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Yes; We Can! [AAM NAMMAAL MUDIYUM]  BY VAIKO – Book Review
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Recently I had a chance to read the Book call “Yes; We Can! [AAM NAMMAAL MUDIYUM]”. This book writes by popular Tamil Nadu Politicization Mr.Vaiko. As a Srilankan Tamil, I know about Mr.Vaiko and his political involvement in Tamil nude and international politics.
The Yes; We Can! [AAM NAMMAAL MUDIYUM] published by the Vikatan Publication. The Vikatan Publication is a famous publication for publishing a great content book.
About the Book
As per the topic says; the book more talk about the Barack Obama. The Mr.Vaiko knew that only talking about Obama won’t be a success of this book, therefore he talk about the History of Africa American, and how they get in to America and how they were settled.
When I read this book I personally feels that, the Africans have considered worsen than animals by weights. And the Africans were considering as trading commodities in their business, and he strongly says that selling Africans are not considering as unethical. This was like a business of selling animals now instead of Africans.
The Most of Africans are trying to come out their problems and had some revaluations to get their basic rights, but the sad stories behind is that all are fail to achieve so.
The author has added history of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and some other personalities to support his arguments to valid.
And Mr.Vaiko talks about the books of Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Roots. After I read this book (Yes; We Can! [AAM NAMMAAL MUDIYUM]) I was intention to read those books and understand the history of Black Americans.
Value addition to me
The Book was valued added to me 100 times more than I expectation; from when I took this book at library. Actually I don’t believe the Barack Obama will change the history of USA, but I got the lot of knowledge about Africans problems and how they reach their current position as a Black Americans.
My personal Feelings
I do feel, the Africans are one of unblessed people in the world, because they face all short of the problems in the world.
In the recent years most of the Africans who settle in outside the Africa are reach some status to help their mother nation. But most of the Africans are looking for their wealth rather than the country and their community developments.