People Management SLIM Workshop on 20th March 2014

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Human resource is the most precious resource in any organization. It is the only resource that can command and control the other resources. The people factor for organizational performance is of extreme importance due to this reason.

Every manager is a people manager. Ensuring proper employee care will lead to better customer care. This program is all about strengthening the people management knowledge & skills among functional managers. It will systematically guide the participants to grasp what, why and how aspects of people management. In an era where people have become the key competitive advantage, such an enhancement of knowledge and skills with the required attitude is of utmost importance.

At the end of this Programme the Participant can:

  • Clearly describe the fundamentals of managing people
  • Cleverly apply several key tools to strengthen their people management skills
  • Committedly interact with others in collectively applying the people management practices


Programme contents

  • Evolution of HR
  • Why you need to become a people manager ?
  • Balancing results and relationships
  • Attributes of a people manager
  • Key workplace challenges
  • Commitment toward humane results
  • Personal plan for progress


Resource Person – Dr. Ajantha Dharmasiri

For registration or reservation contact to Franki: 0727-774-587 / Thilini: 0727-296-926

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People Management SLIM Workshop on 20th March 2014
People Management SLIM Workshop on 20th March 2014

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