Innovex (Damro) TV Prices

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Damro’s Innovex LED TV is one of the best selling TV Sri Lanka with subsequent market share. Damro brought you a high quality of 3D Smart TV Experience at affordable prices as below.


Innovex 55” 3D SMART TV Rs. 219,000/-
Innovex 42” 3D SMART TV Rs.109,000/-
Innovex 32”LED TV Rs. 37,900/-
Innovex 24”LED TV Rs. 26,900/-
Innovex 19”LED TV Rs. 19,900/-
Hisense 50” 3D Smart TV Rs. 179,000/-
Hisense 40” HD LED TV Rs. 79,900/-
Hisense 32” Internet TV Rs. 41,900/-
Hisense 32” HD LED TV Rs. 37,900/-
Hisense 24” HD LED TV Rs. 26,900/-


For more details contact to Damro on 033 7500500 or see below image

Innovex (Damro) TV Prices
Innovex (Damro) TV Prices

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