TATA Nano car in Srilanka Price is Rs. 11.80 Lakh to Rs. 13.35 Lakh – Updated September 2015


The Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC is a sole agent of the TATA Vehicles in Srilanka. The company is success in selling TATA Nano in Srilanka.

The TATA Nano is in 2 Different Models such as,

  • TATA Nano XM
  • TATA Nano XT
  • Tata Nano Twist

The TATA Nano is 624 cc Engine capacity with 2 Cylinder MPFI. The maximum Engine output is 35 PS @ 5250 RPM and the Maximum speed will be 105 KM per Hour.

TATA Nano Prices in Srilanka

TATA Nano XM LKR. 1,180,000/-
TATA Nano Twist LKR.1,335,000/-

The Above Prices are inclusive of VAT. And the Prices Subject to Change.

For More information find the attachment for Basic Detail of TATA nano.

TATA Nano Brochure by DIMO

TATA Nano XM Gen

TATA Nano Twist

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42 thoughts on “TATA Nano car in Srilanka Price is Rs. 11.80 Lakh to Rs. 13.35 Lakh – Updated September 2015”

    1. Dear Priyankara,

      please find the information on above, or call to DIMO for More information.

      you can download about the TATA nano Feature Category on above attachment.

      thanks n best regards,

    1. Dear Shyama,
      You can find the basic detail on the above attachment, and you can contact to DIMO Srilanka for more information’s,
      Tel: 011 2449797 or 011 2338883
      Thanks N Best regards,

  1. Dear M/S, Im planning to buy a tata nono cx. But tell me whether Sri Lanka gets the Cx in which versions. Is it the bs3 version or the bs4 version?

  2. Hi, Im living in Dehiwala, Sri Lanka. my children studying here. im under Residential VISA. can I buy a Tata Nano under leasing offer?

    1. Dear Hussain,
      Yes you can, but there are few Conditions to fulfill. Such as,
      There should be a proof document to elaborate how many years you will be in Srilanka, for example if you go for 5 years lease agreement, you should have a proof document to handover that you will be in Srilanka for next 5 years.
      And you can’t own the vehicle with the residential Visa, therefore you need to register with joining with Srilankan Citizen.

      1. Dear Prasanna. in that case, can you please give me a contact details where I could obtain the lease which might be suitable for me. im looking for a 2 year lease. thanks

  3. tata nano 1 indiawe 2.5 lakh withara..mehe 11 lakh lu..henama gahanna ona me kari aanduwata..wesa ballo kari ganan thiyan wikunanawa..minissunta sethak wena widihata tax adu karala 5lakh walata wage dunnanam munata hena gahanawada..kari ballo..mahindayata hena 70k withara gahanna ona..

  4. Thank you so much. Im still searching for a leasing company who could provide me a foreigner a short term leasing for a Nano. could u pls recommend me one who is more keen to offer leasing to non-citizen.

    1. Dear Saman Kumara,
      5 Years Lease are available with most of the leasing company,
      you better contact to DIMO and asked about leasing Options,
      they have some standards process too,


      1. Dear Prasanna

        Is there any place that I could rent a Nano Cab?, im really in need of nano but as a foreigner im unable to find a lease. please help me.


        1. Dear Mr.Hussain,
          There are many companies offering Rent a Car Services in Srilanka, specially Central Finance to offer Rent A Car for monthly Rent, you can try out.
          Thanks N Best regards,

  5. Hi,
    Nano rockz!!
    May I know what is the minimum payments has be done for a TATA nano LX and the monthly installment?
    Thanks in advnace!

  6. Dear Mr Prasanna ,

    I am looking to buy a nano with to whom i can call personally in kandy area do you have any contact details of a sales executive ,if so kindly give it to me

    Thank You

  7. I can see the price of TATA Nano cars on the leaflet and i wish to know is that price is with the New tax change or is it without it.

    And please let me know if there is way to pay by installments to the Company if we pay a Down payment first or is there any easy payment method.

    Reg – Ajith

  8. Aftre forign service i came back ti sri lanka.
    I kile to Buy TATA NANO car, can i get full details of cars
    or sebt me cat.


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