Indian government to fund dual carriage line to North Sri Lanka

The Railways Department has decided to develop the Northern Railway Line as a dual carriageway under a project funded by the Indian Government.

General Manager Railways stated the railway line from Polgahawela to Kurunegala would be developed with double line under Stage 1 of the project and from Kurunegala to Maho under Stage II. The railway line from Maho to Omanthai would also be developed under stage III. the four Indian companies had forwarded tenders to undertake the project and the evaluation of tenders would be finalised soon.

He said the decision was taken to award the contract to the Indian companies as the project would be funded by the Indian Government. He further said that the main line to up- country would be developed as a dual carriageway from Kadugannawa to Kandy under a project funded by the Indian Government.

No more beggars in Sri Lanka trains

The Railway Department of Sri lanka stated to media that they will launch a special program to remove beggars in trains. The program will be launched under the directions of Railway Department General Manager Wijaya Amaratunga, as passengers travelling by trains are inconvenienced due to beggars.

The numbers of beggars in trains are increasing daily and public complaints against them are also increasing. Most complaints are made by passengers travelling in office trains, sources -said.

Railway Department Director Wijaya Samarasinghe said most of those engaged in begging in trains are sham beggars and that immediate steps will be taken to remove them from trains.


Sri Lanka Train Booking by Mobile Phone (Mobitel)

Are you getting ready for your April Holidays to tour around Sri Lanka, plan your tours with Srilanka Railways and book your tickets by Mobitel.

Dial 365 to reserve your train tickets to any destination in advance via Mobitel mTicketing and start the April holiday with a memorable rail journey.

Rs. 8/- per minute + taxes and reservation charges + ticket charges apply.

For more details see below image or Dial 365

Sri Lanka Train Booking by Mobile Phone by Mobitel
Sri Lanka Train Booking by Mobile Phone by Mobitel

Free Wi-Fi access in Sri Lanka Railways Station for rail passengers

Railway passengers in Sri lanka would be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi facilities at some 100 selected railway stations in the country by April, the Railway Department said to news.

Under this programme Wi-Fi hotspots are due to be established in over 100 stations around the country with the support of Sri Lanka Telecom which is a leader in Telecommunication in Sri Lanka.

Railway Commercial Superintendent  stated to media that “We are going to begin this programme next week from the Fort Railway Station. By April, there will be almost 100 railway stations with free internet access which enables passengers to access internet via smart phones or tablets”. And the infrastructure facilities for the project are still being constructed by the Railway Department in the selected railway stations.

Another joint project was launched by SLT and Mobitel that has provided access to free Wi-Fi hotspots on Intercity Express trains for passengers. It was launched by SLT Chairman, Kumarasinghe Sirisena yesterday in the Jaffna Station

Sri Lankan Railway Super luxury Trains Services Starts

The Sri Lanka Railway Department today announced the introduction of a super luxury services with adjustable box seats.

Railways Superintendent stated that it would be only one additional compartment that will have this facility.

The first services will inaugural on September 20th at 6.30 am from the Maradana Railway station for Colombo to Galle and Matara train. And these services would be made available for other trains as well in the future.

Officials said a ticket from Colombo to Galle would be priced at Rs. 800 while the ticket from Colombo to Matara would be priced at Rs.1,000.


How to search where the train is in Sri lanka (system to keep track of trains) – Click

A new train tracking system to enable the public view coastline train movements, has been launched. The train tracking system named Railway Traffic Optimisation System (RTOS) was launched today at the University of Colombo’s School of Computing (UCSC), and could be viewed on

General Manager Railways, B.A.PAriyaratne said the system was developed based on research where problems regarding technical issues were studied.

Railway Dept’s, National Research Council and UCSC undergraduates conducted joint research on the railways and came up with a solution to train delays and safety.

UCSC Lecturer, Dr Kasun De Zoysa said the RTOS is a train tracking system based on the GPRS system that could be monitored via computers or devices such as mobile phones with internet facility.

The system provides direct information on trains operating, their destinations, their speed and the time table including cancellations. The facility will be available to engine drivers and station masters as well, and will help them monitor the train movements.

Train services to Chavakachcheri Commence June 2014

The train services on the northern line will be extended this month up to Chawakachdieri the main station this side of Jaffna in the north officials said yesterday. Currently trains operate only up to Kilinochchi and Palai.

Railways officials says it had been planned to extend train services up to Jaffna it was delayed due to the ongoing construction work on the Navakkuli Bridge which passes ever the lagoon.

Work on this bridge could not be completed on time. Therefore, we are unable to extend the rail service to Jaffna at the moment. However, train services will be extended to Chavakachcheri this month.

How to Reserve(book) Srilankan Train Service

Srilankan Railway is one of the best to discover Srilanka, its one of the best and favorite mode of transport by tourist and local.

There are few approched to reserve your trains in advance,


1] Visiting Railway Stations – From 14 days before the Date of the Journey

Railway Station Telephone Number From 14 Days before the Date of the Journey, in Weekdays – Open Between
Colombo Fort – Reservation Office 011-2432908 06.00 to 12.00 and 12.30 to 14.00
Kandy 081-2222271 08.00 to 16.00
Badulla 055-2222271 08.00 to 16.00
Anuradhapura 025-2222271 08.00 to 16.00
Vavuniya 024-2222271 08.00 to 16.00


2] Calling Mobitel Call-Center – only for Colombo-Kandy Intercity Trains – From 28 Days before the Date of the Journey

Steps to Follow –

1. Dial 365 in your Mobitel Telephone

2. The Mobitel Call Centre Operator will answer

3. Give your requirement and reserve your seat

4. You will receive a Reference Number through SMS

5. Show ( or tell ) this Reference Number to the Station Master ( at Colombo Fort, Gampaha, Peradeniya or Kandy ) or to any of the Mobitel Billing Centres

6. Then, you will receive the Train Ticket ( M-Ticket)

7. Your Train Fare will be added to the Mobitel Bill.

This facility will be extended to other Intercity Trains.


but most of the time the reservation could be done in a 2 weeks, if it is a observation or a first class only needed to book before 28 days of  journey.

and the reservation will be turf in Season Periods as follows,

January – New Year Period

April – Sinhala & Tamil New Year period

May – Vesak Fullmoon days

August – School Holidays

December – Christmas and School holiday periods

other than this, the reservation would be much easier and better too

Reservation of Seats in Intercity and other Express Trains in Srilanka – Updated April 2014

Srilankan Railway is one of the best to discover Srilanka, its one of the best and favorite mode of transport by tourist and local.

Many likes train service in Srilanka due to low cost and faster service.


The below are few common rail services in srilanka

Train Type Train Numbers Journey Available Classes of Seats
Intercity – Daily 4001/4002 Colombo – Kilinochchi First Class and Second Class
Intercity – Daily 1009/1010 Colombo – Kandy First Class ( Observation Saloon ) and Second Class
Intercity – Daily 6079/6080 Colombo – Batticoloa First Class ( Observation Saloon ) and Second Class
Intercity – Daily 1029/1030 Colombo – Kandy First Class ( Observation Saloon ) and Second Class
Intercity – Weekends 1031/1032 Colombo – Kandy First Class ( Observation Saloon ) and Second Class,Third Class
Express-Daytime Trains 1005/1006 Colombo – Badulla First Class (AFC ), Second Class, Third Class.
Express-Daytime Trains 1015/1016 Colombo – Badulla First Class (AFC ), Second Class, Third Class
Express-Night Trains 1045/1046 Colombo – Badulla First Class ( Berths ), Second and Third Class Sleeperates
Semi Express-Night Trains 6011/6012 Colombo – Batticoloa First Class ( Berths ), Second and Third Class Sleeperates, AC
Semi Express-Night Trains 7083/7084 Colombo – Trincomalee First Class ( Berths ), Second and Third Class Sleeperates
Semi Express-Night Trains 4089/4090 Colombo – Kilinochchi First Class ( Berths ), Second and Third Class Sleeperates

French business delegation keen on urban infrastructure development

Representatives from a ten member business-delegation visited Colombo on March 4 and 5 . This business delegation comprised of French companies in the field of urban infrastructure, especially transport. French companies present in India and Singapore were also represented during this mission. Participating French companies included Alstom Transport, Bouygues Batiment International, Dassault Systemes, DTP Terrassement. Egis International, Signes-Paysages, Systra, Veolia Transport RATP. Vinci Concession and Unibridge.

The main area of interest for the business delegation was the modernization of urban mass transport systems.

The renovation and electrification of the urban rail network as well as improving road access was also discussed with the local authorities. During most discussions, financing under public – private partnerships was considered the best option and the participating French companies took note of the investment concepts put forward by their counterparts..

This delegation was led by Jean Paul Monchau, Ambassador of France in Sri Lanka and the Maldives

Colombo – Kilinochchi/ Kilinochchi – Colombo Train(Rail) Service starts from Sunday 15th September 2013 ( Time Table attached)

Sri Lanka Railways (SLR) will operate three trains to Kilinochchi daily commencing Sunday.

A SLR spokesman said this will include the Yal Devi which operated up to Omanthai earlier, the Deyata Kirula intercity train which ran upto Medawachchiya earlier and the night mail train from Colombo.

According to the schedule, the Yal Devi will leave Colombo Fort at 5.45 am and reach the Kilinochchi station at 12.35pm. The Deyata Kirula intercity train will leave the Colombo Fort station at 6.50 am and reach the Kilinochchi station at 11.48 pm, and The night mail train will leave the Colombo Fort station at 10.15pm and arrive at Kilinochchi at 4.10am (next day).

In the return journey, the Yal Devi will leave the Kilinochchi station at 6 am and arrive at the Colombo Fort station at 1pm. The Deyata Kirula intercity train will leave Kilinochchi at 2.18 pm and reach Colombo Fort at 7.16pm.

Meanwhile, the night mail train will leave the Kilinochchi station at 8.30 pm and arrive at Colombo Fort at 4.40 am (next day).

– Government of Sri Lanka News –

Matara-Kataragama Railway Will Open Soon

The News stated the Transport Minister made addressing in a public meeting that the proposed Matara-Kataragama Railway from Matara to Beliatte is underway. Work will be completed soon and train services will be extended up to Beliatte within two years.

The Project will be added values to the railway department to earn more profitable venture accordingly,More travelers prefer the rail journey than Other mode of transports.

This would attractive to the pilgrimage and Safari (Wild Life) Tourism of Sri lanka. And it is an expectation of All Srilankan; as open up the Railway networks to cover whole country, while facilitate quicker transport service.