Decisions on Central Expressways taken after careful study said byRDA Chairman

The decisions regarding the construction of the expressways, specially whether those expressways should be built on the concrete columns or on the filling lands, were taken after a series of careful studies and researches. They were carried out by engineers, environmentalists, surveyors, scientists and technicians attached to the Road Development Authority, Ministry of Higher Education and Highways, Central Environmental Authority, Land Reclamation Cooperation, and Geological Department.

The statement added that these officers are being considered as highly reputed government officers and veterans of that particular study fields.They had taken those decision considering one hundred years of past and future weather patterns, floods, and natural diasters etc.

At present, the Road Development Authority makes arrangement to construct the Central Expressway according to the recommendations. Especially in concrete columns and filling lands made by the experts. The RDA will implement the most suitable and optimum costs system to build the Central Expressway under the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Highways, the statement said.

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