Airtel Customer care or Front line Staff and Unsatisfied Customer

Bharti Airtel Lanka is in a position to failure as per my personal point of view,

Airtel Promotions in Jaffna.
Airtel Promotions in Jaffna.

The reasons I founded in Srilanka Bharti Airtel Head office and Pettah Outlet

  • Lack of Staff Commitment of the service,

Staffs in the customer care and the front line not efficient as the service provided in Dialog service. It’s because of lack of the knowledge or unwillingness of service

  • Staff Personal Behaviors with Customers

The Staffs are more likely to having a inter communication with staffs than the customers or clients.

  • Lack of Discipline

The staffs are more preferably likely to wear their own was of dressing than the process.

Specially the Pettah Branch staffs having their Lunch on their Front line desk [my personal Observation].

  • Higher Waiting time

The noon time there is a higher waiting time to meet the front line staffs helps; today I wait for a 1 hour to get the service from front line staffs with unsatisfied service.

Its hope the Bharti Airtel will be close their Srilankan venture soon, finally I am end up with dialog again,

 as Know devil [Dialog] is better than Unknown [Airtel].

The learning from the Warren Buffett investment strategy

Warren Buffett is a role model for most of the investors or beginners of investments. Most of the people try to find his investment strategies or tips to be success. But most of the beginners want to get immediate capital gains on their investment.

This is totally different strategy of Warren Buffett.

What I learn from Warren Buffett.

Invest for Long term

Warren Buffett is always prefers to invest and hold for long term than the short term profits. Specially when his investments are reaching a higher gains in short terms even, he hold those stocks rather than to exit those and enjoy profits.

He believe the market is the friend of him, as he often says if your treat your friend nicely he will treat you nicely.

Don’t worry about short term Fluctuations

Don’t worry about the short term market fluctuations, every business have an up and down with seasons, so don’t go with the seasonal fluctuations and confused with your investments. Better wait for long time, and see fluctuations and take decisions on it.

Buy good business not stock

Warren Buffett prefers to buy business rather than stock. He mainly focuses on the business management and companies’ financial health. Before he invests, he mostly consider about the business rather than the stock fluctuations.

He practices to buy the stock at the lower or reasonable price.

Buy the business the industry you can understand

This is Warren Buffett common understanding, such to invest the known business and the known business growth for long term. By knowing the company background and financial futures only help the investors to make sure the investment to be valid.

Warren Buffett ignore to buy Technology Company because, he couldn’t understand the long term business perspective of technology.

Better not to be an active trader

Warren Buffett always prefers to not to be an active trader, the active trader is only focuses on the short term investment rather than the long term capital gains.

And active trading is a costly approach and high brokerage payments. Rather than be more active trader and spend lots of money on it, better to be inactive trader and focus long term.

 Don’t over diversify

Warren Buffett advises to have small number of diversification in investment. Better to have a range between 5 to10.

Better the short list of diversification is good to be having focus on it. By evaluating the correct business and invest of long term, needs not to be disturbing the focus.

Market is your friend

Warren Buffett often says market is your friend, so better to deal with the friend nicely and not disturbed too much. While we understand the market and focus long term, the friend with you for long term and make your portfolio to grow.

Designated Smoking Area


“Smoking lead to Cancer” even it’s printed in Cigarette Packs, the total Consumers of Cigarettes are increase by year and year.

Srilankan Government introduces many regulations to reduce the Cigarette consumers, but Ceylon Tobacco is the company is always awarded’ better co-operate responsibility award’.  And The Ceylon Tobacco is the only monopoly in the market to producing Cigarettes.

Smoking and Regulations

The government was implement regulations to the Smokers, not to smoke in the Public Places. But special instructions given to hotels and restaurants, allocate separate place to smoker.

After implementations it was bit effective for short times, later smokers are freely smoke as their wish,

Designated Smoking Area

Designated Smoking Area
Designated Smoking Area

But unfortunately I have seen specific place which allocated to smokers, but most of the smokers are smoking in their table.

While asked to the owner or manager of the Restaurant, he says most of illegal Smokers or Drug users using that’s room. That’s why the restaurant management decides to close that room.

Practical Difficulty of Designated Smoking Area.

There are some practical Difficulties to implement the new systems, the better way of reducing the smokers are by increasing the taxes on cigarettes and sub drugs.

Can Africa Success?


When anyone says Africa, we think the Poverty and Political Conflicts. But Africa is Icon for tourism and the wealth too. Most of the people in Africa now understand the needs of Education and Economic Development.

Education Opportunity

The Africa Continent is mostly known as black Continent of World, but most of us haven’t seen the real picture of Africa. Most of the Africans are empowering now, and re-boost their economy via the personal representation.

Most of the African Countries have natural resources in it. These recourses are attracting the foreign investments the same time Political Problems too.

The recent development in Africa is considerably better than other regions of South America. Specially the African’s are understand the needs of Educations, Empowerment of youths, Empowerment of Women and Human rights and understand the world changes.

Sad Story of African

The sad Story is where the African’s who live in Europe or USA and all over the world, is reluctant to help their home land. If the USA based Black Americans help to Africa, the Africa can be a powerful Continent in the world or at least to self sufficient their needs.

I personally feel the Black Americans or Europe based Africans are happy to enjoy their freedoms and Economic wealth, rather than help their home land to enjoy the same education and economy.

The worst case is the South Africa [one of the African Country] the country enjoying the benefits of Economic wealth and educations, But they are not support any other countries to develop educational standard or Economic achievements.

Can African Success?

My current answer is YES, if anyone asked me three month ago I might says NOT.

This is because I knew some of bright sign from Africa Development.

 This 21st century Africa can develop their self sufficiency and be leader with the educational Developments. India is a great example for Africa to Learn.

Necessity of Individual Revolution

Revolutions mean a fundamental changes or structural changes.

Every individual should have a skill of be differentiating form others, the individual who think differently are only, achieve their targets or objectives.

Individual characteristic for revolutions

  • Better inter personal skill

The interpersonal skill is made differentiate each others,

Such as the way of speck, way of behave.

  • Vision and objective

The individual should have a vision and objectives to achieve. The individuals should adopt the uncertainty and developed his or her objectives.

  • Direct view

The person should have a direct view in every activity he or she carried out. They should know about the clear focus in their future.

  • Supportive

The individuals should be supportive of any actions carried out by his follows or team member. Specially he or she should develop his skill as mentor for them.

  • Educate and communication

The individuals should communicate easily and educate others what he know,

  • Positive thinking

The individuals should have a positive thinking; the positive thinking is feels, the impossible targets also to be possible.

  • Planning

The individuals should have a planning skill; most of the successful leaders are allocate their 5% of their time to be planning their actions.

  • Self motivations

The self motivation is important to developed his or her personal charismatic to develop,

Telling his or herself i am the winner. I am the champion.

  • Understanding the failure

To understanding failure means know the possibilities of failures and the acceptability of failures.

Most of the leaders who achieve their objectives have most of the above skills, everyone knew their future is different from others, because they think differently and act differently.

Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, Che, Ambani, Joseph Stalin, APJ Abdul Kalam, Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein and so on…

Therefore individual revolution is an important to,the individual who want to be different.

Ceylon Tea or Srilanka Tea


Srilankan Tea is well known as ‘Ceylon Tea”. The Ceylon Tea is a one of the most selling origin tea.

Ceylon Teas are most forums for Aroma and the unique blend. Approximately 25% of the world population is preferred tea as a Beverage.

Types of Tea

  • Black Tea
  • Green tea
  • Silver tips tea
  • Golden tips tea

Grades of Tea,

  • BOP                – Broken Orange Pekoe
  • BOP sp            – Broken Orange Pekoe Special
  • BOPF              – Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings
  • FBOP              – Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe
  • FBOPF            – Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings
  • OP                   – Orange Pekoe
  • OPA                – Orange Pekoe A
  • OP1                 – Orange Pekoe 1
  • BP                   – Broken Pekoe
  • DUST


The Packing are varying based on the buyers’ requirement. But most of the companies are following the blow packing.

  • Bulk packing
  • Packets
  • Tea bags
  • Bottles
  • Tins
  • Wooden Boxes
  • Gift Packs
  • And other Special designs,

Certificates Required for Exporting

The Exporters are highly consideration quality in production. Most of the  Srilankan Exporting Companies need the following certificates to do the export markets

  • Country Origin Certificates
  • HACCP – Hazard Analysis certificate, it’s essential for Quality Measures.
  • Health Certificate – issued by Health Ministry.
  • Insurance Policies.
  • Inspection Certificates SGS or Intertek
  • ISO 22000
  • Europe GAP[ Generalized System Preference ]
  • Analysis Certificates

Source of tea

The Tea using for the export or domestic market needs to buy from the Auctions held by Tea Brokers. Approximately 80% of tea is directly coming to the auction and sell to the tea exporting companies or domestic sellers.

Tea related Organizations in Srilanka.

  • Srilanka Tea Board
  • Tea small Holders development authority.
  • Tea association of Srilanka
  • Colombo Tea Traders associations
  • Colombo Brokers Associations
  • Tea exporters associations

The Key words in Exam Questions

The pass or the failure is depending on the answer of the questions; to understanding the question is necessary to understand the question,

Therefore it’s important to understand the key word or Critical words using in question paper ,

Here are some examples,

  • List

If a question asks to list down the benefits of ERP, the student should list the Benefits of ERP. In this question, Definition of ERP is not needed. Only marks will provided for listing the points.

  • State

When question has key word of State, the student should clearly explain the requirements and the facts to supporting to their points.

  • Define

This is where students need to define the words what require by examiner marks allocated only for defining.

  • Distinguish

The student needs to highlights the difference as their requirement. Point outs of the clear differentiation bring marks.

  • Explain

Student needs to provide clear meanings of their requirements,

  • Identifies

This is where students need to recognized or identified the necessary information from the case give,

  • Illustrate

This is where students ask to explain their points with the real case examples,

  • Apply

Students need to be using the practical situation to answer these questions, specially applying theories to Practical situation.

  • Calculate

Requesting to mathematical calculations,

  • Demonstrate

Students requires to provides a practical meanings or practical applications on that,

  • Prepare

Students ask use the given approaches in questions,

  • Solve

Student asks to find an answer for it; marks are base on their arguments,

  • Analysis

Examining the given details of given information,

  • Categories

Students asked to explain the divisions or classifications of it,

  • Compare and Contrast

Students are ask to show similarities and differentiations of its,

  • Construct

To building up the arguments,

  • Discuss

Detail arguments of the given information,

  • Interpret

Explain in familiar terms,

  • Priorities

Answering in order, placing the orders in the answers,

  • Produce

Create Arguments,

  • Advise

Students ask to counsel based on give case,

  • Evaluate

Making discussion and recommendations

  • Recommend

Students ask to give a recommendation for the give case or the problems.

How to Pass Exams

This is a most of the student questions. Whenever the students are facing exams, they want to know how I can pass this exam.

Most of the examiners are answering this question each and every Paper Reviews, their recommendation is

“Answer the Question ask”

When a student sees this answer from the examiners, student feels their examiners are playing fool with them, but the real case is that’s the obvious answer for how to pass the exams.

Student’s common mistakes in reading questions

  • Read the question without understanding,
  • Read the question based on their know knowledge basis
  • Not to understand how many Sub question in the questions,

Therefore students are always instruct to do the following methods to pass their exams,

  • Read Question Carefully
  • Understand the Question with their Syllabus area.
  • Identifies how may Sub Questions are available in Each questions,
  • Analysis how many marks are allocated for each Sub questions,
  • Identifying the time Allocation for each sub questions,

Most of the Students made mistakes on Understanding the question request by Examiners. Therefore each student has responsibility to understand the differentiation of key Words of the Questions.

Lack of Resource Utilization


The resource utilization is an important activity for every organization; to achieving their financial or non financial objectives. it’s necessary to use the available resource in maximizing benefit.

From single entrepreneur to multinational organizations are use their available resources to value added to their businesses. If anyone fail to use their resources to maximize benefit, it’s because of lack of the knowledge of resource utilization or unidentified their resources correctly.

The following example is my observation, and it’s not against to any businesses.


Lack of Resource utilization
Lack of Resource utilization

The above photo I have taken in front of the Armour Street Bus stand. This is one of the bus stand, which people mostly use, for a minutes more than 300 vehicles may traveling this road. Therefore the business in this road is using their shops or show room as advertisements as well.

When I see the above mention shop I couldn’t able to see a any value addition to their display of their good.

I feel this shop has founded the value of resource but not willing to maximize it, for Support my arguments,

  • The name board of the organization and failure of maintenance.

This is a lack of resource utilization, even they understand the need of name board but reluctant to maintain. This activity may lead the consumer to feel the relevant organization’s services are not up to the standards.

  • Lack of maintenance of displays,

If you see the above photo can be understand how they display their product. This leads the customer or consumer to dissatisfied their service,

The customers should be initial attract; if the organization fails to achieve their objectives.

  • Lack of the massage given to public,

Their name board mentions they are selling the Cotto Tiles and the Cotto Sanitary ware and hardware. But as a public that was the first time I heard the name of the tiles and sanitary ware and hardware. Their marketing and the promotional activities are the lack of knowledge and lack of resource utilizations. 

  • Lack of understand of the integer designs for marketing,

The integer designs are very important to a organization to be maximize their land or building to develops as a brand name. These costs are once in happens and will leads a huge benefits to the organizations for long times.

How to maximize the resource utilizations

  • Initial attractiveness to the consumers.

The initial attractiveness will help for an organization to create a new profitable customer based. Most of the businesses are very careful about their front line office or customer care officers. Because it’s one of the a critical success factor for them. 

  • Well maintain displays and the integer designs

The displays and the integer designs are very important to attract the customer to made initial impression about the product or service and organization. Specially integer designs are huge participation of the better display tracts in practices.

  • Spend a bit of money to initial impression and the attracting new customers.

 These expenses are long-term investment in promotion activities. This will help for maximizing the resource unitizations and maximizing profit making abilities to the organization.


 It’s important to organization to be providing a good service to the customer and value added their purchases and be value for money.

 If not all theses marketing expense are valueless…

Best Place to Advertise in Armour Street

The Armour Street bus stop is most famous for stopping buses for long time And make them to feel bad. Especially bus routes of 155, 176 and other long trip routes are using this bus stand for take in and out the passengers.

As a regular passenger of bus route 155, I found it’s unconvinced for all passengers; the buses are stopped for next bus to come. But I have seen there are some of advertising boards which represent their brands and their messages,

Such as Coca Cola, Airline passenger services, Airtel, Dialog and so on.

All the banners and boards are targeting to the passengers to view. But I personally felt those banners and boards are not viewed by most of the passengers.

The reason is they misplaced their advertisment. I found a unique place, which is mostly view and unuse for any businesses.

Best Place to Advertise in Armour Street
Best Place to Advertise in Armour Street

From the one side of the road to another side of the road there is an apartment. The apartment back wall is facing to the Armour Street. each and every house having windows in their back wall.

Therefore no one was trying to do an advertisement in their walls with negotiating with them. Those walls are really excellent place to be advertised a branded products which made more familiar to the brand,

Advantages of using that space,

  • Direct view to all buses which stops in Armour street bus stand. Therefore the number of viewers will be higher,
  • It may be a cheaper advertisement opportunity to follow and cost benefits
  • Easily to get thing done from the resident in the apartments
  • Using the all the available space in those full building, may lead a huge advertisement to the branded products
  • Development of the positioning image.

Problems of that advertisement

  • May be a problem to negotiate the residents
  • May replace their window by providing some additional facilities to get sun light to their homes.
  • Question of the long-term  agreement with the residents
  • If the bus route change, its became a uncover addition expenditure.

But whoever take risk enjoy benefits. Its common rule is for business.

Defences Against Takeover bids

When a company bid to a target company the following techniques use by Target Company to against their takeover bids.

Before the bid

  • Effective communication with share holders

When a target company gets to know there are going to bid by other companies, the target company will start the effective communicational with shareholder to not to sell their shares to others.

  • Poison Pills

This is where the target company issues bonds or preference shares which can be convert as an ordinary share at the takeover points. This technique is use to threat the bidder to spend much more for acquiring the target company.

  • Shark repellent super majority

This is usually happen to the target companies. This is where change articles of association to very high percentage of shares approve an acquisition or merger.

For example

Convert the 80% of share approvals to acquisition or merger.

  • High assets value

Revalue the fixed assets value and show the companies true value to the acquirer.

After the bid

  • Rejection letter

When a target company received the bidders offer document, the target company must reply to the share holders within 14 days. The letter should Constant the position of the organisation and what are they going to do feather.

  • Profit forecast

The target explains their profit forecast to the stakeholders and says their expected returns in future as this.

This forecast should be a viable and achievable to the company, if not its create the company value feather less than now.

  • Attacking to bidder

This is where typically evaluate the bidder’s strategies and the financial source and attack back to the bidder.

  • White Knight

Bring a favourable investor or a partner to counter bid to the original acquiring company.

  • Regulatory protections

This is where the target company seeks the government intervention to the takeover bid and announce as takeover is not possible due public interest.

  • Advertising campaigns

Create a high level of advertising against to takeover bid and use that advertisement to show their power to all stakeholders.

Public Private Partnerships

The Public Private Partnership is where a government organization gets together with private partnerships.

The private partnerships can be stoke exchange, or joint ventures, venture capitals, organizational Partnership  and any other private source of funds.

This partnerships are creates a strengths and weaknesses.

Advantages or Strengths

Advantages or Strengths for Government entity to jounce hand with Private Partnership

  • Funding options

This private partnership will be a source funding to government origination.

  • High technology involvements

This leads to introduce new technology to be economic and efficient

  • Cooperate knowledge

The private partnerships may come with the excess of cooperate knowledge, which will success their operations.

  • Improvement of the service quality of staffs

The private partnerships will expect to improve the staff’s efficiency, and reduce the operating cost.

Advantages or Strengths for Private Partnership to jounce hand with Government entity

  • Easy to enter the market

The government support will help to enter the market in the country or specific business industry.

  • Special tax exemptions

For the government partnership some governments are allows the tax exempted for certain time period.

  • May support to bank loans at special rates

If the government jounce hand private partnership for knowledge, than government provides special bank loans with lesser interest rates.

  • Brand name

Depend on the brand name ownership this partnership will help to develop their product or service widely.

Disadvantages or Weaknesses

Disadvantages or Weaknesses for Government entity to jounce hand with Private Partnership

  • Lost the purpose of public entity,

With the private partnership the public sector will lost their main objective of serving to the general public.

  • Misuse of the government supports

The partnership company can be misuse the government support for some of their other businesses.

  • The influence of private partnership of setting the prices,

Disadvantages or Weaknesses for Private Partnership to jounce hand with Government entity

  • Too much of political involvement

The too much of political involvement will lead to unsuccessful of the business entity.

  • Government policy changes and the regulations

After sometimes it’s difficult to be operate with new policies and the regulations passed by government

  • Government stability

The operations should have a proper mission and vision to be continuing. It should not effect if the government changes.

  • Rules and regulations for taken back their investment or their profits.

The rules and regulations should be understandable to how to exit from the partnership or how to take their income to their country.

  • May lose of brand name, if the process is fail.

If the project is fail, the private company may have chances to lose their brand name in their home market.

Merger and Acquisition [M&A]


Merger define as “where two companies have agreed to integrated operations and as emerged to a new company together”.

For example:-

A company A and company B merger and create as a new entity of company C. in the same time company A and B also Exiting their businesses.

The acquisition is where to define as “this is where a company[X] purchases another company[Y] and be identical as same as before[X]”.

For Example:-

When company X Purchases the company Y and be company X. after the Acquisition there is no company Y to be Exiting.

Reasons for Acquisitions and merger

  • The synergy effect

Combination is creating greater value than individual.

  • Economies of scale

The combination will lead to reduction of cost through the rationalization of functions.

  • To increase market share

Combination leads to lager customer base, and reduce of competition due to synergic effects.

  • Tax benefits

The firm can claims tax reliefs for a group.  [When the acquiring company is in loss position its help the acquirer to claim as tax benefits for short time]

  • To take advantages of other firm

Its help to improve the technical, management expertise is combining to build a more efficient and competitive advantage.

  • Utilization of surplus cash

Its help the merger or acquisition to use the surplus cash to the investment opportunity.

Problems with merger and Acquisition

  • Lack of goal congruence

The merged organizations might not have a clear direction with regards to their strategies.

  • Over Valuation or Under Valuation of new company

Some cases paying over value and acquire the company may not getting their expected value for their investment.

  • Purchase of cheap company

Buying a company when it’s available to cheaper rate, but sometimes the company brought may not related to the company’s operations.

  • Purchase made diversified risks

To been diversified in to too many businesses may lead lost the brand name or the total value of the company.

  • Improper management of post acquisition or post merger,

After the merger or acquisition the companies may feel it’s not run properly or as their expectations.

Financial options of Acquisition or merger

Payment through cash

The payment through the cash is not practically follows because of shortage of cash [liquidity]. But only benefit of payment method is to getting maximum benefits of acquisition or merger.

A Share exchange

This is where the exchanging the acquirer company shares instead of acquire company shares. This approach is dealing without any cash transaction. But while the time existing shareholders of acquire company enjoy the ownership undisrupted.


In practical situation of the merger and acquisition are fail of 95%. Because the mergers or acquisitions are may not according with the organizational mission and vision statements. When the understandability and sharing the information’s within the merger or acquired companies not efficient the chance of failure is high.

In practical the financing options are not purely cash or shares. It’s happen with mixing percentages such as 50:50, 40:60 or 60:40.

Therefore the merger and acquisition companies should understand “their purpose of the business and what business are they in?”

Rational Planning Model [RPM]

The rational planning model is a model commonly uses for the business evaluations and strategic decision making purposes. Specially in CIMA examination focus rational planning model as a critical subjects for management students.

But there are only few points to be remembering for rational planning model. The subject of Enterprise strategy [E3] and enterprise management [E2] are mostly focus on rational planning model.

Its containing of

  • Mission and Objectives
  • Position Audit
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Co-operate appraisal
  • Strategic option generation
  • Strategic option evaluation and choice
  • Strategic implementation
  • Review and control

From review and control again continues with position audit and the environmental analysis.[its repeat the same process again and again]

Mission and Objectives

The mission and objectives are related to create the mission and objective of the organisations. When making the mission and objective the following should be considers,

  • Importance of Stakeholders and stakeholders power and interest

Key players, keep satisfied, keep inform, minimal efforts.

  • Cooperate social responsibility[CSR polices ],
  • Critical success factors [CSF].
  • Setting objectives for profit making organisations and non profit making organisations.

Environmental Analysis

The environmental analysis is analysis of the environmental factors how it’s help or affect the business environment. This is fully depending on the risk profile of the organisation.

  • Importance of business environments

PESTEL or PEST approach and Michel porter 5 Force theory,

  • Competitor analysis and reactions,
  • Environmental uncertainty,
  • Domestic and international environmental affects.

Position Audit

  • SWOT analysis,

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

  • Value chain analysis,

Primary activities and the secondary activities, how its help to identified the position of organisation.

  • Benchmarking approach,
  • Gap Analysis,
  • Scenario planning.
  • Resource based positioning.

Most of the positioning approaches are help the organisation to identify the internal capabilities of the organisation to develop their strategies.

Co-operate appraisal

The co-operate appraisal is a gathering point of the mission and objectives, position audit and the environmental analysis.

In the co-operate appraisal the organisation considering their internal, external factors are according with their mission and vision statements. After the success of elevations, it will lead to strategic option evolution level.

Strategic option generation

The strategic options are a pool of options. These options are indentifies and suggested by the different levels of management and the individuals.  The collections of the strategic options are evaluated by the senior level management before it suggested to the top management to decide. Therefore the strategic options should be very carefully evaluate according to the mission and vision statement.

Strategic option evaluation and choice

It’s the level to evaluate the strategic options collected by the above stage. It’s should consider the following approaches,

  • 3 generic strategy of Michel porter.

Cost leadership, differentiation and focus.

  • Ansoff’s Matrix,

Market development, product development, penetration and diversification.

  • Alternative growth approaches,

Internal approach and external approach.

  • Options for non profit organisations.
  • Evaluations,

The strategic option evaluation activities are to select the suited strategy rather than best strategy.

Strategic implementation

The implementation of the strategy is like the project planning approach. This implementation activity is shown a success of the position of the chosen strategy.

  • Performance measures of the strategy,
  • Key mile strong and gates,
  • Financial evaluation of the businesses.
  • Value addition of the strategy,

There are not specific approaches to elevate the strategic implementation; the success in of the implementation will depend on the success of the project completions.

Review and control

The review and control is an activity of the evaluate the strategic decisions are following the basis of mission and objectives or not,

  • Comparison between the actual performance and the expected performance.
  • Alternative approaches for proper control mechanism,
  • Budgets and the performance,
  • Stakeholders satisfactions,
  • Needs of the amendments or adjustments.



The rational planning approach is continues process. The same steps are moving again and again, which develops to the organisation to be efficient and effectiveness.

Hospitality Management [& Studies]

The hospitality management is define as “the management involve with the hospitals management”. The hospitality management is not different from the business management, but the hospitality management more concern about the relationships and marketing with management backgrounds.

The hospitality management is focus on

  • Hospital Administration
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Information technology
  • HRM [human resource management]
  • Strategic decision making
  • Quality controls
  • Public relationships
  • patient care
  • personal care
  • basic first aides

I have seen some small level hospitals in the market which suffering because of lack of management skills. Some of the semi government hospitals also suffer sick of lack of management[Hospitals].

I have a plan to takeover such lose making hospital ventures and developed accordingly, I have target a hospital which providing a worst service now[hope until i buyout],

These are some strategies to Run A Successful Hospitals to be

  • Providing an of the excellent services,

Hospital is a place where earn through service they provides, the services are depend on the panel of the doctors and the board of directors. Most of the time people scold the hospitals are earning through get fear to the patient. But the reality is the hospital business is a most reputed business than the other businesses.

  • Excellent patient care,

The Patient care [customer] service is a key success factor of the business.

  • Panels of doctors,

The panel of doctors are also a main pillar of the hospitality business. The specialized and the patient friendly doctors are having a good demand for their consultancy services. The qualifications of the doctors also value added to the hospitals to build their brand name.

  • Affordable charges,

The fee collecting from the patient should be a sensitive factor in hospital businesses.  The hospital needs to develop a good names and capture the minds of customers,therefore they should charge lesser rates in initially.

This is a part of relationship marketing, to reduce the profits in first few arrivals and make them to feel the hospital is friendly service, therefore the money loose in the patients can collect thorough their developments of customers services.

  • Long term strategies,

The strategies to develop a long term business plans, than the short term focus.  The short term business plans will show good profits in initial stages but in future is questionable about their success.

The future plans should accordance to the mission and vision statement of the hospital.

  • Skilled supportive staffs,

The skilled supportive staffs are also a pillar of the successful business. The quality of services by the support staffs are added value to the hospitals and make the patient to feels free.

  • Locations

The location is an important factor of the business. Especially the hospital should have an easy access to the location. The location also is a peaceful and the widely available of transportation facilities to reachs hospital easily.

  • The ward facilities,

The ward is where the patient stays and getting the medical assistance. These ward facilities are necessary service to the patients.To be successfully to provide service of 24 X7, the ward facility is important to be access. 

  • Track record of the services

The track records of the services important to be maintain their standards and the levels of business.

  • Level of acceptance of the standards and regulations

Some of the standards are optional to follow to provide a  good service to the patients. The level of the acceptance of the requlations and standrads are the critical success factor of business.

The success of the hospitality is depending on the success of the capturing patient minds, and how fast the patient gets their good health backs.

Is Litro gas [Shell Gas] can successful in future?

Today November 03, 2010,  the shell Gas Lanka signed an agreement with Srilankan government to sell 51% of shake for US$ 63 million. While the government gets the power of control, its change the name of Shell Gas Lanka to Litro Gas.

Litro Gas Logo

As management student I am analyzing the usefulness of the brand name changes,

The Strengths’ of the new Brand name [Litro Gas]

  • Widely distribute Litro Gas in overall Srilanka with more distributional centers,
  • New pricing strategy and possibility of reduction in Gas Prices,
  • Be monopoly distribution in Gas at affordable price,
  • Providing a better management style as the locals need,
  • New marketing strategies,
  • Loyalty service from the government services,
  • Special regulations for price setting and avoidance of less sudden price increments,

Weakness of the new Brand name [Litro Gas]

  • May incurred huge cost for new brand development.
  • Loosing of multinational brand name.
  • Loosing of better management styles [ subjective and conditions apply ]
  • High risk of competitions from the Laughs gas.
  • The relationship with the mother company of Royal shell Gas, Netherlands.
  • How the market will be react with government services,
  • How the quality of services,

But whatever it is changing of the brand name and the controls creates a hope to the people to reduction in Gas prices in soon. And if the srilankan government is hoping to serve better services to public is greatly appreciate by public.

Deepawali small [seasonal] Businesses…

Deepawali is an important festival in Hindu’s life. It’s commonly known as Divali or Diwali. Deepawali interpret in English as festival of lights.

The countries where Hindus lives are celebrating Deepawali in grate extents. The Deepawali festival is festivals of lights for the businessmen also. Because Hindus in all over the world, celebrating Deepawali with wearing new cloths and exchanging sweets with their family and friends and wish their greeting too.

The countries such as Srilanka, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Fiji, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Mauritius, Nepal and Myanmar are announced Deepawali as an official holiday and respecting the Hinduism.

Therefore businessmen are looking forward the Deepawali festival to lighting their business.

Here are some small businesses related to Deepawali,

Clothing’s or textile outlets

The clothing’s are most consumable item in Deepawali season. Specially most of the Asian countries, which celebrate Deepawali are enjoying the high growth in their businesses during these Deepawali season.

The expected sale in the Deepawali season is 3 to 4 times more than the normal sales in other days. The main reason for such huge demand is that every Hindu believes wearing new dress in Deepawali is bring wealthy and blessings.

This weakness use by the businessmen and develops their business over the time.  The best example is Indian advertisements which related to Deepawali, one month before the Deepawali starting an advertising campaign to reach their targets.

Key to be success of clothing or textile shops or outlet is

  • Starting  Advertisement campaigns,
  • New design clothing’s,
  • New offers and price reductions,
  • Value added services,
  • Promotional items for business developments
  • Understanding the consumer needs

Sweet sellers

The Deepawali is another name for the sweetness and sharing the sweets. About 1990’s or the before the housewives are made sweets on their home [rational Hindus made sweets at their home for Deepawali purposes].  These sweets are exchange to their friends and their family members to sharing their happiness.

But there is a business an opportunity in this Deepawali season is to make sweets and sell by unemployed women. These days most of the housewives are buying sweets from the corner shops and sharing with their neighbor, Rather than make by them.

Who’s having an experience in preparation on sweets can earn good revenue on it. There are some housewives get-together and doing this business. Most of them are earning a profit about 30% to 40% from their investment per day.

Key to be success of the sweet selling business is

  • The contacts of the customer base and the relationship maintenance.
  • Maintaining High quality on sweet productions.[Oil and % mixers ]
  • Highly experience in preparing sweets.
  • To know how to satisfy the customer needs.
  • On time delivery.
  • Order acceptance in different verities.
  • Reasonable prices
  • Value addition on their service.

Greeting card designs and new innovations on wishes designs.

Even the new technologies come in to greeting their wishes to their loves one, the greeting cards holding its potion as it. Still the people happy to see greeting cards than the SMS [Massages] or the E-mail wishes. Because everyone knew that sending messages or E-mail is a forward and it’s commonly sending. Therefore the people who get message or mails won’t happy like getting their personal greeting card.

The new businesses where the manual hand worked greeting cards are highly demand to express their wishes.

This is a good opportunities to an innovative ideas to do business. Most of the youngsters are involving in these businesses With using new technology.

Key to be success of the greeting card designs business,

  • Innovative skills.
  • Understand the need of the wishes.
  • The durability of the greeting cards.
  • Cost of the card.
  • Widely available to buy.
  • Environmental friendly material usages.

wish you all a happy Deepawali…

How to analysis a case study?

Secret of success

Before read the case study everyone should understand the answers in the scenario. The person who understands the case correctly wins the battles.

How to analysis a case?

Understand the basis

Student should understand what the industry is case is, and what is the history of the case contents.

For examples if the case is talk about the airport industry, the student should know, some background knowledge about the airport management [practical and academic] and she or he should be understand the history of that airport which given in case.

The understanding of the history will help the student to, develop suitable strategies to the case or understand what short of risk that company is facing.

Understand the Vision, Mission and Objective of the case.

The student should understand what are the vision, mission and objectives of the organisation given in a case.

The organisational long terms strategies are depend on their mission and vision statements. Therefore it’s necessary to the student to understand it.

Understand the industrial or organisational life cycle

To identifying the organisational or industrial life cycle, will help the student to understanding what kinds of strategies should adopted to the case related business.

This life cycle providing a clear picture to the student about, whether they looks for short life cycle or long term life cycle.

Understanding the issues or problems

To understand the correct problem is the critical success factor to pass the exams.

Understand the factors made issues to the organisation.

1.       The student should understand the rationale behind the problems of the organisation faces, same time he or she should be investigate the main problems of the organisation.

2.       Once the problem or issues identified, the student should question him or her self’s, how the problems will be solve in short term and long terms.

3.       Once identifying the short term problems. It’s necessary to classified it to how to important and immediate is that problem is. The weight age will be given according to important and immediate. And says how to solve it and what kind of strategies to undertaken.

Understanding the long term issues

To understanding to long term problems will be help the students to write about the following question or approaches.

1.       How these issues are arises?

The student should understand how these issues are arising, and what the base of these issues is.

2.       How its affect to the current operations and the systems?

It’s good for student to understand how these problems are affecting our current operations and the systems.  And understanding of how its effect the stakeholders, also important to make decision making.

3.       What are the opportunity methods are available to the organisation to solve these problems.

4.       Student should question their selves as

a.       What are the strategies can adopt to solve those problems?

b.      How long will take to solve these problems?

c.       What is the projected budget for problem solving strategies?

d.      What are the losses due to these problems?

Suggested decisions

This is a very important part of the case study. What are the decisions we taken with the limited available information. And how successfully we analysis and get the correct problems of the organisation or industry.

Because most of the examiners are expecting one suggested answer than the 2 or 3 options give to them. The selected decision or answer should be clearly explaining with the all the following aspects,

1.       Financially beneficial or not [viability of success]?

2.       Is the decision according to the mission and vision of the organisation or objective?

3.       What are the internal factors will be consider to taking decisions?

4.        What are the external factors should consider to taking decisions?

5.       How the decisions are accordance with changes organisational culture and structure?

6.       Is it providing a permanent solution to the organisation or a temporary?


Additional factors which is to considers

  • Critical success factors of the organisation
  • Value addition activities of the organisation
  • Keep performance indicator[KPI’s] of the organisation
  • Financial ratios of the organisation
  • Financial potions and performance of the organisation
  • The inflation and interest rate of the organisation
  • Foreign currency risk of the organisation
  • Banks and hedging dealing of organisation
  • Risk  profile of the organisation
  • Working capital policy of the organisation
  • Cultural and social factors of the environment
  • Etc…


Short and sweetly

Whatever the analysis we made all the answers are given in scenarios. Therefore as a student we identified the answers separately and given back the same background to the examiner again.

Secured Password

Most of us are commonly using passwords in our day today activities. But we forget about the importance of the passwords,

The Thing we should Think before developed a Password.

  • What short of important activity, that we are using those passwords.

The important will vary according the usages and the valuable of information’s.

Eg: – using password for playing game is less important.

But login computer in office is high important activity.

                So a person can decide the importance of the password according to their activities and the importance.

  • How often we change the passwords

The passwords are necessary to change oftenly. Keeping same password will be a lack of control and lead to be high risky.

As an official uses the employees are mostly advisable to change their password every week, in best case twice in a week. But still it’s questionable, how they follow and changing their password to secure their valuable imformations.

  • Rememberance of the password

Most of the time remembering the password is a difficult for some people. When they change password often, it’s difficult to remember every passwords,

So most of the time it advisable to set a password as current news topics or any other related , which he or she won’t forget that particular time.and may not identified by others as well.

  • Don’t write your password anywhere

Some people are doing this mistake. Writing the password and kept in somewhere.

In some cases they wrote clearly what password for what use[ what login]. This will be easy to theft and misused the passwords.

In common cases, most of the people write their Security cord beside their  ATM Cards or debit cards. They forget those are password which they can change and make it to easy them to remember.

Most common passwords in the world

If anyone want to hack any password,than they can used these passwords. Nearly 40% will keep these passwords

  • Date of birth

The date of birth is mostly use by the beginners who start using passwords. Most of them think it’s a secure password but in real case it’s a worst password ever people have.

  • 123456

This is also a mostly used password. The most of the sites asks the minimum of 6 letters to be password. If the minimum password requirement is 7 letters it will be 1234567. Because most of the people won’t think, this can be copy and try out by hackers.

Same time 456789 and 147258,258369 also can be a password [all these letters taking because of easiness]

  • The school name

The people who mostly attract with school kept their school name as a password. Most of the famous school students are use this passwords, because they proud to be that school student.

  • Lover , husband or wife name or their kids name

This is because their pure love, but its lead a lack of control on their password.

  • Telephone number

The telephone number is also a password of some people. There are 2 options as their land line number or the mobile phone number or lover’s handphone number.

The Best password

This is the question most of the people having, and most of them made those weak password without knowing a proper way to type best Password.

The best way to developed password is alphanumeric.


 These are the step, where used the numbers and letters.

Number such as 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

And letters are A-Z, a-z.

Therefore altogether 62 characters [0-1, A-Z and a-z] are there to make a good passwords.

For example to used the Alphanumeric is

A person call Amal can write name as their password of 1M1l here 1 is A.

Any numbers can instated any letters as their wish

For example RAVI can do password as R0v1 here 0 for a, and 1 for I.

This Alphanumeric will help everyone to develop a better password than the above.

If the person want they can use, . / ‘ <>?”:

And develop a better password as their wants.

Srilanka Export market for Coconut and Coconut Products


Srilanka enjoys an extreme advantage of exporting the Coconut products to the rest of the world.

Especially coconut tree is can be consider as Utility tree. Because we used all the parts of the tree and we get maximum benefit out of it.

Coconut products are widely available in every coastal area in Srilanka. It has a huge home demand and the export opportunity as well.

Most of srilankan are doing this business as their small business. But it can’t consider as a small business, because most business are became an enterprises as well established.

Here I am discussing bit about the export market of Coconut products but same products are widely available is Srilanka as well.

The main businesses in Coconut product are,

Desiccated [dry] Coconut,

In overall Srilanka there are nearly a 60 mills widely available. The total production is about near to 72,000 to 75,000 metric tons per year.

Countries to export

Most of the EU countries, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, etc…

Door mats,

The door mats are prepared by using the coir twines or coir fiber mix. There are 3 different types of it by production procedures, such as

  • Auto Machine production
  • Manual production
  • Using steel springs

This is a local market and the export as well. Specially foreign countries are using in the winter time.

Countries to export

Most of the EU countries, UK, Netherland, as well..


The twine is made by the Coconut Bristle, it can be made according to the needs and the requisition made by the consumers. These twine gets a great demand, when the world talk about the global pollutions and the go green proceeds, mostly available is green product is this twine.

This is the main reason most of the western counties are more interested to buy it.

Countries to export

USA, UK, Japan, some of the EU countries And etc…

Charcoal Briquettes,

This is shell of the coconut. In Srilanka people use it for cooking and domestic heating purposes. The same purpose its export as well. Its use some other counties for domestic heating and some of the external activities as well like BBQ.

Countries to export

Middle East countries, UK, African counties, Japan, for domestic heating, etc…

Coir Mattress,

The coir is using to make a mattress. But now there is not enough demand for Coir mattress, so most of the mattresses are using to produce the coir with the Rubberized.  This will be a cost efficiently and the value for money concern.

Countries to export

Japan, Germany, and some EU Countries…

Coconut Cream and Coconut milk,

This is a main product of the Coconut tree. Mostly of the people get use of it. The recent time, most of the countries are using packet Coconut milk power or milk.  It’s a 100% pure Coconut Kernel. This is not flavor or Artificial Preservatives included it.  This is use for the preparation of Curries and Desserts.

Recent home demand for the packet coconut milk power appreciated. In soon future srilanka will mostly use it.

Countries to export

Most of the EU countries, UK, Middle East, Australia and Singapore.


For you

This is a good business opportunity to the Srilankan to start the business in coconut products and succeed. These investments are not leading you a huge risk. Because every part of the coconut tree can be use it. But the important is the quality of the product will be a key success of export market.

The coconut products are the good investment activities for the people who would like to start the small business in srilanka.

DAMRO Colombo-4.

Each and every business articles talk about the location for the businesses. Some theories discuses more about the location and how it’s help to the businesses. But I had personal question how it was? And how is help to run a business?


DAMRO Bambalapitiya SHowroom


But recently I founded answer with DAMRO in Colombo. I am based in Colombo. When I go classes, I usually watch the DAMRO building at Bambalapitiya Colombo 04.

Bambalapitiya is a Major hub for a business. The DAMRO is near to majestic city and unity plaza. When I see the building I start analyzing the values of building and the benefit of their huge advertisement in building [see the attach picture].

Values of building,

The place it suited is valuable investment to the DAMRO [Even if it is own or Lease]. Because who ever the people pass to the Unity Plaza or majestic city, have a look their building [ see the picture with enlarge ]. DAMRO is using the whole building advertising their furniture. It’s an ultimate strategic Marketing decision. These advertisements are valuable more than a millions and million. Because its reach everybody who pass the Majestic city or Unity plaza and the road.

Another facility for this building is to packing facilities. It’s a added value to the customer to feel free purchase their furniture.

Advertisement in their building

The advertisement in their building is a huge marketing promotion by the DAMRO. It reaches most of the passengers whose cross the road. For its initial investment may be a huge, but the DAMRO has Focus on the benefit [Cost benefit analysis] they generated in future by eye catching to the consumers or the general public.

The colors which they used is also a eye catching colors, who ever the people pass the road will see this building for a moment.

Advantage of that building

Easy to reach.

It’s a ultimate place for the display their furniture, and this easy to the customers to reach the showroom easily. This is a grate advantages the DAMRO having on their own [benefit of location]

Heart of Colombo

Bambalapitiya is heart of Colombo. This is a place is use by most of the locals and foreigners too. So it will help DAMRO to develop their brand loyalty to locals and Foreigners[ may supported to expand the business in India and Australia ].

Entrance to Colombo

This is a one of the entrance to Colombo. So what ever the buses coming into Colombo should pass this building, specially form buses from Down South of Srilanka.

E.g.:- Galle, Hambanthoda and so on.


in overall the DAMRO is doing well on their business and the distribution all over the island[Srilanka]

DAMRO Website:-

Address of Colombo 04 showroom:-

746, Galle Road, Colombo 04

tele:- 011 2553838

Small business in srilanka

When we think about small businesses in Sri Lanka, our second thought would be these :

  • Initial investment for business
  • Rising working capitals for the business
  • Location, rent and the rate
  • Other related expenses.

But, there are so many businesses those are running with huge profits without much problems.

For example,

1] Selling kingcoconut

at pavement

When I mention selling king coconut as a small business, people may think, is it a small business? Or is it generating good enough profits?

Here are some reasons and calculations to solve your confusion.

It’s a one of the most consumable goods in srilanka. Mostly everyone would like to drink it for their thirst and it is good natural tasty fresh drink. When the sun burns hot, people get tired even if they walk for ten minute. So, when they see a kingcoconut shop they will think of drinking it. So, its no wonder as the road he seel kingcocunut in road and when lots of people passes by his shop atleast 1/10 of people prefer drinking king coconut.

The success of this small business [king coconut]lies on identifying a correct place and open a small shop. The place he select should be mostly used by people for their day to day works.

Revenues and profits calculations:

The person who sell king coconut can sell minimum of 50 [and maximum depend on his skill] per day in Colombo area. If they can sell each at Rs.30, and if he purchase it for an Rs.15 his profits is purely 50%. For a day he can earn a profit of Rs.750. If he works for 25 days, his total profit will be 18750. But these profits will not remain same. There will be ups and downs in the sales.

His total profit would go up by 2nd or 3rd month and he may earn Rs.30000-35000 for month. It depends on his communicational skills and the socialisation skill.

In accordance to Sri Lankan labour market, an assistant accountant’s monthly salary is about Rs.20,000 – 25,000. So doing an own small business will be better than working under anybody.

2] Lottery tickets

In Srilanka lottery tickets are the mostly purchaseable thing in the public.

But as per my concern the people who buy lottery tickets are foolish and don’t have self-confident on them. They rely on thier luck and buy the ticket with the dream that they will win one day.

But I am bit happy, because it make some business opportunity to some entrepreneurs to sell the lottery ticket.

Their revenues are depend on the number of lottery tickets they sells, but these business opportunity makes a quite enough profit to make their business success.

Be your own brand

A ‘brand name’ is a unique sign which demonstrate the value of what it is. Most of us are aware that the brand names are commonly used for the products and services.

This is quite a new concept as I think.

Each and every person has some kind of personalities, which demonstrate their own branding to others.

Such as

1. Uniqueness

Each personality has some uniqueness. This uniqueness may be known by them or not, this uniqueness will be expressed in certain  situation. The respected personality should identify what is his or her uniqueness and develop it.

Ex: – concentrations, confidence, positive mentality, etc…

2. Identity / Differentiations

The differentiation means everybody’s personality difer from each others. The differentiation get developed by comparing people and to compare                                                                                       the respected person to make his or her self better than others.

3. Charismatic

The personality should be a charismatic on their selves. The charismatic skills will show you as different personnel from others. This will make yourself attractive as others like to follow you as a leader [role model]. This is one of the best branding for your own. Which you can develop on your own.

4. Leadership

The leadership skills make difference between the personalities. The leaders always have some sort of specializations. This makes them to be unique and differ them from others. This makes them as a brand of their personalities.

Ex: – Che Guevera, Fidel Castro, Abdul Kalam and so on…

5. Interpersonal skills

The interpersonal skills also make the personalities to be differ from others. The personality behaviors demonstrate their brand on their selves. People who have a good leadership skills and good communication skills are good examples interpersonal skills. They are branding them by their interpersonal skills.

Ex:- communication skills, presentation skills, negotiations skill, etc…

6. Communication skills and Presentation skill

These are the skills which make the person to be different from others. In some cases this make the differentiation and make the brand better as well.

There are so many personalities who do their motivational speech by only depending on their presentation skills. This make them to be different from others.

7. Accuracy

The knowledge accuracy is also making a personality to become a branded. These make the person to well organize and to preplann. In the working places most of these skills help the staffs [who work in private companies] to be brand them selves. Specially knowing all related news and current updates make them as a brand knowledge personality.

Ex: – Updated information on hand, availability of data, etc…

8. Understandability

The understandability makes a person to be unique. The way they understand the matters quickly is a brand to the personality. Which can be a bright case in their life as well.

Ex: – understanding the situations, understand the mentality of others, grasp the points quickly and easily understand the complex data.

9. Adoptable and willingness to change

The person who like to adopt new changes and to update theirself  make them branded. The willingness to change also considered as a branded. These people may be early adapters of the markets.

Ex: – adopt new technology, adopt and understand new concepts, willingness to change process to upgrade, etc…

10. Willingness to learn

This is the important skill to a person who wants to be branded. The branded person is willing to learn everything at any time. This makes them to be more branded. This is an important skill to be a branded person.

11. Creativity and Self thinking

The new creativity will make the personality to be branded his or her self. The person who willing to create a new innovation always have a good demand in the markets. The branded personality is depend on how they use their creativity and innovation skills.

In overall branding the personality depends on the person who tries their personality development. The branding can be a positive and negative as well. So the selection to be a branding in positive or negative will depend on how and what are the activities are carried out by the personalities.


Every one in the world want to be the boss of their own business. This may be their passion or their ambition. While they going to reach their objective they may face some visible and invisible disturbances. The success of their business relies on, how they overcome those problems with their limited resources and unlimited experience.

Most of the successful business men or women have some sort of painful stories. But they wont think of those pains for their life time.

Here are some points which are important to the new Entrepreneurs to start their own business.


Each and every person have some kind of policy. Their policy may be their strength or the weakness. The success of the entrepreneur  relies when he adopt policies according to the business environment.

The different between successful and unsuccessful business is, how they adopt their business policies and how they implement it.


Who ever want to start a business should think of doing business on their known field. Because this will help the person to use the knowledge he gained to use it in his business.

Some of the successful entrepreneurs didn’t had enough knowledge when they started their business. But they learnt while they implement their business strategies.


The success of the business is fully depending on the risk taking ability of the entrepreneur. The risk and the return are the positive correlative factor. If the entrepreneur is risk taker then the return will be attractive too. At the same time there will be good chances to getting negative returns as well.

But risk taking is also a kind of art. The successful entrepreneur is who taking high or lower risk according to their expectations and their experience.


The personal involvement means, where entrepreneur enter into a business personally. The uniqueness of his ideas will make him to be  in front  in the market. Therefore its better that new entrepreneurs discover unique ideas and follow up.


The early adoption and early reaction to the business environment is much necessary to the entrepreneur to achieve success. Because the market change  depend on the consumers need and their wants. So the successful entrepreneur follow the market and change rapidly according to their changes.


The location is a critical success factor in a business. The success of the restraints and hotels are good example for the locations for the businesses.


The credit policy of the entrepreneurs is an important factor to the business. The risk and the returns mainly depend on their credit policy. The credit policy help the entrepreneur to decide how much risk he is going to take.

These are specially designed for the entrepreneur to decide of the banks loan.

But its all depend on the entrepreneur’s risk taking abilities.


To maintain a proper accounts and the management style it is necessary for the entrepreneur to maintain a good cooperate culture. This will help the entrepreneur to grow up the proper management and cooperate cultural discipline for his future survivals.


The entrepreneur should not engaged with illegal activities such as black market and the control price manipulations. These can be considered as a black mark ion the enterpreneur for his future development.

Maintaining a good relationship between the tax authority and the local councils is also necessary to the entrepreneur to succeed his business.


The entrepreneur should have a good relationship between banks and the other financial institutions to get the necessary financial supports when he needs.

Especially banks are providing advice to entrepreneurs on how to run small businesses and how to maintain the market shares. For some purposes the bank loans are good to be taken to get valuable advice from the expertise panels.


The advertisement boost the business. This has become an important factor to decide or to maintain market shares. Some companies spend heavily on the advertisement to introduce their new products and to grow their market.


This is the first and the last factor which is a dominant factor to decide whether the business is success or not. The customers should be treated  as kings and their requirement should be fulfilled according to their wish accordance to the company mission and visions.

All the above factors will help the entrepreneur to satisfy the customer need and understand their requirements only. If not the survival will be questionable.

Start Your Own Business

Hey guys, why don’t you think of start a business on your own. In this young age, why you spend your time for others, they get benefits from you, by your hardwork. Do you ever think that your employer pay you 50000 rupees without getting anything from you. Please think that your hard work will be most valuable than the price the employer gives to you. Be aware, that your hardwork is valued 5 times of your salary.

I do not recommend you to leave your current job. Of course you need money to start a business. But don’t think you need huge amount to start a business. A person can start a business even with Rs.500  and it could become Rs. 500 billion. In some cases it happens like people invest Rs.500 billion and business end up in road with loss of money. Therefore don’t think that you should have lots of money to initiate a business.

Before you start the business you should select the field of your interest. Think which field would be suitable for you. When you decide the field don’t forget to collect the information of competitors. Which is the most important thing to identify your competitor’s plan than your plan. because then only you can wack him(competitor) from the market.

Plan your self as when to start the business and where to start the business and how to start the business. These are considered as more important questions. When you plan your business do not forget to plan your future strategies and how you want to be in future. That desire will make you to be perfect in starting the business.

When you plan your business then look at the market, whether any changes happening or whether you need any changes in your plan. Please be mind that world is changing rapidly. So customer needs may change day by day. Therefore be flexible to change your plans and adopt new changes.

After all plan and select the place to start the business which is critical success factor of the business. Selecting the stakeholders for the business (specially who are providing materials and other important stuffs) is also one of the critical success factor.

When you start the business initially you may think that the business is success. Dont expectmuch profit for three years. Because when you expect about the profit you may manipulate the business or you may make several new products. Therefore the quality you expect may not come as you are carry over several businesses.That may lead your business in negative manner which make you unsuccessful in the future.

So in the first year, start with small ideas which may not need much money. When you feel that your organization get a positive goodwill then start the business to expand it and make some innovations.

When you succeed in that particular business, don’t forget to start another business. Mind that if a person can do one business in a good manner, s/he can do more businesses.

When you think like that the success is not far from you.

All the very best to you all.

Definition of the word “Synergy”

The Synergy means working together. This is a familiar words in business environment.  Synergy is the ability of group performance. This ability of the group performance cannot be achieved even by the best individual performer.

In the business world when the businesses are getting merge, their performance will be improved than their individual performance of additions. The reason behind there is the synergy improvement and their effects to achieve their goals.

The synergy is not only used for the business. It’s currently being used by the health care service sectors and educational service sectors as well.

The benefits of the synergy are,

  • Group thinking
  • Logical improvement of their cooperate behaviors
  • Emergent thinkings
  • More focus of their goal then individual goals.
  • Motivate the performers Proforma well.
  • Easy to share knowledge between each others.
  • More focus on the customer satisfaction and the development of their market.
  • Improvement of the mentoring trainings and human resource development.

By, we are trying to share our little knowledge with you.