Hambanthota International Airport (HIA)


Hambanthota International Airport Project is a 2nd international Airport in Srilanka, it launched by HE the President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Friday, 27th November 2009.

The HIA project budgeted US$ 200 Million with the financial assistance of Chinese Government.  The HIA will be constructed in 2,000 Hectares in Mattala, Hambanthota, Srilanka.

Hambanthota International Airport- www.airport.lk
Hambanthota International Airport- www.airport.lk

Project Stages

The Hambanthota International Airport projects undertake in 2 steps,

 Step 1 initial Development

Basic Aerodrome Facility, Runway, Apron, Taxi way, Passenger and cargo terminals and necessary internal developments.

Step 2 Second Stage Development

Development of support services such as,

Parallel taxi way, flying schools, hotels and residential facilities and so on.

Theme of Hambanthota International Airport

  • Eco Airport – preserves the exiting environment and creates better environment surroundings of Airport.
  • At least 15% of Energy will derived from renewable sources, such as bio mass, solar and wind power.

Goals of the Hambanthota International Airport

  • To provide an alternative services to BIA.
  • Enhance economic activities in the regions,
  • Create more employments for skill and semi skill labors.
  • Improve infrastructure in the region.

Target market and benefiting community

Target Markets

  • Airline passenger service and Air cargo services to the southern part of Srilanka.
  • Aircraft maintenances,
  • Aviation trainings,
  • Hospitality service industry,
  • Private flight services,

Benefiting community of HIA

  • Business entities
  • new employment opportunity,
  • improve infrastructure facilities in the region,
  • upliftment of education in region.


Source: http://www.airport.lk/


The Finance Company PLC share Allotment


the Finance Company PLC
the Finance Company PLC

8th February 2011, The Finance Company PLC announced to Colombo Stock Exchange, the 40 Million Ordinary voting shares will be allotted as follows,

No of shares Applied Basis of Allotment
100 – 2,500,000 Fully allotted (100%)
2,500,100 – 40,000,000 89.95% (rounded to the nearest hundred)


     For further information find attached links

Source: http://www.cse.lk/cmt/upload_cse_announcements/7671297166890_.pdf



Amana Takaful (Maldives) Pvt Ltd has applied to listing in Maldives Stock Exchange (MSE)


Amana Takaful PLC
Amana Takaful PLC

Today 7th January 2011, the Daily mirror has published news, which Amana Takaful (Maldives) Pvt Ltd applied to Maldives Stock Exchange (MSE) to listing MSE.

If the Application is accept the Amana Takaful (Maldives) Pvt Ltd will be the first Foreign owned company and Shariah Compliant company that listed in MSE. And this will be 5th company listed on MSE in addition to

  • Maldives Transport and Contracting Company PLC (MTCC)
  • Bank of Maldives PLC (BML)
  • State Trading Organization PLC(STO)
  • Maldives Tourism Development Corporation


CSE Announcement

In Colombo Stock Exchange the Amana Takaful PLC announced the clarification of Daily mirror article.

Its further says Amana Takaful (Maldives) Pvt Ltd is subsidiary (80% Holding) of Amana Global Ltd, which fully own subsidiary of Amana Takaful PLC.

And Amana Takaful PLC announced that, Amana Takaful (Maldives) Pvt Ltd submitted their Application to the Maldives Stock Exchange in order to list its existing shares in MSE. And Amana Takaful PLC will made necessary announcement to Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) once Maldives stock Exchange approved the application of Amana Takaful (Maldives) Pvt Ltd

Source: http://www.cse.lk/cmt/upload_cse_announcements/5261297163779_.pdf


Hezbollah: Bayangarathin Mugavari – A book review

How I Reach

Hezbollah: Bayangarathin Mugavari is a Tamil Book published by the Kizhakku Publication. It’s a wonderful book to read and understand about Hezbollah.

Hezbollah front Page
Hezbollah front Page

Accidently I got this book 2 years ago in Town Hall Public Library, it was an amazing book to read and understand how they build up their networks and the administrations.

Few days ago I found this book again in Kotahena Public Library, I taken again to read. I think it’s better to publish the Book Review as well.

About the Book

The Hezbollah: Bayangarathin Mugavari made me more understandable and I personally learn a lot about the Hezbollah. Especially the writer Pa.Raghavan is grate to make readers to be more interesting in their subject.

The book is talk about,

  • How Hezbollah starts,
  • How they build up their activities,
  • How they form a arm group,
  • How their international network is,
  • How educated their heads are,
  • How they administrate their group,
  • How they support to Lebanon Government,
  • How Lebanon government is respect them,
  • Their view of Israel,
  •  How they starts fighting with Israel,
  • How they plan their activities.
Hezbollah's Administration
Hezbollah's Administration

This book is real management book to read, as per my perspective the business is a real war or game. Therefore who is the one fight with the business will success and enjoy the profits.

Therefore I personally feel Hezbollah: Bayangarathin Mugavari will be a great management books to read.

The same time it does educate more about the international terrorism and how they developed their standard up to that level.

For me

This Hezbollah: Bayangarathin Mugavari is a great opportunity for me to understand about Hezbollah, and their international activities.

Lebanon Map and Hezbollah control Area
Lebanon Map and Hezbollah control Area

And its educate more about the management skill such as,

  • Delegation of works,
  • Important of group activities,
  • How to manage a team,
  • How to attract public,
  • How to developed organization,
  • How to organized a event,
  • how they developed strategy with government,
  • How to get support from the public.

It’s a real a good books to read for India Rupees 60 or Srilanka Rupees 225 Or free of charge from Public Library.


CIC Holding PLC announced Interim Dividend



Today 7th February 2011, the CIC Holding PLC announced Colombo Stock exchange that the company decided to pay dividend of Rs.0.75 per share the financial year end of 2010 / 2011.

The company decided to pay dividend on 25th February 2011.

CIC Holding PLC
CIC Holding PLC

About CIC Holding PLC

The Company established in 1964 and quoted in CSE the same year. CIC Holding PLC is in the business of the Manufacturing and selling of Agro chemicals, paints, and polythene & PVC Extruded products.

Today @ CSE


CIC Holding PLC traded Colombo Stock Exchange at ranges of Rs. 177.00 to Rs.202.00. still the company showing a good performance and investors are believe the company will performance better in future.

I personally feel, dividend announcement made the investors to be more confident on the CIC Holding PLC.

Source: http://www.cse.lk/welcome.htm

Vidullanka PLC announced interim Dividend

Vidullanka PLC
Vidullanka PLC


02nd February 2011, Vidullanka PLC announced Colombo Stock Exchange the interim Dividend of Rs. 0.10 per share for the financial year of 2010/ 2011.

The company says the shareholders approvals are not required and the payment will be 25th February 2011 as share transfer book open.

About Vidullanka PLC

Vidullanka PLC established on 1997 and quoted at 2005. The companies in the business of produce and transmit electrical energy to the National Grid.

About today’s trading

Vidullanka PLC starts the trading by Rs.7.40 per share and day range between Rs.7.10 to Rs.7.30. the Dividend is create the confident to the investors about the company’s position and performance.

Source: http://www.cse.lk/welcome.htm

Nation Lanka Finance PLC announced Rights Issue

Nation Lanka Finance PLC
Nation Lanka Finance PLC


2nd February 2011, the Nation Lanka Finance PLC announced rights issue at Colombo Stock Exchange (cse).

The company further says the rights will be on proportion of 3 new Ordinary shares for every 2 shares held at the price of Rs. 5.00 each. Totally 59,958,150 ordinary shares will be issued as Rights.

Date of initial Announcement 16th December 2010.
EGM/Provisional Allotment 09th March 2011.
XR 10th March 2011.
Dispatch of Provisional Letter of Allotment 16th March 2011.
Rights trading commences on 22nd March 2011.
Renunciation 29th March 2011.
Last date of Acceptance & Payment 30th March 2011.


Source: http://www.cse.lk/companiesprofile/announcments.htm?id=218&symbol=CSF.N0000

Union Bank of Colombo Limited “the Company” offers for Subscription (IPO)

Union Bank of Colombo Limited
Union Bank of Colombo Limited


Today 2nd February 2011, the Colombo Stock Exchange announces, that Union Bank of Colombo Limited “the Company” offers for Subscription of 15 Million Ordinary Voting shares at the Price of Rs. 25 each. The total subscriptions will be Rs. 375 Million.

The Union Bank of Colombo Limited “the Company” prospectus will be available on 10th February 2011 in relevant member firms / trading members. The opening date for thee subscription will be 24th February 2011.

A financial Advisor and joint manager to the offer is NDB Investment bank Limited and Joint Managers to the offer is Acuity Partners (private) limited.

The register to the offer is P W Corporate Secretarial (Pvt.) Ltd

Source: http://www.cse.lk/cmt/upload_cse_announcements/3831296644792_.pdf

Mandatory offer by Softlogic holdings limited to acquire all the ordinary shares of Asiri Hospital Holdings PLC.


Asiri Hospital Holdings
Asiri Hospital Holdings




Today 2nd February 2011, the Asiri Hospital Holdings PLC announced Colombo Stock Exchange that 94, 028, 055 shares have accept to sell their shares at the Price of Rs. 9.00.  

As per Asiri Hospital Holdings PLC announced today

  No of shares  Percentage 
Acceptance of the offer have been received             94,028,055  10.57% 
Held by Softlogic holdings limited and parties acting in concert with the offeror before the offer period           323,858,475  36.42% 
Acquired During the offer Period             41,769,190  5% 


Softlogic holdings limited ownership as at 1st December 2010

As per the announcement made by Asiri Hospital Holdings PLC on 1st December 2010, the Softlogic holdings limited hold 30.23% of Asiri Hospital Holdings PLC.  

The Company feather says

Name of Offeror Date of Purchase No of Ordinary shares Percentage  
Softlogic Holdings Limited Prior to 30.11.2010        179,021,200 20.13%
Softlogic Holdings Limited 30.11.2010          89,787,005 10.10%
Total          268,808,205 30.23%


The owned parties acting in concert with Softlogic holdings limited as follows,

Name of the company No of shares Percentage
Softlogic Communications (Pvt) Ltd            2,040,580 0.23%
Softlogic Trading (Pvt) Ltd          24,141,740 2.71%
Softlogic International (Pvt) Ltd          28,867,950 3.25%
Total          55,050,270 6.19%


Therefore the Total shares held by offeror is 323,858,475 and the percentage of 36.42%  

 Mandatory offer

 Softlogic holdings limited offer to purchase all remain 565,404,575 ordinary shares [63.58%] of Asiri Hospital Holdings PLC at the price of Rs.9.00 per share.  

Source: http://www.cse.lk/cmt/uploadAnnounceFiles/7461291263079_512.pdf  





Housing Development Finance Corporation Bank (HDFC) announced Final Dividend



Today 02nd February 2011, The Housing Development Finance Corporation Bank (HDFC) announced Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), the company has declares the final Dividend of Rs.5.00 per Share for the year ended of 2010.

The Dividend payment date is not specified jet.

Source: http://www.cse.lk/welcome.htm

KIK Cola and Srilankan market position

KIK Cola
KIK Cola


The KIK Cola is one of the elephant house cola range recently introduced to Srilankan market. Currently KIK cola may be in position of 3rd or 4th in Cola market.

Currently Elephant house is the leaders of the soft drinks markets, and currently they focus on the KIK cola to be leader in cola ranges in Srilanka.

KIK Cola taste on my View

Unfortunately I don’t like cola products, even if u drink I feel hesitate while drink that. Recently I had a chance to drink KIK cola and see the taste. I felt the taste is pretty same as Pepsi cola and sweetness too.

But Coca-Cola is a unique taste which only cola taste than the sweetness with cola.

But I hope the KIK Cola will reach market leader, if they change following strategies,

  • Reduce sweetness and maintain cola taste.
  • New bottle design and price strategy
  • Benchmark the Coca cola and Pepsi to develop the great taste.
  •  Identifying new market opportunity in foreign countries
  • Improve distribution channels locally and internationally
  • Continue the youthful advertisements
  • Sponsors for youth meetings and fast food restaurants
  • Improve sales promotion

Whatever it is KIK Cola will success because of cost benefit analysis.

Ceylon Tobacco Company announced Final Dividend and financial Statement

Ceylon Tobacco Company
Ceylon Tobacco Company


Today 1st February 2011, the Ceylon Tobacco Company announced Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), the directors recommended a final Dividend of Rs.7.22 per share for the financial year end of 2010.

Dividend proposals subjects to approvals on the forthcoming Annual general meeting on 29th March 2011. For the year of 2010 the company announced and paid Rs. 19.95 per share.

Information from Ceylon Tobacco Company

The report says the government capturing illegal Sticks worth of Rs. 1.2 Billion and the government in revenue from the Ceylon Tobacco Company is almost Rs. 55.4 Billion.

Net assets per share

Year Group Company
2010 19.51 19.52
2009 17.93 17.94


Earnings per Share

Year Group Company
2010 27.21 27.21
2009 21.97 21.96

Source: http://www.cse.lk/cmt/uploadAnnounceFiles/8921296538757_460.pdf


HNB Assurance PLC announced Final Dividend

HNB Assurance PLC
HNB Assurance PLC


31st January 2011, HNB Assurance PLC Announced to Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) the company declares a final Dividend of Rs. 1.80 per Share.

This dividend is for the financial year ended of 2010. XD on 30th March 2011 and Payment will be 07th April 2011.

Source: http://www.cse.lk/welcome.htm

People’s Leasing Finance PLC Announced Interim Dividend

People’s Leasing Finance PLC
People’s Leasing Finance PLC


28th January 2011, the People’s Leasing Finance PLC announced Colombo Stock Exchange, that the company declares the Interim dividend of Rs.0.50 per share.

The dividend for the year ended 2010/2010. The payment will be made 22nd February 2011 as open book share transfer.

About the People’s Leasing Finance PLC

People’s Leasing Finance PLC is established in 2000 and quoted in Colombo Stock Exchange at 2005. The company is in the business of leasing movable and immovable properties.
Source: http://www.cse.lk/welcome.htm

Mandatory Offer by Royal Ceramics (Lanka) PLC and Mr.K.N.Dhammika Perera to Purchase all remaining ordinary shares of Hayleys PLC



28th January 2011, the Royal Ceramics (Lanka) PLC and Mr.K.N.Dhammika Perera announced a Mandatory Offer to Purchase remaining ordinary shares of Hayleys PLC

Stake of Mandatory Offer to by Hayleys PLC

27th January 2011, Royal Ceramic purchases 161,272 shares at the Price of Rs.380.00 per share. By full filling of 30% of shares held, therefore the offeror should make a Mandatory offer to Purchase the Balance 52,489,773 shares issued by Hayleys at the price of Rs. 380.00 per share.

Name Date No of Ordinary Shares Percentage
Royal Ceramics (lanka) Plc as at 26th January 2011 2,788,161 3.7175%
27th January 2011 161,272 0.2150%
Mr.K.N.Dhammika Perera as at 26th January 2011 19,003,928 25.3380%
LB Finance PLC as at 26th January 2011 547,866 0.7304%
Total Holding 22,501,227 30.0000%

CSE trend

Even the Document published in Colombo Stock exchange at the time of 16.22 on 28/01/2011.

The Market closed the 28th January 2011 at the Price of Rs. 395.00 per shares. Therefore no one will sell their shares at the price of Rs. 380 per share, to compel the offer.

But there is possible increment shows in Hayleys PLC share price on Monday. The trend may have a chance to continue till about 1 to 2 weeks.

My Expectations

As I hear about Mr.K.N.Dhammika Perera, there will be good profits and capital gains can be expected by investors for all the periods of short, medium and long terms.

Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC announced Final Dividend


28th January 2011, Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC announced dividend in Colombo Stoke Exchange. The dividend of Rs.2.00 per share, this dividend will be paid for Voting and Non Voting shares.

The company further says the dividend is for the yearend of 2010. The payment date is not notified jet.

Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC

Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC announced Scrip Dividend

While the Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC announced final dividend, the company announced the Scrip Dividend for Voting and Non Voting shares.

The Proposition

One voting shares for 155.6 shares held,

One Non Voting share for 94.6 Shares held.

The total Quantity of offered is

Voting shares 2,271,249
Non Voting Shares 255,735

Source: http://www.cse.lk/welcome.htm

Sampath Bank PLC announced Employee Share Option Plan [ESOP]

Sampath Bank PLC
Sampath Bank PLC


28th January 2011, the Sampath Bank PLC announced to Colombo Stoke Exchange, the board deiced to Introduce Employee Share Option Plan [ESOP] for 2011 conditional upon the bank achieving certain performance criteria for 2011.

Under proposed ESOP 2% of new shares will be created [3,056,159] and offered to the eligible staffs upon achieving their set targets. The offer price would be weighted average price of last week of January 2011, and discount of 10%.

The vesting period of the ESOP will be from 1year after the offer date of 1st April 2011 and end on 1st April 2012. The option exercisable period will be 3 years from 1st April 2012.

Benefits of Employee Share Option Plan [ESOP] and market reaction

The Employee Share Option Plan [ESOP] will be a one of the staff motivational approach followed by the listed companies. This approach may help the Company to improve the Company performance, by creating the staffs to be an owner of the business.

The trend of the Employee Share Option Plan [ESOP] is seems to be like rights issue, but with certain rules and regulations about trading. Therefore market will show a slight trend of share price reduction cause of ESOP, but it will be only for short term trend and will picks up again.

Source: http://www.cse.lk/cmt/upload_cse_announcements/7331296188156_.pdf

Lanka Ceramic PLC Announced Interim Dividend


27th January 2011, Lanka Ceramic PLC announced Colombo Stoke Exchange, the company announce interim dividend of Rs. 1.00 per share for the financial year of 2010/ 2011. The dividend payment will be on 18th February 2011.

About Lanka Ceramic PLC

Lanka Ceramic PLC
Lanka Ceramic PLC

The Lanka Ceramic PLC established in 1991 and quoted to cse 1993. The company is in the business of manufacturing tableware, sanitary ware, hotel and Ornamental ware and low – tension insulators for export and local markets. Retail trading in Ceramic and Allied Products.

Future opportunities

Lanka Ceramic PLC has good enough opportunity to develop their businesses feather in terms of local and international market. Therefore it’s good to be expecting a good enough Dividend and the Capital gains from the Lanka Ceramic PLC shares.

MY View

To investing to Lanka Ceramic PLC in terms wise

Short term good for short capital gains
Medium term good for the reasonable capital gains and dividend
Long term very good opportunity to gain capital gain and good dividend

 Source: http://www.cse.lk/static/cse_newsandevents1.htm#announ-3059

Marawila Resorts PLC Rights Issue


27th January 201, Marawila Resorts PLC announced Rights issue of one (1) new share for every four (4) ordinary shares held.

The rights at price of Rs.10. the number of shares to be issue is 24.5 Million Ordinary shares.

Marawila Resorts PLC
Marawila Resorts PLC

The following details published Colombo Stoke Exchange (cse) the following details

Date of Initial Announcement 05th January 2011.
EGM/ Provisional Allotment 21st February 2011.
XR 22nd February 2011.
Dispatch of Provisional letter of Allotment 28th February 2011.
Rights trading commences on 07th March 2011.
Renunciation 14th March 2011.
Last date of acceptance & payment 15th March 2011.


Source: http://www.cse.lk/welcome.htm

C T Land Development PLC announced Interim Dividend


Yesterday 26th January 2011, C T Land Development PLC announced Interim Dividend in Colombo Stoke Exchange.

The Dividend of Rs. 0.60 per share for the financial year of 2010/2011. The dividend payment will be on 14th February 2011.

 C T Land Development PLC performance

Yesterday share prices are stared with Rs.32.90 and closed at 32.20. The range of the variation was Rs. 31.00 to 33.00.

The Divined announcement was increase the confident to investors. Even the share price reduction, is cause of the ex dividend announcement.

Therefore the price of 32.20 will be acceptable due to the dividend announcement.

Expectation of the C T Land Development PLC

C T Land Development PLC all time high price is Rs.40.00, if the market is going the same trend for the few weeks, it will be overcome the price of Rs. 40 soon.

PC House PLC Price band Remove from Tomorrow


Tomorrow 27th January 2011, the PC House PLC 10% price band will be removing for trading. It means the PC House PLC share prices can be varying accordance to demand and supply of PC House PLC share.

As per My little knowledge the PC House PLC growing continually. There was some of downwards and the upwards in the market. But still the prices are going up further as per demand of the shares by the investors.

PC House PLC
PC House PLC

Today performance

Even today 26th January 2011, the PC House PLC share Price is open at the price of Rs. 23.20 and close at Rs. 25.50. This is about 9.91% Increment from the opening price.

My expectation of PC House PLC tomorrow

I am expecting the PC house may show a more than 15% to 20% price increment tomorrow in CSE.

But this performance will be only certain level and I personally expect a market correct soon in Colombo Stoke Exchange [CSE].

Therefore my advice for the investor is to be carefully monitoring the market and be ready for the any changes [risks] in anytime.






HVA Foods Limited Basis of Allotment

25th January 2011, the HVA Foods Limited announced Colombo Stoke Exchange share allocation or allotment basis.

The allotment basis on the following link

HVA Food Allotment
HVA Food Allotment


About HVA analysis

Heladiv HVA Foods Limited
Heladiv HVA Foods Limited




Amana Takaful PLC announced Rights Issue

Amana Takaful
Amana Takaful

Today 25th January 2011, Amana Takaful PLC announced to Colombo Stoke Exchange [cse], that the company decided to issue 500,000,360 shares as a rights of 1 share for every 1 exiting held.

The rights come at Rs. 1.50 per shares and right total fund arise of Rs. 750,000,540.

The objective of the rights issue is to meet the increase capital requirement by regulator under its proposed capital plan and for the company’s future expansion strategies.

 Source: http://www.cse.lk/cmt/upload_cse_announcements/9641295952526_.pdf

Rights Issue Watapota Investment PLC


Today 25th January 2011 Watapota Investment PLC announced the rights of 75 new ordinary shares of every 2 shares held at the Price of Rs.20.

The total number of shares issued is 25, 162, 800 and provisional allotment will 18th February 2011 and dispatch the provisional letter of allotment 23th February 2011.

The last date for acceptance & Payment will be on 10th march 2011.

Watapota Investment PLC
Watapota Investment PLC

Source: http://www.cse.lk/welcome.htm                                                          


Vallibel Power Erathna PLC announced Interim Dividend

Interim Dividend

The company announced interim dividend of Rs. 0.20 per Share.  The interim dividend is for the financial year 2010/ 2011.

The company feather says the payment will be on 14th February 2011.

About Vallibel Power Erathna PLC

The Vallibel Power Erathna PLC established in 2001 and Quoted to share market at 2006. The company is the business of generate and supply electric Power to the nation grid.

My view

As per the Dividend announcement of Rs. 0.20 per share and the Share price traded yesterday as Rs. 10.20.

Comparability the dividend is 2% of the price. But the dividend announcement will create the confidence to the investors to invest more.

Source: http://www.cse.lk/welcome.htm

MTD Walkers PLC Rights Issue and Price band

 Rights issue

MTD Walkers PLC announced the Colombo Stoke Exchange[ CSE] for the Rights issues.

After the right issue announcement the price of the shares in fluctuate heavily and reaching the lower the Price of Rs.45. The day starts with Rs. 81.70 and close at the price of Rs. 68.70.

Today almost the 3.49 Million shares traded with the value of Rs.230.1 Million.

MTD Walkers PLC
MTD Walkers PLC

Price Band

Today 24th January 2011 the Colombo Stoke Exchange announced the 10% Price band to MTD Walkers PLC from 25th January 2011 to 15th February 2011.

The main reason for the price band is to heavy price variation of the MTD Walkers PLC.

Source: http://www.cse.lk/cmt/upload_cse_announcements/2261295862796_.pdf


The Finance Company Public Share Issue

The company announced to Colombo Stoke exchanges the following details

Number of shares applied           20,378,700

Value of the shares applied         815,148,000

About The Finance Company PLC IPO

The Finance Company PLC
The Finance Company PLC

The Finance Company PLC announced to IPO 40 Million Ordinary voting shares at the price of Rs.40 per share.

The objective of the IPO is to be

  1. To broad base the share ownership of the company
  2. To increase the capital base of the company
  3. To obtain long term funds for future expansion, especially to expand the hire purchase, leasing, pawning and real estate business.

My view

The Finance Company PLC had a bad track record of the bad financial position in 2008. And their objective of fund raising is not clear enough to the investor to know, what the expantion there are going to do are.

As per today announcement the subscription of the Finance Company PLC is about the 51% of their IPO. And the investors were not interested to taking a risk investing in the Finance Company PLC.

Source: http://www.cse.lk/cmt/upload_cse_announcements/931295853820_.pdf

Prospectus: http://www.cse.lk/270808/pdf/TFC-prospectus.pdf

Article: http://www.cse.lk/270808/pdf/TFC-articles.pdf

Nawaloka Hospital PLC will grow


As a small investor I brought some of Nawaloka PLC shares and waiting for some movements in prices. But I always feel the company is performing lower than I expect.

The real performance

One of my relations was admitted to Nawaloka hospital last week for an operation. So I went frequently, so I had a chance to see the population within the hospital and packed vehicle.

As per I see the hospital performance and the number of staffs serving I personally feels that my investment is good and it will grow feather.

Chairman of Nawaloka Hospitals
Chairman of Nawaloka Hospitals

Nawaloka is Hotel or hospital                               

While the time I feel Nawaloka losing their focus on the health care service, because I always tell my friends Nawaloka Hospital [NH] is not a hospital it’s a Nawaloka Hotel [NH].

Quality Policy of Nawaloka Hospitals
Quality Policy of Nawaloka Hospitals

Because I felt the foods and room cleaners are doing their jobs on time, but doctors and medical officers will not comes at time. So I always refer Nawaloka hospital is a hotel.

Beyond my believes

I believe Nawaloka Hospital overcomes their limitations and provides verity of services developed their brands feather in health care services.

So I believe my investment will grow slowly…