New Restoration of Fairness in Sri Lanka Law College Education System

Leading lawyer and Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakse stated that with the removal of Mohan Pieris as Chief Justice and Head of the Incorporated Council of Legal Education (ICLE), the Council under the new Chief Justice would restore the previous regulations and address the main concerns of the Sri Lanka Law College students.

He said many unfair regulations had been introduced during the past two years and all such reforms will be revised and regulations which address issues of unfairness and irregularities will be established to suit I the students under the new Council.

Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakse has appointed a new Council and we are looking forward to making changes under the new Chief Justice as the head of the Council.  He stated that I myself have been a student of the institution so I know the problems they face and what they would find unfair. There were many changes that were made under the previous Council that created uproar among students who claimed they were unfair. We will start on the changes as soon as possible though some may take more time than others. Some of the more pressing ones will take priority such as printing the paper in all three media as opposed to the current regulation of only English”

He added that the many changes would address issues of exam irregularities while stating they would address concerns faced by graduates of external systems as well.

“We are looking to bring back the system where it is possible to do more than one exam in a single sitting. It should be up to the candidate whether he has the capacity to handle such a task. There have been students who have opted for this and excelled, so we want to bring out those who excel rather than hold them back” he said.

The newly appointed Council of Legal Education under which these changes are to be effected comprise the former Attorney General Palitha Fernando. Dean of the Faculty of Law at the Colombo University V.T. Thamilmaran, Mr Ikram Mohammed PC, Mr. Nihal Fernando PC, Mr. Anil de Silva PC and Mr. Harsha Cabral PC.