Commercial Bank announces a special Promotion for their Credit Card and Debit Card Holders an excellent discount from the leading merchant around the island.

Visit your nearest showroom and do your shopping with your commercial bank Credit or Debit card and enjoy discounts upto 50% on this Sinhala / Hindu New Year Festive.

MerchantPromotion Valid DatesDiscount for Credit CardDiscount for Debit Card
Avirate1st to 3rd April20%15%
Warehouse1st to 3rd April25%20%
Crocodile1st to 3rd April20%15%
Diliganz1st to 3rd April20%15%
Double XL1st to 3rd April22.50%15%
Emerald Shirtstore1st to 3rd April20%15%
Fashion Bug1st to 3rd April20%15%
The Factory Outlet1st to 3rd April20%15%
Supul1st to 2nd April20%20%
Samanmal1st to 3rd April20%15%
Mangala Tex1st to 3rd April20%15%
Kelly Felder1st to 2nd April20%15%
Haamaa1st to 3rd April20%15%
Aditi4th to 7th April15%15%
Andhum Andhum4th to 7th April20%15%
Ashee4th to 7th April25%20%
Be you4th to 7th April20%15%
CIB4th to 7th April20%15%
Dilly Carlo4th to 7th April25%15%
Dressmo4th to 7th April20%10%
The Origin4th to 7th April20%15%
Reebok4th to 7th April20%15%
Puma4th to 7th April20%15%
DSI Premier4th to 7th April20%15%
DSI4th to 7th April20%15%
Clarks4th to 7th April20%15%
Hameedia4th to 5th April20%15%
The Raymond Shop4th to 5th April20%15%
Signature4th to 5th April20%15%
Spring & Summer4th to 7th April20%15%
Crocs5th to 6th April20%15%
Nike5th to 6th April20%15%
Galleria5th to 6th April20%15%
Giordano5th to 6th April20%15%
International Watches5th to 6th April20%15%
Levis5th to 6th April20%15%
Mango5th to 6th April20%15%
Monthercare5th to 6th April20%15%
Dockers5th to 6th April20%15%
Pepe Jeans5th to 6th April20%15%
Splash5th to 6th April20%15%
Triumph5th to 6th April25%15%
Bata8th to 10th April20%15%
Choice Park8th to 10th April25%20%
Cloud78th to 10th April25%15%
House of Fashions10th April25%15%
Kreation8th to 10th April15%10%
Kids Warehouse8th to 10th April25%15%
Vol Square8th to 10th April20%15%
Sunimal’s8th to 10th April25%15%
Romafour8th to 10th April20%15%
Much More8th to 10th April20%15%
Luv Esence8th to 10th April20%20%
Cool Planet8th to 10th April20%15%
Beverly Street8th to 10th April20%15%
Kidsland15th to 17th April20%10%
The Parfumerie15th to 17th April25%15%
Takas.lktill 15th Aprilupto20%5%
Damrotill 15th Aprilupto15%10%


Enjoy a great dining experience at over 50 resturants islandwide this season with commercial bank credit and Debit cards (Credit Card – 30% and Debit Card – 20%)

See below image for more details or contact to Commercial bank customer care on 0112 353 353

Commercial Bank Credit Card promotion for Sinhala Tamil New Year 2016

Commercial Bank Credit Card promotion for Sinhala Tamil New Year 2016

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