Maradana to Battaramulla Train Service about to start in January 2016

The newly proposed Maradana to Battaramulla railway line hoping to reduce heavy traffic from maradana, boralla, rajagiriya and battaramulla. The government is considering its options in obtaining financial support from Asian Development Bank (ADB) to construct a new railway line from Maradana to Battaramulla.

Official stated that government is planning to negotiate with the Asian Development Bank in January about the project. Initially, ADB informed that they would support the project, but the it is necessity to clarify the exact nature of assistance and finalize the agreement.

The feasibility study on the construction of a 10km railway line would be based on the recommendations of a steering committee which had been appointed with the participation of the Transport Ministry, Sri Lanka Railways and Urban Development Authority officialsand the railway project would cater to over 20,000 government servants who travel to and from Battaramulla daily as most of the government institutions are now located in Battaramulla.

Sri Lanka is to face huge traffic near soon and suggestion to avoid traffic in Colombo

Motor Traffic Department of Sri Lanka has made a statement stated that they received 491,628 vehicles registration for first 8 months of this year.

Last year first 8 month vehicle registrations were 429,556 and it has increase by 14.45% over the year.

The highest numbers of vehicles registered this year were motorbikes and three-wheelers, which are 243,165 Motor Cycle registrations and 84,592 Motor Cycle Registration. In the meantime, Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said made a statement that the maximum loan-to-value ratio for vehicle leasing has been increased from 70 to 90 percent from4th October 2015.

Gradual increment of the vehicle registration shows, the country’s urban cities and sub-urban would face a huge traffic in near future. It is government responsible to develop a proper transportation infrastructure such as below,

Improve Public transports of Buses (SLTB and Private)

SLTB ultra luxury passenger bus
SLTB ultra luxury passenger bus

Government should taken steps to improve their SLTB bus services into Normal and comfortable ultra luxury passenger bus at an affordable cost. They could run their SLTB ordinary bus service at low price as usual and ultra luxury passenger bus at premium price.

This would help the SLTB to improve their standard and makes Profitable venture into Government Sector,

Proper Time Schedule for Buses

If the Transport ministry could taken steps to improve timely services for Buses and control the bus movement by GPS and makesure same route buses would be compete at any given time. If any bus drivers drown over speed or misbehave with passengers should be fined and taken action against to them.

Improve Train Services

Government should take actions to improve Train service between main cities and urban rail service on demand. Still many of working crowed has using train transport to reach their work place on time, if government could offer frequent train services with much comforable in peak time, many people would not considered to by a vehicle on their own.

Introduce Metro Rail Services

there were some rummer articles state that government is planning for metro services within western provinces and it stated that the Metro is from Negombo from North to Panadura to South and Kottawa from West to hub at Fort Colombo.

If that news was not rummer, this would be great help to avoid Colombo traffic and this would help to save millions of dollars as fuel and time.

In overall Sri Lanka need an ultimate transport solution to avoid traffic in city, unless we may face huge problems when Srilanka reaches 2.5 Million Tourist arrival in 2020.

Better Transport system will make Better Eco Friendly Sri Lanka to cater many industry in near future.

Lets Develop Sri Lanka

No more beggars in Sri Lanka trains

The Railway Department of Sri lanka stated to media that they will launch a special program to remove beggars in trains. The program will be launched under the directions of Railway Department General Manager Wijaya Amaratunga, as passengers travelling by trains are inconvenienced due to beggars.

The numbers of beggars in trains are increasing daily and public complaints against them are also increasing. Most complaints are made by passengers travelling in office trains, sources -said.

Railway Department Director Wijaya Samarasinghe said most of those engaged in begging in trains are sham beggars and that immediate steps will be taken to remove them from trains.


Sri Lanka Train Booking by Mobile Phone (Mobitel)

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Sri Lanka Train Booking by Mobile Phone by Mobitel
Sri Lanka Train Booking by Mobile Phone by Mobitel

Free Wi-Fi access in Sri Lanka Railways Station for rail passengers

Railway passengers in Sri lanka would be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi facilities at some 100 selected railway stations in the country by April, the Railway Department said to news.

Under this programme Wi-Fi hotspots are due to be established in over 100 stations around the country with the support of Sri Lanka Telecom which is a leader in Telecommunication in Sri Lanka.

Railway Commercial Superintendent  stated to media that “We are going to begin this programme next week from the Fort Railway Station. By April, there will be almost 100 railway stations with free internet access which enables passengers to access internet via smart phones or tablets”. And the infrastructure facilities for the project are still being constructed by the Railway Department in the selected railway stations.

Another joint project was launched by SLT and Mobitel that has provided access to free Wi-Fi hotspots on Intercity Express trains for passengers. It was launched by SLT Chairman, Kumarasinghe Sirisena yesterday in the Jaffna Station

Sri Lankan Railway Super luxury Trains Services Starts

The Sri Lanka Railway Department today announced the introduction of a super luxury services with adjustable box seats.

Railways Superintendent stated that it would be only one additional compartment that will have this facility.

The first services will inaugural on September 20th at 6.30 am from the Maradana Railway station for Colombo to Galle and Matara train. And these services would be made available for other trains as well in the future.

Officials said a ticket from Colombo to Galle would be priced at Rs. 800 while the ticket from Colombo to Matara would be priced at Rs.1,000.


How to search where the train is in Sri lanka (system to keep track of trains) – Click

A new train tracking system to enable the public view coastline train movements, has been launched. The train tracking system named Railway Traffic Optimisation System (RTOS) was launched today at the University of Colombo’s School of Computing (UCSC), and could be viewed on

General Manager Railways, B.A.PAriyaratne said the system was developed based on research where problems regarding technical issues were studied.

Railway Dept’s, National Research Council and UCSC undergraduates conducted joint research on the railways and came up with a solution to train delays and safety.

UCSC Lecturer, Dr Kasun De Zoysa said the RTOS is a train tracking system based on the GPRS system that could be monitored via computers or devices such as mobile phones with internet facility.

The system provides direct information on trains operating, their destinations, their speed and the time table including cancellations. The facility will be available to engine drivers and station masters as well, and will help them monitor the train movements.

Special train service for Poson pilgrims

Extra trains will ho deployed for the convenience of Poson pilgrims expected in Anuradhapura from June 10 to 14, Railway Transport Superintendent said.

The trains leaving Colombo Fort will ply via Maho to reach Anuradhapura.

The first train will operate on June 10 from Colombo at midnight, Maho 4.57 a.m. to reach Anuradhapura at 6.25 a.m.

Seven trains will operate from Colombo to Anuradhapura on June 11.

The first of these trains will leave Colombo at 3.45 a.m. arrive at Maho at 7.25 a.m. to reach Anuradhapura at 9.03 a.m.

The second train will leave Colombo at 9 a.m.. Maho 12.25 a.m. to reach Anuradhapura at 2 p.m. The next train to leave Colombo will be at 11 a.m., Maho 2.15 p.m. to reach Anuradhapura at 4.03 p.m.

And so on

Train services to Chavakachcheri Commence June 2014

The train services on the northern line will be extended this month up to Chawakachdieri the main station this side of Jaffna in the north officials said yesterday. Currently trains operate only up to Kilinochchi and Palai.

Railways officials says it had been planned to extend train services up to Jaffna it was delayed due to the ongoing construction work on the Navakkuli Bridge which passes ever the lagoon.

Work on this bridge could not be completed on time. Therefore, we are unable to extend the rail service to Jaffna at the moment. However, train services will be extended to Chavakachcheri this month.