Micro Panda for Rs. 1,395,000 (without Air Bag) and Rs. 1,595,000 (with Air Bag) and Specific Features and Specifications – September 2015

The Micro Panda, One of the Best Cars Made in Srilanka. The Micro Panda is Best Performance and best efficient car in Srilanka manufactured by Micro Holdings.

The Micro Panda introduce 2 Versions under the Micro Panda Brand

Micro Panda GS (Standard) Rs.1,395,000.00
Micro Panda Full Option (Dual Air bags) Rs.1,595,000.00

The Prices are still the same, where the New Vehicle Import Taxes was not impact to the Micro Products.

Therefore still this is Best Opportunity to Obtain a Best car at the Best Price.

Micro Panda Specific Features and Specifications

Engine 1.3 Ltd Gasoline 4 Cylinder inline, 4 Stoke with Volvo Technology
Maximum Speed 85hp (65Kw) @ 6,000 rpm
Maximum Torque 110 Nm @ 3,400 rpm
Transmission 5 Speed Manual Transmission
Steering Rack & Pinion, Power Assisted Steering
Breaks Front – Dick
Rear – Drum + Vacuum Booster
Length 3,815mm
Width 1,648 mm
Height 1,530 mm
Wheel base 2,340 mm
Track Front 1,420 mm
Rear 1410 mm
Tyres 175/65r14 with 14” Alloy Wheels (Optional 15” Alloy)
Safety Features
1.       Energy absorbing steering column
2.       Optional driver & Passenger Air bags
3.       ABS with EBD
4.       High Mounted brake lamp
5.       Front & Rear Fog Lamps
6.       Rear Demister
7.       Electronic Anti Theft System
Convenience Features
1.       A/C with Pre Filter
2.       Center mounted control Panel
3.       Central Door locking
4.       Front, rear Electric Power window
5.       FM radio, CD/MP3 Player USB Support
6.       Optional DVD/CD/FM/AM/MP3/Bluetooth player with Navigation
7.       Power Mirrors
8.       Rear Row Sear Headrest
9.       Rear Defogger
10.   Chrome Plated inner handle
Moonlight Silver
Lemon Green
Pure white
Wheat Yellow
Brown Black
Lucky red
Passion Orange
Fashion Orange
Imaginary blue
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135 thoughts on “Micro Panda for Rs. 1,395,000 (without Air Bag) and Rs. 1,595,000 (with Air Bag) and Specific Features and Specifications – September 2015”

  1. I want to know if I am buying micro panda cross car what is the price up to date and how about with leasing .

    1. Dear Mr.Priyalal,
      I hope the Micro Panda Cross will be Rs.1,595,000.00

      you can have leasing options with any financial companies with consultation of the Micro Officials.

      Best regards,

    1. Dear Kasun,
      It’s Depend, but you can speak to the Marketing Person and Negotiate for Discounts for full Cash payment,

      Best regards,

  2. i willing to buy this car.so i want to know the fuel consumption of this one. Have i waiting in ques to buy this one.Please Advice,


    1. Dear Mr.Ashirwada,
      The Micro Panda is working about 12 to 14 Km per Liter, I don’t think you need to wait in que to buy one,
      Best regards,

  3. Can I know whether micro panda geely 1.3 and mpv junior 3 is in stock right now please reply soon. urgent

    1. Dear Mohammed Iqbal,
      The Micro Products are Out of stokes, which can be deliver in 6 to 7 Month times on order, due to the huge orders of Local Needs,
      Best regards,

  4. HI Prasanna,

    I am very interested in this car. Please inform me of the down payment to order thae car and how the balance could be paid off. It is very important for me to knwo how long i will have to wait to have the car in my parcking lot as well.

    1. Dear ralph,
      Mostly the Down payment will be 20% of the Car Value and the balance need to pay before the 2 weeks of delivery, at the current moment you need to wait at least 6 to 7 months to be delivery the vehicle to you,
      Best regards,

  5. Dear sir pls kindly inform me how many kilo meters can be used oer leter of petrol…and let me know abt the price of micro panda dual air bag car.

  6. mama ekak oder kala aprel 9 gana 16 80 000 kiuwa 100 000 gewala oder kala masa 4 rak yanawakiuwa kurunagala eken tamai slli dande

  7. I want to know if I am buying Micro Panda (Dual Air bags) how much will cost and do you have Imaginary blue auto Transmission.

  8. Hi Prasanna,

    Further, I have 3 questions,
    01. Above these prices for Micro Panda Geely LC 1.3, right?
    02. Could you share the installment details with down payments?
    03. How long it will reach us, after the payment made?

    1. Dear Thowfeek,
      Answers for your questions,
      01) Yes its same
      02) Normally the 20% will be down payment, and the leasing detail you should communicate Leasing company
      03) Mostly its takes between 4 to 6 Months from your down payment.
      Thanks N best Regards,

  9. hi prasanna,
    i am from saudi arabia,
    please send me panda black colour pics

    with the lates price

  10. Dear, Mr: Prasanna,

    I Paid Advance 24Th November 2011 For Panda ( standard car ).
    I Think Diliver next Month My car .
    But I Want To change Standard Audio Unit, I Want To Replaced New
    DVD With Navigation System.
    Please Give Detail,
    Shantha ( Galle )

    1. Dear Shantha,
      I feel better you speak to relevant officer you book, i hope you can change the standard of car,
      But better you communicate them as soon as possible,
      Best Regards,

  11. dear prasanna,
    i hope 2 buy a panda cross or a panda lc. Is the above mention prizes are updated after the tax renewal. please let me know da prize of those two cars in exclusive vt taxes. thanks.

    1. Dear Imal,
      Please check the Micro Tag or the Header, so you may able to see many updated prices.
      Micro Panda Cross is 1,980,000 with VAT
      and Micro Panda is as mention above,
      Thanks N best regards,

    1. Dear Ruwan,
      as per my Knowledge the Prices wont change according to Locations,
      Please see the Updated Prices in synergyy.com
      Best Regards,

  12. Dear Prasanna!
    if i made for Micro Panda (Standard -Rs. 1,580,000.00)
    500,000/= down payment. how much come for every month (60 months) in your leasing company?

    1. Dear Niroshan,

      i am not representing any Leasing company,
      Please contact the Sales person of Micro and asked him to suggest any Leasing Company for further process,

      Best Regards,

  13. please,i want to know about engine of panda car.(e.x-country,technology and who designed body according to engine of car).And If i want to buy a car with leasing and how to do it.

  14. Dear Mr.Prasanna,
    I am very interested in this car and I want to know how long it will take to receive if i order a micro panda today.

  15. I wish to buy a micro car.
    Please send me Micro Trend Car series list and present price list.

  16. i want to buy panda car.how can take leasing facilities?can you tell me about show rooms close to mawathagama

  17. Dear I like to buy Micro Panda Cross. I am in abroad now. so I would like to know how is the system for leasing max year leasing and first payments. Could you kindly reply me with all details please.


    1. Dear Thushan,
      Yes you can, but anyone of your family member or relatives should be here and u should submits copy of your salary sheets and your local billing proof,
      But I am sure; there will be leasing option for you,
      Please contact central finance or Micro for more information about leasing and other details,

  18. hi all..
    I also have an idea to buy new 1000cc micro panda car.cn any one pls tell me the fuel consumption of that car who is currently using??



  20. I would like to purchase a new Panda but I just could afford 1.5million. I prefer the Lemon green colour with Airbags. Please mail me whether you could give for this price. If so then I will purchase it on the 15th of october.

  21. Hi,

    I just want to know the pricing of Panda 1000 CC. How long it will take If I place the order by this month.

    1. 2day new panda car price is 17.50 with air bag. with out air bag 16.50 panda 1000 cc car is a good car . 2nd market also ok . but customer service is nil. very bad customer service about delivery time ever i seen, fake information about delivery time, but car is good .. v. good . But delivery time is NOT Good. (sinhalen kiyanawanam mata cars epa una Balagena idala)

  22. I wish to know da current prices of Micro panda car and panda cross…
    Further, I would like to know da waiting period and down payment details…

  23. Hi all,
    I ordered a micro panda car two months ago.Before i deposit the initial payment they contacted me more than twice a day.but after that non of them ans the phone and if answered just make a huge fake and ran away..very poor customer service.
    at least they should tell the actual picture to the customer.

  24. I was purchased a micro panda car on 22 feb 2012.when i was driving the car it was nocked concreetpost of the wall and scrathed right side buffer,mirror and reardoor.i was SLI coverage,so as per the SLI policy,i have admited the car to micro car repair yard at kelaniya. They were astimated the damage as RS62980/- and prommised to repair withing one week,i was seweral time queried from date of repair but not finish,
    However 25 oct 2012 they call me and told repair are finish come and collect the car. So 31oct 2012 i visit the repair center, they ask me to pay the bill and ged the repaired car,but i requested befor paying to see the car,when i looking the car i observed they were repaired only right side rear door,mirror and buffer not done.
    They are that much of careless so they promised to finish withing 3 hours
    That is very bad,car was parked more than one month,however withing 4 hourse they gave the car but buffer area not done police,when i observe in side the car i got chacked car sig liter was losed i complain agine, after one houre they gave me enather one,
    That is very pathdic sitivation my phn no 0773826890 any one can sak me

  25. please do not pay any advance for panda car..it will take more than one year time to come,

    very bad customer service ever i seen, fake information about delivery time, after service wow(no answer the phone)

    insulting our nation product..bad bad bad

  26. hai sir
    i like to by panda car but ineed urget it is meen within one month as you posible or no?,and what abourt 1000 cc panda car it is good or not/,bce i am in dubai if i want bu a car can i pay you online pls answer me

    1. 2day new panda car price is 17.50 with air bag. with out air bag 16.50 panda 1000 cc car is a good car . 2nd market also ok . but customer service is nil. very bad customer service about delivery time ever i seen, fake information about delivery time, but car is good .. v. good . But delivery time is NOT Good.

  27. What is the new price today (including vat+reg.fees) ? & can i service the car in ampara district ? Pls. Reply soon

    1. Panda car new price is 17.50 with air bag. with out air bag 16.50 panda 1000 cc car is a good car . (Registration free )

    1. Tell you the truth CAR performance are really really good. Its a good car. But I cannot recommend the customer service they provided. Customer Service is really really bad.

      Customer service is suck……I have no words to tell about their service, such freaks are there in micro. I have ordered a panda 4 months back and still they didn’t delivered it to me and every day they are lying lying……Blady buggers…..!
      If u can wait till 7 or 8 months its ok . B4 u cant never get ur car. I informed there sales manager (Mr. Kumar) Also …

      My full payment also already done last year December 13 , but still not got it… So sad ………!!!! 2day they said it will b4 end of January. Car is Good But Customer Service NOT Good , Not After sales services , b4 sales Also Very v ..v BAD. To day is 16 of January 2013 Still Not Got it . if You want more details call me on 0711065100.

  28. මාස පහක් බලාගෙන ඉඳලත් තාම නෑ සල්ලිත් බැඳලා ගෙදර ගැනිගෙනුත් බැනුම් අහනවා. අහල පහල මිනිස්සුත් බලාගෙන ඉන්නවා පැන්ඬා එනකම්. දන්න එකෙකුට කියන්නේ අනේ මාස හත අටක් නෙමෙයි අවුරුද්දක් විතර සල්ලි හිරකරන්න පුලුවන් කෙනෙකුට නම් මෙතනින් කාර් එකක් ගන්න කියලා මම කියනවා.
    …ලක්ස විස්සක Fix Deposit එකක් ඇදලා මුන්ට සල්ලි දුන්නෙ ඉක්මනට කාර් එක ගන්න ඕන හන්දා සම්පූර්න සල්ලි බැඳලා අදට (9/Jan/2013) මාසයයි. Order කරලා මාස 5යි. order කරලා මාස 2න් දෙනවා කියලා කලින් කියුවා. මුන් පොලු කාරයො. මුන්ට සල්ලි බදින්න එපා. අපරාදෙ ලංකාවෙ නම කනවා මුන්. අපේ දෙවල් අගය කරන්න ඕන තමයි ඒත් මෙවගෙ බලු වැඩ කරනකොට මුන්ව Promote කරන්න එපාවෙනවා

  29. The customer requires a good after sale service and when I see these comments better go for a suzuki even the price + or – thanks for keeping everyone informed.

  30. dear prasanna,

    mama micro panda geely 1.3 ekak ganna hoyanawa.mata price eka dana ganna puluwanada?

    1. Dan panda 1.3 enne naa sorry .. eath parana ewa tiyanwa ganna puluwan low km . but fuel tikak wada karanwa horai 1.3 eke. mokada 1.3 ganne ganna 1000cc ekak. ela car eka .
      but customer service is not good. kiyana welawata car eka labenne naa . car eka nam ela mama dan masa 4 k vitara pavichichi karanwa. hodatama tiyanwa alto ekata wadiya godak hodai spaces and options ..

  31. Dear Prasanna,

    I want 2 know the latest price of micro panda cross. Also want 2 know about fuel consumption of that car.I’m living at Kaluthara. Who is the Person want to contact?

  32. I want 2 know the latest price of micro panda cross. Also want 2 know about fuel consumption of that car.

    1. Dear Dayananda Gunadasa,

      the Prices of A/C Direcion Peices could obtain from Micro Outlet only, Pls Contact your Nearest Micro Showroom


  33. Dear Mr.Prasanna,

    Actually I’ve searched to buying Panda. but many of friends and some technical experts said I should go for a Alto or japan brand rather than looking for a Panda and they said Panda car is less durable and there’s no second hand market in Sri Lanka. I’m so confused about there comments. So kindly expecting your true response on this.

    Thank you.

    1. Dear Eranga,

      What they said is true, second hand market for micro is bit less attractive than Alto or Japanese Cars. but Still Micro Panda features are somewhat above than Alto and less cost.

      but there is another reason people avoid Micro is their after sale service and waiting time for deliver the cars.

      but if you can maintain your car carefully micro panda would give convenience service,


    1. if they have agreed to give you on March 7, they are suppose to give. so you could contact to the relevant Sales Manager and ask about your order,
      You have Rights to Ask

    1. the New Price is Rs. 1,395,000/-,
      the price of Rs. 1,245,000/- was a basic Micro panda; which is not available anymore.
      if you have book vehicle at in March 7, 2015, than you may get the agreed price upon that day,

  34. I hope to buy a micro panda car. I got to know that there are two cars. One with less features and other full option. Can you please let me know what are the differences of those two cars and the function and importance of the varying parts of them.

    And also they tell that it will take about six months to get a full option car and only a month to get a normal car after ordering. Is there any way to get the full option car soon. Cant’t we buy the normal car and install those parts which comes in the full option car? If it’s possible why they sell it as two types?

    I would like to get a reply soon. Thank you very much. I need to buy one soon.

    1. Dear Ruchira,
      you can visit to any of Micro Showroom and experience the difference of the cars. if they said there will be a delay there would be a delay of manufacturing. so have to wait for it (even its same if you go AMW and order a Maruti Suzuki Auto or any car in Similar range)

      some of the full option gears you could fit but not all, and even if you try to assemble outside micro company it would cost you heavily than its original car.

      therefore i would suggest you to visit micro showroom and check your desire car order it ASAP.

  35. Hello Mr prasanna.

    I have Micro Panda Full option car.
    I want replace it’s stranded audio player to pioneer AVH-X1550DVD player.

    Can i replace it?

    Tnx – manjula-bandarawela

  36. Dear Prasanna,

    I have booked a Micro Panda – LC 01 – Standard in last January. Now it is end of October. Still I couldn’t get the car. Is this a actual delay in production or the car produced for me had given to a friend of the sales rep ? To whom I should make a complain ?


    1. Dear Kumara,

      really i am not aware about the delays of 10 months. but you can contact them and ask for a solution…

      it is really irritate if they delay of 10 months to deliver a car….


  37. Is Micro Panda car with full air bags in stock? If so what is the current price? Do I have to wait for new stock? If i go for a lease how much do I have to pay as a down payment?

    1. you got air bags for 2 front seats and there is no cars in stock at the moment.
      normally there may be waiting time from 3 to 6 months.
      for leasing you should pay minimum of 30% from the value, and balance 70% on leasing


  38. I also booked a Panda car in sep of 2015.The prize was Rs.1,395,000 then.However I still didn’t get the vehicle and the market prize has increased too.Is there an effect that increase on me and when I can get my car?

    1. if you have made the payment and book the car, than you don’t face any price increase,
      if not there may be a chance of price increase.


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