Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) Second Half of 2017 statement send to Employers

Employees’ Provident Fund department of Central Bank of Sri Lanka inform that the Statements of Accounts of the Members for the Second Half of 2017 showing the contributions credited to the member accounts from July – December, 2017 have been posted by us to the respective employers for distribution among the members.

Members of the Employees’ Provident Fund are hereby requested to obtain statements of member accounts from their employers.

Members are also kindly requested to bring any discrepancy/discrepancies in the statements, to the notice of the Superintendent, Employees’ Provident Fund giving details of such discrepancy/discrepancies, through their respective employers.

For more details contact to Central Bank EPF Help Desk  contact no 011-2206642 or see below image

Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) Second Half of 2017 statement send to Employers

How to take ERP Loan of 30% before retirement

Ministry of Labour stated that In pursuant to the Employees Provident Fund Act No. 15 of 19S8, as amended by the Act No. 02 of 2012, for each member of the Employees Provident Fund employed at present, release of thirty per cent (30%) of the sum having credited to his personal account, for the purposes of Housing / Medical Treatments is scheduled to be commenced from 27th May 2015.

It is compulsory to fulltill the following basic requirements of qualifications to be eligible to apply for these benefits (EPF Loan)

  • Should be employed at present.
  • Should have contributed to the fund for a period not less than ten years.
  • Should have a sum of not low than Rs. 300,000/ “ (Three lakhs) credited to his personal account (I.e., His membership account balance, audited by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, should be not less than Rs. 300,000/ -(Three Lakhs).

For Housing Purpose Loan

  • Constructing a house in his own land.
  • Purchasing a land to build a house.
  • Purchasing a housing property.
  • Settlement of a mortgage on a housing property
  • Settlement of a balance amount of a housing loan obtained from approved bank.

by the member

For Medical Treatments purpose Loan

  • Heart surgery / operation
  • Bypass Surgery / operation
  • Treatment for cancer, including surgery
  • Kidney transplant or Surgeries / Operations
  • Caesarian Surgery / Operation Or
  • Hospitalization for a period not less than fourteen (14) days, due to occurrence of an accident.

Applications for The health benefits could be made on behalf of the member, spouse and children.

The maximum sum that could be obtained for one of the matters of above purpose should net I exceed rupees Two Million (Rs 2,000.000.00).

Specimen application for the perusal of basic qualification* for the payment of 30% pre-retirement benefits is annexed herewith. Duly completed applications, as per the specimen should be sent by registered post, addressed to the Commissioner of Labour. Employees’ Provident Fund, Department of labour. Colombo 05. The top left hand corner of the envelope, should be clearly marked as ‘Payment of 30% pre-retirement benefits”. Pre-retirement benefit applications and brochures of instructions will be issued only to the members who have fulfilled basic qualifications, after the perusal of Information given In the aforementioned application sent.

For more information see below image or contact to Head office at 011-2368917, 0112368252, 011-2368349, 0112368350,0112368351

How to take ERP Loan of 30% before retirement
How to take ERP Loan of 30% before retirement

EPF Refund Checking by online – www.epf.gov.lk

The department of Labour introduces a website of www.epf.gov.lk  to check your E.P.F Refund process.

Once you hand over your application to Department of Labour – Employee’s Provident Fund, the official will offers you 7 digits User Name and 4 Digit Passwords to check about the process of EPF Refund, rather visiting to Department of Labour.

How to check EPF Balance
How to check EPF Balance

The username and password will provides the basic details of

  1. Name of the Person
  2. EPF Claim Reference Number
  3. Status
  4. Claim Status
  5. DL number

It is a great feature for those claiming EPF refunds easily rather visiting to department of labour and waste your valuable time.

For more information visit www.labourdept.gov.lk or www.epf.gov.lk