Sri Lanka National Parks

  1. Yala National Park

Yala combines a strict nature reserve with a national park. Divided into 5 blocks, the park has a protected area of nearly 130,000 hectares of land consisting of light forests, scrubs, grasslands, tanks and lagoons. Two blocks are currently opened to the public.

Situated in Sri Lanka’s south-east hugging the panoramic Indian Ocean, Yala was designated a wildlife sanctuary in 1900 and was designated a national park in 1938. Ironically, the park was initially used as a hunting ground for the elite under British rule. Yala is home to 44 varieties of mammal and 215 bird species. Among its more famous residents are the world’s biggest concentration of leopards, majestic elephants, sloth bears, sambars, jackals, spotted dear, peacocks, and crocodiles. The best time to visit Yala is between February and July when the water levels of the park are quite low, bringing animals into the open.

Sri Lankan Leopard, Yala National Park, Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Leopard, Yala National Park, Sri Lanka
  1. Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National park is among the oldest and most important of protected areas in Sri Lanka. It also contains a number of important cultural sites. The sanctuary stretches from the North-western coast to the North-central province where the ancient city of Anuradhapura is located. Wilpattu National Park is laced with a complex of lakes called ‘Villus’, surrounded by grassy plains, set within scrub jungle. Many of the `big game’ found in Sri Lanka including elephant, sloth bear, water buffalo, and spotted dear can be seen here. Wilpattu is also known for leopards.

Sri Lankan Leopard @ Willpattu National Park, Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Leopard @ Willpattu National Park, Sri Lanka
  1. Kumana(Yala East) National Park

Formerly known as Yala East National Park, Kumana lies on the south-east coast in the Eastern Province, 12km south of Arugam Bay, and is easily accessible from the Wellawaya-Pottuvil Road. The Park is physically separated from the more famous Yala National Park and Strict Reserve by the Kumbukkan Oya (River) and is better known for its migratory birds. A natural highlight of the park is a 200 hectare swamp lake sustained by the river through a half a mile long narrow channel. These mangrove swamps are a destination of choice for migratory birds. Among regular visitors who nest and breed are pelicans, painted storks, spoonbills, herons, egrets and little cormorants. Land animals found in the adjacent Yala are also found here.

Indian Peacock at Udawalawa National Park, Sri lanka
Indian Peacock – National Park, Sri lanka
  1. Wasgamuwa National Park

Wasgamuwa is home to a vast array of animals, as well as, ancient sites and tanks. Known for its rich population of predators among which bears receive significant attention. It is believed that Wasgamuwa has the highest density of bears than anywhere else in Sri Lanka. Bordered by the famous Mahaweli and the lesson known Amban river, Wasgamuwa spreads through the districts of Matale in the central hills and the ancient kingdom of Polonnaruwa.

Srilanka Leopard
Srilanka Leopard
  1. Gal Oya National Park

Gal Oya National Park, in close proximity to the eastern city of Amparai has an important task: to serve as the catchment area for Sri Lanka’s largest reservoir, the Senanayake Samudraya. It is the only national park where boat rides are allowed, offering visitors to the rare sight of swimming elephants, a phenomena famously known as ‘the crossings’.


  1. Udawalawe National Park

The Udawalawe National Park is Sri Lanka’s closest example of Africa’s savanna reserves. Better known as the country’s premier elephant park, Udawalawe revolves around the vast Udawalawe reservoir. Located on the base of hilly Ratnapura and Moneragala districts, the park is home, among other animals, to an elephant population of about 500. The park also boasts of an elephant transit home, with public displays during feeding times.

Indian Peacock at Udawalawa National Park, Sri lanka
Indian Peacock at Udawalawa National Park, Sri lanka
  1. Lahugala Kithulana National Park

The eastern park of Lahugala is among Sri Lanka’s smallest among parks but its importance to elephants and endemic birds is very big.


  1. Maduru Oya National Park

Maduru Oya National Park is designed to protect the immediate catchments of five reservoirs developed under the Accelerated Mahaweli Development Program, Sri Lanka’s most ambitious irrigation project. The park provides refuge for wildlife and lies between the Polonnaruwa-Batticalo Road and Mahiyangana-Padiyathalawa Road in the districts of Ampara, Badulla and Polonnaruwa.

Elephant hugging at Minneriya National Park
Elephant hugging at Minneriya National Park
  1. Horton Plains National Park

Horton Plains, a world heritage site is the catchment area for almost all of Sri Lanka’s major rivers. A silent and cold highland plateau in the central hills of Sri Lanka, the beautiful Horton Plains is surrounded by peak wildernesses and forests and is home to many endemic plants and animals thriving in a rare wet and cold climate. The park offers spectacular hikes and culminates with the World’s End, a dramatic 900 meter cliff with nothing but flat land beyond extending to the coast of Sri Lanka’s deep South./p>


  1. Bundala National Park

Bundala National Park lies in the dry and arid Hambantota District in Southern Sri Lanka. But the park’s many lagoons make it a paradise for migratory as well as resident birds. Every species of water birds found in the country find a safe haven here. Visitors will also be treated to many land animals from elephant to the deer. Bundala is also said to be the only park where visitors can spot both the Marsh and Seawater crocodile on the same safari trip.

Indian Peacock, Yala National Park, Sri Lanka
Indian Peacock, Yala National Park, Sri Lanka
  1. Lunugamvehera National Park

Located adjacent to Yala National Park is Lunugamvehera Park, created primarily as a catchment area for the Lunugamvehera reservoir. A plan is mooted to amalgamate the park with its larger and more famous cousin Yala and if that happens, Lunugamvehera will be renamed as Yala West.


  1. Minneriya National Park

Home for the world famous Elephant ‘Gathering’, Minneriya National Park is nestled on the plains of the North-Central province, about 20kms from historic Polonnaruwa. Fed by the beautiful Minneriya tank, the park despite being one of the smallest, is a haven for elephants and birds, providing magnificent views to visitors.


  1. Kaudulla National Park

In close proximity to Habarana, the gateway to Trincomalee and Polonnaruwa, Kaudulla revolves around an ancient tank and is considered as an important elephant corridor, offering regular sightings.

Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill @ Willpattu National Park, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill @ Willpattu National Park, Sri Lanka
  1. Hikkaduwa National Park

One of the two marine parks in Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa National Park in the popular southern coast features fringing coral reefs showcasing a bio-diversity spectacle.


  1. Pigeon Island National Park

The 2nd marine park in the country, Pigeon Island is located in famed Nilaweli, on the outskirts of Trincomalee. The spectacular small island is home to a showcase of colorful corals and tropical fish and is a short boat ride from the world famous Nilaweli beach.

Sri Lankan Leopard @ Willpattu National Park, Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Leopard @ Willpattu National Park, Sri Lanka
  1. Horagolla National Park

Horagolla is biologically, the most diverse and significant patch of forest in the wet zone of Sri Lanka, located just outside Colombo. The park presents a special zonal vegetation complex which provides a natural refuge for many species that are extremely rare, possibly extinct, in other parts of the island.


  1. Galways Land National Park

The only national park located within city limits, Galways is home to a montane eco system in the cold and windy hill station of Nuwara Eliya, also the highest located city in Sri Lanka. Galways is decorated by its beautiful population of birds, as well as, its colorful floral species of native and foreign origin. Along with the nearby Victoria Park, Galway is considered to be the most significant birding site in Sri Lanka.

Baby Elephant at Minneriya National Park
Baby Elephant at Minneriya National Park
  1. Ussangoda National Park

Believed to be the place where Ravana landed his mythical flying chariot, Ussangoda is situated in Nonagama, Hambantota in the deep South. Known for the red soil in the area, Ussangoda, with both land and sea features, is a haven for turtles.


  1. Angammedilla National Park

Originally a forest reserve within the Minneriya-Girithale Sanctuary within close proximity to Polonnaruwa, Angammedilla was established to protect the drainage basin of the giant Parakrama Samudra reservoir.

Changeable Hawk Eagke, Willpattu National Park, Sri Lanka
Changeable Hawk Eagke, Willpattu National Park, Sri Lanka
  1. Flood Plains National Park

The park is central to the integrity of the Mahaweli irrigation system, both for its unique “villus” and as a corridor for wildlife migration between grazing lands in Wasgamuwa and Somawathiya National Park. The area spans the Mahaweli River in Polonnaruwa district in North Central Province.


  1. Somawathiya National Park

Somawathiya National Park is one of the four national parks designated under the Mahaweli River Development project. Somawathiya Chaitya, a stupa said to be containing a relic of the tooth of the Buddha, is situated within the park.

Source: Wildlife Department Website


About Me

I Prasanna Ambigaibagan Cost Accountant by profession and passionate wildlife photographer from 2011, I do many budgeted road tours in overseas and meet many new friends and I do always invite them to Sri lanka and let them to experience Srilanka hospitality.

If anyone wanted to know more about Sri Lankan Wildlife and Wildlife Safaris, you can feel free to contact me by below comment or call me on +94776534669 (I do available in Whatsapp, Viber, IMO and Line).

if you’re interested you can follow my Wildlife photography page on Facebook on below link

Prasanna Ambigaibagan Nature and wildlife Photography
Prasanna Ambigaibagan Nature and wildlife Photography

American Express Credit Card Hotel Promotions

American Express announces a range of hotel promotion for this forthcoming Holidays in November, December 2015. Enjoy your special discount from 15% to 50% off only for American Express credit card at below hotels.

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Notes/ Abbrevations: Type of Room – Single/ Double/ Triple

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American Express Credit Card Hotel Promotions
American Express Credit Card Hotel Promotions

Sri Lanka Holidays tour – Places to see in Sri Lanka

Think Sri Lanka and some of the things that come to mind are Asian elephants and Ceylon tea. Delve deeper and you’ll discover a nation of rich heritage and wonders including lush greenery, monasteries, palaces, temples and theatres.

The country is among the beauties of the sub-continent that features a peaceful environment and a hard-working community.

Among ancient cities, a visit to Anuradhapura is a must as it holds the title as a sacred city by Buddhists around the world. Kandy is a scene to behold. With spiraling roads and refreshing environment, Kandy is especially beautiful around the Monsoon season when cool temperatures call to unwind with a warm cup of Ceylon tea.

For the adventurous, water sports such as rafting and gliding are slowly gaining popularity across its gleaming streams.

Wildlife is abundant in Sri Lanka, as it is known to be among the top five hotspots for biodiversity. Visitors to the Bundala National Park can spot monkeys, fruit bats and various species of water and migratory birds, as well as other fauna and flora — a photographers treat.


Safari to view nature’s best

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a nursery and breeding ground for wild Asian elephants. It’s a great place to get up close and personal with the mammals. Visitors can also feed the animals from a high point. You can also embark on a safari to view nature’s best.

Tea gardens spanning across lush fields denote the country’s booming tea production. Fresh, aromatic and bursting with flavour, Sri Lanka’s tea leaves are fragrant and refreshing, not to mention it offers great value for quality. It is also proud of its traditional crafts that showcase its distinct culture. Sri Lanka is also an attractive destination for medical tourism with world-class internationally accredited healthcare about 70 per cent comparatively cheaper than Singapore and Thailand.

Spas and massages are a favourite among tourists offering mineral-enriched packs and herbal, therapeutic concoctions to melt stress away.

According to the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA), the country saw a 19.8 per cent rise in tourist arrivals in 2014 with 1,527,153 visitors compared to 1,274,593 in 2013.

In January 2012, the country introduced the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for short-term visa in order to ease the flow of arrivals.


Ideal holiday destination

A chunk of Sri Lanka’s GDP comes from tourism and in an attempt to further raise numbers; the Ministry of Economic Development launched a five-year Tourism Development Strategy where it aims to reach a target number of 2.5 million visitors by the year 2016. This includes improving the country’s infrastructure, agriculture and product market.

A report by the Department of Census and Statistics shows that Sri Lanka’s GDP expanded by 7.7 per cent in the third quarter of 2014, compared to the same period the year before. Agriculture and tea production takes precedence in exports aside from textiles and rubber.

Keeping up with the rest of the world, Sri Lanka has set Millennium Development Goals (MDG) as a priority in the national agenda in a bid to improve the overall structure of the nation and combat poverty by the end of year 2015.

Its lush cities combined with warm hospitality and scrumptious food makes it an ideal holiday destination, attracting thousands of tourists every year. The UAE is home to a number of Sri Lankan expats, who take up respectable positions and contribute to their home country’s economy via remittances. The nation is on its way to steady growth alongside notable tourism and investment opportunities.

Courtesy: Farhana Chowdhury for Khaleej Times


Why Indian visits to Sri Lanka (Few Reasons to visit Sri Lanka)

Srilanka is a fast growing tourist destination in South Asian country which attracts more Sri Lanka Honeymoon Packages and Typical Sri Lanka cultured wedding Packages.  In addition to that Sri Lanka cater to all needs of your tourism in nature, Beaches, Wild life safaris, cultural tours, Sri Lanka History tour, Honeymoon Tour, Education Tour and Shopping tours within this tiny island.

But for last 20 years Indian Tourist to Sri Lanka is keeping as higher number of foreign tourist arrivals, these days the Indian tourist arrivals denoted about 16% of total tourist arrivals of Sri Lanka tourism.

There are few reasons for Indian Tourist to visit Sri Lanka

Cost of Air Travel Cost (Flight to Sri Lanka)

Flights are quite affordable, A Delhi-Kochi return fare for weekend would cost INR 16,905 while a Colombo return would cost INR 22,576. Plus,  of course a ‘foreign’ tag to boast about.

VISA Process

The Emigration and Travel Approval or ETA, equivalent to a visa, is online and comes in minutes. Immigration clearance in Colombo is a breeze with travellers getting a free SIM card.


Booked online with no advance required – all payments on arrival. The rates for decent three to four star hotels range between INR 7,000 and 12,000 with breakfast and wifi free.


Freely available and fairly cheap. Unlike Kerala you don’t have to hide beer in coffee mugs at bars

Getting around

The expressway to the city from the airport is a smooth drive. Cars can do up to 120 kmph on the southern expressway though many prefer the longer, more scenic route. Highway to Jaffna also good.


Quite cheap with plentiful seafood, and so are taxis and public transport


Not on the scale of Bangkok but Colombo does offer quite a few international brands at bargain prices. Also does great linen and handlooms


How to Reserve(book) Srilankan Train Service

Srilankan Railway is one of the best to discover Srilanka, its one of the best and favorite mode of transport by tourist and local.

There are few approched to reserve your trains in advance,


1] Visiting Railway Stations – From 14 days before the Date of the Journey

Railway Station Telephone Number From 14 Days before the Date of the Journey, in Weekdays – Open Between
Colombo Fort – Reservation Office 011-2432908 06.00 to 12.00 and 12.30 to 14.00
Kandy 081-2222271 08.00 to 16.00
Badulla 055-2222271 08.00 to 16.00
Anuradhapura 025-2222271 08.00 to 16.00
Vavuniya 024-2222271 08.00 to 16.00


2] Calling Mobitel Call-Center – only for Colombo-Kandy Intercity Trains – From 28 Days before the Date of the Journey

Steps to Follow –

1. Dial 365 in your Mobitel Telephone

2. The Mobitel Call Centre Operator will answer

3. Give your requirement and reserve your seat

4. You will receive a Reference Number through SMS

5. Show ( or tell ) this Reference Number to the Station Master ( at Colombo Fort, Gampaha, Peradeniya or Kandy ) or to any of the Mobitel Billing Centres

6. Then, you will receive the Train Ticket ( M-Ticket)

7. Your Train Fare will be added to the Mobitel Bill.

This facility will be extended to other Intercity Trains.


but most of the time the reservation could be done in a 2 weeks, if it is a observation or a first class only needed to book before 28 days of  journey.

and the reservation will be turf in Season Periods as follows,

January – New Year Period

April – Sinhala & Tamil New Year period

May – Vesak Fullmoon days

August – School Holidays

December – Christmas and School holiday periods

other than this, the reservation would be much easier and better too

Cinnamon air- Wings of Sri Lanka Now easy to fly anywhere of your choices

The Cinnamon air- Wings of Sri Lanka are offering unbelievable experience of 60 minutes or less to fly your destination and experience the picturesque island paradise like never before.

Now you can enjoy 40% savings on Cinnamon air with American express. Exclusively for all American Express card members including corporate card members. Use your American express card to fly Cinnamon Air and discover a whole new level of service in domestic air travel with exceptional passenger care.

Operating scheduled flights form Bandaranaike International Airport and Waters Edge Sri Jayewardenepura to key destination in the island, the exceptional charted service gives you in unmatched level of freedom, flexibility and luxury. Escape the travel time and enjoy the journey.

Now you can conduct Cinnamon Air Wings of Sri Lanka on hotline of 0112475475 for reservations valid from 8th September to 31st October 2013.

For more details and terms and conditions please visit NTB PLC is a licensed Commercial bank supervised by Central bank of Sri Lanka American express is a trademark of American express. The card is issued by NTB PLC pursuant to a license from American express.

For more information see below image

Cinnamon air- Wings of Sri Lanka Now easy to fly anywhere of your choices
Cinnamon air- Wings of Sri Lanka Now easy to fly anywhere of your choices

Colombo – Kilinochchi/ Kilinochchi – Colombo Train(Rail) Service starts from Sunday 15th September 2013 ( Time Table attached)

Sri Lanka Railways (SLR) will operate three trains to Kilinochchi daily commencing Sunday.

A SLR spokesman said this will include the Yal Devi which operated up to Omanthai earlier, the Deyata Kirula intercity train which ran upto Medawachchiya earlier and the night mail train from Colombo.

According to the schedule, the Yal Devi will leave Colombo Fort at 5.45 am and reach the Kilinochchi station at 12.35pm. The Deyata Kirula intercity train will leave the Colombo Fort station at 6.50 am and reach the Kilinochchi station at 11.48 pm, and The night mail train will leave the Colombo Fort station at 10.15pm and arrive at Kilinochchi at 4.10am (next day).

In the return journey, the Yal Devi will leave the Kilinochchi station at 6 am and arrive at the Colombo Fort station at 1pm. The Deyata Kirula intercity train will leave Kilinochchi at 2.18 pm and reach Colombo Fort at 7.16pm.

Meanwhile, the night mail train will leave the Kilinochchi station at 8.30 pm and arrive at Colombo Fort at 4.40 am (next day).

– Government of Sri Lanka News –

Island wide Hotel Promotions for the HSBC Credit Cards

The great escape amazing hotel deals across the country for that spontaneous gate way.

There are many hotels around srilanka offers you the discounts upto 35% for your HSBC Credit cards.

Here are some of the hotels are listed, for more information and detail discount information see below image.


  • Cocoon Resort Induruwa -0115744400
  • Temple tree resort Bentota- 0342270700
  • Roman lanka Balapitiya – 0115739986
  • Roman Beach Hkkaduwa  011573986
  • Jetwing Kurulubedda – 0777385928
  • Galle Heritage Villa -0775441451
  • ERA Beach- 0776441461,
  • Villa 700- 0776441461
  • Mosvold Villa- 0776441461
  • saffron & Blue-0776441461
  • Royal Palms-0342228113-7
  • Ceylon Hotel Coorporation, Bentota- 0112541010
  • Heritance, Ahungalla 0112308408
  • The Sands Kalutara -0112308408
  • Tangarein Hotel, Kalutara-034227295
  • AvaniBentota- 0114790500
  • Ceylon Hotel Corporation – Weliga-0112541010
  • Jetwing Light House –Galle-077385928
  • Peacock Beach Hotel- Hambantota-0312276717
  • Ceylon Hotel Corporation – 0112 541 010
  • Grand Udawalawa – 047 22 32 000
  • Taprospa Thissamaharama – 0114 380 707
  • Jetwing Blue Negambo – 0312277138-40
  • Jetwing Lagoon Negambo – 0312277138-30
  • Mount-lavinia Hotel- 0112711711
  • Pegass Wattala-0112930205-9
  • Swiss Residence Kandy-0812204646/7
  • Jetwing Warwick Gardens Ambewela-0773426453
  • Earl’s Regency, Kandy-011308408
  • Bandarawela Hotel- 011308408
  • Orient Hotel, Bandarawela- 0112327959
  • Mahaweli Reach – kandy- 0812472737
  • Ceylon Hotel Corporation , Kitulgala-0112541010


Island wide Hotel Promotions for the HSBC Credit Cards
Island wide Hotel Promotions for the HSBC Credit Cards

Tamil – English / English – Tamil Dictionary for USD 14.20 (Free Shipping to Worldwide)

Tamil – English  English – Tamil Dictionary for USD 14.20 (Free Shipping to Worldwide)
Tamil – English English – Tamil Dictionary for USD 14.20 (Free Shipping to Worldwide)

Over 52 million people speak Tamil in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore, with an estimated 800,000 speakers elsewhere in the world. The official language of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Tamil has a rich literary tradition dating back to the third century BC. This essential resource provides an introduction to the cultures and histories of Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia, in addition to an extensive two-way dictionary, comprehensive phrasebook, and basic grammar. All Tamil entries are presented in the Roman alphabet to aid the English speaker, but the book also introduces the native script with a detailed pronunciation guide. The phrasebook offers guidance to travellers in a range of settings from the hospital to the Internet cafe. Each phrasebook chapter contains a section called ‘What You May Hear’ that prepares the travellers for common responses in each situation.

Price: USD. 14.20

Delivery: World Wide for Free of Charge

Dispatch: within 48 Hours

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Expo Rail Reviews and Tips for Reservation

The Expo Lanka a leading conglomerate business entity in Sri Lanka offers its Super Luxury Rail Service in Sri Lanka.

The Services are Offer for the Main Routes of

Colombo to Kandy (07:00 to 09:30) & Kandy to Colombo (15:00 to 17.30)

Colombo to Badulla (08:15 to 17:53) & Badulla to Colombo (10:00 to 20.25)

Colombo to Vavuniya (16:20 to 21:10) & Vavuniya to Colombo (05:45 to 10.25)

Colombo to Trincomalee (21:00 to 05:10) & Trincomalee to Colombo (19:30 to 04.05)


Things to Consider before Booking Expo Rails

The Expo Rail Compartment is contains 40 sears with 10 rows in total, where you may not gets chance see outside if you’re not book window side seats and its depend on the seats you books.

Specially if your travels to Kandy or Badulla its always better to check with Expo when will Open Deck Compartment will run ( 1 Open Deck Compartment will running to Badulla out of total 8 Expo Rail Compartment), which makesure your not getting disappointment while your journey.

Specially if your nature lover its recommended to check with expo when will Open Deck is available and book accordingly or Book Window side seats.

The Below Window Sides do have much advantages compare to other seats,

4A & 4D – You could see outside without any Crossing of Windows

7A & 7D – You could see outside without any Crossing of Windows

1A & 1D – You could see outside, but Air-condition will be Too much,

10A & 10D – You could see outside but it is a last seats

2A & 2D – lesser the change to see outside, due to seats located in between windows

5A & 5D – lesser the change to see outside, due to seats located in between windows

8A &8D – lesser the change to see outside, due to seats located in between windows
Don’t Book Below seats if you Unable to find any of above Mention seats Number

3A & 3D – You can’t see anything in outside

6A & 6D – You can’t see anything in outside

9A & 9D – You can’t see anything in outside


Facilities in Expo Rail

Compare to any other mode of transport the Expo Rail provide the luxury journey to your desire location of Colombo, Kandy, Badulla, Vavuniya and Trincomalee.

The Expo Rail compartment is made in India and brought it in Sri Lanka for luxury travels of train services in srilanka with Private Public Entity with Expo & Railway Department of Sri Lanka.

The Expo rail is full air-conditioning and maintains the temperature as 21 Celsius to keep you cool. And leather and Fabric Seating and Lighting Brings you the Aero Plane imagination with very well trained cabin crews.

The Expo Rail itself with Modern Toilet facilities with well cleaned. And Expo Rail do have electric Plug points near to every seats to charge your Laptop, Tablet or Mobile in your journey (as long your travels).

For your entertainment expo arrange the TV Shows in entire your journey with English Movies and short programmes of Mind your Languages etc and a Few Wi-Fi facility…


Food and Services

The Expo Rail provides its breakfast, lunch and Dinner according to your journey period. And Breakfast is mostly from the Paan Paan in Colombo and Lunch and Dinner according to the travels. And the Tea or Coffee provides according in morning and evening and depends on your travels.

The Other than Breakfast Lunch and Dinner is not up to the quality as expects. Most of the time foreigners don’t wish to try it (Appreciate if they could improve quality).


The Expo Rail Ride

The While its Luxury compartment, due to the rail track, which you may enjoy the bumpy Journey, which makes your uncomfortable to eat or drink what, served in board.


Cost & Benefits of Expo Rail

Route One Way Return
Colombo to Kandy

Rs. 1,450.00

Rs. 2,900.00

Colombo to Badulla

Rs. 1,975.00

Rs. 3,950.00

Colombo to Vavuniya

Rs. 1,700.00

Rs. 3,400.00

Colombo to Trincomalee

Rs. 1,900.00

Rs. 3,900.00



While the cost of travel is triple the amount of First Class of railway Couches, it is recommended who needs air-conditioning Environment with clean seats attached to Plug Points to carried out your day today activities with Free Wi-Fi.

The Clean Toilets and Well served Cabin Crews would be another main reason for the safe journey to your desire location.

In Over all be mindful to book your seat with window side as stated above and avoid disappointment on your journey.

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Expo Rail Toilet and Cleanness
Expo Rail Toilet and Cleanness
Expo Rail Toilet and Cleanness
Expo Rail Toilet and Cleanness
Expo Rail Toilet and Cleanness
Expo Rail Toilet and Cleanness
Expo Rail Toilet and Cleanness
Expo Rail Toilet and Cleanness
Expo Rail Tea
Expo Rail Tea
Expo Rail Seats and Leg Space
Expo Rail Seats and Leg Space
Expo Rail Seats
Expo Rail Seats
Expo Rail Reviews and Tips for Reservation
Expo Rail Reviews and Tips for Reservation
Expo Rail Plug Points
Expo Rail Plug Points
Expo Rail Refershment
Expo Rail Refershment
Expo Rail Reviews and Tips for Reservation
Expo Rail Reviews and Tips for Reservation

Master Card Promotions in Sri Lanka

Use your MasterCard or maestro to get exclusive offers when you holiday in Srilanka.


25% off on room rates and 20% off on liquor and extras at Citrus Hikkaduwa. Visit for more information

Casons Tours

15% off on package tours and car rentals, Visit for more information

Siddhalepa Ayurveda Resorts & Spa

25% off on bookings made at  & on Spa treatments at Colombo International Airport Transit Hotel and Colombo 07.

See below image for more information see below image

Master Card Promotions in Sri Lanka
Master Card Promotions in Sri Lanka

Discovery Trincomalee with Mix History with pleasure

The Sri Lanka Navy offers the adventure trips in Trincomalee on weekends at an affordable price of Rs. 2500 Per Person. The visits are inclusive of

  • Boat Trip
  • History Trail
  • Lunch at Sober island Restaurant
  • Navel Museum Visit & Tea
  • Sea Bath at Elephant Point Beach

The packages are offer only on every Saturdays and Sunday from 9.00 Am to 5.00 Pm.

For more information contact no on 0113 818214 / 0113 134774

see below image for more information

Discovery Trincomalee with Mix History with pleasure
Discovery Trincomalee with Mix History with pleasure

First Naval Museum in Trincomalee Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s first naval museum is scheduled to be opened in Trincomalee on February 4 on 65th Independence Day.

The museum is housed in the building where the Trincomalee Naval Commandant’s office was located during the periods of Dutch and British rule.

The building overlooking the Trincomalee Black Bay was in a dilapidated state for more than half a century. It was renovated under a joint project funded by the Government of Netherlands and the Government of Sri Lanka, having preserved the building’s Dutch architectural design