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Temporary Importation for Export Processing (TIEP -I) Srilanka
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Temporary Importation for Export Processing (TIEP -I) Srilanka

The TIEP-I is where the exporters can relieved from the payment of Import duties and taxes, the basis of that imported goods are untended for Manufacturing, Processing or Assembling in subsequent exports.
The Purpose of TIEP-I
• Facilitate Exporter and Manufactures to produce at lower cost and compete in the global context.
• Encourage small and medium level businesses to use these facilities to maximize productivity
The Inputs permitted by TIEP-I
• Raw Materials, Components and part which will be incorporated in export products
• Parts for assembly of the product to be exports
• Consumable
• Packing Materials in finished
• Raw Material for producing pack materials
• Exports Catalogs and brochures

Who can use TIEP-I
Direct Exporters
The manufacture who manufacture for export purposes
Indirect Exporters
The Manufactures who provides goods as a input of other export goods.
Indirect Exporters and TIEP-I
When the indirect exporters’ supplies goods to the direct Exporters, the following should be considerable
• Customs Approved Bondsman
• TIEP Certificate Holder
• BOI Enterprise approved under section 17 of the BOI Act
• Customs Approved Industry (operating under Investor Facilitation center)
Documents for registration of TIEP-I
• Duly completed prescribed form (TIEP-I) in Triplicate
• Project Report
• Certificate of VAT registration
• Business Registration
• Memorandum of Articles
• Data required for evaluating the conversion ratio and wastage factor
• Other necessary approvals
For More information:
Export Facilitation Unit
Bonds Division
1st Floor
Customs House
Bristol Street,
Colombo 01

Website: www.customs.gov.lk