brings you a special offer for door-in-door to energy saving & discounts up to Rs.90,000. Store your commonly used items in a separate compartment that can be easily accessible without opening the fridge door! Saving energy in the process.

If you are a HSBC credit card holder enjoy 20% off + 20 months interest free installment scheme on original price.

LG Linear Refrigerator GS-M6262KR

Original Price: Rs. 639,999/-

Special Price Rs. 549,999/-

Saving: Rs. 90,000/-


LG Linear Refrigerator GS-M6261NS

Original Price: Rs. 569,999/-

Special Price Rs. 499,999/-

Saving: Rs. 70,000/-


LG Linear Refrigerator GS-L5062PZ

Original Price: Rs. 334,899/-

Special Price Rs. 279,999/-

Saving: Rs. 54,900/-


LG Linear Refrigerator GT-D5101NS

Original Price: Rs. 224,899/-

Special Price Rs. 199,999/-

Saving: Rs. 24,900/-


LG Linear Refrigerator GT-04111PZ

Original Price: Rs. 189,999/-

Special Price Rs. 169,999/-

Saving: Rs. 20,000/-

For more detail see below image or contact to Abans on 0714 020799

40% off to LG Linear Refrigerator – Special New Year Sale

40% off to LG Linear Refrigerator – Special New Year Sale

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