Krrish Transworks invests US$ 650 million in Fort project

The Krrish Group would invest US$ 650 million to build three towers and redevelop the adjoining Transworks building in Fort. The construction would start in August 2013, and be completed in 30 months (February 2016).

News stated that Krrish Groups will committed to paid their balance of Rs. 800 million before July 2013, which already paid Rs 41.1billion which is 85% of the total commitment.

Each tower would comprise 95 floors and both towers would be joined by two bridges, one of which would be used as the lobby of the 200 room hotel and Krrish would look at a hotel chain to manage this hotel.

Hotel rooms would have private swimming pools and would also have 600 apartments, office space, restaurants, retail outlets, cinema and parking for 3,000 vehicles.

He also spelled out plans to make the Krrish tower development with 95 floors as the tallest building in South Asia and the tenth biggest development in the world.

In addition to foreign visitors, they also expect Sri Lankan public who have a high per capita income and like to indulge in luxury to patronise this. He said the concept to build Krrish in Colombo came up around two years ago and peace, investor friendly climate, Sri Lanka’s growing reputation as a high end destination and the support they received from the government made them go ahead with the project.

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