Keels Super September 2013 Deals

The Keells Super announces the special promotions for the September 2013,

Pumkin-500g-Rs.19, Cabbage-500g s.34, Leeks-500gs.31.00, Papaw-500g-Rs.30, Cuttle fish-500g Rs.144.00, Salaya 500g s.51

Turkey Budget Soya meat packet65g- Rs.27.00, Atta Flour 1 Kg-Rs.162.00, Delmage Rs.216.00, Kist Chutney Rs.211.00, Baby soaps 5- Rs. 166.00, Surf Excel1KG-Rs.270.00, Dilmah tea 200g Rs.164.00, Meadow margarine 500g Rs. 442.00, Turkey  pure coconut oil Rs.326.00, Nescafe 100g- Rs.506.00, MD Jam 485g- Rs. 277.00, Maggi Devilled Noodles 87g Rs. 37.00, Clogard 120g- Rs.70.00, comfort 800ml- Rs.390.00, Coca-Cola 2L- Rs. 157.00

For more information call Keells Super on 0112303500, valid from 1st to 31st September 2013. Or see below image

Keels Super September 2013 Deals
Keels Super September 2013 Deals
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