Education a Key Developing Factor of Sri Lanka

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Developing the country’s education sector is an excellent investment. It will also help develop society. A formal education system will also help lead to a bright next generation to handle the country’s future, Public Administration and Home.

There is a huge demand for the skill labours in Sri Lanka upon the new investment into the Srilankan Economy; especially Srilanka needs to look forwards on Tourism, Hospitality and ICT study programme to attract the international investment into srilanka.

While Sri Lanka is an Agricultural Country, Srilanka does facing the Labour force limitation for the Agricultural industry too. Currently the Agricultural and Plantation industries are facing higher level of labour turn over than any other industry.

There for it is important for srilanka to invest on educational activities to develop and cater the labour faces to upcoming demands from the New Investments.  If not Sri Lanka may needs to face the situation of immigrate labours from other countries.

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