Lanka Ceramic PLC Announced Interim Dividend


27th January 2011, Lanka Ceramic PLC announced Colombo Stoke Exchange, the company announce interim dividend of Rs. 1.00 per share for the financial year of 2010/ 2011. The dividend payment will be on 18th February 2011.

About Lanka Ceramic PLC

Lanka Ceramic PLC
Lanka Ceramic PLC

The Lanka Ceramic PLC established in 1991 and quoted to cse 1993. The company is in the business of manufacturing tableware, sanitary ware, hotel and Ornamental ware and low – tension insulators for export and local markets. Retail trading in Ceramic and Allied Products.

Future opportunities

Lanka Ceramic PLC has good enough opportunity to develop their businesses feather in terms of local and international market. Therefore it’s good to be expecting a good enough Dividend and the Capital gains from the Lanka Ceramic PLC shares.

MY View

To investing to Lanka Ceramic PLC in terms wise

Short term good for short capital gains
Medium term good for the reasonable capital gains and dividend
Long term very good opportunity to gain capital gain and good dividend


Marawila Resorts PLC Rights Issue


27th January 201, Marawila Resorts PLC announced Rights issue of one (1) new share for every four (4) ordinary shares held.

The rights at price of Rs.10. the number of shares to be issue is 24.5 Million Ordinary shares.

Marawila Resorts PLC
Marawila Resorts PLC

The following details published Colombo Stoke Exchange (cse) the following details

Date of Initial Announcement 05th January 2011.
EGM/ Provisional Allotment 21st February 2011.
XR 22nd February 2011.
Dispatch of Provisional letter of Allotment 28th February 2011.
Rights trading commences on 07th March 2011.
Renunciation 14th March 2011.
Last date of acceptance & payment 15th March 2011.



C T Land Development PLC announced Interim Dividend


Yesterday 26th January 2011, C T Land Development PLC announced Interim Dividend in Colombo Stoke Exchange.

The Dividend of Rs. 0.60 per share for the financial year of 2010/2011. The dividend payment will be on 14th February 2011.

 C T Land Development PLC performance

Yesterday share prices are stared with Rs.32.90 and closed at 32.20. The range of the variation was Rs. 31.00 to 33.00.

The Divined announcement was increase the confident to investors. Even the share price reduction, is cause of the ex dividend announcement.

Therefore the price of 32.20 will be acceptable due to the dividend announcement.

Expectation of the C T Land Development PLC

C T Land Development PLC all time high price is Rs.40.00, if the market is going the same trend for the few weeks, it will be overcome the price of Rs. 40 soon.

PC House PLC Price band Remove from Tomorrow


Tomorrow 27th January 2011, the PC House PLC 10% price band will be removing for trading. It means the PC House PLC share prices can be varying accordance to demand and supply of PC House PLC share.

As per My little knowledge the PC House PLC growing continually. There was some of downwards and the upwards in the market. But still the prices are going up further as per demand of the shares by the investors.

PC House PLC
PC House PLC

Today performance

Even today 26th January 2011, the PC House PLC share Price is open at the price of Rs. 23.20 and close at Rs. 25.50. This is about 9.91% Increment from the opening price.

My expectation of PC House PLC tomorrow

I am expecting the PC house may show a more than 15% to 20% price increment tomorrow in CSE.

But this performance will be only certain level and I personally expect a market correct soon in Colombo Stoke Exchange [CSE].

Therefore my advice for the investor is to be carefully monitoring the market and be ready for the any changes [risks] in anytime.


Amana Takaful PLC announced Rights Issue

Amana Takaful
Amana Takaful

Today 25th January 2011, Amana Takaful PLC announced to Colombo Stoke Exchange [cse], that the company decided to issue 500,000,360 shares as a rights of 1 share for every 1 exiting held.

The rights come at Rs. 1.50 per shares and right total fund arise of Rs. 750,000,540.

The objective of the rights issue is to meet the increase capital requirement by regulator under its proposed capital plan and for the company’s future expansion strategies.


Rights Issue Watapota Investment PLC


Today 25th January 2011 Watapota Investment PLC announced the rights of 75 new ordinary shares of every 2 shares held at the Price of Rs.20.

The total number of shares issued is 25, 162, 800 and provisional allotment will 18th February 2011 and dispatch the provisional letter of allotment 23th February 2011.

The last date for acceptance & Payment will be on 10th march 2011.

Watapota Investment PLC
Watapota Investment PLC


Vallibel Power Erathna PLC announced Interim Dividend

Interim Dividend

The company announced interim dividend of Rs. 0.20 per Share.  The interim dividend is for the financial year 2010/ 2011.

The company feather says the payment will be on 14th February 2011.

About Vallibel Power Erathna PLC

The Vallibel Power Erathna PLC established in 2001 and Quoted to share market at 2006. The company is the business of generate and supply electric Power to the nation grid.

My view

As per the Dividend announcement of Rs. 0.20 per share and the Share price traded yesterday as Rs. 10.20.

Comparability the dividend is 2% of the price. But the dividend announcement will create the confidence to the investors to invest more.


MTD Walkers PLC Rights Issue and Price band

 Rights issue

MTD Walkers PLC announced the Colombo Stoke Exchange[ CSE] for the Rights issues.

After the right issue announcement the price of the shares in fluctuate heavily and reaching the lower the Price of Rs.45. The day starts with Rs. 81.70 and close at the price of Rs. 68.70.

Today almost the 3.49 Million shares traded with the value of Rs.230.1 Million.

MTD Walkers PLC
MTD Walkers PLC

Price Band

Today 24th January 2011 the Colombo Stoke Exchange announced the 10% Price band to MTD Walkers PLC from 25th January 2011 to 15th February 2011.

The main reason for the price band is to heavy price variation of the MTD Walkers PLC.


Interim Financial Statement-CSE

Interim Financial Statements
Interim Financial Statements

The recent days Colombo Stoke Exchange announced, a few Companies Financial Statements are Available in the their Site

The following Companies published their Interim Financial Statements,

Piramal Glass Ceylon PLC


Citizens Development Business Financial Ltd


The Autodrome PLC


Chemanex PLC


Vallibel Power Erathna PLC


All the Company’s indicate a good sign and gradually growth in their performance.

Chemanex PLC Announced interim Dividend


Chemanex PLC announced Colombo Stoke Exchange, that the company pays Interim Dividend of Rs. 1 per share each.

The Dividend announcement is for the financial Year ended 2010/2011. The dividend will be paid 11th February 2011.

About Chemanex PLC

Chemanex PLC
Chemanex PLC

Chemanex PLC established in 1974 and quoted in the same year as well. The company is in the sector of Chemical & Pharmaceuticals.

The nature of business is manufacturing & marketing of Textile Auxiliaries, Pigments, Emulsions, Polythene and agro Based products; import Chemicals and Consignment sale agents.

My view

The company’s position been a good and steady prices and the variations are lower comparability. The company’s beat against the ASI and MPI is more than 1. That’s mean the company share is a good choice to be invest in.

Janashakthi Limited Acquisition of 21.32% of Dunamis Capital PLC


Today 20th January 2011, Dunamis Capital PLC announced to Colombo Stoke Exchange (CSE) that Janashakthi Limited has increased its holding to 21.32% with the acquisition of 1,271,300 shares of Dunamis Capital PLC on 20th January 201.

Dunamis Capital PLC @ CSE today

Dunamis Capital PLC
Dunamis Capital PLC

Today 20th January 2011. The company share is open at the price of Rs. 16.90. The initial order of the day starts with Rs. 17 per share and reduces Rs 9.50 by noon.

Comparatively it’s a downwards position in CSE, but as per the scope of the Janashakthi Limited it have a possibilities to grow in future.

My Believes

As I believe this may be the good time for long term investors to invest and enjoying the Capital gains from Dunamis Capital PLC.


Sierra Cables PLC Joint Venture with Free Lanka Capital Holdings


Sierra Cables PLC announced to Colombo Stoke Exchange: The joint Venture agreement with Free Lanka Capital Holdings worth of Rs.250 Million. This investment will be in two hotel projects in the leisure sector.

Sierra Cables PLC recent announcements

In the recent period Sierra Cables PLC announced it’s willing to invest on the hydro sector and leisure sectors. And Sierra Cables PLC has signed a MOU to supply of 2000Km of Ariel Bundle Cables (ABC) for the Iranian Funded Rural Electrification Project (RE-8). The value of the Project is about approximately Rs. 1 Billion. Therefore the expectations from the Sierra Cables PLC increase from the investor point of views.

And the last year end 31st December 2010. The company says its amalgamation with Alucop Cables PLC [Fully Own Subsidiary].

Colombo Stoke Exchange and today reaction

Sierra 20.01.2011
Sierra 20.01.2011

Sierra Cables PLC today open the day for trading by Rs. 5.60 and lead all time highest of Rs. 6.20[ highest price till traded] and day closed by Rs. 5.90

Today Sierra Cables PLC record reasonable number of share traded as 24.333 Million.

As per the market trend, I expect it will reach a minimum of Rs. 7.50 within 2 weeks.


My Personable experience with singer Finance (Lanka) Ltd


Singer Finance Lanka Ltd IPO
Singer Finance Lanka Ltd IPO

While I am new to the market I just applied to Singer finance IPO with my side analysis and predictions. I request for 1000 shares, later the company allocated me for 500 shares according to their allotment scheme.

My expectations before singer finance come to market

I had a friend in office; who always talk about share market and the performance of the market. And he is the one motivator for me to enter Share Market as well.

While the time Colombo Stoke Exchange announced to the public it’s oversubscribed more than 120 times. According to the market trend I expect the singer finance can be double the price of its IPO price. And it can be a range between Rs. 30 to Rs. 35.

Even I expect the double I don’t having planned to sell those shares. And I like to look for a long term investment on it and enjoy the long term performance.

The first day of trading in CSE

17th January 2011, the singer finance listed in the main board of CSE. The first trading started with the price of Rs.35 per share. I didn’t have an idea to sell it even it prices reached 40’s.

But in 45 minutes time its reaching about 45 to 46 to be cleared, while I realized this may be good time to sell, so I called to my Investment advisor and told to sell singer finance shares at Rs.50 each.

In about 30 minutes the prices came down and the range was between Rs.41 to Rs.43. Therefore I call my investment advisor again and asked him to remove the sell order and said I like to keep it for long term.

After sometimes I refuse to see the market movement and see the price movement, but about 1.45pm I have a look on it. The market was about Rs.48 per share.

Then I again call to my investment advisor and told if you can sell the shares at the Price of Rs. 50.but I was not sure whether it will realized the day or after. But about 2.25 pm singer finance cleared the price of Rs.50.

My Profits

Compare to the Price I earn a capital gain of 2.33 times of my investment. This is an absolute investment opportunity for Srilankan and foreign investors.

LANKEM CEYLON PLC announced interim dividend

Dividend announcement

LANKEM CEYLON PLC [LCEY] announced Interim dividend of Rs.1 per share. This dividend announced for the financial year of 2010/2011.

Company further says the payment will be on 09th February 2011.

About the company

LANKEM CEYLON PLC established in 1964 and quoted on the year of 1970. Their natures of businesses are importers and Distributers of chemicals, namely agro- chemicals, industrial chemical, bituminous products, consumer products and paints.

The company is very well established and developed in industry in Srilanka.

Dividend Announcement and CSE trend


Today lankem share market starts at Rs. 294.50 and reaches all the time high of Rs. 316.60 after the announcement of interim dividend.  As per CSE sources in the image clearly explain the growth of share price from the dividend announcement.

The dividend announcement is May not to affect the share market trends but it’s made a confidence of future development.


Singer Finance (Lanka) LTD First day of Trading


Today 17th January 2011. Singer Finance (Lanka) LTD listed to Colombo Stoke exchange main Board. As every investor expects the Singer Finance (Lanka) LTD was the king of the Colombo Stoke exchange today.

Singer finance issued Shares of 26,666,667 Ordinary voting shares at Rs.15 each. And it’s made a history in CSE with by Oversubscribed more than 120 times [approx 127.7 times].

Today is the day for Singer Finance

As per the today’s trade Singer finance started the first trade at Rs. 35 and reaches highest of Rs. 50.80 and close at Rs. 50 at the end of trading.

Singer Finance 17.01.2011 from
Singer Finance 17.01.2011

The start trading was about more of 233.33% higher than Initial Public offered price [Capital gain of 133.33%]. And the maximum reaches today were a 338.66% and absolute capital gains of 238.66% on the investment.

Quite a good points to note

Today singer Finance Share volume turnover is 21.2979 Million. Its 79.87% of the IPO shares have to transfer. And compare with the listed shares of 106.666667 Million Shares its 19.97% of trading.

This may be a good sign expected by some investor for long term performance for long term investors, the same time may be quick sale will get maximize the capital gain [238.66% without investment] for short term investors.

Therefore the singer finance shares are good for short term capital gains and long term performance as well.

Hope for future

There is a good hope and scope for the singer finance to perform well in future. So the investors do understand their position and trade their shares in future.


Sierra Cables PLC diversification and New Projects


Today 17th January 2011. Sierra Cables PLC announced Colombo Stoke Exchange, the board of Directors of Sierra Cables PLC has decided to Diversify. 


Further Company says they intention to invest in the hydro sector and looking a possibility of venturing into the Leisure sector as well.

New Developments

Further company said they have signed a MOU to supply of 2000Km of Ariel Bundle Cables (ABC) for the Iranian Funded Rural Electrification Project (RE-8). The value of the Project is about approximately Rs. 1 Billion.

 Today market and Future expectations

Sierra Cables PLC recently performs well in the market and it’s reaching the all time higher value of Rs.5.30. today the market starts with Rs. 4.70 and ends the day with Rs. 5.10.

Sierra Cables PLC
Sierra Cables PLC

The investors are expecting a definite share appreciation tomorrow due to this announcement. And the contact with Iranian Funded Rural Electrification Project (RE-8) will help Sierra Cables PLC to reaches the world class standards.


Cargills (Ceylon) PLC announced Interim Dividend

Interim Dividend

Today 17th January,2011. Cargills (Ceylon) PLC announced Colombo Stoke Exchange a Interim Dividend for the Financial Year of 2010/2011.

The dividend worth of Rs 0.50 per Share and payment will be paid on 07th February 2011.


Today’s Trade and confident of Cargills (Ceylon) PLC

Today the day ranges of the shares with about Rs.199 to Rs.204.50. and the trade started with Rs.202.40 and close the day by Rs.201.00.

Snap shot from
Cargills 17.01.2011

It seems a 0.69% downward movement from the beginning. But the Share price capital gains are much better for the Cargills (Ceylon) PLC than their Dividend announcement.

Even through the dividend announcement is made confident to shareholders about the company’s performance and market trends.

ODEL PLC Announced Interim Dividend

Today 14th January 2011, ODEL PLC Announced Colombo Stoke exchange to discloser of the Interim Dividend of Rs 0.25 per share.

Further it’s disclosing the Interim dividend for the financial Year of 2010/2011. The payment will be on 7th February 2011.

About ODEL and share trend

The odel, one of the company which made initial capital gains of 100%[more than 100%] in the first day of trading.  The recent performance of the company and the stoke performance are good for the investors who looking for long term value additions.

My View of ODEL PLC

Short term : Huge capital gains
Medium terms : Reasonable capital gains
Long term : Huge capital gains compare initial and medium terms.

Mandatory offer for Citrus Leisure PLC by Emagewise (Private) Ltd


Emagewise (Private) Ltd announced to Colombo Stoke Exchange (CSE) that it’s acquired 2, 009,140 Ordinary shares in Citrus Leisure PLC at a price of Rupees 86 per share on 11th January 2011.

As a result of acquisition, the offeror along with its subsidiaries and directors mentioned hold 14,826,010 shares of Citrus Leisure PLC, to the total of 31.42% of the voting shares.

Today’s Market reaction

Today 13th January 2011 the announcement made at 13.12. Even through the market reaction is not as expected on trading. But there is a slight variance of Rs.83.00 to Rs.91.00. the market indications show it decrease [11%] of share price from yesterday to today by Rs.10 cents [closing Prices].

Citrus Leisure PLC
Citrus Leisure PLC

But the capital gains are pretty reasonable for the investors as reaching all the time high Price of Rs97.00 in sooner.

My view

In a real situation I don’t have any idea about the future of the company, but the Mandatory offer and the new management may boost the business.


Singer Finance (Lanka) Limited “the Company” Listing on 17th January 2011.

The Singer Finance (Lanka) Limited announced in CSE, the Singer Finance would be listed on Main Board of the CSE under classification of Banks, Finance and Insurance Sector on 17th January 2011.

Type of Shares : Ordinary Voting Shares
Security Code : SFIN.N.000
Total Number of Shares to be listed :106, 666,667
Date of List :17th January 2011



New Price Band in Colombo Stoke Exchange

CSE announced 10% Price Band to another 2 stokes in addition to PC House Voting share of PCH.N.0000.

Meaning of 10% Price band

The 10% Price band is where the Price of that Particular share can be Vary within the 10% of the Prices of Up or down for the day’s trading.

For example

 Today, PC House Price starts up with Rs.17.60 and the Price Increase by 10% from it and close the day by 19.30. And the price reduction also can be only within the limits of 10%.

 The new Price bands are applied for the Following Security or Stokes.

  1. Citrus Leisure PLC warrants 19 [REEF.W.0019]
  2. Laugfs Gas Limited Non Voting share [LGL.X.0000]
  3. PC house Voting share [PCH.N.0000]
 All of the above Stokes are recently Perform well in the market, but there is a bit question its self whether there is a manipulations in it.

As we see the Graphs which snap shot from the CSE website, its clear there is bit of manipulations happen continually.

But its duty of the respective shares to be proves that their Prices are correct according to the market.

Watapota Investment Right issue

The Board of Directors of Watapota Investment PLC has resolved to recommend a Rights Issue of Ordinary shares to the Shareholders of the company.

The company proposed to issue 25.1 Million [25, 162 800] shares as rights in the Proposition of 75 new ordinary shares for every 2 Ordinary shares held at the price of Rs.20 each. The total rights will be worth of Rs.503.256 Million.

Further the company stays the Primary objective of the Rights Issue is to raise capital for the company to carry out its planned investment activities.

In a minute difference Watapota Investment inform its get into Expo Lanka Holding Limited.

Nestle Lanka PLC Dividend Announcement


Nestle Lanka PLC announced the Interim Dividend of Rs. 12 per Share. The Announcement have made today in CSE. Its further stays this dividend for financial year of 2010. And the payment will be on 31st January 2011.

Today’s market

Nestle Dividend Announcement10.01.2011
Nestle Dividend Announcement10.01.2011

The market starts the Prices of Rs.648.30 and Close for the day as Rs.682.20. the share price increase by 5.23%. And the day ranges of Rs.675.00 to Rs.715.00.

Dividend and market reaction

The Dividend is approximately 1.76% of the share value [Closed Value]. It seems to be enjoying the Capital gain is better than the Dividend which announcement for Investor.

Therefore the Dividend announcement won’t affect the market to be changes in prices rather than it Performance.

East West Properties PLC Right Issue

The east west Properties boards of Directors have resolved to issue Share as Right issue.

The right of over 103 million issues [103,680,000] to existing share holders at a Price of Rs.10 each. The proportion will be on 3 new Ordinary Shares for every one existing share.

It’s further said; the Purpose of Fund raising is to Working capital of ongoing funding of East West properties PLC projects and builds a land bank of properties suited for the hospitality and leisure industry.

Laugfs Gas LTD diversifies into Hydro Projects


Laugfs Gas Ltd announced in CSE, the Laugfs Gas Ltd Decided to invest Rs.500 Million in Mini Hydro power Projects.

This Hydro Power projects will fully own subsidiary of Laugfs Gas Ltd. This Project will be carried out at Ranmudu Oya , in Imbulpe Pradeshlyasaba in Balangoda.

Diversification and Share market reactions

This announcement made By Laugfs Gas, soon after their First Announcement of Laugfs Bharat Cutting Gas.

These kinds of new news will keep more confident to the investors that Laugfs Gas investment is one of the good decision they made.

 The share prices also to be gradually increasing from the Points of Announcements.  So we can expect some other good news from Laugfs Gas as well.

As I said in my first Article about Laugfs Gas share Prices, this is the time for Smile.

“As per My perspective

Laugfs Gas Limited listed

Today- short term investors – CRY [Past]

Medium term- the investors who not willing to sell in Medium Term- SMILE [Now],

Long term- investors who are look for long term – LAUGH.”

Sierra Cables merge with Alucop Cables PLC

Sierra cable PLC announced the completion of amalgamation with Alucop Cables PLC [Fully Own Subsidiary]. The company said the effective date of Amalgamation was 31st  December 2010.

The Amalgamation will increase the confidence to the investors to feather invest on Sierra Cable PLC.

Panasian Power Limited (PAP) first day trading in Colombo Stoke Exchange (CSE)


 Today 07.01.2011 Panasian power (PAP) came to Colombo Stokes Exchange (CSE) as initial day after the IPO. As per the Expectation from the CSE, I personally expect it will be close first day at least of Rs.4, but the happy news is most of the investors are knew about the market trend and play a professional game.

Panasian Power Limited. 07.01.2010
todays trading of Panasian Power. Snap Short from

Today market starts with initial trading of Rs. 3.80 and finally closed at 3.50. Today ranges reaches between Rs.3.50 to Rs. 4.00.

In compare to the bid and ask, ask (345,000 shares @ Rs.3.70) is more than a bid (203,700 shares @ Rs.3.60) at the time close the market, therefore we can expect a downside in Monday morning and may recover in evening as usual.

Weakness of today’s trading

In the first day Director of Panasian power Ltd Dr. Prathap Ramanujam sold his 350,000 shares at Rs.3.70.

 After the announcement published that Dr. Prathap Ramanujam sold 350,000 shares at Rs.3.70, the investors had small panic about the Panasian Powers performance in future. Because there is some questions arise,

  • Did he sell it because to realized capital Gain of IPO (is this Maximum can reaches ever).
  • Did he sell it of his personal decision

But the trading was confused the small level investors, who expects the capital gain in short terms.

Hope PAP will go on

There is good enough hopes that PAP will perform well. And Srilanka is main electricity formation is Step is hydro power, and the announcement of Laugfs Hydro Power generations also will support the Panasian Power stokes to be steady and create confident to investors about Hydro power Industry.

So until there is good enough demand and cost efficiency from the Hydro power, Panasian power will survive.




Laugfs Gas Ltd Join ventured with Bharat Petroleum to innovate metal cutting gas in Srilanka.


Laugfs Gas Ltd Informed that Join ventured with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd [BPCL] of India on 4th January 2011 to introduce metal cutting gas in Srilanka.

The Metal cutting gas will brand “Laugfs Bharat metal cutting gas” [LBMCG]. The initial agreement made with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd [BPCL] to pay a Royalty fee of US$ 250 per Metric ton or part thereof on LBMCG sold under the license from Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd [BPCL]

Srilanka Cutting Gas Market

Cutting gas has a good demand from the constructions, companies which involve in heavy engineering, Colombo Dockyard and railway department and so on.

Laugfs Bharat metal cutting gas [LBMCG] Forecast

The current cutting gas demand is about 30,000kg per Month, and Laugfs focus on 50% market by end of 2011. This target can be achieved by their 11 island wide gas distributors and 1600 dealers.

And Laugfs focus to contribute their total turnover by 50 million from the metal cutting gas.

Share market effects

After the announcement made by the Laugfs Gas Ltd the investors expect to rapid improvement on  share price, but the most of the investors are consider this is a functional decision making rather than a strategic decision making, Still the Prices are affordable to buy a good company which will perfume better in future.

Laugfs Gas announced yesterday evening that they get into Mini Hydro Power Project with the investment of Rs. 500 Million.

Still I personally recommend to people Laugfs will be one of the blue-chip company in Srilanka.