Panasian Power Limited (PAP) first day trading in Colombo Stoke Exchange (CSE)


 Today 07.01.2011 Panasian power (PAP) came to Colombo Stokes Exchange (CSE) as initial day after the IPO. As per the Expectation from the CSE, I personally expect it will be close first day at least of Rs.4, but the happy news is most of the investors are knew about the market trend and play a professional game.

Panasian Power Limited. 07.01.2010
todays trading of Panasian Power. Snap Short from

Today market starts with initial trading of Rs. 3.80 and finally closed at 3.50. Today ranges reaches between Rs.3.50 to Rs. 4.00.

In compare to the bid and ask, ask (345,000 shares @ Rs.3.70) is more than a bid (203,700 shares @ Rs.3.60) at the time close the market, therefore we can expect a downside in Monday morning and may recover in evening as usual.

Weakness of today’s trading

In the first day Director of Panasian power Ltd Dr. Prathap Ramanujam sold his 350,000 shares at Rs.3.70.

 After the announcement published that Dr. Prathap Ramanujam sold 350,000 shares at Rs.3.70, the investors had small panic about the Panasian Powers performance in future. Because there is some questions arise,

  • Did he sell it because to realized capital Gain of IPO (is this Maximum can reaches ever).
  • Did he sell it of his personal decision

But the trading was confused the small level investors, who expects the capital gain in short terms.

Hope PAP will go on

There is good enough hopes that PAP will perform well. And Srilanka is main electricity formation is Step is hydro power, and the announcement of Laugfs Hydro Power generations also will support the Panasian Power stokes to be steady and create confident to investors about Hydro power Industry.

So until there is good enough demand and cost efficiency from the Hydro power, Panasian power will survive.




Laugfs Gas Ltd Join ventured with Bharat Petroleum to innovate metal cutting gas in Srilanka.


Laugfs Gas Ltd Informed that Join ventured with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd [BPCL] of India on 4th January 2011 to introduce metal cutting gas in Srilanka.

The Metal cutting gas will brand “Laugfs Bharat metal cutting gas” [LBMCG]. The initial agreement made with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd [BPCL] to pay a Royalty fee of US$ 250 per Metric ton or part thereof on LBMCG sold under the license from Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd [BPCL]

Srilanka Cutting Gas Market

Cutting gas has a good demand from the constructions, companies which involve in heavy engineering, Colombo Dockyard and railway department and so on.

Laugfs Bharat metal cutting gas [LBMCG] Forecast

The current cutting gas demand is about 30,000kg per Month, and Laugfs focus on 50% market by end of 2011. This target can be achieved by their 11 island wide gas distributors and 1600 dealers.

And Laugfs focus to contribute their total turnover by 50 million from the metal cutting gas.

Share market effects

After the announcement made by the Laugfs Gas Ltd the investors expect to rapid improvement on  share price, but the most of the investors are consider this is a functional decision making rather than a strategic decision making, Still the Prices are affordable to buy a good company which will perfume better in future.

Laugfs Gas announced yesterday evening that they get into Mini Hydro Power Project with the investment of Rs. 500 Million.

Still I personally recommend to people Laugfs will be one of the blue-chip company in Srilanka.

Colombo Stoke Exchange [CSE] Implement Price band on PC House Voting shares (PCH.N.0000).

As everyone expected the Price of PC House Voting share arise rapidly yesterday and Day before yesterday. Which was reaches the all the time highest of Rs 16.80 of PC House trading History. As everyone see there is enough possibility to happening a manipulations and generated quick short term Profits by Manipulators.

Therefore the Colombo Stock Exchange has applied the 10% price band to PC House Voting shares. This Band implemented from 05.01.2011. To 26.01.2011.

This band will allow the market to be Perform Up site or Down site by 10% from the previous day Closing Price.

For example PC house pervious day Price closed at Rs. 16.10. The Trading range can be a range of Rs 14.50 – Rs.17.70. today the Market Close at Down by 10% & closed at Rs.14.50

Source: –

“Until you feel market as friend, you can’t get anything from Him or her”       

Panasian Power Limited – Open for Trading on 7th January, 2011.

Panasian Power Limited recently issued a 200 Million of Shares as Initial Public Offered at the Price of Rs 3. Last 16th December the Panasian Power Limited allocate the share allocations,  [ ]

Today January 05, 2011, CSE announced the Panasian Power will list on Main Board with the classified of Power and energy Sector, on 7th the January 2011.

The Security of Code                      : – PAP-N-000

Total no of shares to be listed    : – 500,000,000.

Source: –

Is PC House is good to be Invest?

The PC house PLC was a Bad Performer in Colombo Stoke Exchange in Previous Months; the Price of the share was reach Rs. 8.50 per share which issued at Rs.12 per Share [IPO].

The recent Performance of the PC house is pretty well according to the market Perceptions on the IT sectors and new Budget Proposal of Srilankan Government. Today 03.01.2011 share price is started from Rs 11.30 and reaches Rs 13.80 and finally closed the Day by Rs. 13.40 per share. [Please find the attach Picture, Snapshot from of]

PC House PLC market on 03.11.2011
PC House PLC market on 03.11.2011

As a common perception of the market the PC house having a probability of Reach Rs. 20 to Rs 25 in near future.

For a long time there is a good enough future to reach Rs. 50 per Share. Therefore this Investment is better for long term Perspective than the Short term Focus.

But whatever happens Colombo Stoke Exchange is trading with Predictions rather than the Performance. The best advice to the investors are to not to invest all their saving to the share market.

Final Conclusion

For Short term  – Yes, it’s good for immediate capital gains.

For Long term    – Yes, its’ depends on their Adoptability of IT sectors changes and Satisfaction of PC House Customers.

“Better Diversification, better the Life”

  • This is not a Person advice for anyone; it’s just an observation of the market.

KIK Cola-Lankan to the last drop

Elephant house, one of the strongest brand in Srilanka. It’s an unbeatable Soft drink portfolio in Srilanka.  With the Wide range Necto, Lemonade, Cream Soda, Apple Soda, EGB and Soda and Energy Drink of Wild Elephant.

KIK Cola - Lankan to the last drop’
KIK Cola - Lankan to the last drop’

In addition to the Above Range of Soft Drinks Elephant house recently introduce the KIK Cola with theme word of ‘Lankan to the last drop’. The KIK Cola is fulfilling the range of taste from Elephant house.

Well the KIK Cola is Came to Market late, and having a big question of how to going to face Coca Cola and Pepsi.

The Elephant house secret of success is their Distributions center, so there will be a hope that KIK Cola will beat Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola.

Airtel Customer care or Front line Staff and Unsatisfied Customer

Bharti Airtel Lanka is in a position to failure as per my personal point of view,

Airtel Promotions in Jaffna.
Airtel Promotions in Jaffna.

The reasons I founded in Srilanka Bharti Airtel Head office and Pettah Outlet

  • Lack of Staff Commitment of the service,

Staffs in the customer care and the front line not efficient as the service provided in Dialog service. It’s because of lack of the knowledge or unwillingness of service

  • Staff Personal Behaviors with Customers

The Staffs are more likely to having a inter communication with staffs than the customers or clients.

  • Lack of Discipline

The staffs are more preferably likely to wear their own was of dressing than the process.

Specially the Pettah Branch staffs having their Lunch on their Front line desk [my personal Observation].

  • Higher Waiting time

The noon time there is a higher waiting time to meet the front line staffs helps; today I wait for a 1 hour to get the service from front line staffs with unsatisfied service.

Its hope the Bharti Airtel will be close their Srilankan venture soon, finally I am end up with dialog again,

 as Know devil [Dialog] is better than Unknown [Airtel].

The learning from the Warren Buffett investment strategy

Warren Buffett is a role model for most of the investors or beginners of investments. Most of the people try to find his investment strategies or tips to be success. But most of the beginners want to get immediate capital gains on their investment.

This is totally different strategy of Warren Buffett.

What I learn from Warren Buffett.

Invest for Long term

Warren Buffett is always prefers to invest and hold for long term than the short term profits. Specially when his investments are reaching a higher gains in short terms even, he hold those stocks rather than to exit those and enjoy profits.

He believe the market is the friend of him, as he often says if your treat your friend nicely he will treat you nicely.

Don’t worry about short term Fluctuations

Don’t worry about the short term market fluctuations, every business have an up and down with seasons, so don’t go with the seasonal fluctuations and confused with your investments. Better wait for long time, and see fluctuations and take decisions on it.

Buy good business not stock

Warren Buffett prefers to buy business rather than stock. He mainly focuses on the business management and companies’ financial health. Before he invests, he mostly consider about the business rather than the stock fluctuations.

He practices to buy the stock at the lower or reasonable price.

Buy the business the industry you can understand

This is Warren Buffett common understanding, such to invest the known business and the known business growth for long term. By knowing the company background and financial futures only help the investors to make sure the investment to be valid.

Warren Buffett ignore to buy Technology Company because, he couldn’t understand the long term business perspective of technology.

Better not to be an active trader

Warren Buffett always prefers to not to be an active trader, the active trader is only focuses on the short term investment rather than the long term capital gains.

And active trading is a costly approach and high brokerage payments. Rather than be more active trader and spend lots of money on it, better to be inactive trader and focus long term.

 Don’t over diversify

Warren Buffett advises to have small number of diversification in investment. Better to have a range between 5 to10.

Better the short list of diversification is good to be having focus on it. By evaluating the correct business and invest of long term, needs not to be disturbing the focus.

Market is your friend

Warren Buffett often says market is your friend, so better to deal with the friend nicely and not disturbed too much. While we understand the market and focus long term, the friend with you for long term and make your portfolio to grow.

Singer Finance (Lanka) Limited Share Allocations or Allotment.

Today December 24, 2010.Singer Finance announced the share allotment for the Initial public offering [IPO]

Basics of allotment of public Category of share allotments

Applications up to and inclusive of 500 shares 100% of shares applied
Applications over 500 shares but less than and inclusive of 5,000 shares A minimum allotment of 500 shares, Plus 5.00% of shares applied over and above 500 shares rounded to the nearest 100 shares
Applications over 5,000 shares but less than and inclusive of 50,000 shares A minimum allotment of 700 shares, Plus 2.00% of shares applied over and above 5,000 shares rounded to the nearest 100 shares
Application over 50,000 shares A minimum allotment of 1,600 shares, Plus 0.38085% of shares applied over and above 50,000 shares rounded to the nearest 100 shares

Employee Category and share allotments

Applications up to and inclusive of 25,000 shares 100% of shares applied
Application over 25,000 shares A minimum allotment of 25,000 shares, Plus 2.15% of shares applied over and above 25,000 shares rounded to the nearest 100 shares

Revision of the Composition of the Milanka Price Index [MPI] for 1st half of 2011

Colombo Stoke Exchange [CSE] Milanka Price Index [MPI] Compositions form 3rd January 2011 to 30th June 2011 [1st half of 2011]

Banks, Finance & Insurance

  • Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
  • DFCC Bank
  • Hatton National Bank PLC
  • Janashakthi Insurance PLC
  • LB Finance PLC
  • Merchant Bank of Srilanka PLC
  • National Development Banks PLC
  • National Trust Bank PLC
  • Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC
  • Sampath Bank PLC
  • Seylan Bank PLC

Health Care

  • Nawaloka Hospitals PLC

Beverages, Food & Tobacco

  • Distilleries Co. of Srilanka PLC

Investment Trusts

  • Environmental Resources Investment PLC


  • Hemas Holdings PLC
  • John Keells Holdings PLC
  • Richard Pieris PLC

Land & Property

  • Overseas Realty (Ceylon) PLC


  • Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC

Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

  • Chemical Industries (Colombo) PLC


  • Dialog Axiata PLC


  • Brown & Co. PLC

Hotels & Travels

  • Asian Hotels and Properties PLC
  • Galadari Hotels (Lanka) PLC
  • John Keells Hotels PLC


Source: –

Designated Smoking Area


“Smoking lead to Cancer” even it’s printed in Cigarette Packs, the total Consumers of Cigarettes are increase by year and year.

Srilankan Government introduces many regulations to reduce the Cigarette consumers, but Ceylon Tobacco is the company is always awarded’ better co-operate responsibility award’.  And The Ceylon Tobacco is the only monopoly in the market to producing Cigarettes.

Smoking and Regulations

The government was implement regulations to the Smokers, not to smoke in the Public Places. But special instructions given to hotels and restaurants, allocate separate place to smoker.

After implementations it was bit effective for short times, later smokers are freely smoke as their wish,

Designated Smoking Area

Designated Smoking Area
Designated Smoking Area

But unfortunately I have seen specific place which allocated to smokers, but most of the smokers are smoking in their table.

While asked to the owner or manager of the Restaurant, he says most of illegal Smokers or Drug users using that’s room. That’s why the restaurant management decides to close that room.

Practical Difficulty of Designated Smoking Area.

There are some practical Difficulties to implement the new systems, the better way of reducing the smokers are by increasing the taxes on cigarettes and sub drugs.

Can Africa Success?


When anyone says Africa, we think the Poverty and Political Conflicts. But Africa is Icon for tourism and the wealth too. Most of the people in Africa now understand the needs of Education and Economic Development.

Education Opportunity

The Africa Continent is mostly known as black Continent of World, but most of us haven’t seen the real picture of Africa. Most of the Africans are empowering now, and re-boost their economy via the personal representation.

Most of the African Countries have natural resources in it. These recourses are attracting the foreign investments the same time Political Problems too.

The recent development in Africa is considerably better than other regions of South America. Specially the African’s are understand the needs of Educations, Empowerment of youths, Empowerment of Women and Human rights and understand the world changes.

Sad Story of African

The sad Story is where the African’s who live in Europe or USA and all over the world, is reluctant to help their home land. If the USA based Black Americans help to Africa, the Africa can be a powerful Continent in the world or at least to self sufficient their needs.

I personally feel the Black Americans or Europe based Africans are happy to enjoy their freedoms and Economic wealth, rather than help their home land to enjoy the same education and economy.

The worst case is the South Africa [one of the African Country] the country enjoying the benefits of Economic wealth and educations, But they are not support any other countries to develop educational standard or Economic achievements.

Can African Success?

My current answer is YES, if anyone asked me three month ago I might says NOT.

This is because I knew some of bright sign from Africa Development.

 This 21st century Africa can develop their self sufficiency and be leader with the educational Developments. India is a great example for Africa to Learn.

Kerosene Oil Cart


Srilanka is a Full of opportunity of business. When I see a small [smallest] businesses, I thinks those will be a good entrepreneur than me. The person who is working under anyone is a poor man than a single entrepreneur.

I have seen some Kerosene Oil Carts in Colombo area. The worker is normally an old man, who is maintains their carts from their generations. But they use to do small businesses. Like collecting Kerosene from the petrol Stations and distribute the shops around the area.

Kerosene oil cart
Kerosene oil cart

Financial benefits

When that cart man distributing to the shops they charge an addition of Rs.2 per litre for the distributions. They can easily distribute 500 litres per day. But the distributions may restrict with more or less 10 days per month.

In the same time they get the special discounts from the petrol station for their bulk purchase. Therefore their total revenue exceeds to be about Rs.3000 per day. So their monthly income is more than a 30,000 per month [consider only 10 days he works].

Most of the Cart is doing this business as a Part time; therefore it’s a part of their total income.

Limitation of Kerosene Oil Cart business

  • Limited demand for Kerosene from the local shops.
  • Risk of maintain relationships,
  • Price sensitive,
  • The other expenses

Benefit of the Kerosene Oil Cart business

  • Utilisation of the available cart
  • Can do some other business in the same time[free time]
  • Utilising the available cart for other transportation.
  • Better relationship with local shops
  • Easy to exceed business with the better value added services

Critical success factors

  • Communication skills
  • Better relationship with shop owners
  • Negotiation skill with petrol station owners
  • Expansion of business to other areas too.


Anyone can think is this a business, but this is a business, when a person is not realised there is a business like that, the existing businessmen enjoy the monopoly of distributions.

Once they realised the profits market may not support to them….

Necessity of Individual Revolution

Revolutions mean a fundamental changes or structural changes.

Every individual should have a skill of be differentiating form others, the individual who think differently are only, achieve their targets or objectives.

Individual characteristic for revolutions

  • Better inter personal skill

The interpersonal skill is made differentiate each others,

Such as the way of speck, way of behave.

  • Vision and objective

The individual should have a vision and objectives to achieve. The individuals should adopt the uncertainty and developed his or her objectives.

  • Direct view

The person should have a direct view in every activity he or she carried out. They should know about the clear focus in their future.

  • Supportive

The individuals should be supportive of any actions carried out by his follows or team member. Specially he or she should develop his skill as mentor for them.

  • Educate and communication

The individuals should communicate easily and educate others what he know,

  • Positive thinking

The individuals should have a positive thinking; the positive thinking is feels, the impossible targets also to be possible.

  • Planning

The individuals should have a planning skill; most of the successful leaders are allocate their 5% of their time to be planning their actions.

  • Self motivations

The self motivation is important to developed his or her personal charismatic to develop,

Telling his or herself i am the winner. I am the champion.

  • Understanding the failure

To understanding failure means know the possibilities of failures and the acceptability of failures.

Most of the leaders who achieve their objectives have most of the above skills, everyone knew their future is different from others, because they think differently and act differently.

Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, Che, Ambani, Joseph Stalin, APJ Abdul Kalam, Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein and so on…

Therefore individual revolution is an important to,the individual who want to be different.

Singer Finance IPO oversubscribed by 120 times.

Today 17th December 2010, Singer finance announced the Singer Finance IPO is oversubscribed by 120 times approximately,

The information provided today as

Applications Processed so far  21,000.00
Number of Shares Applied  3,200,050,040.00
Number of shares Issued  26,666,667
Valued for shares applied 48,000,750,600.00
Value of shares issued  400,000,005.00

Number of times Oversubscribed 120 times [Approximately]

Source: –

Panasian Power Limited IPO Share Allotment

16th December 2010, Board of Directors of Panasian Power Limited announced the allotment of share as follows,

Basis Allotments for Employees 100% [15% of total Issued Shares]

Basis Allotments for Public

Applications upto and inclusive of 25,000 100%
Applications over 25,000 shares Minimum allotment of 25,000 plus 5.558719% of the shares applied over and above the 25,000 shares round to the nearest 100 shares. 

For example

Who applied for 10,000 shares will get total of 10,000 shares

Who applied for 30,000 shares will get as

                        25,000 + [5,000 * 5.558719%] = 25,278 shares.

Round nearest 100 as, 25,300 shares.

Panasian Power Limited IPO Oversubscribe by 7.34 times.

The recent IPO of Panasian Power Limited oversubscribed at the date of open to trade. [December 7, 2010]

 Panasian Power Limited have been Oversubscribed by 7.34 times.

The details as follows based on Colombo Stoke exchange

Payment made by Bank Draft and Cheques,

Number of Shares Applied 300,183,000
Value of Applied Rs. 900, 549,000
Number of Applications 15,529

Payment made by Bank Guarantees,

Number of Shares Applied   1,168,100,000
Value of Applied Rs. 3, 504,300,000
Number of Applications 45

 Total of

Total number of shares Applied 1,468,283,000
Total Amount of shares Applied Rs.4, 404,849,000


And CSE announced the Singer Finance IPO is also been Oversubscribed on the first day [today December 15, 2010]

Why Singer Srilanka PLC [SINS.N0000] Share Price Reduced


As an investor and follower of CSE, my argument is.

Every investor in Colombo Stock exchange is expecting the Singer Finance IPO. In the mean time Singer Srilanka PLC reaches low transaction price of Rs 170.00 from 189.00[As previous closing]

Today’s Rs.170 was lowest price during this year transactions.

Is there any reason for it?

Market Correction

This price reductions can be a market correction, the CSE was reaches a highest selling positions during the last 2 months. So the investors are expecting there will be a Market correction in near future.

Therefore most of them are considering this as a market correction, but it’s not. If it’s a market correction the whole the market should be affect.

Therefore accepting the market adjustment is depending on their personal.

Manipulating the market

There are some reasons for the argument of Manipulations,

  • To get weaken position to the Singer Finance IPO

By manipulating the Singer Srilanka shares, will lead the investors to not to attract to singer Finance IPO which opens tomorrow.

  • The number of shares traded today,

The number of shares traded today is about the 1000; therefore making decision with the few shares may be lead wrong decision.

  • Today price is the lowest price in the year of 2010.

The price indicates as Rs.170; is a lowest price in the year. The share trading today may lead use to misunderstand the investor and unattractive to the Singer Finance IPO.

As per My Points of View this can be a manipulation cause,

This trend can be continued to tomorrow as well to affect Singer Finance IPO of 15th December [tomorrow].



Laugfs Gas Limited listed in Colombo Stoke Exchange [CSE] today as First day. Laugfs Gas Limited issued 75 million voting ordinary shares at Rs. 23 each and the shares are oversubscribed by 20.2 times.

Is LAUGFS Makes CRY short term Investors?

Today most of the Laugfs Gas Limited investors [short term] are expecting a higher opening price, likely double the rate [RS.46] of share value [Rs.23]. Most of the investors argued similarities of the opening day of ODEL and today’s Laugfs.

But from the opening, all the short term investors’ are understood their short term expectation won’t satisfy today.

Can Smile?

Only argument to smile the Laugfs Gas Limited investors are, the total share volume trade today is 30.81 million. Therefore it’s acceptable most of the investors are holding their shares for long term perspective than a short term. Therefore there will be a good future for Laugfs Gas Limited [expected] in long term or immediate medium term.

Is it possible to Laugh?

There is a good enough possibility to laugh. The investors who holding the shares for long term, the argument is, most of the companies long term performance is good if compare the initial listed day.

And the share market is not a casino to see immediate money, if anyone use it as casino it will take back all like cash generate as like casino.

Therefore be professional and be use share market as a capital investment market. Therefore share market won’t cheat anyone any more.

As warren buffett says” feel share market as your friend”

As per My perspective

Laugfs Gas Limited listed

Today- short term investors – CRY

Medium term- the investors who not willing to sell in Medium Term- SMILE,

Long term- investors who are look for long term – LAUGH.

Ceylon Tea or Srilanka Tea


Srilankan Tea is well known as ‘Ceylon Tea”. The Ceylon Tea is a one of the most selling origin tea.

Ceylon Teas are most forums for Aroma and the unique blend. Approximately 25% of the world population is preferred tea as a Beverage.

Types of Tea

  • Black Tea
  • Green tea
  • Silver tips tea
  • Golden tips tea

Grades of Tea,

  • BOP                – Broken Orange Pekoe
  • BOP sp            – Broken Orange Pekoe Special
  • BOPF              – Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings
  • FBOP              – Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe
  • FBOPF            – Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings
  • OP                   – Orange Pekoe
  • OPA                – Orange Pekoe A
  • OP1                 – Orange Pekoe 1
  • BP                   – Broken Pekoe
  • DUST


The Packing are varying based on the buyers’ requirement. But most of the companies are following the blow packing.

  • Bulk packing
  • Packets
  • Tea bags
  • Bottles
  • Tins
  • Wooden Boxes
  • Gift Packs
  • And other Special designs,

Certificates Required for Exporting

The Exporters are highly consideration quality in production. Most of the  Srilankan Exporting Companies need the following certificates to do the export markets

  • Country Origin Certificates
  • HACCP – Hazard Analysis certificate, it’s essential for Quality Measures.
  • Health Certificate – issued by Health Ministry.
  • Insurance Policies.
  • Inspection Certificates SGS or Intertek
  • ISO 22000
  • Europe GAP[ Generalized System Preference ]
  • Analysis Certificates

Source of tea

The Tea using for the export or domestic market needs to buy from the Auctions held by Tea Brokers. Approximately 80% of tea is directly coming to the auction and sell to the tea exporting companies or domestic sellers.

Tea related Organizations in Srilanka.

  • Srilanka Tea Board
  • Tea small Holders development authority.
  • Tea association of Srilanka
  • Colombo Tea Traders associations
  • Colombo Brokers Associations
  • Tea exporters associations

The Key words in Exam Questions

The pass or the failure is depending on the answer of the questions; to understanding the question is necessary to understand the question,

Therefore it’s important to understand the key word or Critical words using in question paper ,

Here are some examples,

  • List

If a question asks to list down the benefits of ERP, the student should list the Benefits of ERP. In this question, Definition of ERP is not needed. Only marks will provided for listing the points.

  • State

When question has key word of State, the student should clearly explain the requirements and the facts to supporting to their points.

  • Define

This is where students need to define the words what require by examiner marks allocated only for defining.

  • Distinguish

The student needs to highlights the difference as their requirement. Point outs of the clear differentiation bring marks.

  • Explain

Student needs to provide clear meanings of their requirements,

  • Identifies

This is where students need to recognized or identified the necessary information from the case give,

  • Illustrate

This is where students ask to explain their points with the real case examples,

  • Apply

Students need to be using the practical situation to answer these questions, specially applying theories to Practical situation.

  • Calculate

Requesting to mathematical calculations,

  • Demonstrate

Students requires to provides a practical meanings or practical applications on that,

  • Prepare

Students ask use the given approaches in questions,

  • Solve

Student asks to find an answer for it; marks are base on their arguments,

  • Analysis

Examining the given details of given information,

  • Categories

Students asked to explain the divisions or classifications of it,

  • Compare and Contrast

Students are ask to show similarities and differentiations of its,

  • Construct

To building up the arguments,

  • Discuss

Detail arguments of the given information,

  • Interpret

Explain in familiar terms,

  • Priorities

Answering in order, placing the orders in the answers,

  • Produce

Create Arguments,

  • Advise

Students ask to counsel based on give case,

  • Evaluate

Making discussion and recommendations

  • Recommend

Students ask to give a recommendation for the give case or the problems.

How to Pass Exams

This is a most of the student questions. Whenever the students are facing exams, they want to know how I can pass this exam.

Most of the examiners are answering this question each and every Paper Reviews, their recommendation is

“Answer the Question ask”

When a student sees this answer from the examiners, student feels their examiners are playing fool with them, but the real case is that’s the obvious answer for how to pass the exams.

Student’s common mistakes in reading questions

  • Read the question without understanding,
  • Read the question based on their know knowledge basis
  • Not to understand how many Sub question in the questions,

Therefore students are always instruct to do the following methods to pass their exams,

  • Read Question Carefully
  • Understand the Question with their Syllabus area.
  • Identifies how may Sub Questions are available in Each questions,
  • Analysis how many marks are allocated for each Sub questions,
  • Identifying the time Allocation for each sub questions,

Most of the Students made mistakes on Understanding the question request by Examiners. Therefore each student has responsibility to understand the differentiation of key Words of the Questions.

Panasian Power Limited IPO

About Panasian Power Limited

The Panasian Power Limited is a subsidiary of Power Hub International sdn bhd, and sub subsidiary of the Majulia sdn bhd. The Primary objective of the share issue is to settle payment to Power Hub International Sdn.Bhd [PHI].

Panasian Power Limited was incorporated on 22nd April 2002. The principle business of Panasian power limited is Supplies the Energy generated to the Ceylon Electricity Board [CEB] currently operates of 2.0MW Mini Hydropower plant situated in Ratnapura district. The new acquisition of MHPL is capacity of 2.4MW located at Walapane in Nuwara Eliya district.

Initial Public Offering – IPO

Pan asian Power Limited IPO
Pan asian Power Limited IPO

Panasian power limited is issuing 200 Million Ordinary Voting Shares at 3.00 per each. The total issue is worth about LKR 600 Million. From the 200 Million Ordinary Voting Shares, 30 Million [15 %] Ordinary Voting Shares offer to the Directors and Employees of Majulia Group of Companies.

Investors can collect the prospectus and application forms at all the stock brokers and Sampath bank branches.

The Investors are instructed a minimum subscription should be 1000 shares and the excess subscription should be multiples of 1000 shares.

It’s opening for Initial Public offering from December 7, 2010. Closing date of December 27, 2010 or a day which issues became oversubscribed.

The Prospectus and Application Form is available in Colombo Stock Exchange website

Colombo Stock Exchange : –

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Singer Finance IPO

About Singer Finance

Singer Finance Lanka Ltd IPO Prospectus
Singer Finance Lanka Ltd IPO Prospectus

The Singer Finance is one of the subsidiaries of singer Group. The primary objective of financing the offering is regulatory requirements of the monetary board of Central Bank of Srilanka [mention in Prospectus].

Singer Finance was incorporated on April 19, 2010. The principle business of Singer Finance is acceptance deposits from general public and granting of lease, hire purchase and customer loans.

Initial Public Offering – IPO

Singer Finance [lanka] limited is issuing 26,666,667 Ordinary Voting Shares at 15.00 per each. The total issue is worth about LKR 400 Million. The company’s total market capitalization to approximately of 1.6 Billion with the new share issues.

The Singer finance is offering a 25% [26,666,667 shares] additional share to be Initial Public offering the balance 74.99% [79,999,998 shares] held by Singer [Srilanka] PLC.

The Investors are instructed a minimum subscription should be 100 shares and the excess subscription should be multiples of 100 shares.

It’s opening for Initial Public offering from December 15, 2010. Closing date of January 04, 2011 or a day which issues became oversubscribed.

Prospectus and Application Form of SInger Finance IPO

Investors can collect the prospectus and application forms at all the stock brokers, NDB bank branches, NDB Investment bank and singer Finance branches from 1st December, 2010. or the Prospectus and Application Form is available in Colombo Stock Exchange website

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Lack of Resource Utilization


The resource utilization is an important activity for every organization; to achieving their financial or non financial objectives. it’s necessary to use the available resource in maximizing benefit.

From single entrepreneur to multinational organizations are use their available resources to value added to their businesses. If anyone fail to use their resources to maximize benefit, it’s because of lack of the knowledge of resource utilization or unidentified their resources correctly.

The following example is my observation, and it’s not against to any businesses.


Lack of Resource utilization
Lack of Resource utilization

The above photo I have taken in front of the Armour Street Bus stand. This is one of the bus stand, which people mostly use, for a minutes more than 300 vehicles may traveling this road. Therefore the business in this road is using their shops or show room as advertisements as well.

When I see the above mention shop I couldn’t able to see a any value addition to their display of their good.

I feel this shop has founded the value of resource but not willing to maximize it, for Support my arguments,

  • The name board of the organization and failure of maintenance.

This is a lack of resource utilization, even they understand the need of name board but reluctant to maintain. This activity may lead the consumer to feel the relevant organization’s services are not up to the standards.

  • Lack of maintenance of displays,

If you see the above photo can be understand how they display their product. This leads the customer or consumer to dissatisfied their service,

The customers should be initial attract; if the organization fails to achieve their objectives.

  • Lack of the massage given to public,

Their name board mentions they are selling the Cotto Tiles and the Cotto Sanitary ware and hardware. But as a public that was the first time I heard the name of the tiles and sanitary ware and hardware. Their marketing and the promotional activities are the lack of knowledge and lack of resource utilizations. 

  • Lack of understand of the integer designs for marketing,

The integer designs are very important to a organization to be maximize their land or building to develops as a brand name. These costs are once in happens and will leads a huge benefits to the organizations for long times.

How to maximize the resource utilizations

  • Initial attractiveness to the consumers.

The initial attractiveness will help for an organization to create a new profitable customer based. Most of the businesses are very careful about their front line office or customer care officers. Because it’s one of the a critical success factor for them. 

  • Well maintain displays and the integer designs

The displays and the integer designs are very important to attract the customer to made initial impression about the product or service and organization. Specially integer designs are huge participation of the better display tracts in practices.

  • Spend a bit of money to initial impression and the attracting new customers.

 These expenses are long-term investment in promotion activities. This will help for maximizing the resource unitizations and maximizing profit making abilities to the organization.


 It’s important to organization to be providing a good service to the customer and value added their purchases and be value for money.

 If not all theses marketing expense are valueless…

Anil Ambani – A Book Review


As I finished reading some books of self developments, I got the book of Anil Ambani written by N. Chokkan. After I read a book about Ambani, it’s a good meaning full to read this book. Specially both books written by N.Chokkan and published by Kizhakku Pathippagam.

Total 12chapters and 133pages

Book Review

After reading of Ambani, I interested to read about his son’s stories as well. But fortunately my brother brought this book from India in his vacation.

Anil Ambani Front page
Anil Ambani Front page

While I read this book I feel Anil Ambani is a childish person, who is not suitable for business. Until I read first 8 chapters I thought he [Anil Ambani] is not suited for a business; and the purpose of this book is zero.

From the chapter 8, he talks about Anil Ambani’s talents and his business techniques. From that to the ends it value addition to the heading of book Anil Ambani.

But when I reading this book I felt the Mukesh Ambani is an excellent business man. But I am sure both of them are develop business from his dad levels. Because Ambani haven’t reach the level of the world richest man, but both of their sons are reaching world richest man list.

If both of the Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani’s wealth get together Ambani family will be the 1st world richest man in the world. 

If Mr.Chokkan talk about his wife support and business technique, because she is also a partner of success of Anil Ambani’s success; and the hospital management. Than book may most valuable.

Anil Ambani Back page
Anil Ambani Back page


It’s a good book to read and under about Anil Ambani. But the person who want know about characteristic Anil Ambani this book only is not enough. For me it’s valuable.

Who ever read this book, better read about Ambani’s book and get a basic of their businesses and their family background will help to understand more.

This book is INR 80. Competitively is value for me of 4 chapters from 8 to 12. And wait to read Mukesh Ambani’s books and business techniques.

Best Place to Advertise in Armour Street

The Armour Street bus stop is most famous for stopping buses for long time And make them to feel bad. Especially bus routes of 155, 176 and other long trip routes are using this bus stand for take in and out the passengers.

As a regular passenger of bus route 155, I found it’s unconvinced for all passengers; the buses are stopped for next bus to come. But I have seen there are some of advertising boards which represent their brands and their messages,

Such as Coca Cola, Airline passenger services, Airtel, Dialog and so on.

All the banners and boards are targeting to the passengers to view. But I personally felt those banners and boards are not viewed by most of the passengers.

The reason is they misplaced their advertisment. I found a unique place, which is mostly view and unuse for any businesses.

Best Place to Advertise in Armour Street
Best Place to Advertise in Armour Street

From the one side of the road to another side of the road there is an apartment. The apartment back wall is facing to the Armour Street. each and every house having windows in their back wall.

Therefore no one was trying to do an advertisement in their walls with negotiating with them. Those walls are really excellent place to be advertised a branded products which made more familiar to the brand,

Advantages of using that space,

  • Direct view to all buses which stops in Armour street bus stand. Therefore the number of viewers will be higher,
  • It may be a cheaper advertisement opportunity to follow and cost benefits
  • Easily to get thing done from the resident in the apartments
  • Using the all the available space in those full building, may lead a huge advertisement to the branded products
  • Development of the positioning image.

Problems of that advertisement

  • May be a problem to negotiate the residents
  • May replace their window by providing some additional facilities to get sun light to their homes.
  • Question of the long-term  agreement with the residents
  • If the bus route change, its became a uncover addition expenditure.

But whoever take risk enjoy benefits. Its common rule is for business.

AGNI SIRAGUGAL [WINGS OF FIRE] AN Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam – a Book Review

Introduction of my selves with an Agni siragugal.

This is the first book which I read an autobiography in my life. I am not a perfect person to review this book, because I am the biggest fan and smallest book reviewer. 

AN Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam Front page”]AGNI SIRAGUGAL [WINGS OF FIRE] AN Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam Front pageThis book was purchased by my sister in 2006 our India tour. Before the year’s tour I have seen Wings of Fire in Airport duty Free shop. That was tag a price of about INR 1000. I couldn’t able to buy that book for 2 reasons, 

1] I don’t have that much of money at the time, 

2] I thought I may not understand that English, and observe deep meaning of it. 

Therefore I always preferred a Tamil book to read to understand the deep meaning of it.       

About the AGNI SIRAGUGAL [WINGS OF FIRE] AN Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam

The Wings of Fire is a original book which wrote by Arun Tiwari in 1999. This book is prepared full support of the APJ Abdul Kalam. It’s translated by Mu.Shivalingam for Kannadhasan Pathippagam in may 2004. 

The book is fully about APJ Abdul Kalam’s life. Such as 

  • The way he suffered of the poverty.
  • His basic education and his ambition of the air force pilot.
  • His failure of air force pilot selections.
  • Supports of the teachers and others
  • His religious devotion and respect of all other religions.
  • Joining of senior scientific assistant in DTD&P
  • His involvement in development in rockets.
  • SLV 3 Program and his involvement
  • Failure and learning from it.
  • Experience of president of India

I never ever says or going to say any quality issues or meaning issues in this book, because I was mostly impress by him. 

My personal ambition

My personal ambition is to be an entrepreneur, when I achieve something and had a change to says who is behind my success than my family is one and only APJ Abdul Kalam. 

If I have chance I will meet him once and I open my business with his presence. 

By reading AGNI SIRAGUGAL [WINGS OF FIRE] I personally benefits of

  •  Self motivation – special force of success
  • Involvement on activity with fulfillment of joys.
  • Learning from failure
  • Be socialized
  • Think about youths and their developments
  • Self determinations
  • Respect all the religions
  • Acceptability of sudden failures

And so on… 

I wish everyone to read this book and enjoy this moments and be successful in their life. 

AN Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam tamil edition special poetry”]AGNI SIRAGUGAL [WINGS OF FIRE] AN Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam tamil edition special poetry
AN Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam tamil edition special poetry page 2″]AGNI SIRAGUGAL [WINGS OF FIRE] AN Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam tamil edition special poetry page 2

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