The National Forest Enhancement Strategy – Re-forest Sri Lanka

The main cause of global warming is the release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Due to this, we are experiencing an acceleration in adverse climatic changes Since trees play an important role in our environment by removing harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and by producing oxygen, the most well-tested and cost-effective way of fighting the reality of this potentially catastrophic climate change phenomena is to increase global forest cover.

An initiative of the Forest Department under the auspices of the Ministry of Mahaweli Development & Environment, the National ‘Vana Viru Vaduma’ (Grow-A-Fighter) campaign has been developed based on the decision taken at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) to place forest enhancement at the heart of the global fight against climate change.

How can you be involved in the national initiative to re-Forest Sri Lanka ?

Here is an opportunity for you to partner with the Government of Sri Lanka in increasing our island’s forest cover with the objective of improving sustainable land management; optimising environmental services: conserving biodiversity maintaining economic growth: and minimising risks of natural disasters

The main thrust of the Grow-A-Fighter campaign is to enhance the quality of degraded lands by increasing forest cover. You too can partner with us by any of the following ways

When you plant a tree you become a part of the solution.


1 – Seedling Production

  • The target of the Grow-A-Fighter campaign is to produce and distribute five million seedlings during 2017.
  • All necessary requirements for proper seedling production such as ideal plant species, polythene bags, compost, etc., will be provided by the Forest Department.
  • Information on proper seedling management and suitable tree species can be obtained free of charge from the Forest Department.
  • Set up plant nurseries in schools and local communities as part of the reforestation programme.
  • Well-developed plants will be purchased from you by the Forest Department as well as many other interested parties.


2-Forest creation on your own land

  • Through this scheme, you can convert an idle plot of land into forested land.
  • The Forest Department aims to provide you with a limited number of seedlings free-of-charge for this task.
  • This can either be fruit trees which would provide a regular harvest or a commercially relevant species that is suitable to your geographic location.
  • A limited number of tree saplings can be obtained free of charge from the Forest Department.
  • The Forest Department is also prepared to provide advice on proper forest creation


3- Partnering to reforest state Lands

  • Engage the private sector, other registered entities and citizens of Sri Lanka in restoring degraded forest lands that fall within the purview of the Forest Department and other government agencies.
  • Your organisation or even you as an individual can sponsor such an initiative in a location that has already been ear-marked by the Forest Department.
  • This is also an opportunity for you to positively influence the communities that live around the selected land plot.
  • As a responsible corporate citizen, you also get a tangible opportunity to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint as a partner of this initiative.


For more details contact to conservator of forests – Silviculture and forest Management on 0112 866 627 or see below image

The National Forest Enhancement Strategy – Re-forest Sri Lanka
The National Forest Enhancement Strategy – Re-forest Sri Lanka

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