TV Prices in Sri Lanka – August 2015

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Softlogic offers range of international Branded TV in Srilanka at compatible price and 24 months Interest free installment for credit cards.

Model Price Monthly Installment
Panasonic 60” 4K Ultra HD TV Rs. 528,999/- Rs.22,042/-
SAMSUNG 65” SUHDTV Rs. 1,149,999/- Rs.47,917/-
SAMSUNG led TV 55”SUDH TV Curve Rs. 804,999/- Rs. 33,542/-
SAMSUNG led TV 55” 3D Curve Rs.459,999/- Rs. 19,167/-
SAMSUNG LED TV 55” Full HD Curve Rs.413,999/- Rs. 17,250/-
SAMSUNG LED TV 48” Rs.359,999/- Rs. 15,000/-
SAMSUNG LED TV 32” Rs.78,119/- Rs. 6,517/-
Panasonic LED TV 60” Full HD Rs.499,999/- Rs. 20,833/-
Panasonic LED TV 55” 3D Rs.459,999/- Rs. 19,167/-
Panasonic LED TV 49” Full HD Rs.189,999/- Rs. 15,833/-
Panasonic LED TV 50” Rs.287,999/- Rs. 12,000/-
Panasonic LED TV 43” Full HD Rs.139,999/- Rs. 11,667/-
Panasonic LED TV 40” Rs.224,999/- Rs. 18,750/-


For more details see below image or contact to Softlogic on 0115 541 900

TV Prices in Sri Lanka – August 2015
TV Prices in Sri Lanka – August 2015

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