Tata nano Automatik for Rs. 1,975,000/- in Sri Lanka

DIMO PLC introduce all new Tata GenX Nano Automatic vehicle in Sri Lanka for Rs. 1,975,000/-. Tata nano was the conceptual car created by Ratan tata to make an affordable car for every family in India at the price of INR 100,000.

Order today and enjoy a discount of Rs. 50,000/- and Free Registration and free insurance for first year.

Taking the spirit of innovation further, the new GenX Nano comes with advanced technological features making it a perfect smart city car. The Easy Shift (Automated Manual Transmission) offers the convenience of driving an automatic along with the fuel efficiency of a manual. The effortless drive with the Easy Shift (AMT) along with the shift assist manual mode makes driving an absolute pleasure, truly making it an advanced compact hatch.

See below for the new features and specifications of Tata GenX Nano Automatik

  • New Easy Shift (Automated Manual Transmission) – Forget the clutch pedal and simplify your drive. With the Easy Shift (AMT), driving is an absolute pleasure.
  • Easy Shift (AMT) with Sports Mode – The GenX Nano ‘Easy Shift’ (Automated Manual Transmission) has an option of ‘Sports’ mode for enhanced acceleration.
  • Easy Shift (AMT) with Creep feature – For ease of manoeuvrability in heavy traffic and during parking, the GenX Nano ‘Easy Shift’ (Automated Manual Transmission), comes with an in-built creep feature, which helps the car to crawl as soon as the pressure is eased off the brake pedal, without pressing the accelerator.
  • Easy Shift (AMT) Mileage – The GenX Nano Easy Shift (AMT) has an amazing Mileage of 21.9 km/l+.
  • Easy Shift (AMT) with manual mode – For those who are comfortable switching gears manually, the GenX Nano Easy Shift (AMT) also comes with a shift assist manual mode for ease of changing gears as per your convenience.
  • Smallest turning radius – The GenX Nano has the smallest turning radius of 4m for easy maneuverability.
  • Advanced Engine Control Unit to pep up your drive – The GenX Nano is fitted with an Advanced ECU developed by Bosch to ensure a zippy drive.
  • Large 24 L fuel tank – Enjoy long, uninterrupted drives wherever you go! The GenX Nano is equipped with a 24L fuel tank to suit a longer driving range of over 500 KM, which makes it ideal for driving over long distances.

Tata Gen X Nano Specification as below,

Overall Length 3164 mm
Overall Width 1750 mm (with ORVM)
Overall Height 1652 mm
Wheel Base 2230 mm
Ground clearance 180 mm
Minimum Turning Circle Radius 4 m
Seating Capacity 4 persons
Fuel Tank Capacity 24 Litres
Luggage Space
XE, XM & XT 110 Litres
XMA, XTA (Easy Shift) 94 Litres
Engine Type 624 cc, 2 cylinders Gasoline, MPFI
Maximum Power 38 PS @ 5500 +/- 250 RPM
Maximum Torque 51 Nm @ 4000 +/- 500 RPM
Top Speed 105 kmph
XE, XM & XT Manual
XMA, XTA (Easy Shift) Easy Shift (Automated Manual Transmission) with Sports Mode & Creep feature
XE, XM & XT Four forward + one reverse speed
XMA, XTA (Easy Shift) Five forward + one reverse speed
Front Independent, lower wishbone, McPherson struts with gas-filled dampers and anti-roll bar.
Rear Independent semi trailing arm with coil spring and gas filled shock absorbers
XM, XMA, XT, XTA Electric Power Assisted (brushless type) with active return feature
XE Manual steering
Brake Type Independent dual circuit, hydraulic brake operated by tandem master cylinder with vacuum booster
Front Drum Brake
Rear Drum Brake
Tyre Type Tubeless
Front Tyre size 135/70 R 12
Rear Tyre size 155/65 R 12
Spare Tyre size 135/70 R 12
Wheels Size 4 B x 12


For more detail contact to DIMO on 0112449711 or see below image

Tata nano Automatik for Rs. 1,975,000/- in Sri Lanka
Tata nano Automatik for Rs. 1,975,000/- in Sri Lanka

Honda Fit, Honda Grace & Honda Vezel Price in Sri Lanka

Spectrum Trading Company announces their special prices for Honda hybrid vehicles as below,

Honda Fit for Rs. 6.25 Million

Honda Grace for Rs. 6.8 Million

Honda Vezel for Rs. 7.7 Million

All the above prices are comes with 3 years and 50,000 kms warranty from the agent. For more details contact to Dinesh on 0777 383 378 or see below image

Honda Fit, Honda Grace & Honda Vezel Price in Sri Lanka
Honda Fit, Honda Grace & Honda Vezel Price in Sri Lanka

Peugeot 2008 SVU now available in Sri Lanka; Price starting from Rs. 8.1 Million fully duty paid

Carmart Limited an sole importer for Peugeot in Sri Lanka launch Peugeot 2008 SUV with price tag of Rs. 8.1 Million for fully duty paid and Rs. 5.9 Million for a permit holders.

The new 2008 SUV builds on its SUV strength and character with high-tech black and chrome headlights* and 3D LED rear lights with a 3-claw design – giving the car a strong visual signature both front and rear even from 100m away.

Its striking new vertical front grille, adorned with the Peugeot lion, and horizontal bonnet are complemented with a rear sports spoiler; wheel arch extensions*; front & rear scuff plates* and roof bars.

The sophisticated and sleek interior incorporates a chic and innovative interior lighting ambience featuring LED instrument dial surround*, LED track – laser cut headlining* or a panoramic glass roof with light guides*. The introduction of new vibrant paint finishes, including Ultimate Red from Active level, will ensure real road-presence for the new 2008 SUV.


Instinctive Driving Experience

Experience new driving sensations in the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®. The compact sports steering wheel offers precise steering and improved manoeuvrability whilst the 7” multifunction colour touchscreen puts all the functionality at your fingertips. The head up instrument panel provides all the driver information and can be viewed without taking your eyes off the road. It all adds up to an intuitive and instinctive driving experience.

The new 2008 SUV comes with a wide range of innovative technology to further enhance the unique driving sensations:

  • Grip Control®: which optimises traction in low-grip conditions and adapts to the terrain by acting on the front wheels by using the electronic components already present on the vehicle. Versatile and adaptable to all road surfaces, five modes (Standard, Snow, Mud, Sand & ESP off) and available with Mud & Snow tyres.
  • Active City Brake: makes it possible to avoid an accident or reduce its severity if the driver fails to react by triggering an emergency brake (in urban conditions less than 20mph).
  • Park Assist: using ultrasonic sensors and steering management which take over and manoeuvre the car in and out of a selected parallel parking space.
  • Reverse Parking Camera: lets you view the area behind the vehicle as you manoeuvre.
  • CarPlay® functionality: providing voice activation for the driver, meaning compatible and safe applications, such as Google Maps and call features, can be activated and used without removing your hands from the wheel.


Uncompromising Quality

The high quality materials evident through touch and finish in the new 2008 SUV are a reference in this market sector.

Reliable and robust and with technology designed to be useful on a daily basis, the new 2008 SUV is offered with a range of modern and efficient engines – developed to keep your fuel costs and CO2 emissions under control.

The engine range includes our award-winning PureTech 3-cylinder petrol engine, in conjunction with the new EAT6 automatic gearbox, delivering maximum pleasure behind the wheel for less.

And our intelligent BlueHDi engines deliver the cleanest diesel engine possible with exceptional fuel economy.


Exterior Style


New two-tone black and chrome headlights provide definition and structure to new 2008 SUV. Integrated LED daytime running lights add finesse to the new design and provide excellent visibility.

Rear Lights

Instantly recognisable as a Peugeot, the tailgate is framed by full LED rear light clusters with a 3D ‘claw’ design. This trademark design has become an integral part of Peugeot’s style identity and features on the entire new 2008 SUV range

New Paint Finishes

New 2008 SUV’s striking exterior design is complemented with vibrant new paint finishes: Ultimate Red and Emerald.

The contours of the bodywork are enhanced by a choice of nine paint colours, including two solid shades, five metallic colours, one pearlescent and the new Ultimate Red layered varnish.


New wheels are available across the range including 16’’ Hydre Alloy Wheels on Active level and either diamond cut 16’’ Aquila Alloy Wheels or 17” Eridan Anthra Alloys on Allure. Customise your GT Line with 17” Eridan Black Alloy Wheels at no extra cost.


Interior Style

Peugeot i-Cockpit

The innovative layout in the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® makes driving intuitive, agile and safe as the ergonomic driving position helps focus your attention on the road ahead.

The compact sports steering wheel sits lower than a traditional design and means that your arms are both lower and closer together. This not only reduces driver fatigue but offers more precise steering and improved manoeuvrability.

The head-up instrument panel allows driver information to be viewed above, rather than through, the steering wheel and is therefore accessed without taking your eyes off the road. In addition, the large multifunction colour touchscreen places all the functionality at your fingertips.

Sophistication and Luxury

The new 2008 SUV has a sophisticated and sleek interior with a seductively high level of finish.

The lighting ambience has been created with particular care. The inside of the new 2008 SUV is bathed in natural light thanks to the generous amount of glass featured in the car’s design. This adds to a sense of freedom and space enjoyed by the driver and their passengers.

The finely crafted décor works in harmony with ultramodern mood lighting to create a refined and elegant atmosphere. Chic and innovative, the Peugeot LED Track* provides ambient lighting from the laser cut headlining while the panoramic glass roof** is equipped with high-tech light guides. The head-up instrument panel features LED dial surrounds* which come on automatically as soon as the side lights are switched on, adding an extra touch of luxury to the interior lighting ambience.

An Eye for Detail

The modern, clean design of the new 2008 SUV’s interior blends perfectly with its exterior. Each detail has been fine-tuned and all the materials used are luxurious to the touch. A simple demonstration of this meticulous craftsmanship is provided by the fluid, graphic lines of the dashboard.

Space and Convenience

Spacious and practical, the boot has a low loading height of 60cm and the 1/3-2/3 modular rear seats allow you to convert the boot volume from 410 litres to 1400 litres.

Pressing the button at the top of the backrest is enough to tilt the back allowing the seats to fold down automatically into a completely flat floor.



Grip Control

Grip Control® is an adapted traction control system which responds to most terrains and weather conditions. It acts on the front wheels by adjusting wheel spin and torque to optimise traction in low-grip conditions.

Versatile and adaptable, this system has control built in. The Grip Control® dial located on the centre console lets you choose the appropriate mode for the surface you encounter. Coupled with 17” Alloy wheels and Mud & Snow tyres, it is now compatible with the EAT6 automatic gearbox. Grip Control® uses electronic components that are already installed in the car meaning that it adds no extra weight and therefore no excessive fuel consumption, unlike a traditional 4×4.


Grip Control® offers five driving modes:

  1. Standard
  2. Snow
  3. Mud
  4. Sand
  5. ESP Off


Engines and Eat6 Gearbox

Designed to produce drivability and performance, the PureTech 3-cylinder petrol engines in the new Peugeot 2008 SUV combine efficiency with cutting-edge technology resulting in greater driving pleasure with lower running costs.

New 2008 SUV also features the 6-speed petrol automatic gearbox which uses quickshift technology allowing for faster gear changes – and is the new benchmark for driving enjoyment.

Our BlueHDi diesel engines deliver high performance, impressive fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. Every diesel version of the new 2008 SUV emits under 97g/km of CO2 – meaning no road tax.


High performance, versatile and efficient PureTech and BlueHDi engines offer a responsive driving experience on new 2008 SUV without compromising on fun and enjoyment.

The compact steering wheel in the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® is linked to a specific suspension system, which is adapted according to engine. The weight-optimised drivetrain combines simplicity and reactivity, offering the perfect balance of comfort and road holding to guarantee real driving pleasure.

Park Assist

Park Assist* makes life easier by assessing the size of parking space available to ensure that it fits the dimensions of your new 2008 SUV. Ultrasonic sensors and steering management take over to manoeuvre into a parallel parking space for you. Acceleration, braking, gear changes and use of the clutch in a manual transmission are left in your control. Exiting the parking space is just as easy – as Park Assist* will do this for you too!


Peugeot Mirror Screen® brings you CarPlay® functionality, providing voice activation for the driver, meaning compatible and safe applications, such as Google Maps and call features can be activated and used without removing your hands from the wheel.

Reversing Camera

The reversing camera* automatically activates when reverse gear is engaged and allows the driver to view the area behind the vehicle while the manoeuvre is taking place.



Active City Brake

Active City Brake* is a new technology which makes it possible to avoid an accident or reduce its seriousness if the driver fails to react. It works in urban conditions, at speeds of less than 20 mph. A short range sensor is fitted to the top of the windscreen and can detect other vehicles that are driving in the same direction or stationary. This will automatically trigger an emergency brake to stop the vehicle and avoid a collision entirely, or limit the consequences of an accident by reducing the speed of impact.

Electronic Stability Control

All versions of new 2008 SUV have a high level of active safety and are equipped with ESP (Electronic Stability Control) as standard. This comprises Traction Control (ASR), Stability Control (CDS), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), Anti-wheel lock braking system (ABS) and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBFD).

ESP is combined with Hill Assist*, which briefly immobilises the vehicle, giving you time to move your foot from brake to accelerator when starting the car on a slope.

Body Structure

The new 2008 SUV has an ultra-light body structure designed to absorb as much energy as possible from any impact. This minimises the consequences for passengers, pedestrians and vehicles.

As well as enhancing safety, this robust yet lightweight structure gives you livelier handling, optimised fuel consumption and greater driving pleasure.


The new 2008 SUV includes six airbags as standard, offering extra protection for you and your passengers if you’re involved in an accident.

  • Two front airbags to protect the head and thorax of the driver and front passenger in the event of a frontal impact.
  • Two front side airbags to protect the driver and front passenger in the event of a side impact.
  • Two front and rear curtain airbags to protect the heads of the front and rear occupants.

In addition, front passenger seat airbag deactivation is available across the new 2008 SUV range,  so that baby can travel in the front seat.

ISOFIX child seat anchor points

Keep your little ones as safe as possible in the back of the new 2008 SUV, where there are two three-point ISOFIX fittings for child seats.

Two of the anchor points are at the back of the seat cushion and then thirds is in the back seat panel.

Cornering Assist Fog Lights*

In low beam or high beam, this function allows the front fog lights to illuminate the inside of a bend when the vehicle speed is below 25 mph. This gives you extra visibility when driving in town, on winding country roads, at junctions or when you are parking.

Peugeot Connect SOS

Peugeot Connect SOS* is technology that could prove vital in an emergency.

  • Automatic emergency call: if the airbags inflate or the seat belt pre-tensioners are triggered, the vehicle automatically makes an emergency call on behalf of the driver. Peugeot Connect SOS* then locates the vehicle, establishes telephone communication with its occupants and arranges for the appropriate emergency service to be dispatched.
  • Manual emergency call: whether the victim or the witness of an emergency situation, the driver can call Peugeot Connect SOS* quickly by pressing the SOS button located on the dashboard (and holding for 3 seconds).

For more details contact to Peugeot Sales team on 0766 408 408, 0766 208 208, 0766 308 308, 0766 508 508 or Car Mart (Pvt) Ltd, 424 Union Place, Colombo 2

Click here for Peugeot 2008 Brochure

Or see below image

Peugeot 2008 SVU now available in Sri Lanka; Price starting from Rs. 8.1 Million fully duty paid
Peugeot 2008 SVU now available in Sri Lanka; Price starting from Rs. 8.1 Million fully duty paid

Mercedes Benz E350e Available in Sri Lanka; Price starts from Rs. 21.6 Million

DIMO brings you the Mercedes Benz E350e, fusing variety, design and performance in one luxury powerhouse. Available now with a full 2 year factory warranty for the price of Rs. 21.60 Million

Options available:

  • Parking Pilot
  • Memory Package
  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • Widescreen Cockpit
  • Burmester Surround Sound System
  • KEYLESS-GO Package
  • AMG Line
  • Multibeam LED
  • Mirror Package…
  • Plus a whole lot more for your configuration.

For more detail call Dimo on 0112 44 97 97 or see below image

Mercedes Benz E350e Available in Sri Lanka; Price starts from Rs. 21.6 Million
Mercedes Benz E350e Available in Sri Lanka; Price starts from Rs. 21.6 Million

Car Wash Promotion till End April by Clean Tech Auto Care

Clean Tech Auto Care offers a special prices for their cleaning service till end on April 2017.

Enjoy a saving with Clean Tech Auto Care.

Body wash Rs. 250/-
Full Services Car Rs. 2100/-
Full Services Van Rs. 3000/-
Body wash, Vacuum with Wax Rs. 800/-
Full Interior Cleaning Rs. 4000/-
Cut & Polish Rs. 4,000/-


For more details see below image or contact to Clean Tech Auto Care on  0114 848 818

Car Wash Promotion till End April by Clean Tech Auto CareQ
Car Wash Promotion till End April by Clean Tech Auto Care

Honda CB Hornet 160R now in Sri Lanka; Price Starts from Rs. 405,500/-

Stafford Motors Co is an authorized sole distributor for Honda Motor Cycles in Sri Lanka announces a special price for Honda CB Hornet 160R as Rs. 405,500/-

Honda CB Hornet 160R comes with much more advance stylish and features as below,

  • Muscular Tank – Forward Leaning Shrouds & Carbon Patterned Cover Add To The Raw Muscular Look
  • AGGRO Head Lamp – Its sharp & edgy headlight adds to the style statement of the bike with two position lamps. Its side indicators are placed little upwards to increase visibility
  • Compact Muffler – 2-piece silver finished muffler brings out the sporty character of the bike.
  • Fully Digital Meter – Accurate & precise information on the go. It displays all necessary information required in day to day riding
  • X- Shaped LED Tail Light – New generation X-shaped LED tail light precisely designed tail lights enhances the rear look of the bike.
  • Wider Rear Tyre – A true street sports bike is further justified with the 140mm broad tyre which not only looks good but also increases the stability.
  • 5-Spoke Split Alloy Wheels – Only one of it’s kind, split alloys are fulfilling the desire of being sporty & futuristic.

Available Colours

  1. Neo Organe Metallic
  2. Sports Red
  3. Pearl Amazing White
  4. Pearl Night Star Black
  5. Pearl Siren Blue


  • Combi Brake System (CBS) – Daily commuting has been made reliable by equipping Combi Brake System (CBS). You can pull the throttle and enjoy the ride while feeling safe with CBS, as it reduces braking distance & maintains stability.
  • Dual Petal Disc Brakes – Front & Rear Discs have been cut into petal shape to dissipate heat which maintains the braking efficiency.
  • BS-IV – CB Hornet 160R is among the first few mainstream bikes in 150-180cc to meet BS-IV norms.


  • Mono suspension – Mono shock suspension helps in maintaining the center of gravity thus increasing turning balance & stablises braking


  • 160cc HET engine – CB Hornet 160R’s engine been designed to give perfect combination of high mileage & brute raw power. It’s engine has several advancements like- Long Stroke, High Compression Ratio, Spiney Sleeves, Needle Bearings & Weight Balancer.

For more details contact to Stafford Motors on 011-7607200 or see below image

Honda CB Hornet 160R now in Sri Lanka; Price Starts from Rs. 405,500-
Honda CB Hornet 160R now in Sri Lanka; Price Starts from Rs. 405,500/-

All new Toyota Yaris available in Sri Lanka; Price starts from Rs. 5,950,000/-

Attractive styling, safety and advanced features make this family sedan a powerful statement of your desire to succeed and achieve the best in life.

Drive your own Brand New Toyota Yaris just for Rs. 5,950,000/- upwards with 3 years/100,000 km warranty and 3 services for free.

All new Toyota Yaris Features

  • 3 Litre Dual WT-I Engine
  • Transmission-4 Speed Auto With Sequential Shift
  • Abs With Brake Assist
  • Dual Air Bags (D+P)
  • High Mount Stop Lamp (Led)
  • Anti-theft system with immobilizer
  • Am/FM Radio CD with AUX/USB
  • Multi-Function Steering
  • Power Window
  • Electric Power Steering with Tilt
  • Air Conditioner
  • Power Door Locks
  • Rear View Mirrors
  • Halogen Head lamps
  • Front Fog & Driving Lamp
  • Power Mirrors
  • Body Colour Bumpers
  • 185/60R/15 Tyres with Alloy Wheels
  • Intermittent Wipers
  • Fuel Tank Capacjty-42L

For more details and test drive contact to Toyota Lanka on 011 2 939 000 or see below image

All new Toyota Yaris available in Sri Lanka; Price starts from Rs. 5,950,000-
All new Toyota Yaris available in Sri Lanka; Price starts from Rs. 5,950,000-

Isuzu LT-134 Bus now available in Sri Lanka; Prices starts from Rs. 15.5 Million

Most luxurious way to travel with class leading comfort, legendary performance & unmatched reliability, no other bus offers all these features at such an affordable price.

Isuzu LT-134 Bus would be perfect suits for tour operators & intercity transporters at an affordable price of Rs. 15.50 Million with below features.

  • DVD Entertainment
  • Spacious Luggage Compartment
  • Reclining High Back Luxury Seats
  • Direct Diesel Engine (100,000 km warranty*)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Automatic Folding Doors
  • Air Suspension

For more details contact to Sathosa Motors on 0114714077, 0112327340. 0112431568 or see below image

Isuzu LT-134 Bus now available in Sri Lanka; Prices starts from Rs. 15.5 Million
Isuzu LT-134 Bus now available in Sri Lanka; Prices starts from Rs. 15.5 Million

Kia Picanto Now available in Sri Lanka; Price starts from Rs. 2,750,000/-

Kia Motors Lanka Limited announces a special prices for Kia Picanto for the ex-stocks and the new order as Rs. 2,750,000/- upwards.

Introducing the all new Picanto. Sporty, stylish and modern, the Picanto is the small car with the big attitude! But that not all. The Kia Picanto is big on other essentials too, with advanced features, eco-friendly technology, and the now legendary Picanto individuality; it is an ideal car to drive on the narrow and busy streets of Sri Lanka. With its distinctive shape, wide rear stance and chic personality, the Picanto defines style as you go.

Power Plus Economy.

The Picanto offers just the correct blend of power and economy to ensure an optimum driving experience. The engines meet or exceed every existing emissions standard making it safe for the environment as well.

Available Colour

  • Bright Silver
  • Alice Blue
  • Signal Red
  • Titanium Silver
  • Honey Bee
  • Milky Beige
  • Clear White
  • Galaxy Black

For more details about the specification and availability please Click Here or contact to Kia Motors onn 011 234 2725

Kia Picanto Now available in Sri Lanka; Price starts from Rs. 2,750,000-
Kia Picanto Now available in Sri Lanka; Price starts from Rs. 2,750,000-

Renault Kwid AMT 1000cc Launched; Prices starts Rs. 2,750,000/-

Renault, the French automaker had launched the Kwid Easy-R AMT in Sri lanka by AMW. The vehicle was introduced at an introductory price of Rs 2,750,000/-

Interestingly, the KWID AMT version is more fuel efficient than the regular Kwid 1.0L. As against the manual version’s 23.01kmpl, the AMT model delivers 24.04kmpl. With new RxL variant, the powerful version becomes more affordable.

The Kwid AMT features a 5-speed Easy-R gearbox, and has three modes – Reverse, Neutral and Drive. Similar to the 2016 Renault Duster, the Kwid has a crawl function that helps it move ahead without any throttle inputs. Save for the new Easy-R badging, the vehicle looks no different than the Kwid 1.0L. Both the Kwid 1.0L and AMT share the engine – i.e. 1.0-litre, 67bhp petrol. With such power figures, the Renault Kwid 1.0L (MT & AT) are positioned against the Hyundai Eon 1.0 and Alto K10.  Also Read: Renault Kwid – All You Need to Know

Renault Kwid AMT & 1000cc Specifications

Engine                        1000cc SCe petrol

Max Power              67bhp @ 5,500rpm

Max Torque             91Nm @ 4,250rpm

Transmission           5-speed Manual (Kwid 1.0) & Easy-R AMT

Renault Kwid AMT & 1000cc Mileage

Kwid 1000cc             23.01kmpl

Kwid AMT                 24.04kmpl

Fuel efficiency of the Kwid AMT is higher than the 1.0L manual. While the regular 1000cc model delivers 23.01kmpl, the Kwid AMT is claimed to return 24.04kmpl.

Renault Kwid AMT 1000cc – Engine & Transmission

Power for the Renault Kwid 1000cc and AMT come from a new 1.0-litre SCe (Smart Control efficiency) engine. This new powertrain is 14bhp more powerful than the regular 0.8-litre unit. It churns out a maximum power of 67bhp at 5,500rpm, while producing a peak torque of 91Nm at 4,250rpm. On the other hand, the current 0.8-litre, 3-cylinder engine delivers over 53bhp against 72Nm.

The Renault Kwid 1L gets a 5-speed manual transmission, while the Kwid Easy-R AMT gets an all-new 5-speed automated manual gearbox. The new Easy-R gearbox has been developed in-house using Renault’s Formula 1 expertise, says the company. The Easy-R AMT gearbox can be operated with an Innovative Shift Control Dial that will be positioned below the infotainment system on the centre console. It has three driving modes – Reverse, Neutral and Drive.

Renault’s new AMT unit is benefited with an advanced control unit that monitors the throttle input by optimising gear shifting and acceleration. It has a crawling function that works in reverse and forward motion. When brake is released, its crawl function helps the car move slowly at idle speed without using throttle.


Renault Kwid AMT & 1000cc Exterior & Interior

Exterior design of both the new variants is largely identical to the regular model. Though, the black and white chequered decal with a ‘1.0’ badge on the lower side mark a difference. Feature-wise, the new variants are similar to the Kwid 0.8 model that comes equipped with a 7-inch MEDIANAV touchscreen system, front fog lamps, front power windows, foldable backrest, rear parcel tray, passenger side ORVMs, 12V power socket, optional driver’s airbag, remote keyless entry with central locking, etc.

he Renault Kwid AMT, additionally, gets the dash-mounted rotary knob controller for the automated manual gearbox and storage recess. One must note that the Renault Kwid 1.0L variant lacks dual airbags and anti-lock braking system (ABS).


Renault Kwid AMT & 1000cc Other Details


Length                       3,679mm

Width                         1,579mm

Height                        1,478mm

Wheelbase              2,423mm

Ground Clearance 180mm

Fuel Tank Capacity           28-litres

Renault Kwid AMT & 1000cc Safety Features

Optional driver airbag

Pro-sense front seatbelt pre-tensioner

Keyless entry with engine immobilizer

Suspension System

Front – McPherson strut with lower transverse link

Rear – Twist beam with coil spring

Braking System

Front – Disc

Rear – Drum

Tyre Size

Front & Rear – 155/80 R13

The convenience of Automatic Transmission


AMW Sells at Price of Rs. 3,100,000/- and the Introductory Price is Rs. 2,750,000/=

For more details visit Associated Motorways (Private) Limited.

142/1. Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 02 Tel: 0112337135 | 0112337136

Or see below image

Renault Kwid AMT 1000cc Launched; Prices starts Rs. 2,750,000/-
Renault Kwid AMT 1000cc Launched; Prices starts Rs. 2,750,000/-

Audi Q7 Price in Sri Lanka – Rs. 19Million from Audi Colombo

Audi Colombo brought you the latest Audi SUV Audi Q7 at a price of Rs. 19,000,000/- if you think of going for lease instalment basis you may need to pay Rs 208,833/- upwards per month according to your number of instalments.

The all new Audi Q7 is the very personification of greatness in every aspect! Combining TFSI technology, Audi lightweight construction and optional Matrix LED headlights, the all new Audi Q7 with quattro all-wheel-drive is an automotive grandeur of its era, and the winner of the ‘Best Designed Interior’ at the Detroit Auto Show. Select the Audi Q7 now and experience automotive greatness like never before.

Benefit from a range of exclusive offers when you visit the Audi showroom!

For more details contact to Audi Colombo, Senok Automobile (pvt) ltd, No. 3, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 5. Or see below image

Audi Q7 Price in Sri Lanka – Rs. 19Million from Audi Colombo
Audi Q7 Price in Sri Lanka – Rs. 19Million from Audi Colombo

Renault Kwid Priced Rs. 2,750,000/- onwards in Sri Lanka – Update April 2017

AMW Sri Lanka brought you leading Renault Kwid Car in Sri Lanka an at affordable price of Rs. 2,750,000/- with excellent fuel efficiency of 25.17kmpl.

Renault Kwid RXL Rs. 2,750,000/-

Renault Kwid RXT (O) Rs. 2,872,000/-

Renault Kwid with boost the fuel efficiency of 25.17 km per litre with Smart Control Efficiency Engine with best in class cabin space in compact interior.

See below for Renault Kwid specification


  • Bold structured front grille
  • C – shaped signature headlamps
  • Black bumpers
  • Wheel arch cladding
  • Side indicator on wheel arch cladding
  • Tinted glazing
  • Steel wheels painted black
  • Black hub cap
  • Integrated roof spoiler


  • Mono-tone dashboard
  • Plain digital instrument cluster
  • Plain side air vents with contour finish
  • Floor console with 2 can holders
  • Parking brake console
  • Small front seats: Outer valance cover
  • Moon Grey upholstery


Comfort & Convenience

  • Front seats: Integrated headrests
  • Rear seats: Integrated neck rest
  • Heater
  • Open storage in front of the passenger seat
  • Door map storage with 1 litre bottle holder (both sides)
  • Front seats: Recline & longitudinal adjust
  • Gear shift indicator (GSI)
  • Fuel lid inner release from driver side
  • Tailgate inner release from driver side


Safety & Security

  • High mounted stop lamp
  • Front & rear seat belts
  • Spare wheel
  • Warning triangle
  • 2 years corrosion protection



  • Driving Side – Right-Hand Drive
  • Steering type – Manual system



  • Displacement – 799
  • Engine type – 3
  • Number of valves – 12
  • Number of gears – 5 + 1 (reverse)
  • Transmission type – 5-speed manual synchromesh
  • Maximum power output – 54
  • Maximum torque – 72 Nm @ 4386 rpm
  • Fuel type – Petrol
  • Engine Type – 0.8 litre SCe – Smart Control Efficie



  • Front suspension – Mac Pherson strut with lower transverse link
  • Rear suspension – Twist beam suspension with coil spring



  • Front brakes – Disc
  • Rear brakes – Drum


Tyres & Wheels

  • Tyre type –  155/80 R13 Radial tubeless


Dimensions & Capacities

  • Overall length (mm) – 3679
  • Overall width (mm) – 1579
  • Overall height (mm) – 1478
  • Wheel base (mm) – 2422
  • Ground clearance in unladen condition (mm) – 180
  • Fuel tank capacity (litres) – 28
  • Seating capacity – 5



  • Mileage (km/L) – 25.17

For more details contact to AMW on 0117 654 654 or see below image

Renault Kwid Priced Rs. 2,325,000/- onwards in Sri Lanka
Renault Kwid Priced Rs. 2,325,000/- onwards in Sri Lanka

Datsun redi-GO Price in Sri Lanka; Prices starting from Rs. 2,095,000/- April 2017

Datsun leading india’s automobile now available in Sri Lanka with AMW. AMW is a market leader in small automobile like Maruti Suzuki, Renault with a largest market share in Sri Lanka. now AMW added Datsin Redi- GO also into their profile.

Datsun redi-GO blends the modern styling of an urban hatchback with the spirit of a crossover. Its high, wide stance gives you a commanding feel on the road, while retaining the agility of a compact vehicle – truly the best of both worlds.

AMW Increase the Datsun Redi GO Price from Rs. 2,005,000/- to Rs. 2,095,000/- after new budget and rise in USD Exchange rate. Datsun Redi GO comes with A/C , Power Steering, Front Power Shutters, MP 3 Player.

Datsun Redi GO with Air Bag priced as Rs. 2,135,000/-

The above price covers 3 years or 100,000 km’s Warranty whichever occurs first and offer 3 Labor free services (1,000km / 5,000km / 10,000km)

Good Power and Fuel Economy

The redi-GO’s 799 cc , high power and high torque engine delivers a very impressive fuel efficiency of 25.17 km/L, great for city commuting and road trips too. And 5 Speed Manual Transmission with Shift – up Indicator.

Good Drivability

Designed for a variety of road conditions, the Datsun redi-GO’s high-stability suspension system ensures a smooth, controlled ride, through corners and on rough surfaces.

Smart Packaging

On first glance you’ll notice redi-GO’s sporty good looks and smart dimensions. Inside you’ll find spacious room for all passengers and a high eyepoint for the driver, making Datsun redi-GO both smart and stylish.

Boot Space

The Datsun redi-GO provides generous boot space of 222 Litres. When you need to bring larger items, easily fold down the rear seats and you’ve got over double the available space. Perfect for luggage, cricket equipment or other bulky items.

For Any Assistance Please Contact:

Sameera Perera      0766204375

Arqum Riza              0765381162

Nipun Guruge         0775138230

Or visit to Datsun office at : No 02, Castle Lane, Off Galle Road, Colombo 04 (Opp. St. Peter’s) or call AMW on 0117 437 777 or see below image

Datsun redi-GO Price in Sri Lanka – Rs. 2,095,000/-
Datsun redi-GO Price in Sri Lanka – Rs. 2,095,000/-

Mahindra Imperio Sri Lanka Price – Rs. 3,550,000 upwards from Ideal Motors

Ideal Motors an dealer for Mahindra Automobiles in Sri Lanka introducing all new Mahindra Imperio for Rs. 3,550,000/- upwards.

Mahindra Imperio Double Cabin Price in Sri Lanka – LKR. 3,550,000/-

Success and style now come hand in hand in the stunning new Imperio. Gear up for a refine driving experience with unparalleled comfort and driveability that give you a truly powerful advantage. Go ahead, take your business to the next level.

Mahindra Imperio Double Cabin Features

  • Air conditioner with 4-step blower
  • Front Bucket Seats with recliner and slider arrangement
  • Ergonomically designed huge cabin with ample legroom and headroom
  • Lower turning radius
  • SUV-like smooth gear shift
  • Door trims with map pocket and bottle holder
  • Wallet case and mobile case
  • Stylish dashboard
  • Power windows on all doors
  • 2 din music system
  • Suv-like seating
  • 2nd row fixed bench seats with nap-rest
  • Central Locking and Keyless Entry
  • Child Lock on rear doors for enhanced safety
  • High-quality carpets on the floor
  • Follow-me-home lights so you can navigate in parking areas without lights


Mahindra Imperio Single Cabin Price in Sri Lanka – LKR. 3,550,000/-

  • SUV-like front grille and dominating stance
  • Stylish next-gen headlamps and aggressive bumper
  • Seamlessly integrated cargo box to enhance vehicle style
  • Plush interiors
  • Available in trendy metallic paint


Performance Specifications

  • Powerful engine which delivers 56kW (75 HP) Power and 22.4kgm (220 Nm) torque
  • Mileage of 13.55 kmpl
  • Aerodynamically designed body
  • Top speed of 120 kmph
  • Warranty of 3 years/1,00,000 km whichever is earlier
  • Comfortable fatigue-free driving for long hours with the Independent Front Suspension
  • Brake with LSPV (Load-Sensing Proportioning Valve)
  • Lower NVH Levels
  • Engine Immobiliser minimises chances of theft
  • ELR seat belts for added safety


With every passing year, you have grown rich in experience. Celebrate it with an icon that marks your success in life. For more details about the Mahindra Imperio see attach broacher or visit Ideal Motors (Pvt) Ltd, at #271, Galle Road, Colombo 03, or see below image

Click Here for more details


Mahindra Imperio Sri Lanka Price - Rs. 3,550,000 upwards from Ideal Motors
Mahindra Imperio Sri Lanka Price – Rs. 3,550,000 upwards from Ideal Motors

Sea Doo Water Craft for Rs.900,000/- Upwards in Sri Lanka

Debug Auto Exclusive import and distributes leading branded Sea Doo Water Craft in Sri Lanka at a compatible price of Rs. 900,000/- upwards.

Sea Doo Water Craft got 2 model with 2 engine options as Rotax 900 ACE or Rotax 900 HO ACE and it’s further cater for 2 and 3 passengers.

Debug Auto Exclusive brought you Sea Doo Water Craft on 5 vibrant colors including 3 new ones: Blueberry Chili Pepper and Key Lime.

For more details contact to Debug Auto Exclusive on 0777 668 424 / 0777 761 566 / 0777 668 483 or see below image

Sea Doo Water Craft for Rs.900,000.00 Upwards in Sri Lanka
Sea Doo Water Craft for Rs.900,000.00 Upwards in Sri Lanka

All-new Jaguar F-type and Range Rover Sport 2017 launched in Sri Lanka

Jaguar Land Rover unveiled the all-new Jaguar F-type Sports Car and Range Rover Sport 2017 in Sri Lanka, which showcases the continuous revolutionary technological advancements of the iconic British motor brands.

The models were unveiled with the presence of Jaguar Land Rover Asia Pacific Managing Director Robin Colgan, Jaguar Land Rover Asia Pacific Customer Service Director Andy Wust and British High Commissioner in Sri Lanka James Dauris.

Colgan said that the two new models represent the British heritage in automobiles.  “For the last seven decades, we have improved our models while preserving the British heritage and class. We are looking forward to introduce the all-new Discovery 5 by May next year and also the all-new Jaguar F-pace SUV,” he said.

“In addition to the new launches, Jaguar also marked the start of a new era with the unveiling of the I-PACE Concept. A preview of Jaguar’s first-ever electric vehicle that will hit roads in 2018, the I-PACE Concept, is part of the brand’s drive towards a cleaner future,” he added.

Dauris said that Jaguar Land Rover is an iconic brand of the British motor industry, which speaks about the class and heritage, which have been preserved since various models were introduced over the last seven decades.

SML Frontier Automotive (SMLF) Managing Director Sheran Fernando said that he is pleased to welcome Robin and Andy and that it is an opportunity to thank the Jaguar Land Rover team for their continuous support.

“As the sole authorised distributor of both the Jaguar and Land Rover brands in the country, SML Frontier Automotive is proud to offer these best-in-class vehicles to our customers, along with our commitment to delivering superior standards of customer service and care,” he said.

Wust said that over the last 12 months, significant investments have been made on a regional training academy in Singapore providing both technical and non-technical training to dealers across the region.

“A high-quality experience for our customers depends on three things – well-equipped facilities, highly trained teams and good parts availability. With SMLF, we believe that by providing an excellent customer service, it will continue to give us a strong advantage in Sri Lanka going forward,” he said.

SMLF’S showroom is located at No: 74, Flower Road, Colombo 7 and the company’s state-of-the-art repairs workshop is located at No: 17, Dehiwela Road, Boralasgamuwa. The new 2017 Jaguar and Land Rover models can now be pre-ordered at the showroom and a dedicated team is available to explain the latest specifications and advancements that are featured in the 2017 model year to customers. Jaguar Land Rover, UK’S largest automotive manufacturing business built around two iconic British car brands, has been owned by Tata Motors since 2008.

Kia Picanto 2016 Price in Sri Lanka – Rs. 2,570,000/- upwards

Kia announces that the Kia Picanto 2016 models available for sale at a special price of Rs. 2,570,000/- upwards with 5 Years or 150,000 Km Warranty.

New Picanto with Auto – Good to Go

The New Kia Picanto with Auto is good to go with Bluetooth® & iPod® connectivity2, Rear Parking Sensors and 7-Year Warranty as standard. With one model-grade to keep things simple, the New Picanto with Auto features everything you need including 5-star ANCAP safety rating.

Good to Go With 5-star ANCAP Safety

The New Picanto with Auto is both convenient and safe. There’s a 5-star ANCAP rating for safety, 5-doors to make carrying passengers easy.

Good to Go With Convenience

Perfect for inner-city streets, its design has been tailored to tighter, smaller environments. Compact bumpers specifically reduce its overall size, meaning you can navigate around the city with ease.

And comes with Chorme Grille Surround, European Design, Rear Parking Sensors and Daytime Runing Lights.

Good to Go With Quality

Inside the New Picanto with Auto you’ll find a cabin filled with high-quality materials. Satin-silver accents along the dashboard and steering wheel lend to the New Picanto with Auto’s stylish nature.

  • Steering Wheel Audio Controls
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Automatic Transmission as Standard
  • USB+AUX Connectivity


1.25 Litre 4-cylinder engine

An efficient 1.25 litre 4-cylinder engine with 63kW of power.

Automatic Transmission As Standard and a smooth 4-speed Automatic transmission is standard across all Kia Picanto models.


Specifications of Kia Picanto 2016

Transmission Automatic
Fuel Type Petrol
Engine Type In-line 4 cyl. DOHC MPI1 D-CVVT2 16 valve
Capacity (cc) 1248
Max Power (kW @ rpm) 63 @ 6,000
Max Torque (Nm @ rpm) 120 @ 4,000
Bore x Stroke (mm) 71 x 78.8
Compression Ratio 10.5 : 1
4 Speed automatic Yes
1st Gear 2.919
2nd Gear 1.551
3rd Gear 1
4th Gear 0.713
Reverse Gear 2.48
Final Ratio Gear 4.336
Grades Si 1.25L MPI Petrol Automatic
Overall length (mm) 3,595
Overall Width (mm) 1,595
Overall Height (mm) 1,480
Wheelbase (mm) 2,385
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm) 142
Luggage space (L, VDA / SAE) – rear seats up 200 / 292
Luggage space (L, VDA / SAE) rear seats down, up to lower window 605 / 918
Fuel consumption (L/100Km) – Combined * 5.3
Fuel consumption (L/100Km) – Urban * 6.7
Fuel consumption (L/100Km) – Extra-urban * 4.5
CO2 emission (g/km) – Combined 125
CO2 emission (g/km) – Urban 170
CO2 emission (g/km) – Extra-urban 107
EURO emission compliant V
Fuel type recommended Regular unleaded **
Fuel tank capacity (L) 35
Fuel Insulator Yes
Tare weight (kg) 885
Max. kerb weight (kg) 994
Gross weight (kg) 1,430
Power steering system MDPS3
Energy absorbing steering column Yes
Tilt adjustable steering column Yes
Minimum turning circle (m) 9.6
Front brakes 252mm ventilated disc
Rear brakes 180mm solid disc
Front suspension McPherson strut
Rear suspension Coupled torsion beam axle
Wheel type Steel
Wheel size 14″
Tyres 165/60 R14
Spare wheel type Temporary
ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) with EBD4 & BA5 Yes
ESC (Electronic Stability Control) with TCS6 Yes
VSM (Vehicle Stability Management) Yes
HAC (Hill-start Assist Control) Yes
ESS (Emergency Stop Signal) Yes
Seatbelt warning chime & light on all positions Yes
Reverse parking sensors Yes
High-mounted rear stop light Yes
Halogen DRL (Daytime Running Light) Yes
Speed sensing auto door lock Yes
Child restraint anchorage points (3 x top tether & 2 x ISOFIX positions) Yes
3-point ELR seatbelts on all positions Yes
Driver & front passenger SRS airbags Yes
Front side SRS airbags Yes
Curtain SRS airbags Yes
Front seatbelt pre-tensioners with load limiters Yes
Side door impact beams Yes
Child-proof rear door locks Yes
Impact sensing auto door unlocking Yes
Anti-theft immobiliser Yes
Remote central locking with keyless entry Yes
Folding key Yes
Burglar alarm with security indicator Yes
Remote fuel lid release Yes
Seat capacity 5
Cloth trim seats Yes
6-way driver’s seat incl. height adjust Yes
Split fold rear seats (60:40) Yes
Height adjustable headrests (all seats) Yes
Height adjustable front seatbelts Yes
Chrome ‘Schreyer’ grille surround Yes
Body coloured bumpers Yes
Body coloured door handles Yes
Body coloured outside door mirrors Yes
Electric outside door mirrors Yes
Front wiper & washer (variable intermittent / 2-speed) Yes
Rear wiper & washer (1-speed) Yes
Multi-function trip computer Yes
ECO Indicator Yes
Digital clock (in-audio display) Yes
Power windows (front & rear) with driver’s auto up/down Yes
LED front foot well lights Yes
Driver’s foot rest Yes
Satin silver interior trim (centre fascia & steering wheel) Yes
Interior lights (front) Yes
Interior light delay out Yes
Rear window defroster with timer Yes
Day & night rear view mirror Yes
12 volt power outlet (front console) Yes
Driver & passenger sunvisors with vanity mirrors Yes
2 x cup holders (floor console) Yes
2 x bottle holders (front doors) Yes
Map pockets in front doors Yes
Glovebox with illumination Yes
Floor console storage tray Yes
Seat back pocket (driver & passenger) Yes
2 x coat hooks (rear) Yes
CD Player/MP3 compatible audio with AM/FM tuner Yes
My Music function (MP3 copy function from USB) Yes
4 speakers (front & rear door) Yes
AUX/USB input with iPod® compatibility (on selected iPod® models) Yes
Bluetooth® functionality (phone/media stream)‡ Yes
Steering wheel mounted audio/Bluetooth® controls Yes
SDVC (Speed Dependent Volume Control) Yes
Roof mounted antenna Yes
Manual air-conditioning Yes
Exterior Colour Clear White (UD) Yes
Exterior Colour Bright Silver (3D) # Yes
Exterior Colour Titanium Silver (IM) # Yes
Exterior Colour Midnight Black (ZI) # Yes
Exterior Colour Dazzling Blue (BU7) # Yes
Exterior Colour Signal Red (BEG) # Yes
Exterior Colour Honey Bee (B2Y) # Yes
Interior Colour One-tone Black (EQ) Yes


For more details Contact to Kia Motors Sri lanka on #297 Union Place, Colombo 02. Tel 011 2342725

Kia Picanto 2016 Price in Sri Lanka - Rs. 2,570,000.00 upwards
Kia Picanto 2016 Price in Sri Lanka – Rs. 2,570,000.00 upwards

Mercedes GLC Coupe Price Rs. 17.5 Million upwards in Sri Lanka

DIMO 800 brought you Mercedes GLC Coupe for Rs. 17.5 million upwards, see below detail specifications of Mercedes GLC Coupe.

From the diamond radiator grille to the signature sloping roofline and powerful rear, the New Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé cuts an impressive figure from any angle. Striking a perfect balance between the fluid lines of a sport Coupé and the all-action athleticism of an SUV, this is a car that simply demands to be driven.

The spacious cabin reflects the dynamic exterior, combining premium materials and finishes with bold, clean design. Extensive equipment includes Garmin® MAP PILOT navigation, a reversing camera and our autonomous self-parking system.

4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive optimises stability and control in all conditions, while sports suspension provides agile handling befitting a Coupé. DYNAMIC SELECT is also standard, giving you a choice of driving modes: Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Individual.

Engines include two four-cylinder diesels, the GLC 220d and the GLC 250d, each offering ample power, impressive efficiency and a rewarding driving experience.


The New GLC Coupé: design.

The New GLC Coupé blends classic coupé styling elements and distinctive Mercedes-Benz SUV design language to dramatic effect. Longer and lower than its SUV counterpart, it has a powerful, athletic stance, with a high belt line and dropping roof creating added visual impact.

Other eye-catching touches include the large air intakes, wraparound LED High Performance headlamps, and striking diamond radiator grille – complete with chrome pins on the AMG Line.

The coupé also boasts chrome trim, privacy glass from the B-pillar backwards, and visible tailpipe exhaust trim integrated into the rear bumper. Striking 18-inch alloy wheels are standard on the Sport model, while the AMG Line features 19-inch AMG alloys and bold AMG bodystyling.


The New GLC Coupé: interior.

Inside the New GLC Coupé you’re immediately struck by the quality and attention to detail on display. From the heated front seats in ARTICO* leather to the distinctive dashboard and centre console, the cabin combines high-end materials and finishes with dynamic, contemporary style.

To maximise your driving enjoyment, on-board tech includes the Audio 20 CD system with Bluetooth® music streaming, Garmin® MAP PILOT navigation, high-resolution 7-inch multimedia display, and the intuitive touchpad controller.

The interior offers impressive versatility too, with a boot capacity of 500 litres with the rear seats up and 1,400 litres with seats down. The Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4MATIC has even more space with between 550 and 1,600 litres. In addition, there’s a lockable luggage compartment floor, extensive interior lighting, and an array of stowage throughout the cabin.


 The New GLC Coupé: technology.

We’ve equipped the New GLC Coupé with a range of technologies to maximise comfort, convenience and safety.

These include Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC, which identifies suitable parking spaces and automatically steers the vehicle into them. A reversing camera provides added reassurance when manoeuvring the Coupé.

There’s also a range of driver assistance systems, such as COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS, which helps you maintain a safe distance to the vehicle ahead, and even intervenes with autonomous partial braking if required.

Optional equipment includes a 360º camera system, giving an all-round view of the vehicle’s immediate surroundings, and headlamps with the LED Intelligent Light System for enhanced visibility in all driving conditions.


The New GLC Coupé: driving dynamics.

With its sculpted surfaces and sweeping roof line, the New GLC Coupé offers exceptional aerodynamic performance. Coupled with a choice of muscular 4-cylinder diesel engines, the result is a potent blend of athleticism and efficiency.

The GLC 220d 4MATIC, for example, not only accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 8.3 seconds but also returns 56.5 mpg combined with CO2 emissions from 131 g/km. The GLC 250d 4MATIC matches those efficiency figures yet covers 0 to 62 mph in only 7.6 seconds.

Handling is agile and assured, with 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive and specially tuned sports suspension providing a suitably dynamic driving experience. To further enhance the ride quality, AIR BODY CONTROL air suspension with continuously adjustable damping is available as an option.


The New GLC Coupé: equipment lines and packages.

Why not look over our equipment lines to enhance and personalise your New GLC Coupé? If you want to increase your comfort and add the best in entertainment to the Sport, AMG Line and Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4MATIC, the Premium equipment lines do just that. The Premium equipment line features ambient lighting; the KEYLESS-GO Comfort package for effortless entry, exit and starting; the Memory package for the front seats; and a glass sunroof to brighten up the cabin. The Premium Plus equipment line contains the same features as the Premium equipment line, plus the highly sophisticated Burmester® surround sound system and COMAND Online with an 8.4-inch high-resolution colour display, navigation with 3D map display and internet connectivity.

For more details of specification Click Here

for more details see below image  or contact to DIMO 800 on 011 2 44 97 97

Mercedes GLC Coupe Price Rs. 17.5 Million upwards in Sri Lanka
Mercedes GLC Coupe Price Rs. 17.5 Million upwards in Sri Lanka

Nissan SUV’s Permit Holder Prices November 2016

AMW announces a special prices for Nissan X-Trail 4WD Hybrid and X-Trail 4WD 7 Seater, Nissan Juke and Nissan Navara for the Permit Holders.

Nissan X-Trail 4WD Hybrid Rs. 9,550,000/-
Nissan X-Trail 4WD 7 Seater Rs. 8,690,000/-
Nissan Juke Rs. 6,150,000/-
Nissan Navara Rs. 5,700,000/-

The maximum benefit for your $ 30,000 permit and the get Manufacturer’s Warranty – 3 years or 100,000 Km

For more details contact to Navod : 077 7393989 / Geethika : 077 8750481 / Rameez : 077 7316131 / Hafiz : 077 7668655

Or visit Associated Motorways (Private) Limited, #185, Union Place, Colombo 2, Sri Lanka. Tel: (+94) 112 309391 – 8 Fax: (+94) 112 421760 / 112 335728 E-mail: nissan@amwttd.com or see below image

Nissan SUV’s Permit Holder Prices November 2016
Nissan SUV’s Permit Holder Prices November 2016

50% off on KIA Spare Part till 31st December 2016 – From Kia Motors (Lanka) Limited

Kia Motors (Lanka) Limited authorize dealer for the KIA automobile in Sri Lanka announce clearance sale of Genuine KIA spare part at 50% off*.

And additional trade discounts also available for the stock lot, for more details see below image or check your spare parts by Click Here.

The offer valid till 31st December 2016

*50% off on selected parts only

For more details see below image or contact to Kia Motors (Lanka) Limited, #81/3, New Nuge Road, Peliyagoda. Or call Dulaj – 0117508713, Sameera- 0715322725, Sampath – 011 7508735

50% off on KIA Spare Part till 31st December 2016 – From Kia Motors (Lanka) Limited
50% off on KIA Spare Part till 31st December 2016 – From Kia Motors (Lanka) Limited

Carson Taxi Service for Rs. 45 per Km upwards

Carson renowned rent a car company starts their own taxi services with Suziki Alto and Toyota Axio at a special price.

You could enjoy trouble free taxi service of Carson taxi service for Rs. 45 per Km for Suzuki Alto and Rs. 60 per Km for Toyota Axio.

Carson taxi offers airport taxi service for Rs. 2,000/- with Suzuki Alto and Rs. 2,300/- with Toyota Axio.

For more details download C-Taxi App on you mobile and enjoy more offers or  contact Carson Taxi company on 011 2 86 11 11 or see below image

Carson Taxi Service for Rs. 45 per Km upwards
Carson Taxi Service for Rs. 45 per Km upwards

Hyundai Grand i10 Price in Sri Lanka – Rs. 3,4000,000/- upwards – May 2018

The all new Hyundai Grand i10 hatchback car now available in Sri lanka for Rs. 3,400,000/- upwards. Grand i10 is poised to take Korean car brand Hyundai to new heights.

The car is very spacious inside and has features that will make it a convincing market segment in the country. Grand i10 was launched in two options; OL Auto basic and the OL Auto fully loaded models.

The Grand i10 Auto fully loaded model has an array of features to beat its competitors. They include automatic transmission, all door power shutters, retractable mirrors, airbag, factory fitted alloy wheel, seat height adjustment, A/C, rear A/C air vent, under seat tray, keyless entry, high grade audio player with reverse camera, wrap around head lights and fog lamps, rear tail lamp, rear viper, height adjustable seat belt, adjustable rear headrest, flat folding seats and adjustable steering wheel.

Grand i10 comes in 9 colours such as star dust, phantom black, purple white, golden orange, aqua blue, red passion, wine red, twilight blue and sleek silver.

The Grand ilO has a 998cc engine the facilitate an impressive fuel economy. The engine is equipped with latest duel VTVT technology and is designed to deliver high engine performance with enhanced fuel efficiency and low emissions Thus the car is eco-friendly.

The advanced one liter three cylinder engine chums out a maximum power output of 66ps/5500rpm and peak torque of 9.6 kgm at 3500 rpm. The engine is coupled to the four speed auto gear shifts.

The larger body shell is comparatively lighter in weight to facilitate fuel economy further. It has an impressive 25 liters of trunk capacity. Safety equipments that come with the car are found only in segments above.

The Grand i10 has an athletic stance of a model which is longer, wider and lower than its predecessor. The new proportions of the Grand i10 deliver a driving experience that has been developed to meet Sri Lankan driving preferences. Relocated and retuned components result in greater body and wheel control, delivering more driver involvement and ride comfort comparable to that of cars from higher segments.

For more details contact to Hyundai Lanka on 0112866866 or see below image

Sales consultants (Colombo):

Shenali : 0717 333 398

Farzan : 0770 44 7 697

Shiraz : 0773 432 173

Nilesh : 0773 994 994

Kamal : 0773 242 048

Hyundai Grand i10 Price in Sri Lanka – Rs. 2,990,000/- upwards
Hyundai Grand i10 Price in Sri Lanka – Rs. 2,990,000/- upwards

Tata Motors, DIMO launch GenX Nano Automatik in Sri Lanka; Prices starting from Rs.1,975,000/- upwards

The Nano continues to innovate and evolve in line with the needs of its customers. Taking the spirit of innovation further, Tata Motors announced the launch of all-new GenX Nano range, a new compact, feature-rich hatchback for the trendy, youthful, bold and stylish customer.

The new GenX Nano comes with advanced technological features which strengthens us value proposition, making it the perfect city car. The “GenX Nano Automatik” will be available for sale, across the country in over 30 DIMO Branches. The “GenX Nano Automatik” comes with an introductory price for the XTA variant.

Unveiling the GenX Nano at the launch ceremony Johnny Oommen, Head, International Business, Passenger Vehicles, Tata Motors, said, “The Nano has put India on the world motoring map by demonstrating innovation and frugal engineering. It continues to remain an important brand in our passenger vehicle portfolio and we have been constantly evolving the product to deliver the most relevant city car features like Power Steering, the Hatch access. Blue tooth connectivity and so on. The previous models of Nano have their thousands in the Sri Lankan market With the GenX Nano we offer our Sri Lankan customers a smart, stylish, efficient and a practical city car which has strong potential in the compact hatch segment.

Speaking at the launch, Ranjith Pandithage, Chairman & Managing Director, DIMO, said, “The TATA GenX NANO Automatik will create an uncontested market space as Luxury Compact. Small Cars which will change the passenger transportation in Sri Lanka. With the introduction of this car, our objective is to maximize on the sales, marketing & after sales expertise of DIMO together with latest technology developments by TATA Motors to provide a superior customer experience.”

With the GenX Nano, Tata Motors has introduced a new Infinity design theme, in which, the well sculpted front and rear bumpers come with an Infinity motif grille giving the car a solid and planted look. 110 Liter bootspace in the MT version can now be accessed more easily, through the openable hatch. The car will come in five exciting colours – Sangria Red, Pearlescent White, Platinum Silver, Dazzle Blue and Damson Purple.

For more details see our latest post with Tata Nano Automatik features and specifications

Tata Nano Automatik now available in Sri Lanka for Rs. 1,975,000/-

Micro SsangYong RextonW now available for Rs. 8.25 Million Upwards

Micro SsangYong SUV range of Micro SsangYong RextonW is a Korean best selling 4×4 WD 7 seater SUV with 2.0L diesel turbo intercooler engine now available for Rs. 8.25 Million upwards. Micro SsangYong RextonW is one of the fine 4WD automobile available in Sri Lanka at a lowest price compare to it’s revivals.

For more detail specification see below

Micro SsangYong RextonW Appearance

  • Projection headlamp with LED positioning lamp
  • Chrome coated radiator grille
  • Aero-blade wipers
  • Outside mirror with LED side repeater
  • Body color exterior door handles
  • 18′ alloy wheels 255/60 tyres (Diamond cutting)
  • Stainless steel inserted in door belt line
  • Chrome inserted in door sill molding
  • Fashionable roof racks
  • Side steps
  • LED rear combi, lamp with light guide
  • Sporty air spoiler with LED high-mounted stop lamp Flip-up tailgate glass with deluxe air spoiler
  • Pole antenna
  • All-around tinted glass*
  • Temporary spare tyre
  • Engine cover to dampen noise heard both inside and outside the cabin
  • Stainless steel door scuff
  • Chrome tailpipe
  • Towing and lashing hook
  • Safety power sunroof*
  • Metal grain accented on fascia, console and door trim
  • Wood grain accented on fascia, console and door trim*
  • New W Badge
  • 25Watt HID head lamp*


Micro SsangYong RextonW Air Climate

  • PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heater
  • Fully automatic air conditioning with temperature
  • sensor and outside temperature gauge
  • Dual air conditioning with independent climate control unit for the rear seats
  • Air quality control system
  • Rear vent duct for improved air circulation
  • Two air filters to ensure interior air stays fresh


Micro SsangYong RextonW Convenience

  • Electronic cruise control
  • Windshield wiper de.icer
  • Headlamp leveling device to maintain maximum illumination*
  • Rear wiper and washer to ensure an unobstructed view
  • Heated tailgate window with timer to defrost before starting up the vehicle
  • Remote keyless entry system with burglar alarm Folding type Dual REKES (Remote Keyless System) Illuminated ignition key slot to help you get started in the dark
  • Auto light control and rain sensing wiper*
  • Battery saver
  • Blue-tinted outside door mirrors that can be electrically adjusted, folded and heated
  • Power-folding outside door mirrors
  • Easy-to-read black face cluster with blue color
  • Tinted Windshield glass*
  • Solar front door glass*
  • Privacy glass (rear door windows, quarter wmdowsand tailgate window) to keep interior cool and add the look of luxury*
  • 2DIN MP3 CDP audio system
  • Audio remote control switch on steering wheel
  • USB and AUX. slot
  • Bluetooth system
  • Six speakers
  • 12V DC power outlets-on upper fascia, under the front
  • passenger seat, and in the cargo bay
  • Boot storage compartment under cargo bay
  • Coat hangers in the rear
  • Mobile illuminated ashtray
  • Overhead console in easy reach
  • Digital clock on the dashboard
  • Dual gas-filled struts for bonnet and tailgate
  • Handy centre storage console
  • Manual seatbelt height adjustment on “B1 pillar
  • Map pockets on the inside of the doors
  • Cup holders in front and rear
  • Sun visors with illuminated vanity mirror
  • Glove box with inner flocking
  • luggage net to improve cargo utility
  • Leather steering wheel cover
  • Floor mats


Micro SsangYong RextonW Mechanical

  • 155ps 2.0 e-XDi diesel engine with CDPF
  • Smart TOD to automatically adjust power distribution
  • front and back as driving conditions change
  • Part-time 4WD with shifting on the fly
  • E-Tronic 5-speed automatic with winter mode safety feature (Mercedes-Benz)
  • Switch on gearshift knob for more dynamic driving response
  • Double wishbone front suspension system with coil springs
  • Impact-absorbing 8-link rear suspension (IRS)
  • Additional water sedimentor to protect the engine and fuel system
  • 78L fuel tank
  • Hydraulic power steering
  • Speed sensitive power steering


Micro SsangYong RextonW Seats

  • 8 way power-adjustable driver’s seat*
  • 4 way power-adjustable front passenger’s seat*
  • Settings for three drivers, including seat & outsidedoor mirror positions, stored in onboard memory*
  • 4 way (sliding & tilting) easy access mode for driver’s seat*
  • Driver lumbar support
  • Heated front seats with 5 comfortable settings*
  • Front ventilated seats
  • Heated rear seats for cushion and seat back*
  • Sliding front headrests
  • 60:40 split folding 2nd now seats with folding centre armrest
  • 3rd row seats can be folded fully flat for ample luggage room
  • Luxurious leather seat covers for comfort*
  • Appealing woven cloth seat covers for beige interior
  • Appealing double Rachel doth seat covers for black interior


Micro SsangYong RextonW Safety

  • Ultra-rigid frame for greater strength, less vibration and noise
  • Door impact beams for optimal protection from side collisions
  • Airbags for driver and front passenger
  • Seatbelt load limiters and pre-tensioners Side airbags*
  • 4 channel anti-lock braking system
  • Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) with Emergency Brake Assist, Hill Descent Control (HDC) and Active Roll-over Protection (ARP)*
  • Front ventilated disc brakes Rear ventilated disc brakes with IRS Front cornering sensors
  • Rear obstacle warning system with 3-stage alarm
  • Reverse Camera
  • Door courtesy lamps
  • Front fog lamps
  • Immobilizer system
  • Childproof safety lock
  • Speed sensitive door lock
  • Collapsible steering column
  • ISO-FIX and tether anchorage for baby car seat (Regulation region only)
  • Seatbelt reminder to bring the driver’s attention to the seatbelt
  • Electro-chromic inside rearview mirror*
  • Safety power windows LED day time running lights


Micro SsangYong RextonW Available Colours

  • Grand White
  • Dandy Blue
  • Jazz Brown
  • Silent Silver
  • Space Black
  • Techno Grey


Seat Interior colours

  • Black Leather / Fabric
  • Beige Leather / Fabric


*Available with High Speck only

For more detail of pricing scheme and leasing payments and test drive contact to Micro on 0773 33 39 99  or 0777 66 94 94 or see below image

Micro SsangYong RextonW now available for Rs. 8.25 Million Upwards
Micro SsangYong RextonW now available for Rs. 8.25 Million Upwards