New Cigarette Prices in Sri Lanka

Ceylon Tobacco Company announces their new Prices with effort from 1st November 2016 as below

Brand Price Per Cigarette Pack of 12’s Pack of 20’s
Dunhill Switch Rs.55.00 Rs.1100.00
Dunhill Blue (Dunhill Tube Filter Blue) Rs.55.00 Rs.1100.00
Dunhill Grey (Dunhill Tube Filter Grey) Rs.55.00 Rs.1100.00
Benson & Hedges Rs.55.00 Rs.1100.00
John Player Gold Leaf Rs.50.00 Rs.600.00 Rs.1,000.00
Bristol Original Rs.33.00 Rs. 660.00
Bristol Gold (Limited Edition) Rs.35.00 Rs.700.00
Capstan Rs.20.00 Rs. 400.00

For more details see below image

New Cigarette Prices in Sri Lanka
New Cigarette Prices in Sri Lanka

CCTV cameras to be installed in police cells

Law and Order Minister has directed the Ministry Secretary to take immediate steps to install CCTV cameras to cover Police cells in all Police stations and ensure a round the clock observation of Police cells. Minister also directed the Ministry Secretary to submit a report containing plans to ensure round the clock observation of Police cells through CCTV cameras in all Police stations.


Army establishes new Museum in Trincomalee

The Army opened the ‘Orr’s Hill Army Museum’ at the 22 Division Headquarters Trincomalee. At the invitation of the 22 Division Headquarters of the Security Force Headquarters – East, Army Commander Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva, declared open the new Museum.

The open air Museum, the first-ever largest of the kind in the country, boasts of architectural marvel, situated atop the popular. ‘Orr’s Hill’, overlooking the Trincomalee harbour.

Specific exhibition areas segmented as Infantry weapons, Armored vehicles, Artillery guns and a resource person- manned audio-visual room, offer visitors a wholesome picture of the exhibits, some of which have relevance even to the colonial times. Similarly, the exhibits on display are mostly weapons that were used against the terrorists during the peak of the humanitarian operation.

All funds, generated through the Museum are to be used for welfare of families of fallen War Heroes, disabled veterans and serving Army personnel of the 22 Division. A percentage of the proceeds has been allocated for maintenance and improvement of the Museum.

LTL Transformers sponsor for New Electrical Machines Research Laboratory at University of Moratuwa

On 28th September 2016 at 09.30 a.m. by the Vice chancellor Prof.Ananda Jayawardena in commemoration of the 50th anniversary reunion of the Pioneer Engineering Batch and the birth of the University of Moratuwa.

The University of Moratuwa (UoM) is the world renowned. Higher Engineering Education Institute in the country today. Over the past 5 decades of its existence, it has produced some of Sri Lanka’s leading engineers, who are today serving in most of the world. Even though the facilities at UoM have periodically been upgraded, it had been identified that there was a dire need to upgrade and modernize the Electrical Machines Laboratory to meet the current higher technological standards.

Having identified this need, The Pioneer Engineering Batch (PEB) of engineers who passed out as the first batch from Moratuwa University in 1972 decided that they would step in to design, equip and construct a new modernized, state of the art laboratory in keeping with world standards. The PEB Designed and managed the project Installation in consultation with the UoM Academic Staff. With the initial seed capital collected from within the batch, there was need for raising the balance majority of funding for the project.

LTL Transformers Ltd, readily stepped in to fill the gap in funding, and is proud to be the sole sponsor of this project. Lanka Transformers Ltd, a part of LTL Holdings, is Sri Lanka’s only internationally acclaimed electrical transformer manufacturer, exporting world class transformers to more than 20 countries in the world. It is a part of LTL Holdings, Sri Lanka’s largest Engineering conglomerate, whose CEO and senior staff have read for their first Engineering degree at the UoM, and has provided careers and employment to more than 500 young engineers over the past 3 decades. It has been the preferred private sector employment base for Electrical Engineering from UoM for many years.

LTL Transformers sponsor for  New Electrical Machines Research Laboratory at University of Moratuwa
LTL Transformers sponsor for New Electrical Machines Research Laboratory at University of Moratuwa

Give a Miss call to Sri Lanka Insurance to donate A Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Machine to Maharagama Cancer Hospital

Sri Lanka Insurance announces one of the Corporate social responsibility to donate a Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Machine is a significant need at the Pediatric Oncology Unit at the National Cancer Institute, Maharagama.

Sri Lanka Insurance states that Give us a missed call to our “Call to Donate” hotline 1357. For every missed call made, Sri Lanka Insurance will donate Rs. 10/- towards the purchase of the much needed Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Machine.

  • Give a missed call to 1357 or
  • Visit our FB page and use the “Call to Donate” app to show your support towards this worthy cause

Call us, care for a life and add value to Your life.

For more details see below image

Give a Miss call to Sri Lanka Insurance to donate A Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Machine to Maharagama Cancer Hospital
Give a Miss call to Sri Lanka Insurance to donate A Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Machine to Maharagama Cancer Hospital

Bandaranaike International Airport runway overlaying project and its cost

The Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) runway will be renovated at a cost of US $18 million. Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Ltd. Chairman Saman Ediriweera said. Under the project, it has been planned to overlay the runway. The BIA has only one runway and over 950,000 aircraft operations have been carried out since its’ commissioning over three decades.

The runway has been designed and constructed in the mid-eighties to meet the then requirements. The overlaying project will limit to three months from January 5 next year to April 5 and the overlaying work will be carried out from 8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. daily.

During this period no flights will be carried out and airlines are informed to carry out their flight operations from 4.30 p.m. to 8.00 a.m.. Ediriweera said. “After commissioning air traffic, no major rehabilitation work has been carried out to the runway.

Therefore, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has recommended an overlaying of the runway to improve runway surface condition for safe operations of aircraft.” he said. In line with the overlaying of the existing runway, several airport sector development activities such as overlaying of parallel taxiways, connecting taxiways, design of new rapid exit taxiways (RETs) and by pass taxiways, installation of new airfield ground lighting (AGL) system and modification of existing apron will be carried out.

All these moves are being taken to handle a further nine million passenger per annum aiming to cater to the ever increasing passenger volume in the region. With the BIA development project being carried out in three stages, the passenger handling capacity of the BIA will be enhanced by further nine million passengers per annum and on completion, the total passenger handling capacity of the airport will be increased to 15 million passengers per annum.


Palaly Airport develop by Indian Government

The Indian government’s assistance has been sought to develop the Palaly Airport, said Development Strategies and International Trade Minister. The minister said Cabinet would take a decision on the airport in the next 2-3 months. India has been engaged in various development projects.



What Are the Benefits of Solar Power to Business?

With the continuously increasing demand for electric power, the significantly high price of oil and the growing concern for the environment, many businesses are resorting to alternative sources of energy. Among the renewable energy sources, solar energy is a sustainable choice and’ one that can be used in various applications. Many businesses are now tapping into this alternative source of energy, hoping to benefit from its numerous advantages.

Reduced Operating Costs

Solar power systems will reduce or even eliminate your office building’s electric bill. For big and small businesses, this money savings can have a tremendous impact. Having a solar power system installed is the equivalent to prepaying for almost 40 years of energy, but at just a fraction of what you are currently paying for electricity. The cost per unit of your current energy costs is likely much higher than what you would spend for solar power. This results in further savings for your business.

Good Return on Investment

Government incentives and the decrease of solar equipment costs mean the utilization of solar power is a sound investment and a good financial decision for public agencies and businesses. Investing in solar power generates both long-term savings and quick payback.

Maintenance-Free &Amp; Reliable

Once installed, a solar power system will require little or no maintenance at all. Most especially if there are no batteries being used. The system will provide electricity quietly and cleanly for 25 to 40 years. Many solar panels carry a 25years Warranty.

Earning the Green” Label

Utilizing electricity from solar power will result in reduced consumption of fuels, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. By using this alternative source, any business or company can express its participation in the battle against global warming and can reduce the country’s dependence on foreign sources. Going green will not only reduce operation expenses but will serve as a great PR and marketing tool. Having an environmentally responsible image is good for any company. as it can generate a positive response from consumers.


India Looking forward to invest on Trincomalee Oil farms and renewable energy

Over USS2 billion investments from India is envisaged within the next three to four years, said Indian Minister for State Commerce and Industry of India. She said that these investments would be in oil farms in Trincomalee, renewable energy, infrastructure and in other new areas of business.

Indian and Sri Lankan relations are now at its best and there are more investors who want to invest in Sri Lanka. They are looking for more opportunities here, she emphasized. She further stated that the Indian Petroleum Corporation together with Lanka Indian Oil Corporation would invest in the Trincomalee oil tank farm.


Matala Airport deal is on a way

Sri Lanka is on the brink of sealing a deal with Chinese and Dubai based airlines and infrastructure companies to run the operations of the loss making Mattala International Airport in Hambantota.

Minister said that there were several other bids as well. he confidence that there would be a positive message soon and the government  look at offering them a 70% stake.”

He said that the Request for Proposals for SriLankan Airlines too has been completed and a decision of the new player would be announced soon. He also said that a US based investment company too was very serious on SriLankan Airlines bid.


Tourism will be highest foreign exchange earner in 2020

The Finance Minister has agreed not to impose any taxes any further on the Tourism Industry, disclosed Tourism Minister.  And the government will also explore the possibility to provide duty free concessions in the direction of refurbishment of old hotels.

The minister also stated to media that he instructed to Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management to double up the intake of students and train them to cater to the increase of rooms by 45,000. And increase the emoluments of his staff in order to absorb quality staff even from abroad.

Hoteliers must help to fill in the void by coming up with their own training programmes to get out of this difficulty, the Minister insisted. “In house training is what matters not at the classroom. That is where you can come in and contribute to the development of trained staff in the hotel industry,” the Minister cautioned.

He further state that there were new trends in tourism with the development of religious tourism, agriculture tourism and medical tourism in which Sri Lanka can make inroads. The Minister said a foreign company had expressed their willingness to fund a huge convention center in Sri Lanka which could host 5,000 delegates. He said the Japanese were going to take over the entire development of Trincomalee and in Hambantota, the Chinese are asking for 15,000 acres to set up their enterprises.

By 2020 the Tourist Industry could be able to bring the highest amount of foreign exchange to Sri Lanka.

150th Anniversary Methodist College is today

Methodist College Principal announced that 150th Anniversary Methodist College Service will be held today Saturday, 5th November 2016 at 5.30 p.m. at the Kollupitiya Methodist Church.

Old Girls, Parents and Well wishers are welcome to join in this service of thanksgiving.

For more details see below image

150th Anniversary Methodist College is today
150th Anniversary Methodist College is today

Malaysia Visa Center relocated to Colombo 3

Foshwa Lanka (PVT) LTD a Malaysian Visa Centre has relocated to the below address from world trade center.

Foshwa Lanka (PVT) LTD

No. 321, 4/1 Lakshmans Building,

Galle Road


India’s $10 billion gap in foreign exchange may put rupee under pressure

The Indian banking system has left a $10-billion position unhedged amid foreign exchange deposit redemptions, making the rupee vulnerable to a sudden depreciation in the next few months.

On the other hand, such a drop would act as a booster for exports and possibly narrow the trade deficit although imports of oil and other commodities would become costlier, said experts, some of whom suggested the gap may have deliberately been left uncovered.

Three years after the Reserve Bank of India sought to shore up the rupee through foreign currency nonresident-bank (FCNR-B) deposits, the country is bracing for an outflow as these get redeemed. The rupee was at 66.72 a dollar on Friday.

Experts baffled by RBI move, The Indian currency was at 66.68 a dollar a week back and may weaken to 67.50-68.00 a dollar by December, dealers said.

According to a note prepared by one of India’s top private sector banks, there’s a $9.5-billion gap between $22.4 billion of FCNR-B maturities and $12.9 billion of forward contracts for October and November.

“There is high possibility of a systemic rupee depreciation in the coming months on account of FCNR-B outflows,” said KN Dey, executive director at Mecklai Financial. “The rupee has been steady for almost 10 months and a fall will boost exports and in turn, reduce trade deficit.”

Export push, A fall in the rupee should make Indian goods more competitive in the global market. Indian exports revived in September to grow 4.62 per cent on year to $22.8 billion with 18 of 30 exporting sectors showing growth.

This was the second instance of growth this year after June when exports rose 1.27 per cent after declining 18 months in a row. With a 2.5 per cent fall in imports to $31.2 billion, the trade deficit stood at $8.33 billion in September.

The hedging shortfall will generate dollar demand in excess of what flows in regularly via overseas investments and non-resident deposits, said a senior bank executive.

The rupee, therefore, is likely to come under pressure, having remained in a tight band since January despite the Chinese devaluation.

Citing RBI data for August end, the bank report cited above said forward long contracts for September were worth $2.9 billion against $2.1 billion in FCNR-B repayments, but those in October-November are at $12.9 billion against $22.4 billion of maturing deposits. For December and beyond, forward longs stood at $13.3 billion versus $2.3 billion in repayments.

(~ News – BBC~)

New Cigarette Prices in Sri Lanka

After the recent tax impose into a tobacco products the Ceylon Tobacoo Company announces their new places as below,

Brand Price per cigarette Price per 12’s Price per 20’s
Dunhill Switch Rs. 45/-   Rs. 900/-
Dunhill Blue (Dunhill Tube Filter Blue) Rs. 45/-   Rs. 900/-
Dunhill Grey (Dunhill Tube Filter Grey) Rs. 45/-   Rs. 900/-
Benson & Hedges Rs. 45/-   Rs. 900/-
John Player Gold Leaf Click Rs. 43/-   Rs. 860/-
John Player Gold Leaf Special Rs. 42/-   Rs. 840/-
john Player Gold Leaf Rs. 42/- Rs. 504/- Rs. 840/-
Bristol Original Rs. 28/-   Rs. 560/-
Bristol Gold (Limited edition) Rs. 30/-   Rs. 600/-
Capstan Rs. 20/-   Rs. 400/-

For more details see below image

New Cigarette Prices in Sri Lanka
New Cigarette Prices in Sri Lanka

If you child preferring to be alone, please read this.


If you child preferring to be alone, please read this.
If you child preferring to be alone, please read this.

If you spot the difference in above photographs and if your child does not enjoy affection, preferring to be alone, it could be a sign of Autism. Autism is a brain developmental disorder that can be successfully managed if identified at an early age.

Therefore please don’t ignore at the initial state please do call our helpline on 0117 49 00 00

Dialog looking forward industry related investment in future

Axiata Group Berhad Malaysia is looking at aggressively investment in addition to mobile and data communication and want to get involved in setting up of a payment gateway, 5G, smart metering, IOT (Internet of Things) and other similar services, tracking of transport via GPS and other means too is an area we are looking at pursuing.

the official further stated that they will like to get involved in the Port City project as well. Commenting on the investments to Sri Lanka Nawawi said they have invested over USS 2 billion in their 21 years in Sri Lanka. “Our investment budget for 2016/2017 to Sri Lanka is around USS 175 million.”

To date Axiata Group Berhad Malaysia is the biggest Foreign Direct investor to Sri Lanka. “Its 9.4% of the total FDl’s received by Sri Lanka and we are very proud about it. We have a permanent staff of 3,200 as well.” He recalled that Dialog started their business as the fourth telecom operator in 1995 and in four years moved to the top slot which we are maintaining till now.


Dialog Axiata looking forward for a acquisitions in Sri lanka

Axiata Group Berhad Malaysia Chief Corporate Officer, Idham Nawawi said, Axiata is keeping our options open with regard to acquiring of another mobile operator in Sri Lanka, he further said he strongly believes a country like Sri Lanka should have only three players instead of five. And Axiata looking forward a good offer to take over a company.

Further he stated that the Axiata Group is closing on a deal to acquire Indian based Bharti Airtel In Bangladesh and thought of entering to Nepal and Philippines if there is a good proposition. But it doesn’t have an idea of entering to china and compete with China mobile which is largest in the world.

3,514 Lankans qualify for Korean jobs

A total of 3514 candidates, who sat for the Korean Language Proficiency Examination were selected for jobs in South Korea, the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment announced yesterday.

The official results of the examination could be obtained from the Foreign Employment Bureau website This was the first exam held under the newly launched point system.

According to the results of the Korean language proficiency examination held on August 8-September 19 and October 1-2, 3514 candidates out of 20, 187 candidates who sat for the examination, had qualified to go to Korea for employment.

The exams were held for those who sought jobs in the fisheries and production sectors and the Korean Human Resources Institute had published the list of names of the candidates who obtained marks above the cut-off mark in the respective disciplines.

Interviews for the qualified candidates would be held from October 17 to 20 at 14 regional centres including Anuradhapura, Kandy, Ratnapura, Kadawatha, Galle, Tangalle, Badulla and Trincomalee.

The KLP exam was held under the supervision of the Examinations Department.


Browns Group Starts Browns Hospital at Ragama

Browns Hospital is the latest venture of Brown & Company PLC, the first one established in a chain of secondary care general hospitals and diagnostic centres to deliver high quality care through comprehensive, integrated clinical practice and personalized care, to every patient, who walks through our doors. Armed with the strong family brand name of ‘Browns’, this hospital attempts to reach rural and urban citizens in Sri Lanka to deliver innovative and patient-centric solutions.

The fully fledged multi-specialty general hospital is equipped with the latest medical diagnostic technology, including modern CT and MRI scanning, and advanced medical and surgical therapeutic technology.

The medical team comprises of highly qualified and recognized visiting consultants in all specialties and in-house doctors as well as top-notch nursing care. Experienced and qualified nurses hailing from both the government and private sector will make up the nursing cadre at Browns Hospital.


Browns Hospitals,

No 43, Mahabage Road,

Ragama, Sri Lanka.


011 5 100 000


for more detail contact to Browns Hospital on 0115100 000 or see below image

Browns Group Starts Browns Hospital at Ragama
Browns Group Starts Browns Hospital at Ragama

How to check my name in Voters list or not? Check now on Online

The Department of Elections has made a new facility to check your eligibility of vote by online, Yes for the first time in Sri Lanka you can check whether your name is in voters list or not. If your name is not in list you can report a complain online and rectified your voting rights too.

it’s a great facility for you to get to know is your name correctly recorded in voters list or check out is your name has been registered in wrong location.

This facility available only on

How to check my name in Voters list or not Check now on Online
How to check my name in Voters list or not Check now on Online

Mihin Lanka Comes to END by 30th October 2016

Sri Lankan Airlines announces that Sri Lankan Airline will be operating to all Mihin Lanka destinations from 30th October 2016

Sri lankan Airlines requested refer to the following guidelines with regard to any existing or future bookings with Mihin Lanka. When making a booking or an amendment:

Any passenger who wishes to making a new booking please log on to

All passengers holding Mihin Lanka tickets both inbound and outbound with travel dates on or before the 30th October 2016, you may continue to make their bookings on or

After 30th October 2016 all passengers are requested to make their bookings/amendments by logging on to or by calling its 24hour global contact center on 1979 for further assistance.

No more Mullaithivu War Museum

All the war apparatus of the LTTE displayed in the Mullaithivu war museum had been removed from there by today.  This war Museum were located in Mullaithivu and displayed fighter boats manufactured by the LTTE and also their heavy weapons other than the weapons seized from the army.

In recent times the fighter boats were gradually removed while all the war apparatus had been removed now and the area was completely demolished.

Source: News

Cigarette Prices go up by another Rs. 5/- sooner

Health Minister stated to the media that a Cabinet paper proposing to increase the price of a cigarette by Rs. 5 and the VAT on cigarettes upto 15% would be presented to Cabinet sooner.

It is learn that the Cabinet sub-committee that had been appointed to implement a proposal to increase the tax levy on tobacco companies to 90 per cent had recommended that the price of a cigarette be put up by Rs 5 and to increase VAT levy on cigarettes to 15%.

Solar Power and Wind Power replace Coal Power Plant in Sampur – Secretary to the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy

The Secretary to the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy stated to the media that President Maithripala Sirisena had held talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and together they had agreed to put a stop to the construction of the project in Sampur. Subsequently, the Indian government had extended willingness for a wind power plant instead of a Coal Power Plant in Sampur.

And the villagers in Sampur stated to the media that they were not against the setting up of a solar power plant or a wind operated power plant instead of the proposed coal power plant which was recently ordered to be stopped owing to environmental concerns. And they further stated that they believed that setting up a solar power plant or a wind power plant would not have a negative impact on the environment that a coal power plant would have had, just because they were opposed to the coal power plant coming up in Sampur, they were not against the development projects carried out by the government.

It’s a good movement by the government of srilanka to looking forward with renewable energy options than the coal power plant options. But the huge question ahead is how government is going to solve energy requirement of country in long run.

5021 Teachers Vacancies from 1108 schools in Eastern Province of Sri Lanka

EPC Chief Minister Ahamed Nazeer Zainulabdeen said that there were 5,021 teacher vacancies for 1,108 schools in the Eastern Province at present. There are 1,530 teaching vacancies for Mathematics, Science and English, he said.

He further said he hope to appoint 390 teachers to teach Mathematics, Science and English. And try his level best to fill up the remaining vacancies within the educational budget of Rs. 7.5 Billions which allocated for Eastern Province education.

How many Three Wheelers in Sri Lanka?

It is everyone’s question that how many Three-wheelers are in Sri Lanka? the answer is 1.06 Million (1,062,447) as now (Year 2016).

In Sri Lanka total automobile are 6.3 Million, of which 3.3 Millions are Motor cycles and 1.06 millions of three wheelers. The motor Traffic department stated that around 4.3 Million out of 6.3 Million vehicles are always on the move.

Due to the gradual increment of tricycles registrations in Sri Lanka; Ministry of transport launched a programme to provide special licensees for three wheeler taxis along with proper training in road discipline, accident prevention and first aid.

Technological city Project Launched at Pitipanna, Homagama

The laying of the foundation stones for the first stage of the technological city planned under the Western Megapolis Project and the opening of the Nano Investigation Laboratory took place under the patronage of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe at Pitipana, Homagama.

Foundation stones were laid for five technological centres including a national science centre, a satellite centre and technological universities.

Moratuwa and Sri Jayawardenapura Universities and the Arthur C. Clarke Centre are scheduled to launch science and technology projects affiliated to the proposed National Science Centre.

The Urban Development Authority will provide 25 acres each for building the three universities and 10 acres each to the other technological institutes.

The Sri Jayewardenepura University will invest Rs. 7,500 million, Colombo University Rs. 2,096 million, Science and Technology Ministry Rs. 3,000 million and the Sir Arthur C. Clarke Centre will invest Rs. 1,700 million during the first stage.

A total of 1,000 acres have been allocated for the Technological City and the UDA is presently involved in the acquisition of land for this purpose.

The land area covered by the entire project is 1,200 acres. It is planned to build a four lane road complex to Uduwana from the Makumbura exchange of the Southern Expressway to facilitate the development of infrastructure facilities at the Technological City.