Colombo City & its Traffic – Detail Analysis based on Ministry of Mega polis & Western Development

Ministry of Mega polis & Western Development stated that 1.9 Million passengers enter the Colombo metropolitan region daily from the 7 main corridors as now. This expected to increase by 4.4 Million in 2035. The huge traffic movement will cause delay in speed as 12km per hour speed in 2035 which is 17Km per hour as now.

Therefore the Ministry of Mega polis & Western Development has done projects to manage the traffic and vehicle moments in Colombo City and make it easy movement of traffic with the new road developments and passenger management.

Further the statement stated that 48.1% of passengers using Bus transport to enter Colombo and 17.9% by Motor Cycles and 16.3% by Three Wheelers and 14% by Cars. And the Taxi is only used by 0.3%.

Currently 7 Main Corridors and 4 Non Corridors are used by passengers and in 20.35 passengers will use7 Main Corridors and 5 Non Corridors including Baseline Road.

Therefore it is always advice to public to used public transport such as Buses, Trains to enter Colombo to have a hassle free journey.

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