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Why Singer Srilanka PLC [SINS.N0000] Share Price Reduced
Colombo Stoke Exchange [CSE] Today

Why Singer Srilanka PLC [SINS.N0000] Share Price Reduced

Why Singer Srilanka PLC [SINS.N0000] share price reduced
As an investor and follower of CSE, my argument is.
Every investor in Colombo Stock exchange is expecting the Singer Finance IPO. In the mean time Singer Srilanka PLC reaches low transaction price of Rs 170.00 from 189.00[As previous closing]
Today’s Rs.170 was lowest price during this year transactions.
Is there any reason for it?
Market Correction
This price reductions can be a market correction, the CSE was reaches a highest selling positions during the last 2 months. So the investors are expecting there will be a Market correction in near future.
Therefore most of them are considering this as a market correction, but it’s not. If it’s a market correction the whole the market should be affect.
Therefore accepting the market adjustment is depending on their personal.

Manipulating the market
There are some reasons for the argument of Manipulations,
• To get weaken position to the Singer Finance IPO
By manipulating the Singer Srilanka shares, will lead the investors to not to attract to singer Finance IPO which opens tomorrow.
• The number of shares traded today,
The number of shares traded today is about the 1000; therefore making decision with the few shares may be lead wrong decision.
• Today price is the lowest price in the year of 2010.
The price indicates as Rs.170; is a lowest price in the year. The share trading today may lead use to misunderstand the investor and unattractive to the Singer Finance IPO.

As per My Points of View this can be a manipulation cause,
This trend can be continued to tomorrow as well to affect Singer Finance IPO of 15th December [tomorrow].

Colombo Stoke Exchange [CSE] Today



Laugfs Gas Limited listed in Colombo Stoke Exchange [CSE] today as First day. Laugfs Gas Limited issued 75 million voting ordinary shares at Rs. 23 each and the shares are oversubscribed by 20.2 times.

Is LAUGFS Makes CRY short term Investors?

Today most of the Laugfs Gas Limited investors [short term] are expecting a higher opening price, likely double the rate [RS.46] of share value [Rs.23]. Most of the investors argued similarities of the opening day of ODEL and today’s Laugfs.

But from the opening, all the short term investors’ are understood their short term expectation won’t satisfy today.

Can Smile?

Only argument to smile the Laugfs Gas Limited investors are, the total share volume trade today is 30.81 million. Therefore it’s acceptable most of the investors are holding their shares for long term perspective than a short term. Therefore there will be a good future for Laugfs Gas Limited [expected] in long term or immediate medium term.

Is it possible to Laugh?

There is a good enough possibility to laugh. The investors who holding the shares for long term, the argument is, most of the companies long term performance is good if compare the initial listed day.

And the share market is not a casino to see immediate money, if anyone use it as casino it will take back all like cash generate as like casino.

Therefore be professional and be use share market as a capital investment market. Therefore share market won’t cheat anyone any more.

As warren buffett says” feel share market as your friend”

As per My perspective

Laugfs Gas Limited listed

Today – short term investors – CRY

Medium term – the investors who not willing to sell in Medium Term- SMILE,

Long term – investors who are look for long term – LAUGH.

Is Litro gas [Shell Gas] can successful in future?
Business News

Is Litro gas [Shell Gas] can successful in future?

Today November 03, 2010, the shell Gas Lanka signed an agreement with Srilankan government to sell 51% of shake for US$ 63 million. While the government gets the power of control, its change the name of Shell Gas Lanka to Litro Gas.

As management student I am analyzing the usefulness of the brand name changes,

The Strengths’ of the new Brand name [Litro Gas]

Widely distribute Litro Gas in overall Srilanka with more distributional centers,
New pricing strategy and possibility of reduction in Gas Prices,
Be monopoly distribution in Gas at affordable price,
Providing a better management style as the locals need,
New marketing strategies,
Loyalty service from the government services,
Special regulations for price setting and avoidance of less sudden price increments,
Weakness of the new Brand name [Litro Gas]

May incurred huge cost for new brand development.
Loosing of multinational brand name.
Loosing of better management styles [ subjective and conditions apply ]
High risk of competitions from the Laughs gas.
The relationship with the mother company of Royal shell Gas, Netherlands.
How the market will be react with government services,
How the quality of services,
But whatever it is changing of the brand name and the controls creates a hope to the people to reduction in Gas prices in soon. And if the srilankan government is hoping to serve better services to public is greatly appreciate by public.

Damro Showrooms and Contact details
Business News

Damro Showrooms and Contact details

DAMRO srilanka’s 53 showrooms contact details and the successful story behind the damro customer service and the supply-chains.
Damro is a godfather of srilankan supply-chain history.

Srilanka Export market for Coconut and Coconut Products
Business News

Srilanka Export market for Coconut and Coconut Products

Srilanka enjoys an extreme advantage of exporting the Coconut products to the rest of the world.

Especially coconut tree is can be consider as Utility tree. Because we used all the parts of the tree and we get maximum benefit out of it.

Coconut products are widely available in every coastal area in Srilanka. It has a huge home demand and the export opportunity as well.

Most of srilankan are doing this business as their small business. But it can’t consider as a small business, because most business are became an enterprises as well established.

Here I am discussing bit about the export market of Coconut products but same products are widely available is Srilanka as well.

The main businesses in Coconut product are,

Desiccated [dry] Coconut,
In overall Srilanka there are nearly a 60 mills widely available. The total production is about near to 72,000 to 75,000 metric tons per year.

Countries to export

Most of the EU countries, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, etc…

Door mats,
The door mats are prepared by using the coir twines or coir fiber mix. There are 3 different types of it by production procedures, such as

Auto Machine production
Manual production
Using steel springs
This is a local market and the export as well. Specially foreign countries are using in the winter time.

Countries to export

Most of the EU countries, UK, Netherland, as well..

The twine is made by the Coconut Bristle, it can be made according to the needs and the requisition made by the consumers. These twine gets a great demand, when the world talk about the global pollutions and the go green proceeds, mostly available is green product is this twine.

This is the main reason most of the western counties are more interested to buy it.

Countries to export

USA, UK, Japan, some of the EU countries And etc…

Charcoal Briquettes,
This is shell of the coconut. In Srilanka people use it for cooking and domestic heating purposes. The same purpose its export as well. Its use some other counties for domestic heating and some of the external activities as well like BBQ.

Countries to export

Middle East countries, UK, African counties, Japan, for domestic heating, etc…

Coir Mattress,
The coir is using to make a mattress. But now there is not enough demand for Coir mattress, so most of the mattresses are using to produce the coir with the Rubberized. This will be a cost efficiently and the value for money concern.

Countries to export

Japan, Germany, and some EU Countries…

Coconut Cream and Coconut milk,
This is a main product of the Coconut tree. Mostly of the people get use of it. The recent time, most of the countries are using packet Coconut milk power or milk. It’s a 100% pure Coconut Kernel. This is not flavor or Artificial Preservatives included it. This is use for the preparation of Curries and Desserts.

Recent home demand for the packet coconut milk power appreciated. In soon future srilanka will mostly use it.

Countries to export

Most of the EU countries, UK, Middle East, Australia and Singapore.

For you
This is a good business opportunity to the Srilankan to start the business in coconut products and succeed. These investments are not leading you a huge risk. Because every part of the coconut tree can be use it. But the important is the quality of the product will be a key success of export market.

The coconut products are the good investment activities for the people who would like to start the small business in srilanka.

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