Softlogic Lifestyle Home Appliances and Furniture Prices – June 2014

The Life Style is a sole subsidiary of the Softlogic offers special prices for the Home appliances and furniture and fittings.


Panasonic Smart Viera TV 55″ 3D Full HD for Rs. 649,900/- or Monthly Rs. 25,048/-only

Samsung Smart TV 46″ 3D for Rs. 229,900/- or Monthly Rs. 8,861/-only

Panasonic led TV 32” IPS LED for Rs. 49,900/- or Monthly Rs. 1,767/-only


Home Theatre

Panasonic 3D Blu-ray Disc Home Theatre for Rs. 56,900/- or Monthly Rs. 1,897/-only



Dell Inspiron 5537 Core i7 for Rs. 134,990/- or Monthly Rs. 5,625/-only



SAMSUNG GalaxyS5 for Rs. 111,490/- or Monthly Rs. 4,645/-only



Candy Hood for Rs. 23,990/- or Monthly Rs. 750/-only



Panasonic Refrigerator for Rs. 289,900/- or Monthly Rs. 10,569/-only


Microwave Oven

Panasonic Microwave Oven for Rs. 14,990/- or Monthly Rs. 562/-only


Air Conditioner

Panasonic Split Standard Air Conditioner for Rs. 79,900/- or Monthly Rs. 3,163/-only


Hunnah Bed – King size for Rs. 65,690/- or Monthly Rs. 2,532/- only

Meudon bed – King Size for Rs. 61,200/- or Monthly Rs. 2,359/- only

Matrix Sofa bed for Rs. 139.900/- or Monthly Rs. 5.392/- only

San Juan Sofa Bed for Rs. 36,000/- or Monthly Rs. 1,388/- only

Sofa-DC-716 for Rs. 139,900/- or Monthly Rs.5,392/-only

Sofa-MT-M567 for Rs. 250,000/- or Monthly Rs. 9.635/- only



Table -TBTN-13271 -SNNN Chair -ALR- 10233 –SCN for Rs. 124,500/-  or Monthly Rs. 4,798/- only



Endear Wardrobe for Rs. 174,020/- or Monthly Rs. 6,707/- only


Dressing Table

Terrus Dressing Table for Rs. 34,960/- or Monthly Rs. 1,347/- only

Koloze Dressing Table for Rs. 43,025/- or Monthly Rs. 1,658/- only


For more details contact to Softlogic on 011 5 705 705 or see below image

Softlogic Lifestyle Home Appliances and Furniture Prices – June 2014
Softlogic Lifestyle Home Appliances and Furniture Prices – June 2014
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