Bus Fare for Kadawatha to Matara by Express Highway

Kadawatha to Galle – Rs.400/-

Kadawatha to Matara – Rs. 500/-

Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) formally known as CTB operaing luxury buses from Kadawatha to Matara from today 17th September 2015.

Buses will be start from every hours to Matara and Galle from 6.30 in the morning. The bus fare will be Rs 400 per person to Galle and Rs. 500 per person to Matara.

There are buses will be commence from the Kadawatha bus stand and stop at Galle and Matara bus stands respectively.

Work on Colombo-Kandy highway to start soon

Construction work on the Colombo-Kandy highway will begin immediately, Road Development, Higher Education and Investment Promotion Minister Kabir Hashim who was speaking in Parliament informed that government would start construction work on the Colombo-Kandy highway soon.

The Minister said the matara-Beliatta-Hantantota stretch of the Southern Highway will also begin soon after negotiations with the contractors He said the government believed that it would be possible to reduce the costs involved in the contract by 30 percent.

Referring to the Northern Highway he said the construction of the road had to be suspended as the work on the project was to begin without awarding contracts in a transparent manner.

Kandy expressway to go via Pothuhera (Kurunegala)

Initial plans made for the proposed Kandy Expressway have been changed because hilly areas are an obstruction to the expressway having direct access from Ambepussa to Kandy, According to our amended plans the expressway will start in Kurunegala and move via Pothuhera and Mawathagam to Kandy.

The interchange to the expressway would be at Pothuhera, a few kilometres from Kurunegala.  And the Expressway from Pothuhera to Kandy is 52 kilometres.

Meanwhile the Ministry said feasibility studies for the Northern expressway had been completed and the acquisition of land and other planning work was now in progress.

It said the proposed Northern Expressway would be constructed in four stages. The Northern expressway will start at Kurunegala and continue to Dambulla via Melsiripura and Galewela. From Dambulla the Expressway will turn towards Jaffna in the North and Trinco in the east.

Colombo Outer Circular – New Express way of Sri Lanka

Linking all expressways in the country, Phase I of the Outer Circular Highway (OCH) connecting the Southern Expressway to Kaduwela will be declared open on March, 8. The 29.1 Km Highway built in three phases, is to link al expressways I and major roads such as Southern, Northern and Kandy Expressways as well as Colombo- Awissawella, Colombo- Kandy and Colombo- Negombo Roads.

Funded by JICA, Phase I of the project, connecting Kottawa to Kaduwela, was constructed by the China Harbour Engineering Company.

With Phase II of the project connecting Kaduwela to Kadawatha underway, tenders are being called for Phase III connecting Kadawatha to Kerawalapitiya.

The 11 Km from Kottawa to Kaduwela was constructed at a cost of RS.24.9 billion and the Speed limit will be 100 kmph for the rest of the road.

The Expressway will be monitored by a network of CCTV cameras which are only connected to the main control room. Rules and regulations for Southern Expressway apply to the Outer Circular as well.

The Colombo Outer Circular  will have interchanges of

  • Kottawa
  • Pore
  • Kaduwela
  • Kadawatha
  • Kerawalapitiya
  • Mattumagala

The four lane highway has been constructed with the Intention of ‘ expanding it to a six lane highway with the increase of I traffic in the future. Once completed the OCH is to reduce traffic congestion in Colombo.

One of the prominent features of this expressway is the 3.2 kilometre long viaduct constructed to have this expressway on elevated form across the marshy land in Mahawela between Pore and Kothalawala.lt will be the longest viaduct or bridge in Sri Lanka.

This is constructed at a cost of Rs. 7.2 billion the bridge is built to ensure the flood pattern of the area remained the same.

Outer Circle Express Highway – 1st Phase will open soon

Outer circle Express highway one of the main express Highway developments is undergoing now will expect to open very soon. It is expected to open the first phase of the Outer Circular Expressway public within the first quarter of this year.

95% of the 11km stretch from Kottawa to Kaduwela has been completed. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) provided the necessary funds for the project amounting to Rs. 24.98 billion.

The second phase from Kaduwela to Kadawata, which is under construction, would be opened by the first quarter of 2015, he said. Rs.44 billion has been allocated to the 8.9 km long second phase.

The third phase to Kerawalapitiya from Kadawata 9.2km was scheduled to begin with Rs 33 billion of investment.

The first phase will be connected to the Southern Expressway from Kaduwela. Once the entire Outer Circular Expressway is complete it will connect the Colombo Katunayake Expressway as well.

The Expressway is to have eight flyovers and an underground subway too. And it is also to have six main inter-exchanges in Kottawa, Kaduwela. Biyagama. Kadawata, Maththumagala a n d Kerawalapitiya.

“The main purpose for the Outer Circular Expressway is to develop the cities around Colombo, to avoid Greater Colombo when coming from the Northern and Southern region and also to distribute goods transported from the Katunayake International Airport in a more efficient manner.

Summary Report of Colombo Katunayake Express highway

The second express highway built from Colombo- Katunayake is set to reduce travel time to the airport to 20 minutes. The CKE constructed through the Muthurajawela Marshland, travels along the Negombo lagoon and falls on to the Canada Friendship Road leading to the Bandaranaike International Airport. The CKE connects to the Outer Circular Highway at Kerawalapitiya, which in turn is connected to the Southern Expressway. Arrangements have been made to welcome delegates for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) and other conferences in November at the highway.


Speed limit

First 8 Km: 80 kmph

Rest of the Road: 100 kmph

Total length of Colombo-Katunayake Expressway : 25.8 km

Travel time from New Kelani Bridge to Katunayake: 20 minutes



Estimated Project Cost: USD292 Million

China: USD 248.2 Million

Government Funds: USD 43.8 Million

Cost per Km: USD 11.32 Million (Rs. 1.450 Billion)



  • New Kelani Bridge
  • Peliyagoda
  • Ja-Ela
  • Katunayake


Special Notes

  • Beyond Mabole the entire expressway will go through the Muthurajawela marshland and has been constructed on embankment filers filled with sea sand.
  • The Expressway is to have one toll gate at Peliyagoda and another at Seeduwa.
  • The Expressway will be monitored by a network of CCTV cameras which is only connected to the main control room.
  • The CKE is the only highway being built using sea sand which is used to strengthen weak soil
  • Rules and J Regulations for Southern expressway apply to the Colombo-Katunayake Expressway as well.


Number of Culverts: 102

Number of bridges: 42

Emergency Telephones

Due to the large number of accidents that have taken place down the Southern Expressway,officials have taken measures to install emergency telephones, connected only to the emergency centre, along the Colombo- Katunayake Expressway. The telephones installed on every 500 metres on either side of the expressway is orange in colour


Any vehicle travelling from Colombo can use the Expressway for the first 2 Km, before they reach the first toll gate at Peliyagoda. Motorists have the option of turning off at Peliyagoda (if travelling from Colombo) or fall on to the Kandy Road, using the first two exists on either side.


Vehicles Category 1

All type of cars, All type of Jeeps, All saloon station wagons, All cabs (single and double), All passenger vans up to 9 seats,  All goods van and trucks up to GVW 3500kg and Lorries and trucks having 2 Axles and 4 Wheels

Peliyagoda to Katunayake: RS. 300
Ja-Ela to Katunayake: RS. 200
Peliyagoda to Ja-Ela:

Rs. 200


Vehicles Category 02

Van having seats over 9 seats and all buses over 9 seats and less than 33

Peliyagoda to Katunayake: Rs. 450
Ja-Ela to Katunayake: RS. 300
Peliyagoda to Ja-Ela: RS. 350


Vehicles Category 03

All buses over 33 seats, Lorries and trucks having 2 Axles and 6 Wheels and Lorries and trucks having GVW more than 17,000 kg

Peliyagoda to Katunayake: Rs. 600
Ja-Ela to Katunayake: Rs. 300
Peliyagoda to Ja-Ela: RS. 400


Vehicles Category 04

All vehicles having 4 or more axles and Combination Buses

Peliyagoda to Katunayake: Rs. 800
Ja-Ela to Katunayake: Rs. 300
Peliyagoda to Ja-Ela: Rs. 600


Colombo – Katunayake Express Highway SLTB (CTB) Bus Fare

The Srilanka Transport Board (SLTB/CTB) recently introduces the Luxury Bus Services to Colombo International Airport Katunayake with access of Colombo Katunayake Express highway.

Anyone could visit to Katunayake now for Rs. 130.00 and reaches other locations as below rates

Colombo Bus Stand to Peliyagoda – Rs. 40.00

Colombo Bus Stand to Ja-ela – Rs. 100.00

Colombo Bus Stand to Katunayake – Rs. 130.00

Colombo Bus Stand to Negambo – Rs. 150.00

For more information see below SLTB Facebook page photo


Colombo – Katunayake Express Highway SLTB (CTB) Bus Fare
Colombo – Katunayake Express Highway SLTB (CTB) Bus Fare

Colombo Katunayake E03 Express High Opens 27 – Fee Rs. 300.00 Upwards

The Most expected Colombo Katunayake/ Katunayake Colombo Express Highway is ready for Opening on 27th October 2013.

The Ministry of Highways announces the Highway will be open for Public Sideseens for 3 days and Official Open after, and today Ministry of Highway Announces the Fee for using Colombo Katunayake/ Katunayake Colombo Express Highway.

For Cars, Cabs, Jeeps and Small Vans will be Rs. 300.00 and Rs. 600.00 will be charge for Lorries and Buses.

Colombo Katunayake E03 Express High Opens 27 – Fee Rs. 300.00 Upwards
Colombo Katunayake E03 Express High Opens 27 – Fee Rs. 300.00 Upwards

Colombo Katunayake Express Highway opens on 27th October 2013- first 3 days for Public Viewing

Opening: 27th October 2013
Public View: 3days from Opening
Entry Points: Kelaniya and Katunayake
Exit Point: Ja Ela
Distance: 30 Km
Expected Time: 15 to 20 Minutes
Fee: Not Decided Yet


The Colombo Katunayake Express Highway is scheduled to open for vehicles on October 27, 2013 and its open for Public View for 3 days from 27th October 2013.

On these Public Viewing days the sightseers will allow to use the expressway for leisure activities and the grade opening will be on thereafter.

The 30 KM Express Highway will have one exit point at Ja- Ela and 2 entry points at Kelaniya and Katunayake, and it is expected to reach Colombo to Katunayake on 15 to 20 Minutes by using this High way.

The Fee will be charge for using this Highway and the Fee is not yet decided.

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