E.B. Creasy –enphase Energy Solar power in Sri Lanka

E.B. Creasy introduce the enphase Energy (USA) Solar power Generations in Sri Lanka for your solar usage at your home or office.

E.B. Creasy solar power system comes with a Enphase Micro inverters, which is starting from only Rs. 200,000.00 with unlimited system expansion depending on availability of space for solar panels.

Enphase offers the world’s most advanced micro inverter technology for solar systems, providing you with:

  • Higher energy production over the lifetime of your system even in cloudy and low light conditions, reducing your electricity bill with shorter pay back on your investment.
  • Higher system availability – No system-wide failure and resulting revenue loss as each solar panel has its independent Inverter.
  • Unrivalled and reliable solar energy with 10 year warranty on the micro inverters and 25 year performance guarantee on the solar panels.
  • Safer than ever before – the voltage (230Vac) on the cables from your micro inverters is the same as the voltage on your house wiring. No high voltage DC Cables!
  • Great Savings: Solar Module independence means greater output from your system ensuring higher savings.
  • The smarter system ideal for homes, offices, small and medium business units etc. with system monitoring.


For more details contact E.B. Creasy on 077 2519789, 077 7415338,077 3140649 or 072 5627681  for Kandy: 077777 2253, 077 777 5020

Or see below image for more details

E.B. Creasy –enphase Energy Solar power in Sri Lanka
E.B. Creasy –enphase Energy Solar power in Sri Lanka

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