Janashakthi Limited Brought Bartleet Finance Plc

Janashakthi Limited (“JL”), Announce in to the Colombo Stock Exchange that the Janashakthi Limited has purchases 99.78/% of Bartleet Finance PLC.

Janashakthi Limited purchased 6,639,998 voting ordinary shares of Bartteet Finance PLC (“BFL”) held by the major shareholder Bartleet Transcapital Limited (“BTCL”) at a total price of Rs.874,818,419/- constituting approximately 86.79% of the voting rights of the Company on 22nd January, 2015.

Further, at the time of the above acquisition, Janashakthi Limited already held 993,749 voting ordinary shares of BFL, constituting approximately 12.99% of the voting rights which had been purchased between 02nd January, 2015 to 10th January, 2015, at a total price of Rs.109,312,390/-.

With the above acquisition, Janashakthi Limited now holds a total number of 7,633,747 Ordinary Shares of BFL constituting approximately 99.78% of the voting rights of the company. Thus, effective from 22nd anuary 2015, BFL shall be a subsidiary of Janashakthi Limited.

Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary – 5th February 2015

Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) publish their trade summery for the 5th February 2015, see below key information of Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary, or click below link for details Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary published by Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE)


Price Indices Today Previous Day
All Share Price Index (ASPI) 7,047.31 7,000.06
S&P Sri Lanka 20 Index 3,853.65 3824.98
Total Return Index on all Share (ASTRI) 9,249.25 9,187.24
Total Return Index on S&P Sri Lanka 20 Index 5,029.14 4,991.71


Click Here to see details Colombo Stock Exchange Trade Summary


Muhunthan Canagey is new CEO of Sri Lanka ICTA

Muhunthan Canagey, one among Sri Lanka’s young entrepreneurs has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka.

Muhunthan Canagey has over 20 years experience in Sri Lanka’s ICT sector and holds a Masters Degree in Information Technology.

He is expected to enhance the ICTA’s role among the private and public sector, assist in the implementation of the national ICT policy and attract new opportunities for the local ICT industry.


Srilanka Waterfront Project continue as Cinnamon Life

John Keells Holding PLC’s subsidiary project of Waterfront has been renamed  as “Cinnamon Life” and continue their project as planned.

The project is expected to restrict the ability to rent space for gaming activities but it is to developed as both residential and commercial space with iconic design which believes would transform the landscape of Colombo

New Price of Hybrid electric Car in Sri Lanka- After Budget


Vehicle Importers Association Chairman Mahinda Sarathchandra stated to media that prices of vehicles below 1000 cc would come down only by Rs. 25, 000 in the wake of the 15% tax reduction announced in Thursday’s mini budget while all hybrid cars would go up by as much as Rupees one million.

The custom duty for less than 1000cc vehicle is 172.5% which had been imposed on cars below 1000 CC was reduced to 155.25% which would result in a decrease of Rs. 25, 000 for cars below 1000 cc.

And he stated that however prices of hybrid Electric cars would go up by a huge amount due to the new tax system. he said the price of a Prius hybrid car would go up by Rs. 975, 000, Axio hybrid car by Rs. 725, 000 and Honda Fit hybrid car by Rs. 700, 000 because of the new taxation. He said the tax revisal would have an impact on vehicle importers.

Lake House Media Library – News from 1832 to now

Unearth the facts, the writings, the images of events and people of Sri Lanka in the 20th Century, and even before, in the foremost media library.

Use our collection of:

  • Newspaper and periodical hard copy archives from 1832 and digital copies of all ANCL publications since 2012
  • Photocopies and soft copies of news articles and advertisements
  • An indexed collection of published and unpublished photographs & negatives since 1950
  • Certified copies of advertisements and news articles of our publications
  • Over 37,000 newspaper clipping files of prominent personalities
  • Over 8000 newspaper clipping subject files on.
  • Politics, Social, National & International events, History, Cultural trends. Sports and a whole range of other subjects

Open for our valued customers, researchers, scholars, students and media professionals from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4pm excluding Public Holidays

For more details contact to chief librarian for further details on 0112429491 or 0112429429 Ext 491,492,493

Or see below image

Lake House Media Library – News from 1832 to now
Lake House Media Library – News from 1832 to now

Kalpitiya to become a tourist destination

Kalpitiya area will be developed as a tourist destination, Wayamba Development Authority Chairperson stated recently.

He said Kalpitiya and Arugambay are two of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Wayamba is still at basic; level and much more have to improve in the tourism industry of the area.

Three tourist information centres are located at Kurunegala, Badagamuwa and Yapahuwa.

He states tourist hotels in Kurunegala are small. Wayamba has archaeological sites of four kingdoms, European colonial monuments, birds and wildlife sanctuaries and such areas should be developed as tourist hotspots.

The main target of the Wayamba Development Authority is to attract foreign as well as local tourists and boost hotel accommodation. He said there are less hotels in Kurunegala and this would affect tourism. A large number of youths will benefit if tourism industry in the area is developed.


Hayleys to venture into instant tea

Hayleys PLC, through its subsidiary Kelani Valley Plantations PLC is to venture into the instant tea market.

Dipped Products PLC a subsidiary of Hayleys announced that Kelani Valley Plantations has set up a new company, Hayleys Global Beverages Ltd ( HGBL) to process and manufacture Ready to Drink Tea (RDT).


Commercial Bank begins renovation of Sri Pada steps – as CSR Activity

The Commercial Bank has begun work on renovating two sections of the steps to the summit of Sri Pada for the benefit of thousands of pilgrims who make the trek up Sri Lanka’s holy mountain. The Bank’s CSR Trust has allocated substantial funds for the project, which entails repairs to the steps between lamp posts 192 to 212 and 247 to 260, on the stretch leading up to Seetha Gangula.

The work in two phases is due to be completed in December, before the commencement of next Sri Pada worshipping season. Labour for the project is provided by the Civil Defence Force.

This is the second occasion that Commercial Bank has undertaken restoration of the pathway up Sri Pada. Commercial Bank’s Maskeliya Branch has undertaken to coordinate the project, liaising with suppliers to arrange the building materials, and the Civil Defence Force unit attached to Sri Pada.

The Commercial Bank previously funded the reconstruction of the pathway between Seetha Gangula and Thenna in 2008.

Sri Pada is revered as a holy site by several religions and annually thousands of pilgrims climb the steps up this holy mountain to worship. It is of particular significance to Buddhists due to the belief that the foot print of Ix>rd Buddha is imprinted on top of the mountain.

The peak pilgrimage season is in April. Preserving Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage is one of the focus areas of the CSR Trust of Commercial Bank. Two of the main projects it has completed in this sphere are the construction of a Museum at Krivehera and the renovation of the lamp posts donated by the Bank to Dambulla Temple.

Commercial Bank contributes a percentage of its post tax profits annually to its CSR Trust, established in 2004. The Bank defines the overall goal of its CSR policy as ‘to generate measurable and sustainable social dividends for different segments of society, in particular those which require empowerment and enrichment’.

Other initiatives of Commercial Bank’s CSR Trust include donation of IT laboratories to schools, presenting scholarships and laptops to undergraduates, providing English education to rural school children, supporting healthcare projects around the country and supporting facilities for war heroes.

The only Sri Lankan Bank to be listed three years consecutively in the world’s Top 1,000 Bank’s, Commercial Bank operates a network of 235 branches and 590 ATMs in Sri Lanka. Ranked the most valuable private sector brand in the country in 2014, the Bank has won multiple awards as Sri Lanka’s best bank over several years, and was adjudged one of the country’s 10 best corporate citizens by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in 2013.

John Keells Hotels looking forward to starts up a Hotel in Nuwara Eliya

John Keells Hotels is currently looking forward an options of opening a property in Nuwara Eliya. It was pointed out that they were looking for expansion into the hills with a hotel project but there were no more details has been released. The hotels sector of the Keells group has no presence at present in the Nuwara Eliya area but the group of companies conducting charter operations of its Cinnamon Air flights to the area as well.

Therefore it is hope that JKH is looking forward a gradual growth of tourist arrivals in Nuwara Elia and establish a star class hotel sooner as possible.

Is Cargills Beer going out from Beer Business

In December 2011, Chairmen of Cargills Group made a speech in Srilanka Foundation, that the company is looking to the businesses of Banking and the Breweries.

and he  stated that he liked more to diversified their businesses according to the consumer needs and he do explained about the success of Cargills Foodcity and the theme name of “on the way to Home”.

Few days ago I show an articles stated that Cargills Mulls from beer business, which came to my mind is public see Cargills as a traditional follower of Srilanka and symbol of Srilankan Culture , therefore none of Srilankan would encourage a good corporate citizen of Cargills to be in Breweries business.

the new stated that cargills did purchased Three Coins Beer for Rs. 1.43 Billion and it is marketed by Cargills through its subsidiary Millers brewery.

Central Bank of Sri Lanka Licensed Commercial Banks, Special Banks and Finance Company – Name List attached

The Central Bank is authorized to regulate and supervise the below named institutions in order to promote prudence in their business operations and thereby safeguard the deposits of the public. However, the Central Bank does not have legal authority to guarantee deposits or assure that any such institution will never fail. The Central Bank has introduced a Deposit Insurance Scheme to guarantee the repayment of deposits upto Rs.200,000 per depositor in the event of a failure of a bank or a finance company supervised by it, with effect from 1st January 2012.

When depositing money in any of the above institutions, please exercise due care for the safety of your deposits.


Licensed Commercial Banks

  1. Amana Bank Ltd
  2. Axis Bank Ltd
  3. Bank of Ceylon
  4. Cargills Bank Ltd.
  5. Citibank, N.A
  6. Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
  7. Deutsche Bank AG
  8. DFCC Vardhana Bank PLC
  9. Habib Bank Ltd
  10. Hatton National Bank PLC
  11. ICICI Bank Ltd
  12. Indian Bank
  13. Indian Overseas Bank
  14. MCB Bank Ltd
  15. National Development Bank PI C
  16. Nations Trust Bank PLC
  17. Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC
  18. People’s Bank
  19. Public Bank Berhad
  20. Sampath Bank PLC
  21. Seylan Bank PLC
  22. Standard Chartered Bank
  23. State Bank of India
  24. The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd
  25. Union Bank of Colombo PLC


Licensed Specialised Banks

  1. DFCC Bank
  2. Housing Development Finance Corporation Bank of Sri Lanka
  3. Lankaputra Development Bank Ltd
  4. MBSL Savings Bank Ltd
  5. National Savings Bank
  6. Pradeshiya Sanwardhana Bank
  7. Sanasa Development Bank PLC
  8. Sri Lanka Savings Bank Ltd
  9. State Mortgage & Investment Bank


Licensed Finance Companies

  1. Abans Finance PLC
  2. Alliance Finance Co PLC
  3. AMW Capital Leasing and Finance PLC
  4. Arpico Finance Co. PLC
  5. Asia Asset Finance PLC
  6. Asian Finance Ltd
  7. Associated Motor Finance Co. PLC
  8. Bartleet Finance PLC
  9. Bimputh Finance PLC
  10. BRAC Lanka Finance PLC
  11. Capital Alliance Finance PLC
  12. Central Finance Co. PLC
  13. Central Investments and Finance PLC*
  14. Chilaw Finance PLC
  15. Citizens Development Business Finance PLC
  16. City Finance Corporation Ltd
  17. Commercial Credit and Finance PLC
  18. Commercial Leasing and Finance PLC
  19. Deshodaya Development Finance Co. Ltd
  20. ETI Finance Ltd
  21. George Steuart Finance PLC
  22. Ideal Finance Ltd
  23. Indra Finance Ltd.
  24. Kanrich Finance Ltd
  25. Lanka ORIX Finance PLC
  26. LB Finance PLC
  27. Melsta Regal Finance Ltd
  28. Mercantile Investments and Finance PLC
  29. MCSL Financial Services Ltd
  30. Multi Finance PLC
  31. Nation Lanka Finance PLC
  32. Orient Finance PLC
  33. People’s Leasing & Finance PLC
  34. People’s Merchant Finance PLC
  35. Prime Grameen Micro Finance Ltd
  36. Richard Pieris Arpico Finance Ltd
  37. Senkadagala Finance PLC
  38. Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC
  39. Sinhaputhra Finance PLC
  40. Siyapatha Finance l td
  41. Softlogic Finance PLC
  42. Swamamahal Financial Services PLC
  43. The Finance Co. PLC
  44. The Standard Credit Finance Ltd
  45. TKS Finance Ltd
  46. Trade Finance & Investments PLC
  47. UB Finance Co. Ltd
  48. Vallibel Finance PLC

*Managed by the managing agent appointed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and undergoing restructuring. In the meantime, deposit mobilisation has been suspended.

Some of the above mentioned banks and finance companies would be merged/acquired/absorbed under the currently ongoing consolidation process. In this regard, the general public is being informed that the consolidation processes will not, in any way, affect their current transactions and deposits with the above mentioned banks and finance companies.

Central Bank of Sri Lanka Licensed Commercial Banks, Special Banks and Finance Company – Name List attached
Central Bank of Sri Lanka Licensed Commercial Banks, Special Banks and Finance Company – Name List attached

Micro IPO for Rs 1.5Billion

Sri Lanka’s only car manufacture, Micro Care Limited is to float at an Initial Public Offering to raise Rs. 1.5 billion. This is to raise funds for their proposed car assembly factory which is being built at Hambantota. “We have obtained all the necessary approvals to launch this IPO, said Chairman CEO, Micro Cars, Dr. Lawrence Perera.

Micro Cars was established in 1999 and all the Micro vehicles are manufactured to world-class standards using components sourced from global leaders. The local value addition for the production is around 30%. The locally assembled cars also exported to Bangladesh and Nepal.


Nawaloka to open first regional hospital in Negombo

Nawaloka Hospitals PLC is to open its first regional hospital in Negombo next month, in a bid to expand its healthcare operations regionally, According to Nawaloka Hospitals Director/General Manager a 50-bed hospital will be equipped with all diagnostic facilities, a fully equipped ambulance service, a labour room, a 24-hour pharmacy, patients rooms and ample parking facilities.The expansion of roadways and other infrastructure facilities in the country have paved the way to expand our services in the outskirts of Colombo stated by Director / General Manager.

According to the latest annual report of the company, the new hospital will come under Nawaloka Hospitals’ fully owned subsidiary- Nawaloka Medicare Pvt Ltd. The annual report also showed Nawaloka Hospital investing a total of Rs.472 million in Nawaloka Medicare Pvt Ltd, Rs.155 million for purchase of land, Rs.169 million for cost of constructing the building and 147.9 million for other expenses.

The report further said the work on the second regional hospital is also in progress.The two other major players who operate privately owned regional hospitals in the country are Hemas Holdings and Asiri Hospitals group.

Nawaloka also expects to position the hospital in Negombo as a medical tourism destination as ‘’it lies within an area of geographic relevance and importance to the tourist”.


Shangri-La Increases Investment to US$ 450 Million

The Shangri-La hotel chain, which will be initiating Sri Lanka’s first seven star hotel, has revised its plan of construction and has decided to increase their investment to US $450 million, excluding the cost of the land and along with an increase of rooms from the initial 500 to 625. The hotel is to be built on 10 acres of land overlooking the Galle Face Green.

The land was initially bought in 2010 with a price tag of US $ 125 million and the approval for the construction was received in the same year. With the increase of rooms and a newer plan already paving the way for the new building, the deadline has also gone up, with hopes for the project to see completion in 2017, though the preliminary plan was to finish the project in 2015.

The proposal for the new project has already been approved and the tax concessions will remain the same. With the project seeing fruition, the Electricity Board (CEB) will also have to shift one of their high-tension cables which is getting in the way of the construction and therefore, there are discussions underway between the relevant authorities with regard to this.

Shangri-Ia Colombo will comprise of a sushi bar, steakhouse, seafood market and Irish pub, specialty restaurants with Indian, Islamic, Szechuan and Macanese cuisines, a Sky lounge, meeting facilities, a swimming pool, spa and tennis courts.

In addition to this, Shangri-La’s Hambantota Resort and Spa, which is also in the pipeline, is set to include an 18-hole golf course and is set to offer 315 rooms, including 24 suites. Hambantota Resort and Spa will also comprise of a Sanctuary.

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts is a Hong Kong based company and five star properties are located across Asia, the Middle East, North America, Oceania and Europe. The first hotel of the group was the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore and this opened in 1971.

The chain is the largest Asian-based luxury hotel group in the region and is regarded as one of the world’s finest hotel management companies.


Central Bank Profits Decline in 2013

The Central Bank (CB) has lost Rs.24.2 billion in 2013. Down from profits of Rs.66.2 billion in 2012. But the bank had transferred 25 billion rupees by way of profits to the state budget. Central Bank Governor Nivard Cabraal said yesterday

Other than interest income from its forex assets, the CB primarily makes profits from inflation, either through currency depreciation or interest from ‘domestic assets.’

Domestic assets are government securities, which tend to grow sharply when large volumes of money are printed usually to bridge the deficit or keep interest rates down, generating high inflation and balance of payment crises.

Lower Central Bank profits generally point to lower inflation in the economy he said.

Interest income from domestic assets therefore, also plunged to Rs 11.4 billion from Rs. 25.9 billion a year earlier as the CB sold its Treasury bills portfolio as the banking system recovered from balances of payments h troubles of 2011 and 2012 he added


Sri Lanka Development Bonds issue on

The Central Bank on behalf of the Government will issue Sri Lanka Development Bonds (SLDBs) of US Dollars 60 million in 3 year tenors to eligible investors for subscription at a rate of US Dollar 6 month LIBOR plus a margin to be determined through competitive bidding.

The offer was opened from March 3 for bidding with the settlement on March 17. Foreign and local commercial banks operating in Sri Lanka subscribed at the auction. The offer was oversubscribed by 3.1 times with total bids received amounting to USD 187 million. Considering the high demand for SLDBs and providing an opportunity for investors to invest their funds for a longer period, it was decided to accept the entirety of US Dollars 187 million in 3 year maturities at the market determined rate of USD 6 month LIBOR plus a weighted average margin of 400 bps. The US Dollar 6 month LIBOR rate as of March 10, 2014 is quoted at 0.3318 percent.

The SLDB issue was executed in terms of Section 2 (a) and 2 (c) of the Foreign Loans Act No. 29 of 1957 as amended. The SLDBs are transferable by endorsement, delivery and registration with the Superintendent of Public Debt of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Eligible investors may purchase SLDBs in the secondary market through Designated Agents appointed by the Central Bank.

~ News ~

Cargills Bank Ready to operate – Get green light from island Bank Regulator

Sri Lanka’ Cargills (Ceylon) PLC has been given the go ahead to start its own Bank by the Island’s banking regulator, a stock market disclosure by the firm announced.

Cargill’s Bank Limited has been given the license to start commercial operations starting from the January 21, 2014.

The entry’ of Cargills Bank has been on the cards for over two years with the promoters having filed an application way back in September 2011. It will be the 13th local commercial bank and the 25th when foreign banks are included.

Operations are slated to start by the first quarter of this year.

Government Information Centre details and Online Checking Process of Departments in Sri Lanka

The Government Information centre is a key Information provider about the government products and services to general Public.

The www.gic.gov.lk itself is helping lots of srilankan and foreigners to obtain their basic information about their search.

Here the below links are attached for the most of the needed information, for more detail see below list of information or visit www.gic.gov.lk




  Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Limited   Arrivals Flight Schedule
  Atomic Energy Authority   List of Licensed Institutes in the Country
  Ayurvedic Medical Council   Details of Registered Ayurvedic Medical Council Members
  Central Bank of Sri Lanka   Current Economic Indicators ( Exchange Rates )
  Department of Animal Production and Health   DAPH Application Status
  Department of Buddhist Affairs   Buddhist Cultural Temple Directory
  Department of Examinations   Exam Results
  Department of Hindu Affairs and Cultural Service   Hindu Cultural Temple Directory
  Department of Import Export Control   HS-Code Details
  Department of Labour   Contact details of District Offices
  Department of Land Settlement   View status of Title Registration
  Department of Meteorology   Latest Weather Information
  Department of National Museum   View Museum Visitor Information
  Department of Official Languages   Find Language Facilitators
  Department of Official Languages   Language Proficiency
  Department of Post   Find Postal Codes and Relevant Contact Details
  Department of Probation and Child Care   Contact details of Child Rights Promoting Officers
  Department of Public Trustee   Check the Status of Foreign Compensation
  Department of Railways   Find your Distance and Parcel Transport Cost
  Department of Register Generals   View Deed Registration Details
  Department of Registrar of Companies   Request for Company Names
  Department of Rubber Development   View Rubber Prices
  Department of Social Services   Search for Training Courses for a Specific Disability
  Department of Social Services  Check Status of Application Form Submitted for a Training Course
  Department of Survey   List of licensed surveyors
  Department of Technical Education and Training   List of Available Training Courses
  Deyata Kirula   Project monitoring System
  Merchant Shipping Division   Certificate of Competency Verification
  Merchant Shipping Division   Performance Certificate Verification
  Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs   Add Transfer Requests/ Find Transfer Opportunities
  Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs   Find Grama Niladhari Details
  National Secretariat For Non-Governmental Organizations   Directory of Registered NGOs in Sri Lanka
  Nenasala Website   Find Nenasala Centers
  Samurdhi Authority   Samurdhi Bank Directory
  Southern Provincial Road Passenger Transport Authority   Southern Provincial Bus Schedule
  Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment   View Foreign Employment Opportunities
  Sri Lanka Standard Institute   Search Library Books
  Sri Lanka Standard Institute   Search System Certified Companies
  Sri Lanka Standard Institute   Search Certified Product
  Sri Lanka Tea Board   View Tea Price
  Sri Lanka Tea Board   View Tea Directory
  Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau   Quick Information for Tourists
  Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau   Sri Lanka Accommodation
  Sri Lanka Transport Board   Contact details of Depots
  Tea Small Holdings Development Authority   Subsidy Information
  Water Resources Board   Cost Estimates for Services information

Source:  www.gic.gov.lk

Sampath Bank Debenture issues – Open on 26th November 2013

Sampath Bank PLC announces its Debenture issuing date of 26th November 2013, this is an good investment opportunity for the investors in terms of considering the interest rate for the period of 5 years.

Over the last 25 years we have presented you with many attractive investment opportunities, ensuring higher returns and the best benefits. Sampath Bank Debentures are yet another way to reach the very apex of such investment prospects, enabling you to look forward to safe and inimitable returns.

Sampath Bank Debentures present a five year investment strategy, with the minimum investment amount set at Rs. 10,000/-(100 debentures), at the following rates of interest:

Type A Debenture with 13.00% p.a. (Fixed Interest rate) – AE.R 13.42% on semi Annually and the Type B with 13.40% p.a. (Fixed Interest rate) – A.F.R 13.40% on Annually.

Sampath Bank Debentures will be listed on the main board of the Colombo Stock Exchange and are rated A+(lka) by Fitch Ratings Lanka.

Please refer prospectus, contact your stockbroker or call 0114 730 348 for further details and application forms. Visit www.sampath.lk to download the prospectus and application form.

For more information see below image

Sampath Bank Debenture issues – Open on 26th November 2013
Sampath Bank Debenture issues – Open on 26th November 2013

2.3 Billion Coins are Idle to Sri Lanka Economy

Central Bank of Sri Lanka announces that 2,347,938,822 coins are held by public in their drawers and tills. The most of these coins are remain idle and do not circulate within the country creating a shortage of coins.

Please use your idle coins so that they are released for circulation as you can help the country save significantly by doing so.

Money Circulation is a key for the Country developments and value generation to the countrys’ GDP and GNP. Therefore this statement from Central Banks needs to be considering seriously and released your coins at your Drawers and tills.

2.3 Billion Coins are Idle to Sri Lanka Economy
2.3 Billion Coins are Idle to Sri Lanka Economy

Mini Zoo in Battaramulla

The Botanical Gardens and Public Recreation Ministry plans to put up a mini zoo in battaramulla to coincide with the commonwealth heads of Government meeting (CHOGM) in November. The mini zoo which covers an extent of 3.5 acres will be establishes close to th Folk Arts Centre in battaramulla. The estimated cost of construction is Rs.10million. in addition, a model Sri Lankan village depicting the Sri Lankan culture and identify will also be st up in the Folk Arts Centre premises.

A cultural centre and Laksala centre will also be established in this premises to boost tourism.


Colombo Katunayake Express Highway opens on 27th October 2013- first 3 days for Public Viewing

Opening: 27th October 2013
Public View: 3days from Opening
Entry Points: Kelaniya and Katunayake
Exit Point: Ja Ela
Distance: 30 Km
Expected Time: 15 to 20 Minutes
Fee: Not Decided Yet


The Colombo Katunayake Express Highway is scheduled to open for vehicles on October 27, 2013 and its open for Public View for 3 days from 27th October 2013.

On these Public Viewing days the sightseers will allow to use the expressway for leisure activities and the grade opening will be on thereafter.

The 30 KM Express Highway will have one exit point at Ja- Ela and 2 entry points at Kelaniya and Katunayake, and it is expected to reach Colombo to Katunayake on 15 to 20 Minutes by using this High way.

The Fee will be charge for using this Highway and the Fee is not yet decided.

~ NEWS ~

Nawaloka Debentures Issues – Starts 24th September 2013

Reap what we have sown; the Nawaloka Hospital PLC announces the Debenture issue opening on 24th September 2013.

Issue of up to 15 million rated unsecure redeemable debentures at face value of Rs.100/-each. To be listed one of the main boards of the Colombo Stock Exchange-

Key features of the Debentures as

Type Tenure of the Debenture Interest rate(paid quarterly) Annual effective rate
A 5 years 14.15% p.a 14.92% p.a
B 6 years 14.15% p.a 14.92% p.a
C 7 years 14.15% p.a 14.92% p.a
D 8 years 14.35% p.a 15.14% p.a
E 9 yeras 14.40% p.a 15.20% p.a
F 10 years 14.45% p.a 15.25% p.a

Rated ‘A’ by Ram Ratings Lanka Limited

Please refer prospectus for details. Prospectus and application forms are now available with all stockbrokers, branches of NDB bank and NDB investment bank who are the financial advisors and managers to the issue. Application forms can be downloaded from www.cse.lk / www.nawaloka.com and www.ndbib.com all debentures holders will be entitled for the “Nawaloka lifetime privilege Card” which will offer a host of benefits at the Nawaloka Hospital

For more information see below image

Nawaloka Debentures Issues – Starts 24th September 2013
Nawaloka Debentures Issues – Starts 24th September 2013

Implementation of Broker back office and/order Management systems at the stock broker firms of the CSE

CES are required to upgrade their existing Broker Back Office System and order management system to meet the specification recommended by the security and exchange commission of Sri Lanka and the CSE. The interested vendors meeting the following criteria are eligible to submit proposals for the said project. The vendor must be a legal entity incorporate or established within or outside Sri Lanka. The vendor should be able provide the broker Back office system or the order management system separately or both solution together and services out in the RFP.

More information click on www.cse.lk/rfp

The proposal should be delivered in printed form following the address before 16.30 on 7th October 2013.

Chief Information officer, CSE, 04-01West Block, World Trade Center, Colomo-01.0112356404 rfp@cse.l

Implementation of Broker back office andorder Management systems at the stock broker firms of the CSE
Implementation of Broker back office andorder Management systems at the stock broker firms of the CSE

CSE Now at Ratnapura

The Colombo Stock Exchange opens its newest branch of the Colombo Stock Exchange at Ratnapura.

The CSE Ratnapura branch will operate from today at 1st Floor, No 131, Colombo Road, Ratnapura.

See below image for more information

CSE Now at Ratnapura
CSE Now at Ratnapura

Liberty Plaza invest Rs. 600 Million to Expands it Shopping Experience

Colombo Land and Development Company PLC which completed Sri Lanka’s first ever international standard shopping mall Liberty Plaza in 1982 laid foundation on February 14, for an Rs 600 million expansion to the shopping mall.  Also the Liberty Plaza starts a new specialty multi cuisine restaurant at Liberty Plaza named “Seasons” which will be a first restaurant of its kind, all under one roof serving cuisines like North/South Indian, Sri Lankan, Western and Oriental.

While the Liberty Plaza expansion and the adjacent new Liberty Arcade shopping mall will create more retail space along the Duplication Road, the next major project of the CLDC will be the Liberty Square in Pettah.

Amba Training Institute (ATI) Equity Analyst Training Scholarship 10 Day Programme – Year 2013

To further support the development of capital markets in Sri Lanka, Amba Research Lanka is proud to announce that it will be awarding scholarships to attend the Equity Analyst Training Program offered by ATI. The program, valued at USD2,500, will be offered free to five outstanding applicants for the year 2013.

The 10-day program, based on a training program designed by four former heads of research at leading global investment banks and seniors at Amba Research, provides in-depth knowledge with a hands-on approach to how real-world analysts conduct investment research.

The modules covered in the program will include extensive training on building end-to-end financial models, carrying out absolute and relative valuations, conducting industry analysis, writing concise and crisp investment reports, and building peer comp sheets. The program will be conducted over 10 working days.

Our trainers have collectively instructed over 1,000 analysts, developed more than 15,000 models, and written over 2,000 investment reports worldwide.

The ATI Equity Analyst Training Program receives 40 CE credit hours as part of a CFA Approved-Provider Program.

If you have the passion to learn and a thirst for knowledge about capital markets, this opportunity is for you.

Eligibility criteria:

  • A degree in Business, Accounting, or Economics or a professional qualification such as CIMA, ACCA, CA, or CFA. However, candidates with degrees/qualifications in other disciplines and with relevant skills will also be considered.
  • A minimum of two years of work experience in a related field.
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • Experience using Microsoft Office.


All applicants should submit their completed application forms  and a cover letter explaining why you think you deserve an ATI scholarship on or before 5 February 2013.

Click Here to Apply for Amba Training Institute (ATI) Equity Analyst Training Scholarship 10 Day Programme – Year 2013

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Amba Training Institute (ATI) Equity Analyst Training Scholarship 10 Day Programme – Year 2013
Amba Training Institute (ATI) Equity Analyst Training Scholarship 10 Day Programme – Year 2013