Launching of 100 MW Renewable Energy Projects

Ministry of Power & Energy launched of 100 MW renewable energy projects on 10th July 2015,

In line with the Energy Sector Development Plan 2015-2025 of the Ministry of Power & Energy, action has been taken to increase new Renewable Energy projects. The plan will guide the nation to develop its entire renewable potential while optimizing energy supply through exploration, facilitation, R&D and knowledge management.

To start off this initiative, the Ministry plans to start 100 MW of renewable energy comprising of mini-hydro, dendro, solar thermal, solar power and biomass.

Milestone Target:

  • Increase the share of electricity generation from renewable energy sources upto 20% by 2020.
  • Achieving the target of meeting the total energy demand from renewable energy sources and other indigenous energy sources by 2030

For more detail about the combination of power sources and see below image

Launching of 100 MW Renewable Energy Projects
Launching of 100 MW Renewable Energy Projects

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Ratmalana Airport to be used for more civilian transportation related to tourism

The government has drawn attention to utilize Ratmalana airport for inland civil passenger transportation. Ports Shipping and Aviation Minister Aijuna Ranatunga said.

The government will look into possibilities to carry out inland passenger transportation from Ratmalana airport as far as such activities do not affect the national security, Under this, flights will be operated to inland destinations such as the North and East. South and a few other tourist destinations.

Aviation authority has already discussed to conduct flights to tourist destinations with inland tour and airline operators. However, priority will definitely be given to the national security since it is above all other activities.

Work on Colombo-Kandy highway to start soon

Construction work on the Colombo-Kandy highway will begin immediately, Road Development, Higher Education and Investment Promotion Minister Kabir Hashim who was speaking in Parliament informed that government would start construction work on the Colombo-Kandy highway soon.

The Minister said the matara-Beliatta-Hantantota stretch of the Southern Highway will also begin soon after negotiations with the contractors He said the government believed that it would be possible to reduce the costs involved in the contract by 30 percent.

Referring to the Northern Highway he said the construction of the road had to be suspended as the work on the project was to begin without awarding contracts in a transparent manner.

Bank of Ceylon Branch to be open in Bangalore in India

Bank of Ceylon is planning to open their second overseas branch in India this year. This will be in Bangalore. The Bank also opened a branch in Seychelles last year. In addition to the local presence, the bank maintains an off-shore banking units in Male, London and Chennai.

Senior banker and BOC General Manager, D M Gunasekara said that overseas branches are highly profitable. The Male branch has gave us a Rs. one billion profit while the Chennai branch which was in existent for over 10 years made a profit in the excess of Rs. 500 million.

Locally the bank has a network of 618 branches, and 534 automated teller machines (ATMs).

More botanical gardens to be established in Sri Lanka by 2016

The National Botanical Gardens Department (NBGD), recently announced that they were making arrangements to establish more botanical gardens in several parts of the country by the end of 2016.

Accordingly, plans have already been drawn to establish six new botanical gardens in Sri Lanka. new botanical gardens are to be opened at various places which have been identified as zones with the highest bio diversity, including Horton Plains. Sinharaja Forest, Nuwara Eliya, Ambangamuwa, Sri Pada and Knuckles Range.

The ‘Seethawaka Wet Zone,’ a new botanical garden of the country, will be opened during the current year at Awissawella on a land consisting of 105 acres, to conserve the threatened Wet Zone flora just after its completion and it would be the fifth botanical garden in Sri Lanka.

Dr Wijesundera said that 81 acres have been developed under Phase I of this botanical garden project and it would be expanded up to105 acres in the near future. He jointed out that the revenue earned by the NBGD during the last year through foreign visitors, have recorded over a 17.2percent increase, compared to 2013.

Nearly 345,470 foreign visitors have visited the four botanical gardens that presently exist last year and in 2013, while the number of foreign visitors amounted to 293,454.

The income incurred last year was over Rs. 4.46 million, while Rs. 3.7 million out of the total income was acquired from the sale of tickets issued to foreigners, the Director General added.

Arrangements are in place to upgrade the newly opened Mirijjawila Botanical Garden with the aim of attracting both local and foreign visitors, as it was found to be attracting a low amount of visitors compared to the three other botanical gardens located in Hakgala, Peradeniya and Henarathgoda in Gampaha.

The Mirijjawila Botanical Gardens was opened after the completion of the first phase and plans are underway to complete the other phases to attract more visitors.

Government to develop a new national policy for tourism industry

Plans are under way to prepare a new national policy for the tourism industry in Sri Lanka, Tourism and Sports Minister Navin Dissanayake said.

Dissanayake said it has been decided to introduce a three year strategic plan related to the new national policy on tourism.

We decided to introduce a new national policy for the tourism industry with the aim of developing the Sri Lankan economy and living standards of the people. We hope to obtain the assistance of all for the success of this. And he said arrangements are being made to launch a special program to grant benefits for people in villages in line with the new policy. Creating new employment opportunities for Sri Lankan youth and making more spaces for village level persons to increase their earnings are the main objectives of this new national policy which is to be introduced to the Sri Lankan tourism industry.

Indian Government will build 4000 houses for plantation workers

The construction of 4,000 housing units for needy families in the Plantation Sector, sponsored by the Indian Government, is slated to begin in March, Estate Infrastructure Development Minister P. Digambaram said.

The minister said the construction of the houses for estate workers in the Central Province and Badulla district will be flagged off next month possibly by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself during a likely official visit to Sri Lanka.

The 4,000 houses is part of a 50,000 housing project implemented by the Indian Government for the former conflict affected people in the North and East Provinces and needy families working in the estate sector in the Central Province and Badulla district. With a commitment of over US$ 270 million in grants, it is the flagship project of India’s developmental assistance to Sri Lanka. It is perhaps the largest such project undertaken by India anywhere in the world.

Minister Digambaram said around 35,000 houses in the North and East under this project has been already constructed, it was yet to get off ground in the estate sector. The minister also said the delay in implementing the project in the plantation areas was partly due to the inefficiency of the political authority who earlier held sway in the upcountry plantation areas.

The minister said soon after he had assumed office, he had taken steps to hold talks with the relevant officials to speed up the building of houses for needy people in the estate sector.

He said choosing housing recipients will be done in a very transparent manner which ensures that there are no discrimination due to political or other factors.

No more beggars in Sri Lanka trains

The Railway Department of Sri lanka stated to media that they will launch a special program to remove beggars in trains. The program will be launched under the directions of Railway Department General Manager Wijaya Amaratunga, as passengers travelling by trains are inconvenienced due to beggars.

The numbers of beggars in trains are increasing daily and public complaints against them are also increasing. Most complaints are made by passengers travelling in office trains, sources -said.

Railway Department Director Wijaya Samarasinghe said most of those engaged in begging in trains are sham beggars and that immediate steps will be taken to remove them from trains.


Central Bank News Alerts on mobile for Dialog Customers

If you’re a dialog customer Type “REG CBSL” Send to 77000 to subscribe to the SMS news Alerts on the Daily Exchange Rates, Sri Lanka Interbank Offered Rates, Open Market Operations, Treasury Bill and Treasury Bond auction, Inflation and Monetary Policy Review issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Charges: Monthly 30 Rs +Tax

Malaysia Keen on Bidding for Northern Highway of Sri Lanka on Build Operate & Transfer Basis

Dato’ Seri S. Samy Vellu who is the Senior-Ministerial ranked Malaysia’s Special Envoy of Infrastructure for India and South Asia attached to the Prime Minister’s Office  have stated that Malaysia is willing  to bidding for the Northern Highway on a Build Operate & Transfer (BOT) basis. We want to do a good job if we get it. Even on the 1,100 Km Kuala Lumpur highway there were only a few vehicles at first but now a million vehicles are passing through every day.

Thousand public locations to get free Wi-Fi in Sri Lanka

The Information and Communications Technology Agency (ICTA), which implements the government’s ICT policies, will be launching the ‘Free Wi-Fi’ project in partnership with all telecommunication operators, in the coming months, to let citizens have further accessibility to information and participate in e-governance.

Thousand public locations will get Wi-Fi free of charge. This has been finalized. It is not a plan or a promise, because some said it is not economically possible or it was a ploy to get young votes,” Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Ajith Perera stated to Media.

He noted that access to information is no longer a luxury but a critical need, similar to access to water, electricity and telephones used by youngsters in rural villages up to top corporate. This will open up new employment opportunities and new markets may appear.

The access points would be fixed at locations of importance, such as universities, public parks, libraries and highly frequented railway stations and bus stops.

We are going to implement at 250 locations within the 100-day programme and the rest to follow within two to three months. But our dreams go beyond these 1,000. We want free Wi-Fi to be available everywhere in the country.

DM News

USD 5 billion from IMF to pay off Chinese loans

The Sri Lankan government will approach global lenders including the World Hank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to borrow from them to the tune of US $ five billion to restructure expensive loans, obtained from China, by the previous regime for infrastructure development projects in the country.

According to Reuters, the Central Bank Governor has said that the country had borrowed more than US $ 6 billion, mainly from China, for a massive infrastructure drive under the Rajapaksa government at the end of a 26-year civil war which ended in May 2009.  The new government, under the leadership of Maithripala Sirisena has already ordered a review on all projects initiated by the previous government.

The new government claims that the Rajapaksa administration had to borrow money, on unfavourable terms and the Rajapaksa government agreed in respect of some public projects without following the proper tender procedures.

“We have to look at what options are available in the agreements and we should try and reduce the high borrowing cost, obviously with longer-term low cost borrowing,” Reuters had reported quoting Deputy Minister for Policy Planning and Economic Affairs Marsha de Silva.

Sri Lanka Minimum monthly salary of public servants now Rs. 30,040/-

The Deputy Minister Policy Development and Economic Affairs Dr. Harsha de Silva said the Sri Lankan Public Sector has enjoyed a highest salary increment since Independence on 1948.

The current Basic Salary for the Public Servant is about Rs. 30,040/-, how ever a low scale Private sector Employee gets approximately Rs. 15,000/- as their basic salary.

It is a great increment for the public sector as promised in the Presidential election campaign.

Free Wi-Fi access in Sri Lanka Railways Station for rail passengers

Railway passengers in Sri lanka would be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi facilities at some 100 selected railway stations in the country by April, the Railway Department said to news.

Under this programme Wi-Fi hotspots are due to be established in over 100 stations around the country with the support of Sri Lanka Telecom which is a leader in Telecommunication in Sri Lanka.

Railway Commercial Superintendent  stated to media that “We are going to begin this programme next week from the Fort Railway Station. By April, there will be almost 100 railway stations with free internet access which enables passengers to access internet via smart phones or tablets”. And the infrastructure facilities for the project are still being constructed by the Railway Department in the selected railway stations.

Another joint project was launched by SLT and Mobitel that has provided access to free Wi-Fi hotspots on Intercity Express trains for passengers. It was launched by SLT Chairman, Kumarasinghe Sirisena yesterday in the Jaffna Station

Hybrid vehicles Relief (No New tax for Hybrid vehicles till March 16) for those who Open LC

The Government has provided conditional relief to individuals who had opened Letters of Credit to import hybrid vehicles before the interim budget. Financial Ministry officials said they would not be charged new taxes until March 16.

The decision to provide relief to the individual importers of hybrid vehicles came after a series of discussions with the Finance Ministry. The relief will apply to those who have ordered hybrid vehicles below 2,500cc engine capacity.

Accordingly, individual importers will not be able to transfer the vehicle for four years from the date of registration. The vehicle should be registered under the importer’s name.

In the interim budget presented to parliament on January 29, those importing hybrid vehicles were required to pay additional taxes of more than Rs 600,000.

The move drew protests from individual vehicle importers and car sale owners. However, no relief has been provided to car dealers.


New Chairman and Director General for Urban Development Authority

Change the Position of Chairman and Director General – Urban Development Authority We wish to inform you that the Chairman and Director General of this Authority have been resigned from their positions with effect from 13 January 2015 and details of newly appointed Chairman and Director General are as follows.


Position: Chairman
Name: Ranjit Michael Samual Fernando
Address: 7th Floor, Urban Development Authority, Sethsiripaya, Battaramulla
Contact Details 011 2873645 /
Position: Director General
Name: Nayana Nadeesha Mawilmada
Address: 6th Floor, Urban Development Authority, Sethsiripaya, Battaramulla
Contact Details 011 2883301 /


Also, please note that the changes in the Board of Management of Urban Development Authority will be informed as soon as these appointments are made.


Is 15% interest rate for Senior Citizens’ Deposit is active in Sri Lanka? ( Highest Interest Rate Earnings in Sri Lanka at the Moment)

There were many confusion over 15% interest for senior citizens’ deposits, where the Sri Lanka Banks’ Association (SLBA) stated that they are going to meet the Deputy Governor, Ananda Silva on Monday to get few clarification about this scheme.

There are many Senior citizens are facing problem due to a less interest rate earning for their deposits which made them after their retirements. Therefore the past government has suggested to offer 12% per annum to Senior Citizens’ who deposits more than Rs. 2.5 Million (25 Lakhs), but the present government has increase the interest rates to 15% per annum and reduce the  minimum amount for senior citizens fixed deposits of Rs. 1 Million to deposits to obtain a higher interest rates.

Sri Lanka expectes to cross 2 million tourist arrivals in 2015: Sri Lanka Tourist Promotional Bureau Chairman

Respected marketer and business personality Rohantha Athukorala has been appointed as the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Tourist Promotional Bureau (SLTPB) by Sports and Tourism Minister Navin Dissanayake

Athukorala was the seventh Chairman of the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB), the only Chairman to serve the EDB for over five years, and supported the industry in taking the export revenue from US $ 6 billion to US $ 11 billion in his tenure.

Athukorala commenting on the task ahead said, “Given the vibrancy of the private sector, the two million visitor arrivals can be achieved. We are targeting the UK market to generate a 190000 from the current 144,168, Germany to be 150,00 from current 102,977 whilst France to be 100,000 visitors from the current 78883, just to name a few. The economic instability in Russia is worrying given that almost 69,718 tourists were generated from this market but the rest of the world will so some catching up is our estimate.”


TV programme ‘Bachelor’ (French version) Shooting expected to be in Sri Lanka for Episode 9-10

The New Tourism and Sports Minister Navin Dissanayake has invited the leading French TV channel NT 1 from France to film and telecast the prime time TV programme ‘Bachelor’ (French version) in Sri Lanka in line with the global trend of marketing tourist destinations via film tourism.

Minister Navin Dissanayake voiced “The popular TV series Bachelor that will be aired in France will be filmed across the world and I am happy that we have been able to get Sri Lanka into the choice set.”

Episode 1-2 is to be filmed in Spain, 4-5 in Paris, 6-8 in the Alps and episode 9-10 in Sri Lanka. This is a big win for the country and we must pursue this strategy as a public-private partnership project as the beneficiaries must be the private sector Minister Naveen Dissanayake said.

The Chairman of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau Rohantha Athukorala commented “The programme Bachelor (French version) attracts a viewership of 1.3 million in France and as the minister mentioned it commands a prime time belt.

Queen Mary 2 Cruise arrive to Colombo Sri Lanka

RMS Queen Mary 2, the flagship of Cunard Line, arrived in Colombo on Friday, February 6, 2015. The vessel is on her world voyage 2015 and arrived in Colombo from the Port of Cochin in India. She left Colombo at 2000 Hrs towards her next port, Puket in Thailand.

With a length overall of 345 m (1132 feet) and a total of 17 decks, Queen Mary 2 is the largest, longest and most expensive North Atlantic liner ever built; a virtual city at sea.

She has a passenger capacity of 2,620 and 1,253 officers and crew on board. Built in Saint-Nazaire, France, the vessel was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth II in January 2004.  The facilities on board Queen Mary 2 include 15 restaurants and bars, five swimming pools, a casino, a ballroom, a theatre and the first planetarium at sea.

Queen Mary 2 has the Royal Mail Ship (RMS) title conferred on her, as a gesture to Cunard Line’s history by Royal Mail, when she entered service in 2004 on the Southampton to New York route.

Carnival UK commenced its vessel calls in Sri Lanka in 2012 after a lapse of many years. Since then, Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria, have been calling in Colombo, on their world voyages.

Over a thousand passengers travelled on excursions to Kandy, Pinnawala and Ingiriya and on city tours. The ground tours were arranged by Exotic Holidays International.


Sri Lanka Holidays tour – Places to see in Sri Lanka

Think Sri Lanka and some of the things that come to mind are Asian elephants and Ceylon tea. Delve deeper and you’ll discover a nation of rich heritage and wonders including lush greenery, monasteries, palaces, temples and theatres.

The country is among the beauties of the sub-continent that features a peaceful environment and a hard-working community.

Among ancient cities, a visit to Anuradhapura is a must as it holds the title as a sacred city by Buddhists around the world. Kandy is a scene to behold. With spiraling roads and refreshing environment, Kandy is especially beautiful around the Monsoon season when cool temperatures call to unwind with a warm cup of Ceylon tea.

For the adventurous, water sports such as rafting and gliding are slowly gaining popularity across its gleaming streams.

Wildlife is abundant in Sri Lanka, as it is known to be among the top five hotspots for biodiversity. Visitors to the Bundala National Park can spot monkeys, fruit bats and various species of water and migratory birds, as well as other fauna and flora — a photographers treat.


Safari to view nature’s best

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a nursery and breeding ground for wild Asian elephants. It’s a great place to get up close and personal with the mammals. Visitors can also feed the animals from a high point. You can also embark on a safari to view nature’s best.

Tea gardens spanning across lush fields denote the country’s booming tea production. Fresh, aromatic and bursting with flavour, Sri Lanka’s tea leaves are fragrant and refreshing, not to mention it offers great value for quality. It is also proud of its traditional crafts that showcase its distinct culture. Sri Lanka is also an attractive destination for medical tourism with world-class internationally accredited healthcare about 70 per cent comparatively cheaper than Singapore and Thailand.

Spas and massages are a favourite among tourists offering mineral-enriched packs and herbal, therapeutic concoctions to melt stress away.

According to the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA), the country saw a 19.8 per cent rise in tourist arrivals in 2014 with 1,527,153 visitors compared to 1,274,593 in 2013.

In January 2012, the country introduced the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for short-term visa in order to ease the flow of arrivals.


Ideal holiday destination

A chunk of Sri Lanka’s GDP comes from tourism and in an attempt to further raise numbers; the Ministry of Economic Development launched a five-year Tourism Development Strategy where it aims to reach a target number of 2.5 million visitors by the year 2016. This includes improving the country’s infrastructure, agriculture and product market.

A report by the Department of Census and Statistics shows that Sri Lanka’s GDP expanded by 7.7 per cent in the third quarter of 2014, compared to the same period the year before. Agriculture and tea production takes precedence in exports aside from textiles and rubber.

Keeping up with the rest of the world, Sri Lanka has set Millennium Development Goals (MDG) as a priority in the national agenda in a bid to improve the overall structure of the nation and combat poverty by the end of year 2015.

Its lush cities combined with warm hospitality and scrumptious food makes it an ideal holiday destination, attracting thousands of tourists every year. The UAE is home to a number of Sri Lankan expats, who take up respectable positions and contribute to their home country’s economy via remittances. The nation is on its way to steady growth alongside notable tourism and investment opportunities.

Courtesy: Farhana Chowdhury for Khaleej Times


New Hybrid car Prices of Toyota Hybrid Aqua, Toyota Hybrid Prius, Honda Hybrid Fit, Honda Hybrid Fit Shuttle, Honda Hybrid Vezel post budget – February 2015

After the new Budget proposals the Hybrid car prices are expected to be increase with suspension of tax relief on hybrid cars.

The New prices are expected to be increase by Rs. 1 Million (1,000,000/-) to Rs. 1.5 Million (Rs. 1,500,000/-) for all Hybrid cars available in Srilanka.

See below Table for the Current Prices and Expected Post Budget Prices of Hybrid cars.

Model Current Price Expected New Price
Toyota Hybrid Aqua 4.375 Million 5.375 Million
Toyota Hybrid Prius 5.375 Million 6.375 Million
Toyota Hybrid Plug in Not Imported in Sri Lanka
Toyota Hybrid Axio Not Imported in Sri Lanka
Toyota Hybrid Camry 9.8 Million 11.3 Million
Toyota Hybrid Harrier Not Imported in Sri Lanka
Honda Hybrid Fit GP1 Not Imported By Stafford Motors
Honda Hybrid Fit GP2 Not Imported By Stafford Motors
Honda Hybrid Fit GP5 Not Imported By Stafford Motors
Honda Hybrid CR-Z 5.00 Million 6.00 Million
Honda Hybrid Civic 6.50 Million 7.50 Million
Honda Hybrid Grace Not Imported By Stafford Motors
Honda Hybrid Accord Not Imported By Stafford Motors
Honda Hybrid Fit Shuttle Not Imported By Stafford Motors
Honda Hybrid Fit EV Not Imported By Stafford Motors
Honda Hybrid Vezel 5.6 Million 6.6 Million
Honda Hybrid Insight 4.3 Million 5.3 Million


for Toyota Hybrid Prices and Orders contact to Mr. Manoj Bandara on 0777939007

Impact the Ban of Sri Lanka Fishery Product Exports to Europe

The European Commission has stated that the ban on the purchase of fishery products from Sri Lanka imposed since the island had failed to take necessary steps to halt the fishing while violating maritime boundaries and several conditions imposed by the European Union.

Sri Lanka has export around 1,500 tonnes of Sri Lanka fishery products to Europe and it is about 50% of total fishery exports from Sri Lanka.

The ban cause to loss of USD 200 Million to the country and many fishery exports companies faced to closing down.

Green Light to Colombo Port City Project

The Cabinet of Sri Lanka has decided to continue with the Chinese government assisted Colombo Port City Project. This decision has been taken at the Cabinet meeting held in 5th February 2015.

The China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) is one of the major investors in the Colombo Port City project which would reclaim land on the Colombo shoreline. The company will also own 20 hectares of the land on completion and have a 99 year lease on another 170 hectares, the total extent of the development being 233 hectares.

It is learned that the Colombo Port City Project has approved with out a license for the Casino.

This project funded through a loan from EXIM Bank of China.


Pakistan looking forward USD 1 Billion trade with Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka ‘s second largest buyer in SAARC, Pakistan is set to push towards US $ 1 billion trade target, as the next step in boosting bilateral trade.

The High Commissioner of Pakistan in Sri Lanka stated to the news that there is great upward trade potential that we can jointly explore beyond the current US $460 million volume, and therefore it is time to take steps to move towards US$1 billion in bilateral trade, as our next trade goal. Sri Lanka was the first country with whom Pakistan signed an FTA. This shows the importance

The Pakistan Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (PSFTA) came into force in June 2005_

Srilanka Dual Citizenship open now for all Sri Lankans

Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake presenting the interim budget 2015 said that the option of dual citizenship would be available to all persons of Sri Lankan origin and granted after due valuation. A payment of Rs. 500,000 will have to precede each individual request.

Furthermore, provision will be made for foreigners seeking resident static in Sri Lanka who are in a position to invest US$ 10 million in the country. All such applications would be subject to the approval of the Defence Ministry, and would need to be renewed every 5 years. The visa fee for such persons will be Rs. 25 million.


Sri Lanka New Chief Justice K. Sripavan biography

Justice Kanakasabapathi Sripavan took oaths as the 44th Chief Justice before president Maithripala Sirisena yesterday. Chief Justice Sripavan is the second Tamil to hold this prestigious post. The first Tamil to hold this post in Sri Lanka was Suppiah Sharvananda, who served between 1984 and 1988.

Chief Justice Sripavan born on February 29, 1952 had his early and secondary education at Jaffna Hindu College. He entered Colombo Law College in 1974. He was appointed Acting State Counsel in the Attorney General’s Department in 1978.

In 1979, he was appointed a State Counsel. He continued his legal studies at the Colombo University and obtained a Diploma in Commercial Law in 1992. Chief Justice Sripavan obtained his Master of Law Degree from the University of London in 1994.

Chief Justice Sripavan was appointed Deputy Solicitor General on February 22,1996 and a Judge of the Court Appeal in 2002.

He served as the Court of Appeal President in 2007. In 2008, he was appointed a Supreme Court Judge. He was also the Acting Chief Justice in 2013.