Mobitel trials 4.5 G

Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel, has successfully trialed 4.5G LTE Advanced Pro Technology which is capable of achieving speeds exceeding 1 Gbps.

Having launched the first Super 3.5G HSPA network in South Asia in December 2007, and subsequently trialed HSPA+, MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) in 2009, another first in the region Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel demonstrated 4G-LTE. technology also for the first time in South Asia in 2011.

Keeping ahead with pioneering new technologies, Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel has now trialed 4.5G LTE Advanced Technology yet again for the first time in South Asia. The factor behind the super-fast speeds in 4.5G LTE is the use of multiple carriers of spectrum to generate an aggregated spectrum block to deliver significant throughput for end-users. 4.5G Technology is claimed to bridge the gap between 4G Technology and 5G Technology, where 5G Technology is expected to be commercially available in 2020.

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