Malaysia and Thailand increases visa fees

The Malaysian entry visa fee has been increased by Rs. 900 for Sri Lankans again. The company which handles the Malaysian visa says that this was due to VAT been imposed by the government on them. The Malaysian visa which was earlier issued by the High Commission was around Rs.600 and as soon as it was given to the private company the fee increased to Rs. 4,600.

Later they also requested Sri Lankans to obtain traveller’s cheques to the value of Rs. 75,000 and several other documentation, similar to requirements of a European Embassy, making the traveller seek alternative destinations to travel.

Meanwhile the Royal Thai Embassy in Colombo will also be increasing their visa fee from July I due to the fluctuation of currency. The Royal Thai Embassy is more flexible with issuing visas. “Embassy has to extend the period of visa issuance to 5 working days from February 15,2016 due to additional handling of applications and also certain travel agencies and individuals failing to fill all required details in the visa application forms and also forwarding bogus documents.”

Generally, there are 300 to 350 applications per day which are submitted through individuals and travel agencies. As for the peak season the number of applications will drastically increase up to 500 to 600 per day. The Embassy emphasised that the submission of fake documents is a crime against the Embassy which is a government office and the Embassy will immediately stop issuing visas to travel agencies or individuals who submit fake documents to the Embassy. Indonesia has extended a free visa on arrival policy for Sri Lankans from late April.


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    1. You can apply directly. There are application forms available in website. You can go yourself and hand over to the visa processing office.

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