Chalmers Graneries Land in Pettah Goes to Mixed Development Project by Urban Development Authority (UDA)

UDA wishes to request proposals from potential bidders in order to undertake mixed development project in a prime land located within the Colombo city. The proposed development should be in line with the UDA guidelines and the selected bidder should eventually enter into a lease agreement for a period of 99 Years with UDA for the leasing of the said land. The based price of the land is Rs. 19 Billion.

The Bidd should be submitted on or before 11th November 2017 upon a payment of non-refundable fee of Rs. 100,000/- and a Bid bond amounting to Rs. 250 Million to be paid in cash or bank guarantee.

For more details contact to Chairman, Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committee, Ministry of Megapolies & Western Development,  18th Floor, Suhurupaya, Sri Subuthipura Road, Battaramulla.


Grade 5 Scholarship Exam 2017 result release now on

Department of Examination released Grade 5 Scholarship examination result for 2017 on now.  those who did the Grade 5 scholarship examination on 2017 could obtain their result by inserting your index number on given below link

Click here to check your Grade 5 Scholarship Examination 2017 result

All the Very Best to All Students

Vocational academic stream for A/L students

The Education Ministry will introduce its novel pilot project of vocational academic stream for the students who wish to follow the stream from October, 2017.

The ministry will launch the new stream aiming 5,000 students at 42 selected schools countrywide covering 25 administrative districts of the country. Kurunegala District UNP Parliamentarian and Education Minister AkilaViraj Kariyawasam told to the News that the students who complete the vocational academic stream will have NVQ 04 qualifications.

They can get lucrative jobs locally and globally as there is an increasing demand for skilled and professionally – qualified technologists and technicians. A technologist can earn around Rs. 350,000 monthly, the minister said.

Decisions on Central Expressways taken after careful study said byRDA Chairman

The decisions regarding the construction of the expressways, specially whether those expressways should be built on the concrete columns or on the filling lands, were taken after a series of careful studies and researches. They were carried out by engineers, environmentalists, surveyors, scientists and technicians attached to the Road Development Authority, Ministry of Higher Education and Highways, Central Environmental Authority, Land Reclamation Cooperation, and Geological Department.

The statement added that these officers are being considered as highly reputed government officers and veterans of that particular study fields.They had taken those decision considering one hundred years of past and future weather patterns, floods, and natural diasters etc.

At present, the Road Development Authority makes arrangement to construct the Central Expressway according to the recommendations. Especially in concrete columns and filling lands made by the experts. The RDA will implement the most suitable and optimum costs system to build the Central Expressway under the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Highways, the statement said.

Andhra Pradesh to set up industrial corridor in SL on sea foods, pharmaceuticals and tourism sectors

The Andhra Pradesh Government of India is contemplating setting up an industrial corridor in Sri Lanka, the Indian Express reported recently.

Officials also said Sri Lanka was the best bet for AP for conducting trade in sea foods, pharmaceuticals and tourism sectors as Sri Lanka is strategically located. And the news said the Sri Lankan government may allocate land to the AP government in Jaffna or Trincomalee for this purpose.

The Sri Lankan government is also planning to invest in AP in the textile and aviation sectors through a mutual trade agreement. “The MoU will be signed shortly for implementing the AP special economic zone in Sri Lanka. There are good opportunities to invest in the pharmaceutical and tourism sectors in Sri Lanka,” Industries Minister Reddy said.


Mahatma Gandhi scholarships awarded to 150 G.C.E (A/L) students

The Mahatma Gandhi Scholarships for 2016-17 were awarded to 150 Advanced Level school students from all 25 districts across Sri Lanka.

The Mahatma Gandhi scholarship, a merit cum means based scholarship instituted in 2006-07 for Sri Lankan students and its awarded annually.

Scholarship recipient receives cash assistance during their 2 years of Advance Level studies and the scholarship amount from Rs 2,000 to 2,500 per month from 2015-16 onwards and accordingly; this year’s awardees will receive Rs. 30,000 annually during their two years of advance level studies.

this scholarships were offered based on the students G.C.E (O/L) Performance and the interview held in April 2017 by Education Ministry and Indian High Commission officials.

Grade 5 Scholarship Examination 2017 Result will be release on 5th October 2017

Education Ministry of Sri Lanka made an announcement that the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination 2017 Result will be release on 5th October 2017.

In meantime the Education Department announce the result releasing dates of G.C.E (O/L) and G.C.E (A/L) as below,

G.C.E (O/L) 2017 Result will be release on 31st March 2018

G.C.E (A/L) 2017 Result will be release on 27th December 2017

Examination result could be check on

Sustainable Energy Expo 2017 at BMICH on 20th to 22nd October 2017

Chamber of Construction Industry Sri Lanka organised a Sustainable Energy Expo 2017 on 20th to 22nd October 2017 at Nugasewana Hall at BMICH, the event is supported by Ministry of Power & Renewable Energy and Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority.

This exhibition is good place to obtain all Solar Power energy systems and alternative sustainable energy products for your day today life such as Solar Street Light, Electric Scooter, Generators, Solar Systems, Wind Power & Bio Gas Tanks and Switches & LED Bulbs for reduce your energy consumption and easy to your pocket.

For more details see below image or contact to organisers on 011 3050810 / 011 2667700

Sustainable Energy Expo 2017 at BMICH on 20th to 22nd October 2017

Are you feeling Lonely and stressed or depress call 1333 for talk someone

Are you feeling Lonely and stressed or depress & need someone to talk to, call 1333 where trained telephone counsellors are available to listen and help empower you to resolve your problems. If required counsellors will also refer you to other related service for further support.

You can call 1333 between 9.00 am to 9.00 Pm on 7 days a week for more details see below image

Are you feeling Lonely and stressed or depress call 1333 for talk someone
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In past recent month’s start charging for advertisements as below table

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As per our analysis, many of the clients are switching to upcoming second hand selling websites, those who still offers their service for free.

Ratmalana to become third international airport of Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan aviation history will be re written when the Ratmalana airport is converted to an international airport with flights to China via the Maldives.

An official from the Transport and Civil Aviation Ministry said the first flight to the Maldives airport will fly out from Ratmalana operated by maldivian Airlines. It will also offer connections to China, Dhaka, Bangkok and Chennai making Ratmalana the third Sri Lanka airport after Colombo and Mat-tala to offer connections.

maldivian Airlines will operate a 60 seater DS aircraft for this operation. The Airport and Aviation Authority has also looked at the runway and other facilities and have approved the safety standards at the Ratmalana airport.

He said Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva was working to revive the Ratmalana airport and negotions were going on with Maldivan government as well as the Air Force in this regard. He said Maldivian Civil Aviation Minister Moosa Sameer was also in Colombo last month and the final MOU in this regard will be inked. “We have now taken the entire control of the airport from the Air Force and it will a commercial airport now.” He said the second terminal building that was idling is also being refurbished.

New Customs, Immigration counters, new fire engines, aviation fuel filling facilities, medical facilities, cafeterias and all other international facilities will be introduced within the next two weeks. “We would also have facilities for six duty free shops and are keen to offer it to the private sector immediately.’’

The Minister is now negotiating with an Indian government airline and also a private operator to explore the possibility of launching Indian flights to new destinations from Ratmalana.

He said that Ratmalana will also be the only airport in Sri Lanka where a passenger will be able to get a connection to Jaffna via Heli Tours which operates from Ratmalana “This will also entice private operators which already have hangars in Ratmalana to begin their operations with international flights coming in.”

He said that it took less than Rs.10 million to convert Ratmalana from a domestic airport to an international one. “The main aim was to promote tourism and charter flights too will be entertained at Ratmalana.”



Car registrations down by 40%, three wheelers by 50% in 2017

Motor car registrations have come down by 40% on a month and month basis mainly due to drop in financing share of motor cars. The three wheeler segment came down by nearly 50%,according to the JB Securities monthly review.

Implementation of the budget proposal to restrict credit to new cars (50% LTV) and three wheelers (25% LTV) is the primary factor accounting for a plunge in registrations. The full impact of the directive will only be felt this month, the report said. However there have been a surge in Hyundai Eon cars (100% increase)According to JB Securities monthly review in contrast there have been an in increase of used cars, especially Toyota’s and also electric cars are picking up.

There was also a big jump in Hybrid used cars where Axio witnessed a large increase (200+) while there was also an increase in Mini Vans(268% increase) with the biggest mover being Suzuki Every.

“Three wheelers may be a menace on the road but it has been a huge contributor in creating inclusive growth both in terms of being a production asset (taxi) and/or personal vehicle providing mobility to the owner which in turn increases his radius of employment opportunities. ability to work flexible work hours due lo not being reliant on public transport, access to markets.

The segment also saw Bajaj losing market share to TVS,” the J. B. Securities said. The report also says that mini trucks have come down by 20% while the registration for Buses have gone up by 40%.


Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force – Join as an Officer Cadet

Basic Qualifications

  • Should be an unmarried citizen of Sri Lanka
  • Age should not be less than 18 years and not more than 26 years as at 20th March 2017.
  • Height should not be less than 5‘ 6″ (Those who have excelled in school/ National/International and all island level sports will be considered for enlistment even if they do not fulfill the requirement of height)
  • Chest minimum 32”


Educational & Other Qualifications

  • Should have passed two subjects at the G.C.E. (A/L) Examination in one sitting and passed the G.C.E (O/L) Examination in two sittings with four Credit Passes including English and Ordinary Passes for Mathematics and Sinhala/Tamil.
  • Should be an employee of the executive grade in the public/ private sector or possess an annual income of Rs.500,000.00.
  • Any other higher educational qualifications or achievements in sports will be considered as added qualifications.


Pay, Allowances & Other Benefits

Monthly gross pay of Officers in the respective ranks including allowances is as follows:

Officer Cadet Rs. 37,817.00
Second Lieutenant (Married Officers) Rs. 70,797.70
Lieutenant (Married Officers) Rs. 75,969.70
Captain (Married Officers) Rs. 80,613.70
Major (Married Officers) Rs. 85,657.70


Commissioned Officers will be entitled to fringe benefits covering transport, uniforms, medical, food and accommodation. They will also receive opportunities of serving in overseas UN Peace Keeping Missions and to follow advanced courses.


Enlistment Procedure

On successful completion of basic training at the Sri Lanka Military Academy, they will be commissioned in the rank of Second Lieutenant and posted to respective Battalions.

Application Procedure

  • Those who are employed in government departments or private sector should forward their applications along with the recommendation of the head of the institution.
  • Unemployed applicants should provide details of the annual income of Rs. 500,000.00 attested by Justice of Peace.
  • Applications should be submitted as per the specimen application with copies of relevant documents by registered post to the address below to reach on or before 20m March 2017. The envelope enclosing the application should be marked as “Officer Cadet in the Volunteer Force of the Sri Lanka Army” on the top left corner.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Recommendation from the Head of the Department
  • National Identity Card
  • Two Recently Obtained Character Certificates
  • Grama Niladhari Certificate
  • Certificates of Educational and Professional Qualifications
  • Other relevant Certificates
  • Certificates of Sports and Extra Curricular Activities

For more details see below image

Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force - Join as an Officer Cadet
Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force – Join as an Officer Cadet

EPS-TOPIK Requirement System for Korean Jobs

Ministry of Employment and Labor in Korea (MOEL) and the Ministry of Foreign Employment (MFE) announce implementation of point system for recruitment of foreign workers, scheduled to launch this year.

Point system takes different road with EPS-TOPIK based recruiting to comprehensively examine a person with their skills, physical condition, experiences including but not limited to their ability for Korean. Specifically, on the physical conditions. Applicants with color blindness, color weakness are not permitted to pass the point system based test. Also, applicants with any physical handicaps such as the slipped disc, finger amputation cannot pass the point system.

In the Recruitment Point System, candidates will be selected in the order of highest scores by industries. To pass the first round, a candidate has to get at lease the designated points (40 for Manufacture, 36 for Fishery). After that, at most 200% of the expected number of final passers of the point system will be selected in order of highest scores by industries to take the second round.

Passers at the first round of test will get a chance to take the second round of test which consists of Skills test and Competency test. In the second round the scores of these tests will be added up. Considering the accumulated point, the candidates within the expected number of selections will be selected to pass the point system in the order of the highest scores.

In the second round of the test, the candidates who have work experiences in the chosen industry, national certificates corresponding to the chosen industry, and training course completions related to the chosen industry must submit documentary evidence for the Competency test. Also all passers of first round must take Skills test. The candidates who do not take Skills test will not pass the point system.

Candidates must check their physical states in terms of the color weakness and the color blindness to apply the first round of the test. EPS-TOPIK.

Furthermore, the candidates found to have colour blindness or colour weakness in Skills test, will not pass the point system. If candidates are judged to be unable to work in the applied industry, the candidate also could be excluded.

HRD Korea will make it easier for workers to be recruited in Korean companies by advertising its Point system to Korean employers. In the meantime, we will anticipate your active cooperation on implementing the point system.

Supervised by the Ministry of Employment and Labour (MOEL) of Republic of Korea Administrated by: Human Resources Development service of Korea (HRD Korea) Cooperated by: Ministry of Foreign Employment and Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.

For more detail see below attachment will give you a clear idea how to apply for Korean jobs and what are the qualifications are looking forward by employers.

EPS-TOPIK Requirement System for Korean Jobs
EPS-TOPIK Requirement System for Korean Jobs
EPS-TOPIK Requirement System for Korean Jobs
EPS-TOPIK Requirement System for Korean Jobs
EPS-TOPIK Requirement System for Korean Jobs
EPS-TOPIK Requirement System for Korean Jobs

Calling Applications for the Lease of Wholesale Business Premises in the Dedicated Economic Centre – Kilinochchi

Calling applications for the lease of wholesale business premises in the Dedicated Economic Centre along the Kanagapuram Road in Kilinochchi District. The objectives of the center are to provide a reasonable price to the farmers, create a competitive market place for the vendors and provide a reasonable price for the consumers.

This business premises have the following facilities:

  • 40 No. of shops
  • Parking area
  • Electricity and water connections and toilet facilities

General Free Conditions

  • Priority will be given to the permanent residents of Kilinochchi District.
  • The selected bidders should pay the twelve months rents as non-refundable security bond. (The monthly rent has estimated minimum Rs. 3500 and maximum Rs. 5.500).

Duly Completed sealed applications should be send through registered post, on or before 6th March 2017 address to the Government Agent/ District Secretary, Kilinochchi. On the top left hand corner of the envelope the caption should be clearly marked as Application for Business Premises in Dedicated Economic Center at Kilinochchi.

Suitable business persons will be selected by way of an interview. The dedicated economic center directly comes under the Ministry of Rural Economic Affairs and it’s managed by an appointed Management committee. As the chairmen of the management committee the government agent has the full authority to select or reject any applications.

For more details contact to District Planning Branch on 021 2285760 or see below image

Calling Applications for the Lease of Wholesale Business Premises in the Dedicated Economic Centre - Kilinochchi
Calling Applications for the Lease of Wholesale Business Premises in the Dedicated Economic Centre – Kilinochchi

Foot Operated Water Valves technology for washing

National Engineering Research & Development Centre Of Sri Lanka (NERD Centre) invites manufactured, and developed, and introduced to the market successfully a Water Valve which is foot operated, that is made to happen, using newest and latest Technology, to be utilized very easily and effectively, in order to save the resources of water, whenever using, hand-operated water valves, wasting unnecessarily, our immensely valuable resource of water.

This is a very rare and valuable solution, to save the money expended by using the Hand Operated Water Valves, preventing the Wastages of us hand-operated water valves, which Technology is at the moment used mostly and abundantly, in factories, hostels, boarding houses, restaurant and canteens etc. at present.!!!

Specifications and Special Features of this Foot-Operated Valve:

  • Ability to save 50% of unutilized water when compared to Hand Operated Water Valves.
  • Easy to handle.
  • As it is foot-operated, there is capacity and capability to keep the both hands of the operator free from handling anything by hand.
  • Capable to obtain the quantity of water that is coming through the water valve, with a control and limitedly without any wastage.
  • It is utility equipment with a long period of usability.
  • Minimum number of Maintenance and repairs.

National Engineering Research and Development Centre of Sri Lanka (NERD Centre), envisages, and expects to handover the Manufacturing Technology of this Equipment, to the Interested Industrialists / Manufacturers, who have willingly and definitely shown actual interest, identifying them, and to supply and provide and offer to the local market, to manufacture and to be sold in local market.

(Technology Transfer Fee is Rs. 10,000.00 + Taxes relevant).

Accordingly, if you are interested, in obtaining the manufacturing technology of this valuable equipment of Foot-operated Water Valves, or may show your any interest, in obtaining further details and information, regarding this equipment, please feel free to have an opportunity to call us on Telephone No. 011-2234266 or to send or forward a letter of request by post, or an E-mail, to the address indicated below, including your name, address and contact telepone number .

The Address above referred to:

Director / Techno-Marketing Division,

National Engineering Research and Development Centre of Sri Lanka (NERD Center), No. 2/P, 17/B, Industrial Estate, Ekala, Ja-Ela, Sri Lanka. Tel :011-2236384, 2236284, 2234266. Email:

For more details see below image

Foot Operated Water Valves technology for washing
Foot Operated Water Valves technology for washing

The National Forest Enhancement Strategy – Re-forest Sri Lanka

The main cause of global warming is the release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Due to this, we are experiencing an acceleration in adverse climatic changes Since trees play an important role in our environment by removing harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and by producing oxygen, the most well-tested and cost-effective way of fighting the reality of this potentially catastrophic climate change phenomena is to increase global forest cover.

An initiative of the Forest Department under the auspices of the Ministry of Mahaweli Development & Environment, the National ‘Vana Viru Vaduma’ (Grow-A-Fighter) campaign has been developed based on the decision taken at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) to place forest enhancement at the heart of the global fight against climate change.

How can you be involved in the national initiative to re-Forest Sri Lanka ?

Here is an opportunity for you to partner with the Government of Sri Lanka in increasing our island’s forest cover with the objective of improving sustainable land management; optimising environmental services: conserving biodiversity maintaining economic growth: and minimising risks of natural disasters

The main thrust of the Grow-A-Fighter campaign is to enhance the quality of degraded lands by increasing forest cover. You too can partner with us by any of the following ways

When you plant a tree you become a part of the solution.


1 – Seedling Production

  • The target of the Grow-A-Fighter campaign is to produce and distribute five million seedlings during 2017.
  • All necessary requirements for proper seedling production such as ideal plant species, polythene bags, compost, etc., will be provided by the Forest Department.
  • Information on proper seedling management and suitable tree species can be obtained free of charge from the Forest Department.
  • Set up plant nurseries in schools and local communities as part of the reforestation programme.
  • Well-developed plants will be purchased from you by the Forest Department as well as many other interested parties.


2-Forest creation on your own land

  • Through this scheme, you can convert an idle plot of land into forested land.
  • The Forest Department aims to provide you with a limited number of seedlings free-of-charge for this task.
  • This can either be fruit trees which would provide a regular harvest or a commercially relevant species that is suitable to your geographic location.
  • A limited number of tree saplings can be obtained free of charge from the Forest Department.
  • The Forest Department is also prepared to provide advice on proper forest creation


3- Partnering to reforest state Lands

  • Engage the private sector, other registered entities and citizens of Sri Lanka in restoring degraded forest lands that fall within the purview of the Forest Department and other government agencies.
  • Your organisation or even you as an individual can sponsor such an initiative in a location that has already been ear-marked by the Forest Department.
  • This is also an opportunity for you to positively influence the communities that live around the selected land plot.
  • As a responsible corporate citizen, you also get a tangible opportunity to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint as a partner of this initiative.


For more details contact to conservator of forests – Silviculture and forest Management on 0112 866 627 or see below image

The National Forest Enhancement Strategy – Re-forest Sri Lanka
The National Forest Enhancement Strategy – Re-forest Sri Lanka

Ministry of Plantation Department of Rubber Development now in Battaramulla

Ministry of Plantation informed that, with effect from 21st February 2017, The Department of Rubber Development will be relocating its head office from the present address at 55/75, Vauxhall Lane, Colombo 2, to the new address shown here-below.

New Address:

465, Ganahena Watta, Kaduwela Road, Battaramulla.

Contact No 011 2889447

For more details see below image

Ministry of Plantation Department of Rubber Development now in Battaramulla
Ministry of Plantation Department of Rubber Development now in Battaramulla

Avoid Cash or Cheques payment, and try SLIPS (Sri Lanka Inter-bank Payment System) by Central Bank

Central Bank of Sri Lanka introduces Sri Lanka Inter-bank Payment System (SLIPS) for individual and bulk payments to multiple parties up to Rs. 5 Million per Transaction on same day or any days up to 14 days as payment due. this service is available minimum fee of Rs.50 per individual transaction and Bulk transaction can be negotiated with your bank.

SLIPS introduce to make quick transection with great convenience and minimise use of currency.

This SLIPS has commenced operations in 1994 and was launched online in 2010 with 44 banks and financial institutions are currently connected. SLIPS has done successful transaction of 126.9mn amounting to Rs. 5,528 billion up to 2016 (since 2010).

Contact your commercial bank for more details or contact to Payments and Settlements Department of Central Bank of Sri Lanka 30, Janadhipathi Mawatha Colombo 01 on 011 2398596 or see below image

Avoid Cash or Cheques payment, and try SLIPS (Sri Lanka Inter-bank Payment System) by Central Bank
Avoid Cash or Cheques payment, and try SLIPS (Sri Lanka Inter-bank Payment System) by Central Bank

Prep Night 2017 – 25th Feb 2017

St. Thomas’ Preparatory School Old Boy’s Unions organise a Prep Night 2017 – Dinner Dance to aid the baby elephant bath swimming pool project.

Dinner Dance schedule to be on 25th February 2017 at Grand Ballroom, Hilton Colombo from 8.00 Pm upwards.

  • 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm – Cocktails
  • 9.00 pm onwards – Dinner Dance

Ticket Price is Rs. 9,000/- Each

Entertainment by – Misty / Wild Firc & Special Guest Artists for more details contact Rajind on 072 0706261 / Dilshan on 0765 550355 or see below image

Prep Night 2017 – 25th Feb 2017
Prep Night 2017 – 25th Feb 2017

Five new towns in Western Province

Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Patali Champika Ranawaka, said five new towns would be added to the Western Province, under the Megapolis plan.

These would be Ragama, Homagama, Horana, Ratmalana and the are Kirimandala Mawatha.

He said each of these towns would have schools, industrial zones, hospitals, government offices, as well as new housing schemes -giving residents easy access to transport and health facilities.

Calling for Expressions of Interest of Plantation and Agricultural Based Industries Year 2017

The ministry of Public Enterprise Development in collaboration with Chilaw Plantations Limited wishes to invite from local and international private sectors, interested in investing, to submit their expressions of interest to carry out suitable economic development projects.

Chilaw Plantations Ltd, a state owned Plantations Company, consisted of 14,000 acres of coconut as the main crop in the Gampaha, Kurunegala and Puttalam Districts of Sri Lanka is a profitable and large scale Plantations Company. The management has decided to ustilise the land to be diversify for maximum utilizations of sustainable development to get the maximum out of the land to take advantage of the efficiency and productivity of the land as a boost to the development and economy of Sri Lanka. Due your attention and care is given that these industries must safeguard the environment by undertaking environment friendly projects and benefit the plantations sector. The projects for investments such identified by Chilaw Plantations Limited already are:

  1. Inter cropping and mix cropping in coconut plantations.
  2. Livestock management in coconut plantations.
  3. Trade and commercial housing industry.
  4. Value added coconut based products and further processing and processing projects in coconut plantations.
  5. Wind Mills energy and Bio gas projects.
  6. Eco tourism close to Coconut, Cashew, Lagoon and streams and any other identified projects.

Investors from the local and international private sector are hereby invited for private partnership in business, targeting the international and national markets,

Keeping with the government policy to invest and involve in the local and international private sector to participate and generate higher revenue from land and properties belongs to the state owned Chilaw Plantations Limited.

Information in this regard, could be collected from the Head office of the Chilaw Plantations Limited. No.165, Puttalam Road, Chilaw, from the Senior Accountant. No. 191, J.R. Jayawardena Center, Dharmapala Road, Colombo 7. Further details can be obtained from Head Office or Colombo Office, from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm. Application forms could be obtained on a payment of non refundable Rs. 5,000/- Field visits would be allowed during week days from morning 8.30 a.m to 4.00 p.m. evening for which prior approval has to be obtained from the Chairman. All the interested parties can send their application as per the format, under Registered cover, to

Chairman/ C.E.O, Chilaw Plantations Limited, 165, Puttalam Road, Chilaw.

Further more information: Chilaw – 0325741312 /0714173203 (Mr. Ajith Silva) 032 5744265/ 0718351431 (Mr. Kelum)

Or see below image for more details

Calling for Expressions of Interest of Plantation and Agricultural Based Industries Year 2017
Calling for Expressions of Interest of Plantation and Agricultural Based Industries Year 2017

Upt 60% Discount for Sunday Observer, Silumina & Thinakaran Weekend Papers for Annual Subscription

Lake House Invites annual subscriptions for the their daily publications and weekend publication  with discounted value upto 60%.

Daily News Paper

Value of Paper: LKR. 9,390/-
Annual Subscription LKR. 3,800/-
Discount: 60%


Dinamina News Paper

Value of Paper: LKR. 6,260/-
Annual Subscription LKR. 3,200/-
Discount: 50%


Thinakaran News Paper

Value of Paper: LKR. 6,260/-
Annual Subscription LKR. 3,200/-
Discount: 50%


Sunday Observer News Paper

Value of Paper: LKR. 3,120/-
Annual Subscription LKR. 1,300/-
Discount: 60%


Silumina News Paper

Value of Paper: LKR. 3,120/-
Annual Subscription LKR. 1,600/-
Discount: 50%


Thinakaran News Paper

Value of Paper: LKR.1,560/-
Annual Subscription LKR. 800/-
Discount: 50%


For more detail of application see below image or contact to Chinthaka on 0112 429444 or 077671 1517

Upt 60% Discount for Sunday Observer, Silumina & Thinakaran Weekend Papers for Annual Subscription
Upt 60% Discount for Sunday Observer, Silumina & Thinakaran Weekend Papers for Annual Subscription

India to supply locomotives, train sets to Sri Lanka

Indian Railways has got the export order of supplying 10 locomotives and six DMU train sets to Sri Lanka. The total size of the order is INR 700crore.

Rail India Technical and Economic Service (RITES), the subsidiary of Indian railways, which had already been working as a consultant in Sri Lanka has got the order. Indian Railways have already provided locomotives and train sets to Sri Lanka and had also undertaken construction of rail lines in Sri Lanka.


Notice to General Public about Registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) and Nation Building Tax (NBT)

Changes to VAT and NBT laws are implemented with effect from November 01,2016 (unless a specific date is mentioned) as per the Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act No 20 of 2016 and Nation Building Tax (Amendment) Act No 22 of 2016.

Accordingly, any person or partnership whose value of supply/turnover reaches/exceeds the limits stated below and are not registered for the above taxes should register with the Inland Revenue Department and comply with the requirements under such Acts.

Registration Threshold for VAT

  • Aggregated supplies of goods (turnover) from wholesale or retail trade of any person or partnership reaches Rs.12.5 Mn for the first time for the period from 1st November to 31st December of this year or any consecutive three months in a calendar year thereafter.


  • For any other business, if the liable supplies exceed Rs. 3 Mn per quarter or Rs.12 Mn per annum.

Registration Threshold for NBT

  • Any person or partnership whose liable turnover is not less than Rs. 3 Mn per quarter.


The registration for VAT and NBT can be obtained by:

  • Using e-Services available in the IRD Portal or
  • Visiting the Taxpayers Services Unit (TPSU) in the IRD Head Office or any of the below mentioned Regional Offices, by submitting an application form (available In for download) along with the supporting documents.

It is to be noted that registrations for all taxes (VAT & NBT) including TIN can be applied at once.

For further clarification, please contact IRD Call Centre by Dialing 1944 or see below image

Notice to General Public about Registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) and Nation Building Tax (NBT)
Notice to General Public about Registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) and Nation Building Tax (NBT)

G.C.E (A/L) 2016 Result about to release this week

G.C.E (A/L) Examination 2016 result expected to be release on this week, those who did G.C.E  Advance Level examination on August 2016 could obtain their result by visiting the Department of Examination Website or Clicking Below Link

Click here

All the very best for those who pass G.C.E (A/L) Examination with good Z-Cores and those who got lesser result than their expectation; don’t worry about it, its is just a starting for your studies and you can do it well for future exams…