Calling for Expressions of Interest of Plantation and Agricultural Based Industries Year 2017

The ministry of Public Enterprise Development in collaboration with Chilaw Plantations Limited wishes to invite from local and international private sectors, interested in investing, to submit their expressions of interest to carry out suitable economic development projects.

Chilaw Plantations Ltd, a state owned Plantations Company, consisted of 14,000 acres of coconut as the main crop in the Gampaha, Kurunegala and Puttalam Districts of Sri Lanka is a profitable and large scale Plantations Company. The management has decided to ustilise the land to be diversify for maximum utilizations of sustainable development to get the maximum out of the land to take advantage of the efficiency and productivity of the land as a boost to the development and economy of Sri Lanka. Due your attention and care is given that these industries must safeguard the environment by undertaking environment friendly projects and benefit the plantations sector. The projects for investments such identified by Chilaw Plantations Limited already are:

  1. Inter cropping and mix cropping in coconut plantations.
  2. Livestock management in coconut plantations.
  3. Trade and commercial housing industry.
  4. Value added coconut based products and further processing and processing projects in coconut plantations.
  5. Wind Mills energy and Bio gas projects.
  6. Eco tourism close to Coconut, Cashew, Lagoon and streams and any other identified projects.

Investors from the local and international private sector are hereby invited for private partnership in business, targeting the international and national markets,

Keeping with the government policy to invest and involve in the local and international private sector to participate and generate higher revenue from land and properties belongs to the state owned Chilaw Plantations Limited.

Information in this regard, could be collected from the Head office of the Chilaw Plantations Limited. No.165, Puttalam Road, Chilaw, from the Senior Accountant. No. 191, J.R. Jayawardena Center, Dharmapala Road, Colombo 7. Further details can be obtained from Head Office or Colombo Office, from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm. Application forms could be obtained on a payment of non refundable Rs. 5,000/- Field visits would be allowed during week days from morning 8.30 a.m to 4.00 p.m. evening for which prior approval has to be obtained from the Chairman. All the interested parties can send their application as per the format, under Registered cover, to

Chairman/ C.E.O, Chilaw Plantations Limited, 165, Puttalam Road, Chilaw.

Further more information: Chilaw – 0325741312 /0714173203 (Mr. Ajith Silva) 032 5744265/ 0718351431 (Mr. Kelum)

Or see below image for more details

Calling for Expressions of Interest of Plantation and Agricultural Based Industries Year 2017
Calling for Expressions of Interest of Plantation and Agricultural Based Industries Year 2017

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